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15 Dollar Store Wedding Hacks for Low Budgets

Weddings can be expensive to decorate! Try these Dollar Tree wedding projects to do that on a low budget.

What’s the biggest dilemma for every bride-to-be?

Making their dream wedding become a reality – you know, the one we’ve envisioned since we were little girls – without spending a fortune on the decorations.

The good news? Regardless of a tight wedding budget, there are actually plenty of fun DIY projects that can help you achieve the perfect wedding décor situation.

dollar store wedding hacks

Honestly, why splurge on every single detail of your wedding décor, when you can DIY most of it with a couple of dollar store items? The best part is that all that money you save can go towards your newlywed life – the ultimate win-win situation!

Looking for creative ideas to take your wedding décor to the next level? Here are 15 simple dollar store wedding hacks to help you bring your dream wedding to life!

1. Mirrored Flower Arrangement

wedding mirror flower arrangement.

Without a doubt, all eyes are going to be on you on your special day! But when it comes to the wedding décor, your guests will definitely appreciate a stunning wedding centerpiece at their table.

Head to your local dollar store to grab a couple of items to construct an intricate mirrored flower arrangement as your centerpiece. A few flowers and mirrors will be a game-changer.

You can also just get square mirrors here.

2. Framed Seating Chart

table number

Credit: Etsy

Whatever your wedding theme, paying attention to the details will always pay off. Your wedding guests will definitely notice that you’ve put a lot of thought into making sure it’s an unforgettable evening.

Whether you’re all about the minimalist vibe or you want to go all out to create the ultimate fairytale wedding, an elegant homemade framed seating chart is definitely something you want to incorporate into your wedding décor.

For this simple DIY project, you can grab a set of 17 5×7 picture frames for a fantastic price here.

White frames are great for a classic look. But, you can always use spray paint like this to create the perfect color scheme to suit your wedding theme. 

3. Mason Jars

snowy mason jars


Glass mason jars are the ultimate staple item for the DIY enthusiast! But how can we make them work for your wedding décor?

Here are a couple of cute ideas:

Use twine to decorate a mason jar to achieve a farmhouse-style effect. Use the finished product to house LED tealights. You can also paint a glass mason jar to make your very own rustic vase for a floral arrangement.

For DIY projects, I love these Ball glass mason jars. You can purchase them in bulk at a relatively low price. You even have the option of choosing how many jars you want to receive in a set!

4. Personalized Candles

diy candles

Forget about spending a ton of money on expensive candleholders – just DIY it.

This is definitely one of the easiest DIY projects on this list! But it’s not just about saving money, you also get a chance to add a dimension of personalization to your candleholders to suit the theme of your wedding!

Get more wedding lighting ideas here.

5. Lantern Floral Arrangement Centerpiece

Lantern Floral Arrangement


For the perfect wedding décor, you really can’t skimp on table décor. Whether you’re someone who likes to keep things simple or you’re all about the extravagance.

The one thing that’s for certain is that we can all appreciate an elegant floral centerpiece. The easiest way to enhance the aesthetic of your wedding décor is to add flowers!

But, let’s take the typical floral arrangement to the next level. Do it with a DIY lantern made out of dollar store frames.

For DIY projects that require a bunch of picture frames, I highly recommend grabbing a set for a great price here.

6. Pink Dip Dye Flower Vase

Pink Dip Dye Flower Vase


Looking for another unique idea to display flowers throughout your wedding venue? Take the pretty in pink motif to the next level with a simple but refreshing dip-dye vase.

Liven up the table décor situation on your special day just like that. You can find everything that you’ll need for this easy DIY at your local dollar store: glass vases, pink paint, and artificial flower stems.

As with any DIY, you can always substitute items to achieve your desired effect. Instead of a glass vase, you can also use a tall drinking glass or a glass mason jar for this dollar store hack.

You can grab a set of tall drinking glasses for a great price here!

7. DIY Birdcage Lantern

DIY Birdcage Lantern

Credit: Instagram

Want to do something that’s super creative with your wedding décor? Construct your very own birdcage lantern out of a few dollar store items to bring some vintage vibes into your wedding venue.

Find the full tutorial on how to make this lantern HERE.

When your guests lay their eyes on the finished product, they’ll be amazed to hear that you made it all by yourself. Yes, all of that out of a plastic garden fence and a couple of picture frames!

