20 Genius Pegboard Organizing Ideas

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Pegboard is a great organizing tool! Check out these great pegboard organizing hacks to use at home.

pegboard organizing tips

A pegboard is a great way to stay organized, whether you’re at home or at work. Use these easy ideas to keep your pegboard functional and easy to use as well as stylish.

1. Pots and Pegs

Pots onPegs

Credit: apartmenttherapy.com

A pegboard is a great way to keep pots, pans, and other cooking supplies organized, and since they go vertical, they take up little space in your kitchen. You can get a metal pegboard that comes in many colors here. These pegboards are a bit smaller but I like them as well!

Paint a pegboard a cute color to complement your kitchen space. Then, install inexpensive metal hooks.

Lastly, hang your pots, pans, spatulas, colanders, and anything else you need out of the way on the board. It looks adorable, and it’s easy to grab what you need when you need it.

Find more kitchen organizing ideas that are brilliant here.

2. Sophisticated Shelves

Sophisticated Shelves

Credit: etsy.com

Pegboards make it easy to add floating shelves and other types of décor without putting holes in a wall. You can use pegs to keep the shelves in place.

This is a modern take on traditional floating shelves, and you can place small decorative objects on them, like potted succulents like these or knickknacks.

Stagger the shelves so they don’t look too orderly. The pegboard is a great home for a cool clock, too.

This is a wonderful office organizing hack, so give it a try if you have a small office space.

3. Handy Hobby Storage

hobby storage

Credit: cravingsomecreativity.com

Make it easy to sew, work, or craft with a pegboard to keep supplies stored and organized. A large pegboard lets you hang containers and shelves to keep them within reach.

You can make this pegboard yourself, and it’s the perfect way to organize things if you’re short on space in your office or at your desk.

Instead of filling your drawers and overcrowding them, keep the things you need visible and easy to find on this sleek pegboard.

For this specific storage, you’ll need these metal flower pots. This is a fantastic organization hack for your craft room!

4. Craft Room Organizer

Craft Room Organizer

Credit: hometalk.com

Crafting supplies can get lost easily, so keep them safe and secure in a craft room organizer.  Metal hooks are the perfect spots to hang scissors, washi tape, hole punches, and containers to hold other items.

Use hooks to stack rolls of gift wrap and turn it into a wrapping station over the holidays, or set up scrapbook supplies on the pegs.

Keep supplies where you can see them and reach for them with a pegboard that looks great in any room.

Use all of these pegboard hooks and bins to make this organizer happen.

5. Necklace Nook

Necklace Nook

Credit: Pinterest

Necklaces and bracelets are so fun to wear, but it’s frustrating when they get tangled up or broken. Avoid that by creating a jewelry pegboard.

Pegs are just the right place to hang necklaces of all sizes, bracelets, and even small holders where you can place rings and other accessories.

Add a pegboard to your closet or vanity area, and you’ll never have to go searching for your favorite necklace again. Paint it to match your room or bathroom.

This is a great example of how you can organize a small bedroom and have it look extra lovely!

6. Bike Rack

Bike Rack

Credit: estliving.com

Running out of room to put your bike? If you don’t have garage space and your bike takes up unwanted space, consider an oversized pegboard.

You can add a pegboard, to a garage wall or inside a utility closet and use the pegs to hang bikes and other sporting equipment.

This gets it off the floor and out of the way, and you can easily reach for your bike when you’re ready for a ride. Add shelves to keep your helmet and other accessories and supplies.

To arrange a pegboard like that you can put together a bunch of wooden pegboards like this.

7. Wall Board

Wall Board

Credit: placeofmytaste.com

When you think of a pegboard, you typically think of a smaller-sized board. However, there are limitless possibilities when it comes to making a DIY pegboard.

In fact, you can create an entire pegboard wall! This aesthetic takes on a style of its own, and you’ll find it’s super handy, too!

You can use a giant pegboard to place shelves, baskets, and even hang pictures! This is a great idea for renters who don’t want to put a lot of permanent holes in the wall.

All you need are some tools and plywood, and you can paint it or leave it natural to blend in with existing décor.

This is a wonderful idea if you want to increase storage in a small space.

8. Garage Storage

Garage Storage

Credit: cleanandscentsible.com

It’s easy for a garage to become cluttered. With a pegboard, you can alleviate this issue easily.

An oversized garage pegboard means you have a place to put everything from your stepladder to your sports equipment, and you can keep the floor free of debris.

Add wire baskets like these for balls, mitts, and small supplies, and hang up larger racks or baskets for baseball bats, hockey sticks, and other bigger items.

You’ll find plenty of uses for a pegboard in your garage, and you can build this yourself in an afternoon. Paint it to add pizzazz.

Check out these garage organizing hacks to get more ideas.

9. Simple Storage

Simple Storage

Credit: popularwoodworking.com

Longing for storage but short on cash? You don’t need a lot of money to create storage for small stuff.

A pegboard works well for all types of storage. And, you can reuse plastic liter bottles from soda to store little things like candies and snacks, nuts and bolts, and craft supplies.

Simply use a bolt to hang the bottle from the pegboard, and create a hole in each bottle. Fill the bottles with whatever you need to be stored, and grab things as needed.

