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20 Wedding Craft Ideas for Low Budgets

Weddings can get so expensive! That’s where crafting comes in handy! Make these wedding decorations on your own and save money.

wedding crafts

Big or small, all weddings cost money. The trick is to save on as much wedding elements as you can and divert the money to the more important things, like your wedding dress, the venue, and catering.

Here are a few DIY wedding craft ideas I’ve found, which may make your wedding spending more manageable.

1. DIY Coffee Filter Flower Light Décor

Coffee Filter Flower Light


Specialty wedding lights can get quite expensive. If you’re only using the lights for a single event, it’s more cost-efficient to improvise your own rather than buy one.

If you want to save even more, search through the Christmas décor box and see if you have any neutral-toned lights. Use this in combination with coffee filters to create an instant floral wedding light décor.

If you don’t use coffee filters, you can buy them here.

2. DIY Vinyl Wedding Signs

Vinyl Wedding Signs


Make sure to include wedding signs on your wedding checklist if you don’t want any missing guests.

There are a few DIY options for wedding signs, but this one used wooden a slab with text printed on adhesive vinyl sheets like these.

You can manually cut the printed-on text, but if you plan on making similar signs for other life events in the future, you probably want to invest in a circuit cutter like this to create flawless and uniform cuts.

3. DIY Wedding Garter

DIY Wedding Garter


Personally, I feel like spending too much on a wedding garter is unnecessary. This is concealed for the most part of the wedding and is only ever seen at the wedding garter toss, so why splurge on it?

Put the wedding garter in the wedding DIY pile instead. You will only need some lace decorated with rhinestone embellishments like the ones found here.

4. Burlap Pillow Ring Holder

Burlap Pillow Ring Holder


Your boot-wearing ring bearer would definitely look super cute walking this ring pillow down the aisle. It’s the perfect image for a farmhouse style wedding!

You will need burlap sheets like these, some twine, fiberfill to give the pillow some fluff, and your choice of other embellishments. So simple, yet so adorable.

5. DIY Wedding Votives

Wedding Votives


Decorative votives are excellent accents for your reception table. It suits any type of wedding and can be used indoors or outdoors.

Creating wedding votives is as simple as “pimping up” plain glass candle holders and making it wedding-worthy by gluing in some craft glitter, which is available in a wide range of colors here.

You can incorporate these into a wedding centerpiece.

6. DIY Wedding Luminaries

Wedding Luminaries


These photo and quote luminaries make an interesting conversation accent piece for your wedding.  You can use them to display quotes or images with a candle placed inside the brown paper bag to serve as the illuminator.

One special way you can use these luminaries during your wedding is by printing photos of departed loved ones on each bag. Place them on a special corner in your wedding venue, or on a seat during the wedding ceremony.

That way, even if they’re not physically with you, they’re still somehow present at your wedding. Check out these wedding lighting ideas.

7. DIY Photo Hoop

DIY Photo Hoop


Your wedding is the best way to showcase your evolution as a couple. Many of your guests may not have witnessed your journey together. So, pick your favorite couple photos through the years and display them as a collage on a stylish hoop.

This elegant wedding photo hoop is actually made of an ordinary hula-hoop, spray-painted with a metallic gold finish, similar to this shade. The rest of the décor is totally up to your creative style.

8. DIY Hanging Floral Globes

Hanging Floral Globes


Any married couple would tell you that flowers are among the most expensive wedding expenses. Save yourself tons by recreating these delightful baby’s breath floral globes.

You will need floral foam balls like these, floral wires found here, and your choice of flowers, such as the baby’s breath shown in this example.

9. DIY Burlap Utensil Holder

Burlap Utensil Holder


Convert any ordinary table setup into one fitted for a rustic or farmhouse wedding by infusing small burlap details as much as you can, such as this DIY utensil holder.

Add a touch of softness and style by lining it with a satin ribbon, available here in many color options.

10. DIY Burlap Wedding Banner

Burlap Wedding Banner


Since we’re on a burlap roll, have a look at this cute burlap banner. I can picture this hung against the wall above the reception table or perhaps as a backdrop for your wedding ceremony.

It’s super easy to make and is a great project for you and your fiancé to bond over on one of the weekends leading to your special day.

11. DIY Butterfly Cone Rice Tosser

Butterfly Cone Rice Tosser


Tossing rice over the newlyweds after the ceremony is meant to symbolize rain, which is believed to be a sign of blessings, good fortune, and prosperity.

