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31 Crafts for 5 Year Olds

You’ve found the right place, so bookmark this post to reference it year-round to keep your little ones busy. Today, I have thirty-one crafts for five-year-olds!

Although five-year-olds are not nearly as busy in a tactile way, they are still in an age group that is curious and excited by working with their hands in more structured ways.

Gathering enough of those crafts or ideas can get a little tricky.

From jewelry to dinosaurs to microphones and binoculars, there’s a project for every kid between the toddler phase and full-fledged independent play kid.

Crafts vary in complexity, of course, but nothing unmanageable and is easily customizable.

As always, the projects are price-friendly and use many common home goods, objects, or tools.

Also, if you can upcycle other objects into these crafts, it’s all the sweeter–reusing items instead of throwing them out is always a good idea.

I hope the five-year-old in your life and you enjoy the post as much as I do! We keep many crafts here in our back pockets because my kids still ask to do them post-five.

And now, on to the post!

Art and Craft Projects for 5 year olds

1. Paper Ring

paper ring


As mentioned, five-year-olds are curious creatures and start noticing everything. If your kid is into jewelry, consider making these paper rings together.

Grab any paper the kid or kid loves and customize each with gemstones, glitter, and the like. This pack of paper is an eclectic mix and should have an option for everyone.

2. DIY Microphones

DIY Microphone


Say goodbye to using hairbrushes as home microphones and make these fun glittery ones! A toilet paper or paper towel roll does most of the work–all that is left to do is decorate.

3. Painting With Salt

painting with salt


Painting with salt is a great option for the curious and motivated artist–there’s a bit of technique to it, so have everything ready.

The first two steps–are applying glue and adding the salt since they rely on one another.

Watercolors work best since they move more independently through a liquid.

4. Toy Binoculars

toy binoculars


These toy binoculars are the perfect addition to any adventurous little one! Again, TP rolls are the champion here; just add some of this glue and decorate.

For an extra addition, punch two holes on either side of the binoculars to add a yarn or string strap.

5. Paper Squishies

paper squishies


A child of any age loves squishies, so why not turn their favorites into a smaller tabletop version?

Talk with them to see if they’d rather fully craft the design themselves or if you should print a template.

Regardless of the route the kid takes, this cute craft turns out just darling. Opt to make two so their Squishie can have a friend.

6. Paper Chains

paper chains


A classic but a favorite amongst kids, great for birthday or holiday decor, a countdown counter, or adding it into some other craft, it can do no wrong.

Stick with one color, opt for multi-color, and they get to practice those scissor skills!

7. Dinosaur Toilet Paper Roll Craft

dinosaur paper craft


Toilet paper roll crafts may never get old because you can do anything with the tube. Stick with this cute long neck, or choose a favorite dinosaur or dinosaur.

If you’re straying, the construction may look a little different! Don’t be afraid to get creative, and make sure to share if you do.

This is one of the most fun crafts for boys!

8. Coffee Filter Flowers

coffee filter flowers


If you’re looking for a sweet, cheap, and easy gift to make for a loved one from a kid in their life, these coffee filter flowers are a great option.

Make a big, beautiful bouquet of these; the most detailed part of it all is the drying time of the filters.

Grab this pack of coffee filters, and you’ll never need to buy any again (for crafts, anyway).

9. Q-Tip Painted Dragonfly

Q-Tip painted dragonflies


Try this Q-Tip painted dragonfly craft for kids who need to practice hand-eye coordination or fine motor skills.

Q-Tips are a great alternative tool to paint, and since it’s a different size, children have to hold the new brush intentionally while doing the same while painting.

Have a few different Q-Tips available in different color pots to keep the dots clean on the dragonfly.

10. Handprint Bookmarks

handprint bookmarks


For the avid readers in the bunch, these handprint bookmarks are the perfect oversized marker to keep their page.

Smaller bookmarks always seem to get lost, so this handprint has a harder chance of disappearing (which isn’t impossible).

Add a popsicle stick like these to give them extra security and support within the book.

11. Pop-Up Rainbow Card

pop up rainbow card


This pop-up rainbow card is the perfect catch-all card for a kid to make for a friend, family member, or other loved figure in their life.

A simple accordion fold for the cute rainbows glued to the card will do the job.

If you make this card during a specific time of the year, have them color the rainbows a solid or corresponding color of holiday or season.

12. DIY Play Dough

DIY play dough


Naturally, Play Dough is a must for a child, but the brand name can get pricy quickly. Also, you can completely customize your play dough stash by color, amount, and even scent.

13. Apple and Pumpkin Fine Motor Activity

apple and pumpkin paper craft


If you’re looking to add a little bit of a challenge to a project for your youngsters, consider this cute fall-themed fine motor activity.

The project is delicate, and more so, depending on the paper you choose to use.

14. Beaded Wind Chime

beaded wind chime


Nature-loving kids will love this beaded wind chime, although, admittedly, you can keep this indoors.

Have a nature walk before assembly in case they find anything they’d like to add to the chime while constructing.