Check out more wedding ideas here!

8. Gold Vase

Gold Vase


Still on the lookout for a creative way to display flowers throughout your wedding venue? Here’s a simple dollar store wedding hack to create an elegant vase to house your favorite flowers. 

The great thing about this DIY project is that you can really customize the appearance of your vase. Opt for a different pattern or sequence when you paint it!

You can even change up the color scheme to suit your wedding theme.

9. Glittered Candleholder for Tealights

Glittered Candleholder


Tealights are perfect for adding a magical quality to any atmosphere. Make your wedding night an unforgettable experience with a stunning display of glittered tealight holders!

These tealight holders are fairly simple to make and you can grab everything that you’ll need from your local dollar store.

You can even change things up by opting for a different color of glitter to match your wedding theme. These miniature tealight luminaries are the perfect size for this project!

If you’re looking for LED tealights with warm light, you can grab a pack of 100 for a fantastic price here.

10. Floral Canopy

Floral Canopy


Want to do something special with your floral arrangements? Take it to the next level by suspending a floral canopy over your tables.

You can construct an enchanting floral canopy out of items you can easily find at your local dollar store. But to create a romantic floral canopy, you’ve got to incorporate white hydrangeas!

I highly recommend this set of 10 silk hydrangea heads with stems.

11. Rustic Mason Jar Wedding Décor

Rustic Mason Jar Wedding Décor


Looking for a simple DIY project to achieve the perfect aesthetic for a rustic or outdoor wedding? Well, the first thing you should do is to get your hands on a set of glass mason jars.

There’s so much you can do with them! Elevate your table décor situation with a vintage-inspired floral arrangement.

You can even get super creative with your lighting situation by making your own festoon lighting display out of mason jars.

12. Votive Candleholder

Votive Candleholder


Incorporating candlelight into your wedding venue is one of the best ways to create an intimate setting for you and your wedding guests.

There are plenty of ways to get creative with candlelight, whether you’re using LED tealights or regular candles.

For this simple DIY project, I highly recommend these glass candleholders because of their quality and sturdiness! You can easily create your very own votive candleholder by attaching a glass jar to the candleholder.

Depending on your personal preference, you can also give your candleholder a complete makeover with a coat of spray paint!

13. Chalkboard Sign

Chalkboard Sign


Looking for a cute way to display a message at your wedding venue? With this simple dollar store hack, you can easily construct your very own chalkboard sign.

Welcome your guests or to display information, such as an itinerary for the evening.

I love using this chalkboard paint for most of my DIY projects because it works great on almost every type of surface!

14. Rustic Candles

Rustic Candles


Instead of spending a ton of money on cute candle sets, you can easily DIY it with a couple of items from your local dollar store. Add a rustic vibe to your candles and drinking glasses with a bit of twine, pretty ribbon, and artificial flower heads.

Actually, you’re going to need a lot of twine for this. You can grab a bunch of it here without putting a dent in your wallet.

15. Elegant Glass Panel Seating Chart

Glass Panel Seating Chart

Credit: Clacali

Here’s a quick tutorial to guide you through it.

Show your wedding guests that your DIY skills are truly out of this world with a homemade picture frame seating chart. A glass panel seating chart is one of the most stunning DIY pieces that you can incorporate into your wedding décor!

You can easily customize the appearance of your seating chart with a coat of spray paint to achieve the perfect color scheme to match your wedding theme. To write on the glass panels, you can get this pack of white paint pens because they have an extra-fine tip.


Friday 19th of May 2023

This was great. I'm having a very small wedding on a $500 budget. It's going to be in my backyard and i also already have my dress. I really want a country theme wedding. Anymore Spring outdoor country wedding would be very,very,very appreciated. Thanks in advance


Friday 17th of February 2023

I have over a year to help a couple plan theirs, this definitely helps.


Monday 8th of August 2022

Could you post the link for the bird cage one? I can see the pic but there doesn't seem to be anywhere to click a link and see the tutorial. Thank you!

Karo @

Friday 9th of September 2022

This is the tutorial for the Birdcage Lantern:


Friday 5th of August 2022

Thanks love these ideas!


Sunday 26th of June 2022

Details on how to make the projects would’ve been nice, not just the one.

Karo @

Monday 18th of July 2022


just click on the links (headings in blue) and you should get the tutorials on how to make these crafts.