20 Creative Office Organization Ideas

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Always on the lookout for simple DIY projects to upgrade your workspace? The good news is that there are tons of creative ideas for transforming your entire home office situation – without spending a fortune!

All you really need is a bit of creativity, resourcefulness… and a couple of items you can easily find at your local dollar store.

Not sure where to get started? Here are 20 office organization ideas to help you set up your dream workspace!

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1. Add Storage Baskets to Shelves

Storage Baskets

Credit: Instagram

The easiest way to maximize storage space around your home office? Add storage baskets to your shelves to organize the larger items that you can’t really seem to find a home for.   

For all my storage needs, I absolutely love using storage baskets like the style you can find here.

The best part is that they come in a wide range of colors so you can pick the perfect color combination to match your décor theme – my top pick is beige!

2. Use Divider Trays in Drawers

Divider Trays

Credit: Instagram

Don’t you just hate it when you can’t seem to find the one thing you’re looking for? It’s even more frustrating when you open your drawers to see a huge cluttered mess!

The simple solution is to add a couple of plastic dividers or trays into your drawers to create your own separate compartments. I recommend grabbing a set of plastic organizers like the type you can find here.

They are cheap and sturdy.

3. Chalkboard Labels

Chalkboard Labels

Credit: Instagram

Adding chalkboard labels onto all the storage containers around your office might seem like a simple idea, but it’s a total game-changer! It doesn’t just make everything look a lot tidier, but it also helps you maintain a cohesive aesthetic throughout your entire storage situation.

I highly recommend grabbing a set of chalkboard labels with a chalk marker here.

4. Transparent Plastic Boxes

Transparent Plastic Boxes

Credit: Instagram

Keep your shelves neat and tidy by sorting out all your larger items into large transparent plastic boxes. They also work incredibly well for storing papers and other important documents.

The best part is that they’re transparent so you know exactly where everything is! Here is a set of such plastic boxes for a cheap price.

5. Plastic Holders for Office Supplies

Office Supplies

Credit: Instagram

Upgrade your entire workspace situation by setting up a stationary station in any empty corner of the room!

Use large plastic storage containers to keep all similar items together and to sort out all your office supplies.  

6. Pegboard Organizer

Pegboard Organizer

Credit: Instagram

Adding a pegboard to any empty wall space around your home office is one of the best ways to maximize storage space.

It’s also an added bonus that mounting a white pegboard onto a wall in any room looks incredibly modern and chic.

For your home office, I’d recommend grabbing a pegboard with a sleek design like the one you can find here.

Although you really can’t go wrong with white, you could easily change up the color scheme with a coat of spray paint!

7. Paper Tray Organizer

Paper Tray Organizer

Credit: Instagram

If you don’t already own a paper tray… well, what are you waiting for? This is another small but life-changing addition to any workspace.

Besides taking up very little space wherever you choose to place it, they’re great for reducing the clutter that always seems to find its way onto your tabletop.

This paper tray organizer has a sleek design! So, check it out. Also, a paper tray organizer offers a good way to organize smaller items too.

8. IKEA KALLAX Shelf with Doors

IKEA KALLAX Shelf with Doors

Credit: Instagram

The IKEA KALLAX shelf is a complete godsend for the ultimate DIY enthusiast. The best part is that it comes in a variety of size options so you can really choose the best version to meet all your storage needs.

What’s great about this unit is that you can easily create separate cabinets by adding doors and knobs onto it! I highly recommend grabbing a set of knobs with a modern but elegant design like the style you can find here.

This one would do great for organizing children room too!

9. Tote Organizer

Tote Organizer

Credit: Instagram

A large tote bag isn’t just great for carrying items around. But, you can actually use one to increase storage space on your tabletop!

Use a tote bag in your home office to organize the items that you really can’t find a home for. 

Where to find a cute tote for your home office? I absolutely love the sleek but functional design of the tote you can find here.  

You could also just sew one up. Here are a few more sewing projects for organizing rooms!

10. Metal Buckets for Stationary

Metal Buckets

Credit: Instagram

Looking for a simple way to organize your stationery? Just grab a set of tiny metal buckets to sort out all your stationery.