15. Salt Dough

salt dough


Salt dough is similar to play dough but works more as a clay option if you have some sculptors in your life.

Traditionally, salt dough is used to make holiday ornaments, but it can be used to make any figurine or decor item they’d like to try.

Look for specific directions in my post titled “DIY Salt Dough.”

16. Apple Paper Plate Lacing Activity

apple paper plate


This apple paper plate lacing activity is another great option for hand-eye coordination practices.

Before the activity, prick or punch holes into the plate so the kids can jump right in, trying their hand at stringing the plate.

17. Jellyfish Craft

jellyfish craft


Jellyfish are an aquatic creature kids just seem to love, so this paper jellyfish craft is a no-brainer.

It’s simple and doable with essentially any material you have on hand, and of course, you can decorate it however you want.

Your kiddos might also have fun with this DIY paper spider craft!

18. Handprint Paper Plate Sun

handprint paper plate sun


Too cool for school, this handprint paper plate sun shines brighter than most. Trace one or two of the kids’ hands and then use those as templates–it’ll save a lot of wiggle time.

Stick with one tone of yellow or a few to make the sun even brighter. Also, to give you a head start, grab these yellow paper plates.

19. Paper Plate Hot Air Balloon

paper plate hot air balloon


Hot air balloons have a perfect whimsy for a kids’ craft, and using a paper plate is the perfect multi-dimensional addition.

The best part about this paper plate craft is that each one is completely different from the last because the kids get to decorate it.

20. Paper Mache

paper mache


Paper Mache is normally strictly associated with pinatas, and for good reason, but the craft can be used to make essentially anything!

Anything from dinosaurs to letters is possible with planning or YouTube tutorials.

Start small, get comfortable with the medium, and grow if the project is a hit with the kids.

21. Marshmallow Squish Art

marshmallow squish art


These bagged art sensory activities are, of course, the stuff of adults’ dreams, but kids may love squishing it just as much without cleanup.

The marshmallows give the experience a whole other feel as they incorporate the paint and other additives.

22. Earth Day Activity

Earth day activity


Talking about the world can be a little hard for a kid to grasp fully. Using this globe activity can help jump the gap.

It’s a great way to introduce what the world looks like, what the colors mean, and where you’re located. Or, just having a fun craft for the day is perfect, too.

23. Toilet Paper Roll Bracelet

toilet paper roll bracelet


These bracelets are so fun and caterable to each child. Some used them as superhero cuffs, while others used them to complement an ensemble.

There needs to be at least a cut across to fit most wrists–the way you cut it is up to the designer.

This is one of the best toilet paper tube hacks to try!

24. Unicorn Paper Plate Craft

unicorn paper plate craft


Paper plates, as always, will be one of the best canvases for kid art projects. This unicorn craft is simple but completely adorable to make at a party, sleepover, or group setting.

All the unicorns can play together after they are completed.

25. Ice Painting

ice painting


Kids will get a kick out of ice painting and the process it takes to set up. Grab an ice cube tray like this and fill each with water and a different dab of color (watercolor works best).

Stick popsicle sticks into each square and freeze. Once frozen, pull them out and let them create.

26. Ice Cream Handprint

ice cream handprint


As the weather starts to warm up, or if it’s a day when everyone is craving ice cream, break this craft out!

These ice cream handprints are just darling, and everyone can pick out their favorite flavor through the color of their paper.

27. Paper Bag Dog Puppet

paper dog puppet


Paper bag puppets are a classic and cute project that can be anything, but today, it’s this sweet little pup.

Alter the dog’s look if the kids have a favorite or family dog; assembling the pieces may take extra time.

Add a ball or favorite toy to the foreground for a cute touch. Grab this pack of paper bags–it’s a great deal.

28. Crayon Name Craft

crayon name craft


This sweet crayon name craft is a cute and academic craft to pull out any time of the year.

Letter recognition is an important skill to learn, making it a little less intimidating for those who may struggle with it.

Shuffle up the letters before giving them to the child so they can piece it together. Make sure they know they need it checked before pulling out the glue.

29. Turtle Paper Plate Craft

turtle paper plate craft


Turtles are another favorite aquatic animal that is so easy and customizable with materials to make. Of course, one of the easiest ways to construct this turtle is to use a paper plate.

Grab a few different sizes of paper plates to make a family of turtles.

30. Paper Bag Jellyfish

paper bag jellyfish


I can’t get enough of these paper bag jellyfish–completely adorable, bright, and easy. Opt for a lighter-colored bag so it’s easier to paint or color your jellyfish.

Don’t cut the tentacle before decoration, but after everything has dried. It’s much easier to do it when everything is dry and avoids gunking up the scissors.

31. Beaded Snakes

beaded snakes


Finally, these cute beaded snakes close up the post for today. Pipe cleaner and beads are always a winning combination that produces endless results.

These beads are the key to these slinky and shiny snakes. Opt for a singular color or go rainbow with it–they will all be excellent.