It couldn’t be simpler – or cheaper – and you can even install this inside of a door to free up more space if you’re living small.

10. Top it Off

hanging hats

Credit: jennaburger.com

You have a big collection of baseball caps, but nowhere to put them. They get smashed if you put them in the closet, and they can get lost if you just place them on a dresser.

The best solution is a pegboard! A pegboard is a perfect home for hats. You can make the pegboard as big or small as you like, and hang your hats on the pegs.

This keeps them neat and clean, and best of all, you’ll be able to find the one you like when you want to wear it.

Bonus: you can hang other types of hats on pegs, too! You could also use this hack to organize your closet.

11. Hallway Hangs

hallway hanger

Credit: kreisdesign.com

When everyone comes home from school and work, keys, purses, jackets, and sunglasses get tossed this way and that. Avoid that mess with a hallway pegboard.

Pegs keep everything organized and neat, so you’ll never have those moments again when you can’t find your keys or your sunglasses.

And, wall-mounted storage means you don’t take up precious horizontal storage. Free up space in your mudroom or entry with this simple storage solution.

Use this wooden rectangular pegboard to achieve the look.

12. Nightstand Nook

Nightstand Nook

Credit: bhg.com

You may be working with a small bedroom without much space for a nightstand. In that case, go vertical.

A pegboard serves the same function in a different way. Use pegs to hang your handbag, accessories, shelves to place a bottle of water or a clock, or to hang photos.

Keep small items such as jewelry from getting lost when you take them off at night. Hang a container on the pegboard to serve as a home for hair ties and other small items.

Check out more ways to keep small things at your home organized.

13. Laundry Love

Laundry room

Credit: remodelaholic.com

Your laundry room likely doesn’t get much attention. For this reason, it may be messy.

A pegboard keeps it all organized, and laundry bags keep colors and whites separated and off the floor. Pegs can even hold a small ironing board and iron.

Shelves keep detergent handy or clothespins, and you can add a bin to toss items you find in pockets. Your laundry room doesn’t have to be a catch-all of disorganization. Pegboards are great for organization!

Check out more ways to organize your laundry room here.

14. Drawerless Desk

Drawerless Desk

Credit: Instagram

So, you find yourself using a table for a desk. What will you do without drawers? Luckily, a pegboard is the perfect desk organizer.

Pegs are just right for hanging office supplies, including clipboards, scissors, rulers, etc. Hang larger metal baskets like these that can be home to folders and paperwork, and small containers for pens and pencils.

Decorate your pegboard by hanging a clock, framed photos, or a bulletin board with photos on it.

15. Capture Cameras

camera storage

Credit: Instagram

When you’re a professional photographer or simply a hobbyist with lots of equipment, it can be easy to toss equipment into a closet, where it may get lost or damaged.

Skip that situation by using a pegboard to keep your visual media equipment organized and neat. Pegs can be arranged to hold everything from tripods to flashes to camera bags and other supplies.

Hang the pegboard out of the way in your studio, so it doesn’t take up precious space, or add it to a walk-in closet.

16. Baby Bedroom

Baby Bedroom

Credit: Instagram

When you have a baby, there’s no shortage of stuff you need. A pegboard is a welcome addition to any nursery.

Use hooks to hang bins for diapers, wipes, diaper cream, and other toiletries. These can also be used for clothing, brushes and combs, lotions, and just about anything else you need near the changing table.

You can also install a hook to hang your diaper bag, so you never lose it! These work well for older kids’ rooms too, especially when it comes to toy organization as well as clothes.

17. Craft Cubbie

Craft Cubbie

Credit: Instagram

Though pegs themselves are great for hanging individual items like scissors, they’re also perfect for installing shelves where you can keep jars for smaller things.

Add the little things you use, like paper clips, thumbtacks, and other small stuff to jars you can sit on shelves held in place by pegs.

Larger items and tools can be hung on pegs, too. You can personalize your craft/tool pegboard any way you like to ensure it’s functional – and making it colorful can make any task more fun.

18. Playroom Pegs

Playroom Pegs

Credit: Instagram

One of a parent’s biggest problems is keeping the playroom clean. Using a pegboard gives you an advantage.

Use wooden pegs to keep floating shelves you can rearrange as you like, and shelves can hold everything from books to toys to stuffed animals.

Make it easy to move the shelves around, with oversized pegs you can keep in a bucket hanging from another peg.

So, as you can see pegboards offer an amazing way to organize children’s room.

19. Work Flow

workflow pegboard

Credit: Instagram

Don’t interrupt your creativity by looking for your supplies in a cluttered workspace. Use a pegboard to keep everything you need within reach.

Pegs are perfect for holding metal racks, hooks to stack items, and shelves to keep paints and other creative tools.

Larger bins can keep bags at bay. No matter what your job is, going vertical is always a great way to save space, especially if you don’t have much room.

20. Miniature Gym

Miniature Gym

Credit: Instagram

Many people say they’d love to exercise if only they had the room. Kiss that excuse goodbye with a pegboard meant for workout supplies.

Use pegs to hold everything from your yoga mat to your weights, exercise bands, and other small tools. This keeps everything in one place, easy to reach for, and it doesn’t take up any floor space.

So, no more excuses! It’s time to work out!


Did you enjoy these pegboard organizing hacks? Which one is your favorite?

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