20 Incredible Shoe Storage Hacks

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Got shoes all around the place? Use these shoe storage ideas to keep them organized.

Shoe storage ideas

Shoes. Each of your family members owns at least a couple of pairs, which means they take up a lot of storage space.

And, if you love shoes the way I do, that means A LOT of storage space is needed!

Not all of us are fortunate to have a massive walk-in shoe closet, so I’ve rounded up 20 shoe storage hacks below. I hope this inspires you in the many ways we can store shoes around the home.

1. DIY Wall-Mounted Hanging Cloth Shoe Storage

DIY Wall-Mounted Hanging Cloth Shoe Storage

Credit: housefulofhandmade.com

If you have a limited floor area that prevents you from having shoe cabinets, you can always maximize the free space on your closet or bedroom wall by mounting cloth storages on them.

The best part is, you can do this storage solution yourself. You will need a drop cloth, pins, 1 x 2 boards, your sewing machine, a staple gun (you can get one here if you don’t have any), a seam gauge, and disappearing fabric markers, like the ones found here.

This DIY project is perfect for you, especially if you like sewing. If you are still learning the craft, however, don’t worry. Check this detailed guide to walk you through the entire process.

2. Wooden Shoe Organizer Tray

Wooden Shoe Organizer Tray

Credit: housefulofhandmade.com

Place this wooden shoe organizer tray beside the mud closet or near the garage door to prevent dirty outdoor shoes from making a mess inside the house.

It’s a fun weekend project if you love woodworking, but if you don’t, you can still have one – just ask the partner to do it. Bribe them with a sumptuous lunch or dinner as a treat. Win-win, right?

Head on to this page to read the full list of materials and detailed instructions.

3. Make-it-Yourself Shoe Bench


Credit: craftingintherain.com

If you love wood but don’t quite like the idea of a shoe storage tray, try this shoe bench instead. Not only is it great for shoe storage, but it also gives you a place to sit while putting your shoes on, as well as when taking them off.

Remember, if you aren’t a woodworking type of DIYer, simply cook a great meal for your partner and let them recreate this ingenious shoe storage idea for you. Just show them this page for a full set of instructions.

4. Ladder Shoe Shelf

Ladder Shoe Shelf

Credit: collectivegen.com

This storage solution is a great way of showcasing your beautiful shoes in style.  The ladder design creates that attractive stepwise pattern, which is great for displaying shoes in categories. These include having the same colored shoes or the same style of shoes for each step.

Like most hacks on this list, you can do this ladder shelf on your own, or you can also purchase pre-made ladder shelves, like the one available here.

5. DIY Triangular Card Board Shoe Rack

DIY Triangular Card Board Shoe Rack

Credit: apieceofrainbow.com

If you have tons of cardboard lying around the house, consider doing this DIY shoe storage project. The best feature of this shoe rack is you can customize it to fit your shoe size perfectly.

It’s super easy to make, and apart from cardboard, all you need is a cutter or scissor and colored duct tape, like these. Grab the cardboard and measure this against your shoe to get the perfect length.

Cut the cardboard to a size that perfectly encloses one shoe into a triangle. Divide the cardboard into three equal pieces and fold these divisions to create your triangular shoe storage.

Seal the edges and keep the triangle intact with the duct tape color of your choice. Create as many triangles according to how many shoes you have and stack these depending on how wide or tall you want your rack to be.

6. Grid Storage for Heeled Shoes

Grid Storage for Heeled Shoes

Credit: burkatron.com

This shoe storage hack works only for shoes with heels, so if your shoe collection is 90% heels, this is the one for you. It’s probably the easiest on this list, too.

All you need to do is buy a wire grid panel, rest it against your wall, and start hanging your shoes, using the heels to hook on to each grid.

I prefer the triangular wire grid panel with wheels like this one because it saves me more wall space, and it’s also super easy to move around.

7. Under Stairs Secret Shoe Storage

Under stairs storage

Credit: impressiveinteriordesign.com

This is a brilliant idea, but maybe a bit hard to pull off if you already have your stairs built. If you’re starting a new build or are redoing your stairs, you may want to consider incorporating this shoe storage hack into your building plans.

Watch this video tutorial to see how it’s done.

8. Mixed Pallet Shoe Storage

Mixed Pallet entry way

Credit: themerrythought.com

This shoe storage solution is another one that will look great on your entry or hallway. Again, you can recreate these pallet boxes at home, or you can buy them as a set of four here.

Mix and match your pallet colors, sizes, and positioning to give more life and character to your shoe display.

9. Under Stair Case Shoe Storage

Under Stair Case storage

Credit: homebnc.com

This is another great shoe storage solution for under the stairs. In fact, you may already have this cabinet under your staircase but aren’t using them for shoes.

If you do, and you want to maximize it for shoe storage, get one of these inexpensive shoe racks and slide it into your existing under stair drawers.

However, if you don’t have this type of under stair drawers, watch this video to learn how to create one.

