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DIY Table Centerpiece Out of Beer 4-Pack

Don’t throw away your beer 4-pack. Make this DIY table centerpiece and upcycle trash! It’s a lovely décor item you can use for weddings, home, and other important celebrations.

bottle centerpiece

Don’t you just love that touch of rustic that this beer caddy adds to the table? Who would have thought that a four-pack of beer can be fashioned into such an elegant centerpiece for a table?

Imagine how beautiful they’d look as wedding centerpieces! They add the perfect touch of masculinity that is much needed and not often seen at weddings!

upcycled bottle with flowers

It’s the perfect accessory to compliment a nice wooden table. Bonus, the beer bottles are ready-to-use flower vases and you can fill them up with all kinds of flowers for the table.

bottle with paint splatter

Supplies for the Centerpiece

Take a good look at all the supplies you’ll be needing for this DIY centerpiece.

The shape of your beer vases depends on the shape of the beer bottles you pick out. So, you can pick out the shape of your favorite beer or just grab a few bottles you have at hand.

Just keep in mind that you’ll also need the pack it comes in.

craft supplies

How to Make This Upcycled Centerpiece

Before you begin, you will need to thoroughly wash and dry the beer bottles you plan to use. Trust me when I tell you that you don’t want the smell of stale beer dregs to waft around your living room.

So rinse them out completely and allow them to dry in the sun beforehand. Also, remember to remove the labels if any.

Step 1

Grab your beer bottles and your spray paint.

4 bottles and paint can
cardboard bottle holder

Spread out newspapers or lay out a protective splatter sheet before you start spray painting the bottles. Once you’re absolutely certain you’ve protected all surfaces, grab your spray can and paint the bottles.

This project calls for white paint, but you can go crazy with the color(s) you pick.

spray painting bottle with white

Step 2

Now that you’ve painted your beer bottles, it’s time to get started on the beer caddies and spray paint them, as well. However, one thing to keep in mind is that you’ll need to paint the insides of the caddy as well.

So get in there and spray paint every nook, cranny, and corner till you’re absolutely certain you’ve got covered all surfaces.

spray painting cardboard
beer bottles painted white

Step 3

You’re going to absolutely love this step of the project: it’s splatter time! To decorate your beer bottles, you can paint the glass however you like with swirls, patterns, and motifs.

Or you can go old school and unleash the Jackson Pollock within you to splatter the entire bottle with bright pops and spurts of color.

orange paint in cup

You can use a paintbrush and splatter the paint, or you can also use a toothbrush. Just tease the bristles to splatter the paint, and you’ll have a lovely splatter patterned four-pack of beer bottles ready!

splattering paint with toothbrush

Alternatively, you can go in there with a paintbrush and do a little abstract art on your bottles to bring all the splatter together! It might be tempting, but you should allow the bottles to dry completely before using them.

painting dots on bottles

Step 4

While your bottles are drying, you can take the opportunity to decorate your beer caddy.

You have a ton of craft supplies at your disposal to choose from: ribbons, washi tape, glitter, twine or string, or even painting decorative motifs along the sides.

adding decorations to cardboard

Step 5

Once your beer bottles and your caddy have dried, they’re ready to use. Fill them up with gorgeous flowers, reed grass, dried sprigs of aromatic herbs, and the likes! They’ll be a wonderful and charming addition at the center of the table.

holding painted bottle

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completed DIY centerpiece

Full Video Tutorial

DIY table centerpiece out of beer bottles
DIY table centerpiece

DIY Table Centerpiece Out of Beer 4-Pack

Love your beer? Upcycle the beer 4-pack and make a nice DIY centerpiece on the cheap. It's a nice DIY decoration you can make very cheaply.
Active Time20 minutes
Additional Time15 minutes
Total Time35 minutes
Course: Wedding
Keyword: diy centerpiece for wedding, diy table centerpiece, upcycled centerpiece, wedding centerpiece
Yield: 1 table centerpiece
Author: Karo @
Cost: $5


  • Painting brush
  • Toothbrush


  • 1 x bottled beer 4-pack
  • Terracotta spray paint
  • White spray paint
  • Acrylic paint
  • Decorative tapes optional


  • Gather your beer bottles, wash and dry them completely before you start your DIY table centerpiece project. Also remember to remove labels and tags, if any.
  • Next, pick out your paint colors for the bottles as well as the caddy. Lay out a ton of newspaper to help control the splatter zone and protect your furniture.
  • Spray paint the bottle and the beer box caddy. Allow them to dry.
  • Next, you can splatter your beer bottles with paint splotches, or paint motifs, swirls and the likes.
  • You can also decorate the beer caddy. You can use washi tape, ribbons or twine, embellishments and glitter.
  • Allow your beer bottles and the box to dry completely before you fill them up with your table decor!


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