Easy DIY Stone Necklace (Step-by-Step)

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 Need an easy but beautiful macrame project? Make this DIY macrame necklace – a beautiful jewelry item you can make for your loved ones or yourself.

person wearing macrame necklace

I love a good macrame DIY project; I really do. I’m always game whether we’re making macrame wall hangings, decorative pieces to go around the house, little coasters, or this gorgeous DIY macrame necklace.

holding macrame necklace

So let’s take a good look at this macrame necklace with that earthy-looking crystal. If you think it looks pretty easy to make, you’re absolutely right.

That’s what makes them amazing gifts you can make ahead of time to give to your friends. You can switch out the crystal for something more personalized for the friend(s) in question, too.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at what you’ll need for this project and how you can make it.

displayed diy necklace

Supplies and Tools You’ll Need for the Necklace

I told you, didn’t I, that this was a really easy project? Well, it only needs three simple things to help you get started. Take a look:

craft supplies

Watch: DIY Stone Necklace

Not much of a reader? Check out this necklace tutorial on video!

How to Make a Stone Necklace

So, once you’ve got what you need, you’re ready to get started. Feel free to use whatever colored cord you prefer or have at hand, as long as you have enough of it, as specified in the instructions below.

Step 1

The first step would be to unravel your cord and cut it off at around 32 inches. This measurement depends not just on how long you want the necklace to be but also on how big your stone is.

holding string

Step 2

Bend the cord so that it’s folded in half, with the loop at one end and the loose ends at the other.

cut piece of string

Step 3

Cut out two more strips, both of the same measurements. Lay them out as you did with the first cord. You’ve now prepared your cords, and you can start working on the best part of this project: the knotting!

three pieces fo string

Step 4

The next step is to take a look at the stone, rock, or crystal you’ve picked and figure out how you want to place it.

holding string and crystal

Once you know which part of the stone you want facing downward, grab your cord and loop it around the bottom of the crystal.

string on crystal

At this point, just be careful to size the loop just right. You don’t want to make it too big that the crystal falls through or too small to fit in.

loop of string
string loop

Step 5

Make a simple knot—your run-of-the-mill overhand knot that you typically make, but with both the cords.

tying string

Fit the crystal in there to make sure you’ve got the measurement right, and then set it aside for later.

knot in string loop

Step 6

Next, grab your second cord—the second of the three you cut earlier. Pull the loop of the second cord through the loop of the knot you just made, as seen below.

two string loops
looping string together

Then, grab the loose ends and pull them through the loop to create another knot.

weaving string loops
weaving string together

Make sure you leave enough space to fit another knot on the loop. The space between the three knots should ideally be even, so keep that in mind before you tug the second knot in place.

tying knot in string

Tug firmly to secure the knot on the first loop firmly in place. You should have something that looks like this picture when you’re done.

tying knot in string

Step 7

Take hold of the third cord and repeat step 6 in the space you allocated for this third knot.

adding in string loop

The three knots you just made should form a triangular base for the crystal. This is how it should ideally look.

creating triangle with string

Step 8

When you’ve tied the three knots, grab the bottom of your crystal and place it in the loop to ensure that it sits snugly. Always remember to keep checking just how snug your crystal is placed as you work your way up.

putting crystal in necklace

Step 9

It’s time to start working on the netting around the crystal. Take one strand from the first cord and another strand from the neighboring cord.

Bring them together just so.

wrapping crystal in string

Tie these two cords into a knot—just a regular overhand knot like you’ve been working with so far. The knot should make another triangle the same size as your original triangle.

So, make sure you make the knot about midway between the knots at the base of the two cords you brought together. Look at this picture to get an idea of how big the triangles ought to be. Keep referring to your crystal for sizing, too.

adding knots to string

Step 10

Always remember where your original triangle is, as you’ll be working your way around it. Now, grab the subsequent cords from the subsequent sections and make a third knotted triangle.

tying knots in macrame
knotting string

Step 11

Repeat step 9 and keep working knots into your design as you work your way around and up.

tying macrame

Remember to work on a flat surface so that it will be easier for you to know where each triangle is.