You can either place them on your tabletop or mount them onto a pegboard setup. I love using small metal buckets to store smaller items around the house!

Here are some of the colorful ones that you might like!

11. DIY File Organizer

DIY File Organizer

Credit: Instagram

Looking for a way to organize your files… without spending a fortune on a file cabinet?

You can easily make your own file organizer with a little DIY! All you need is a plastic container and set of plastic dividers with tabs (the type you pop into a binder).

I recommend grabbing colorful plastic dividers like the set you can find here.

12. Makeup Storage Container for Stationary

Makeup Storage Container

Credit: Instagram

Looking for a way to organize all the stationery on your tabletop? A makeup organizer actually works incredibly well for sorting all the smaller items lying around your workspace.

Not to mention, it’s a great way to organize the clutter that tends to build up in our drawers. I love using acrylic makeup storage cases to organize items on my tabletop like the one here!

If you want to check more makeup organization ideas, check this article here.

13. Rustic Mason Jars for Pens and Pencils

Rustic Mason Jars

Credit: Instagram

The easiest way to organize all your stationery? Use glass mason jars.

The best part about using mason jars is that you can easily decorate the jar to suit the aesthetic you’re going for!

For more of a rustic or vintage-inspired look, add a coat of white paint to your jar and use twine to decorate it. You can purchase Ball mason jars in bulk for a fantastic price here.

Mason jars are quite good for organizing anything. I’ve talked about using them for organizing the laundry room, bathroom, craft room, kitchen, and even fridge.

Thus, the possibilities are limitless!

14. Add a Muffin Tin into Drawers

Muffin Tin into Drawers

Credit: Instagram

Looking for a way to reduce the clutter in your drawers? Here’s the ultimate hack to save a couple of bucks on adding compartments to your drawers.

Instead of spending a fortune of plastic containers, just use a muffin tin!

15. Hanging Slatted Bed Base

Hanging Slatted Bed Base

Credit: Instagram

A creative way to increase storage space in your home office? Keep the clutter off your tabletop and out of your drawers by mounting a slatted bed base onto the wall!

This is a super creative way to construct your own memo board or even just to display items on your wall. Not to mention, the exposed wood elements add an urban quality to your entire décor situation.

They’re not always easy to find but here’s one that’s very large. Can be useful if your office is small and you have quite a few things to organize.



Credit: unskinnyboppy.com

You can easily assemble your own custom wall shelf by grabbing a couple of items from the IKEA FINTORP series.

Though it’s meant for the kitchen, it works incredibly well for maximizing storage space in any area around the house!

17. Hanging Memo Board

Hanging Memo Board

Credit: Instagram

If you don’t already have a memo board on your wall – you’re seriously missing out!

You can use your memo board as a sleek way to display photos, or even to leave important notes and reminders for yourself.

There are a variety of memo boards to choose from here. They can truly suit any décor out there!

18. Utility Cart

Utility Cart

Credit: Instagram

Adding a utility cart to your home office is one of the easiest ways to maximize storage space! I recommend grabbing a cart with a sleek but functional design like the one here.

You can easily give your utility cart a complete makeover with a coat of spray paint. My top pick is either white or gold!

You can also add decorative pieces to your cart, such as a gorgeous floral arrangement or picture frames.    

19. Magazine Holders

Magazine Holders

Credit: Instagram

Got tons of documents or magazines just lying around? Grab yourself a couple of magazine holders and use labels to sort them!

Not to mention, it looks incredibly sleek when you place a couple of wire magazine holders side by side.

I highly recommend grabbing a set of wire magazine holders like the type you can find here – they look fantastic on any tabletop or shelf. 

20. Storage Unit with Plastic Pull Out Drawers

Storage Unit

Credit: Instagram

When it comes to reducing clutter around your home office, it’s actually a great idea to invest in some sort of storage unit with pull-out drawers.

This will make it soo much easier for you to get to whatever you’re looking for! I also suggest labeling the drawers so you know exactly where everything is. 

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