If you want to do this on your wedding day, please do me a favor and don’t just give out mini plastic bags of rice to your guests. Keep it stylish, like this DIY cone rice tosser, for example.

Use any kind of paper to create your cone and complete the look by sealing the cones with a butterfly. Why a butterfly, you might ask? Well, it’s meant to symbolize beautiful new beginnings.

If you’re not too keen on the detailed work of creating the individual butterflies, you can always buy them in bulk here.

12. Glittery Wedding Confetti Bags

Wedding Confetti Bags


If you don’t like being showered with rice on your wedding day, an alternative is confetti use. The advantage of confetti over rice is you can pick the confetti colors. Plus, a perfectly timed confetti shower looks amazing in photos!

To recreate these shimmering confetti bags, you will need mini paper bags lined with glittery gold tape like this, and sprinkled with a dash of golden glitter.

13. Burlap Wedding Table Centrepiece

Wedding Table Centrepiece

Rustic weddings are a trend nowadays, so you will have to excuse me for giving you another burlap-inspired wedding craft idea.

In this DIY project, a combination of mason jars, loose fabric, lace, burlap, twine, and flowers and greenery were used to make a centerpiece fit for a wedding table.

In addition to flowers, you can also add a twig holding table numbers, so you don’t have to worry about your guests getting seated at the wrong table.

Check out more wedding hacks that use Dollar Store items!

14. Mini Milk Bottle Wedding Favors

Milk Bottle Wedding Favors


Following through with the rustic or farmhouse theme, here is another wedding craft that you can make: milk bottle wedding favors. What I love about this wedding craft is that you can fill the jar with almost anything: candy, spices, liquor, essential oils, and so much more.

If this were my wedding, I think I would attempt to make a mini terrarium out of these cute milk bottles. If you can’t find any of these bottles at your local shops, order them online here.

15. DIY Wedding Seat Signs

Seat Signs


The reality for any wedding is some guests are just more special than others, such as your immediate family and your closest friends. A great way to ensure that these special people get front row seats on your special day is by marking the chairs with reserved signs.

This is super easy to make, and you can use any type of paper or pattern to suit your wedding style. To create perfect and uniform holes for your signs, you probably want to get a hole punch.

This hole punch and eyelet kit work great, as you will also need eyelets creating your own reserved seat sign.

16. Floral Paper Lanterns

Floral Paper Lanterns


Paper lanterns are popular functional and decorative pieces for weddings and other special events. Spruce your paper lantern up a notch by incorporating a few paper floral patterns, like the ones shown in the photo.

These lanterns would look really good in garden or beach type weddings, and the great thing is you can use them as backyard decors once the wedding is done. If you can’t find paper lanterns locally, they sell them here in packs of 20.

Check out more backyard ideas for your wedding here.

17. Hoop Chandelier Centrepiece

Hoop Chandelier Centrepiece


Give your reception tables a whimsical feel by placing a few of these hoop chandeliers as centerpieces. All you need are some hula hoops, flowers, and globe tealight holders.

If your tables are relatively smaller, you can place this at the head table and then just position a few tealight holders on the center of each of the other tables.

18. DIY Yarn Lanterns

DIY Yarn Lanterns


These DIY yarn lanterns make great decors for outdoor weddings, such as the beach or at gardens. It’s super easy to make, and the main materials needed are twine, some led lights, and a balloon to create the lantern shapes.

If you want detailed instructions on how it’s done, this page has a full set of instructions with photos.

19. Festive Wedding Card Box

Festive Wedding Card box


You need wedding cards at your wedding, so your guests have somewhere to drop their thoughtful wedding cards into. But this doesn’t mean you need to buy one.

Make them yourself using readily available pieces, like these old boxes repurposed into festive tiered-cake like wedding card box.

20. Cork Heart Wedding Centerpiece

Cork Heart


If you go through a few bottles of wine in a week, saving those wine corks may cut a few dollars off your wedding expenses.

Create a heart centerpiece for your wedding reception tables using cork seals. Leave them as is or paint them over to match your wedding’s color style.

The icing on the cake: all the more reason to buy wine!


What do you think of our money-saving list of wedding craft ideas? Did you find any that you’d consider doing at your wedding? Do share your thoughts below.

Colleen C

Wednesday 21st of February 2024

Lovely ideas! I especially love the wine cork centerpieces and can't wait to make some! Thank you.