It also makes sectioning the cords an easier task.

macrame triangles
creating a net

Your pattern will not always be flat, but that’s completely normal. As you work your way around and up, the design will rise up, as indicated.

macrame necklace

Always keep placing the crystal in place to ensure you don’t make the cords too tight or loose.

crystal in macrame

It can help if you simply hold the crystal in place and work the knots around it. Once you’ve got one round underway, it’ll be much easier to hold it in place as you knot the different cords.

tying knots around crystal
tying macrame with crystal

This is how your netting will look when you work your way up and reach the top of the crystal.

crystal with macrame

Step 12

Finally, grab all the cords and make one final overhand knot right at the center of the top of the crystal.

looping string for necklace

Push the knot towards the center of the stone and tug each individual cord to even out and tighten the knot as a whole.

tying knot above crystal

Step 13

The next step is to start working on the necklace. Divide the six cords into two sections of three cords each.

laying out strings

Start braiding each section and work your way down both sections.

braiding string

Step 14

When you’re happy with the length you’ve braided, pull both braided sections together and fasten them together into a knot. Trim the ends off, as shown below, but only after you’re tugged at them to secure the knot.

cutting ends of necklace
end of necklace

And there you have it, your very own DIY macrame necklace!

completed necklace

Who Can Make This Macrame Stone Necklace?

Seeing how easy it is to make this necklace, I’d say that it would be a breeze for teens and adults alike. With just a little supervision, I bet that even kids will get the hang of it in no time at all.

holding macrame necklace

A Perfect Craft to Sell and Gift

Another really wonderful thing about this project is how customizable it is. Not just the size of the necklace—although that comes in handy when you’re making one for adults and children.

I’m talking about the different ways you can customize it. You can pick out a ton of crystals and stones, for instance, all differently colored and sized. On top of it, you can make a birthstone necklace or even pick out crystals that have different healing properties.

You can also always add beads and other embellishments, use different colored and textured cords too.

The fact that it is so customizable makes this necklace a great gift item, yes. But it also makes it a great craft to make and sell on, say, Etsy, or at a local fair or market!

diy necklace on fabric

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diy stone necklace

Easy DIY Stone Necklace (Step-by-Step)

By Karo @ CraftsyHacks.com
Start your DIY journey with this simple but lovely stone necklace. It's an easy accessory to make that you can wear casually.
Active Time: 30 minutes
Total: 30 minutes


  • Scissors


  • A rock/crystal/gem
  • 1 mm cotton twine


  • Grab the three items on the list of materials to get started.
  • Measure out 32 inches of the cord and cut it out. You’ll need a total of three cords for this project. The length depends on the size of the stone, as well as the length of the necklace.
  • Fold the cords in half. Place the stone or crystal you’re using in the loop of the first cord and measure it.
  • Then, make a simple overhand knot, ensuring that the bottom of the crystal sits snug in this first loop.
  • Grab the second looped cord through that first loop. Then, pull the ends of the second loop through and knot it in place around the first loop.
  • Make sure you leave enough room for the third knot to be made. The three knots should be evenly spaced. Now, grab the third loop and make your third know, just like you did with the second one.
  • This is your base triangle and always keep an eye out for it as you’ll be working around this base.
  • Grab two subsequent cords—one from neighbouring sections—and knot it about halfway between the two knots at their base. The new triangle you just made should be the same size as your base triangle.
  • Place your pattern on a flat surface and continue to section and knot the cords the same way all around, working your way up. Remember to repeatedly fix the crystal into the base to make sure the knots in question sit perfectly around the crystal.
  • Keep knotting the cords.When you reach the top of the crystal, gather all the cords and pull them into a knot at the center of the top of the crystal. Tug the cords to secure the knot and the crystal in place.
  • Divide the cords into two sections of three cords each. Start braiding the three cords of each section and work your way up.
  • Once you reach the desired length, fasten off with an overhand knot and trim the edges.
  • Feel free to customize with beads and embellishments

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