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13 Genius Beauty Product Organization Ideas

Makeup and beauty products all over the place? Try these makeup organization hacks that will keep your bedroom more in order!

13 Genius Beauty Product Organization Ideas

Organizing makeup is a lot less fun than it sounds. Especially if you’re a beauty enthusiast and own more than 18 kinds of makeup brushes, sorting your makeup out conveniently is very important.

If like me, you’re a collector (which is just an innocent term for makeup hoarder) it’s more than just organization, it’s about making the most of your passion for beauty and saving time while at it.

And there are some very efficient, quick-fix ways to sort our makeup. Have a look.

1. Get a Beauty Closet

Beauty Closet

Idea Credit: Pinterest

If you have even a little space in your apartment or loft, spare it for a beauty closet. A separate closet, however small, works much better than a dresser.

That’s especially if you have too many makeup products, which you want deftly organized. You can categorically divide the makeup based on necessity or palette.

And it won’t just save you a lot of time but will also make sorting out your essentials so much easier.

This shelving unit is sturdy and can help you to keep all your beauty items beautifully stored.

2. DIY Makeup Storage

DIY Makeup Storage

Idea Credit: Organized Mom

You don’t really need to spend money on cute makeup boxes or holders. Just use your old candle holders to store makeup.

You can find very affordable candle holders at IKEA or the Dollar Store. Buy the ones that match your décor.

Candle holders are very convenient since they can hold your vertical products such as brushes, tubes, or bottles. Trust me, you’ll fit them all!

Here is a good quality frame made out of natural oak.

3. A DIY Magnetic Board

DIY Magnetic Board

Idea Credit: Pinterest

The best and most efficient way to display makeup is on a magnetic board. Especially the products which have flat bottoms such as blushes, concealers, lip balms, and bronzers.

You can easily attach them to the boards, so all the colors and palettes are visible when you need them.

A quick tip: have several magnetic boards to categorize products depending on what you use them for. However, if you have only one, make sure it’s the products that you use most often that are on them

4. Use Buckets to Make Some Extra Space

hanging buckets

Idea Credit: Pinterest

If you don’t have any space for a dresser or a table. Keep your makeup in white buckets or baskets.

Get a little rod to hang them on, a few hooks and you’re good to go! You can have these either in your bathroom or bedroom, truly depends on where you have the most space.

In this way, you can hang more than four or five moderate-sized buckets and keep all your makeup in them. Finally, it’s super convenient to have this little station next to your mirror.

This is one of those cheap organization hacks you most definitely have to try. Try these buckets here, they come in different colors too.

5. Use a Cute Cake Pan 

Cute Cake Pan

Idea Credit: Life Aspire

Most of us want to be able to see our makeup products when we need them, especially when we’re getting dressed for work. For that, you can just use an old cake pan.

A bundt pan can hold quite a few makeup products and still look great. If you opt for a vintage cake pan, it might as well just take your interior design to a whole new level! 

6. The See-through Wonder

diy bottle organizer

Idea Credit: A Little Craft in Your Day

The thriftier hack to store makeup is by using see-through water bottles. You can just cut up these colorful bottles into halves and use the bottom part to keep makeup brushes or tubes.

These holders will cost you no money, and you can sort your makeup according to colors. Simple and very cheap!

7. Sushi Mats Aren’t Just for Sushi

Sushi Mats

Idea Credit: DIY & Crafts

In case you’re looking for an easy way to sort your makeup, just get a sushi mat. Then, get an elastic band, cut it and pass it through the mat in an even fashion.

You can then use it as a brush holder. It looks fun is super convenient when you’re doing your makeup!

Here are good quality bamboo sushi mats.

8. Mason Jars Are Simply the Best for Makeup Storage

Makeup Storage

Idea Credit: Pinterest

I usually want to keep my wellness products away from my makeup. And I use mason jars for that. These have labels and are pretty great.

You can try it too. Get a wooden board and attach smaller jars to it. Make sure it has a few hooks here and there to hang your appliances.

You can use one jar to store your Q-tips, the other for your cleansing pads, and so on.

You can use these for desk organization too.

9. A Table with the Glass Top

Glass Top table

Idea Credit: Copy Sumo 

If you have space for a table, opt for a vanity table with a glass top. You don’t have to keep the makeup products on the table. You can have your drawers right under the glass where you can see all the products.

It’s a great idea if you need to have a few notes right in front of your eyes whenever you’re doing your makeup. Also, this might as well encourage you to keep your things organized.

10. Hanging Shoe Organizers are the Best

Hanging Shoe Organizers

Idea Credit: Pinterest

Notice how shoe organizers have separate compartments? These can be very handy for storing makeup products.

You can just hang it near the mirror and do your makeup whenever you need to. If you’re a messier person and have a hard time keeping your goodies organized, this is a perfect option.

Staying messy will be much harder with this hanging organizer! You can buy one here.

11. Keep Your Brushes Where They Belong

makeup brush organizer

Idea Credit: Passionate Pea

If you decide on a single brush holder, you might struggle with finding the right brush whenever you need it. You won’t be able to tell which one is for what.

So, just fill up a plastic box with either plastic or gel beads. Then, just stick your brushes and let them stand.

They won’t fall down, and you’ll be able to tell which brush is for what.

Read More: Small Room Storage Hacks

12. Get a 2-Tiered Serving Tray

Serving Tray

Idea Credit: Fashionista Budget

The handiest way to arrange your makeup is to use a 2-tiered organizer. This allows you to sort your products out in a more accessible way.

You can get one of these at Target. They’re usually used for serving food. However, they’ll work just as well to keep your makeup organized.

13. Get Acrylic Case Drawers

Acrylic Case Drawers

Idea Credit: Refinery 29

Sorting your makeup into separate smaller drawers can be life-changing. You can rotate out the products you no longer use, and stock up on your favorite ones.

That’s where acrylic case drawers will come in handy. Since they’re plastic, you can see through them and catch whatever product you need at the time!

Lauren P Allen

Sunday 1st of August 2021

LOve the magnet and picture frame idea. I will use it.

Molly L. Kasun

Friday 18th of September 2020

I'm going to try your "magnets and picture-frame with a metal back" idea. I have sheet metal that is thin, bendable and easy to cut to size. And an empty picture frame is easy enough to come by. I will cover the metal with cute printed fabric or even wrapping paper. The little round magnets are for sale in craft shops, cheap. Add a dab of hot-glue and done! The items I use the most will be right in front of my eyes with no digging and searching. It's a great idea, thank you. I already use the clear, multi-pocket divided hanging organizers for storage of individual items. They tend to get a little spotted from makeup so I just replace them frequently. I can get a 20 pocket hanger for $2.00 on, with free delivery! I'm always replacing mine. I also purchased two tall but narrow rolly-carts on wheels that have like, 12 thin drawers each. They flank my sit-down vanity so everything is within arm's reach. I can store tons of items, like drawers for skin care products, makeup brushes, blushers, etc. I arrange the drawers to hold my loose items, organized by purpose. Like, my 25 different bottles of foundation! Or my 200 lipsticks! If you're a makeup collector and have a huge stash like I do, you want to be able to SEE the stuff so it gets used. I can see me rotating products on my Picture Frame Metallic Holder so the older favorites get equal use. What fun! Thank you for a really interesting post.