10. Standing Pallet Shoe Organizer

Standing Pallet organizer

Credit: homebnc.com

Pallets are versatile wood pieces. This shoe hack is an example of this versatility.

If you have a lot of wood slabs tucked away in the garage, you can easily create these using your saw, hammer, and some nails.

If you don’t have any, however, or prefer to buy one rather than creating one, check out a similar-looking pallet I found on this page.

11. Upcycled Magazine Holders Turned Portable Shoe Storage

Upcycled Magazine Holders

Credit: homebnc.com

I love this shoe storage idea so much that I have one at the back of the car for the family’s trip to the beach! All you need are some old magazine holders. If you don’t have any, they sell them in a pack of six here.

If you want to make magazine holders/portable shoe storage from recycled materials, check out our DIY hack here.

12. Rolling Shoe Organizer

Rolling Shoe Organizer

Credit: apartmenttherapy.com

Imagine this: your full-length mirror is mounted to your room’s built-in cabinet, and your shoes are stored in the hallway cabinet. You want to try on shoes for your outfit, so you run back and forth between your room and hallway storage until you find the perfect shoe to match your outfit.

Situations like these are when mobile shoe organizers come in handy. Simply wheel in the entire organizer to save you from running around your house.

You can get rolling organizers like this via this link.

13. Wall Suspended Shoe Hangers

Wall Suspended Hangers

Credit: homebnc.com

This suspended shoe rack is another great storage solution for rooms or houses with limited floor area but a lot of free wall space. Simply use suspended rails and convert them into shoe and clothing hangers.

The only downside is this type of shoe rack will only work for heels as these will serve as the hooks to hold the shoes in place on the rails.

14. Wall-Mounted Wooden Shoe Rack

Wall-Mounted Wooden Shoe Rack

Credit: buildsomething.com

The general issue I have with most shoe racks is that they tend to be generic in sizing. The racks are either too short for boots or too tall that so much space is wasted, especially if your shoe collection is composed of mainly flats and sneakers.

This shoe rack, by far, is the best I have found in terms of flexibility. You adjust each shelf according to the shoes you put on them.

Read this step-by-step guide for full details on how to recreate one.

15. Shoe Storage Ottoman

Shoe Storage Ottoman

Credit: pullcast.eu

This is such a brilliant shoe storage idea, that would be perfectly positioned at the edge of the bed. The best feature of this storage hack is it doubles as a bench for putting on or taking off your shoes.

I searched online for similar shoe storages and found two different styles. This style features an ottoman with exposed shelving for shoes.  This other style costs significantly more, but it could well be worth it if you prefer something that conceals your shoes and you have a bit of money to spare.

16. Wall-Mounted Copper Shoe Racks

Wall Mounted Copper Shoe Racks

Credit: freshcrush.com

Corner spaces are sometimes the least used in the home, mainly because of their awkward position and the fact that most furniture is made for walls instead of corners.

Here’s the link to the detailed instructions on how to recreate this corner storage shoe rack for your home.

17. Iron Pipe Shoe Shelves

Iron Pipe Shelves

Credit: instructables.com

Depending on your home layout, there can be other awkward spaces other than corners, such as storage closets under the stairs or attic spaces.

This DIY hack shows you how to conquer these unconventional spaces and turn it into a fully functional and space-salvaging shoe rack.

18. Layered PVC Pipe Shoe Racks

Layered PVC Pipe

Credit: hometalk.com

Remember the triangular cardboard shoe storage we discussed earlier in this list? Well, this hack is similar, but it uses circular pipes instead.

For this DIY shoe rack, you will need PVC pipes available from your local hardware or online through this link. You will also need your measuring tape and concrete glue, like the one found here.

Use the measuring tape to figure out the length of the biggest sized shoes in your home. Cut the PVC using this length. Layer your cut PVC tubes according to your design of choice, and use concrete glue to attach these securely.

19. Underbed Rolling Shoe Rack

Underbed Rolling storage

Credit: domino.com

I love this shoe storage solution because of two things. One, it maximizes the underutilized space under the bed. And two, it has wheels, making it easier to roll in and out of its space.

If you wanted a similar one for your shoes, check out this rolling under bed storage I found here.

20. Coat Hangers Turned Shoe Holders

Coat Hangers

Credit: domino.com

This coat hanger to shoe hanger idea is super brilliant! The only thing is, you just need to make sure the soles of your shoes are always free of unsightly dirt.

It’s such a great space-saving solution, especially for small spaces. If you don’t have existing coat hangers, you can order them online through this link.


Did you find a shoe storage idea to use in your home? Tell us about it by commenting below, and please don’t forget to share this post with your shoe-loving friends and family!

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    I am so excited to use 2 of your shoe storage hacks! The dollar tree sells both organizational items for 1.25 each! Wow! The hooks with two prongs with faux crystals on the end to hold heel cup on soft fabrics flats and magazine file holders for flat sandals ! Apartment living has very little storage and these ideas will solve my shoe collection problem! Thank you so much for these brilliant ideas!