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20 Bullet Journal Goal Page Ideas

Use a bullet journal to set your goals and make them happen. These BUJO spreads will give you ideas on how to make your pages look awesome.

bullet journal goal page

One good way to use your bullet journal (“bujo”) is to use the pages to keep up with your goals for the year creatively.

You can do some simple spreads to track your everyday habits, such as the spreads found here. Also, you can keep up with the dreams you have for your future and long-term goals with a spread like one of these.

Watching the progress of your goals can help motivate you to keep going until you meet them. This is a great way to wrap up the year, too…looking back on when you first made your goals!

1. Goal Categories

Goal Categories


Divide up your goals for the year into different sections. In this layout, there’s a box for professional goals that further break into sections.

There’s another box with personal goals with the same criteria. This keeps your business goals separate from your everyday life goals.

You can also list some other daily goals underneath the boxes. On the opposite page, make a list of goals you want to meet before the year is up.

2. Bucket Bulletin

Bucket Bulletin


A small bulletin board holds a month of goals. Doing a board for each month is an easy way to break down your goals, so you don’t get too overwhelmed.

This cute layout uses corkboard paper like the kind you’ll see here, and you can type up your goals and tape/glue them onto each mini “board” or hand-write them.

Decorate each month with a different theme to make it more interesting.

3. Pretty Pages

Pretty Pages


Make your goals easy on the eyes. If you have artistic talent, cover your goals page with some sweet doodles.

If you don’t, use stickers or other decorations to liven up your goals page for the year. Using a color scheme can make it even prettier!

A collage using monochromatic colors is another option. Keep the colors soothing.  You can always use stickers like these ones here!

4. Bujo Boxes

Bujo Boxes


Make a four-box layout on a page to enter your goals in different categories. These can be work, personal, fitness, health, crafts, anything you’d like to accomplish for the year.

Fine-tipped pens like Mildliners, which you can find here, come in many colors so you can coordinate the page as you like, and they’re easy to write with.

Set your goals as the year starts. Then, at the end of the year, look back at where you started so you can see how far you have come!

Then, pat yourself on the back!

5. Blank Space

Blank Space


Sometimes the most calming thing to see when you’re thinking about your goals is free space.

Use small lettering and a simple layout to write down all of your goals for the year. Use one or two pages to leave even more space.

Small words leave lots of space for doodles and goals!

6. Life Wheel

Life Wheel


If you enjoy minimalist journal layouts, you’ll probably like the life wheel or level 10 life layout.

This lets you use 10 spaces to write your goals for each category in a pleasing-to-the-eye style that’s simple to draw, especially in a grid journal.

7. Collage Creativity

Collage Creativity


Make your goals page fun to look at. Cut photos out of magazines that represent your goals and glue them onto your pages.

Use bright, patterned washi tape like these you can find here to decorate your goals page or outline goal boxes.

Stickers and small mementos make the page three-dimensional and add texture, making it even more exciting and artistic! Say goodbye to a boring bujo!

8. Grow Your Goals

Grow Your Goals


This is a cohesive two-page spread that’s simple but effective. Make a list of your goals for the year.

Next to each goal, add a box. That way, when you achieve the goal or complete it, you get the satisfaction of checking that box off – does that feel good or what?

On the opposite page, do a brainstorm. In the center, use a word that appeals to your theme for the year. This particular spread uses ‘growth.’

Then, draw lines from that one word and write ways you can achieve that one big, overarching goal. It’s just a brainstorm session of ideas you can use as a guide.

Now, go for it!

9. Planetary Planner

Planetary Planner


This gorgeous planet-themed layout is simple. This works well with a grid journal, like the one you’ll find here.

Use different-colored paintbrush pens or markers to create boxes of different sizes that stem out from the center word “Goals.”

Doodle pastel planets and other space-themed decorations on the page to inspire you. If you’re super artistic, this is a fun way to create an ‘out of this world’ goals page.

If you’re not, just have fun with it! Add some stars, too!

10. 20 in 20

20 in 2020


The year 2020 seems like a great time to meet your goals. For a fun play on the year, create a list of ’20 in 20.’

This uses a list format, but you can use any type of format you desire for this spread. However, simple is always good!

Number a list to 20 and write down your goals for the entire year. Think long-term, not necessarily in the moment.

Pick a color scheme and decorate with coordinating designs. Or, add your favorite inspiring quotes.

At the end of the year, go back and mark the ones you accomplished so you can use this list to inspire next year’s list of goals!

It might make sense to start the New Year with a new good quality bullet journal like this!

11. Crafty Cursive

Crafty Cursive


If you have beautiful handwriting, make the most of it with this double-page spread for your future goals. If you don’t have some already, calligraphy pens like the ones you’ll see here make for beautiful bullet journal pages.

Section off each page into four equal-sized boxes. Each box is a different theme, such as health, exercise, mental health, travel, etc.

If you don’t have eight different goal categories, fill the other boxes with doodles or inspiring quotes.

Pretty handwriting sets this page apart and gives it a relaxing, engaging look and feel that won’t stress you out!

12. Letter Love

Letter Love


One of the most fun things about having a bullet journal is using lovely lettering to make the most beautiful bujo pages.

This layout uses a gorgeous moon and flower design on one page, with gold washi tape dividing the pages. On the opposite page, large writing lists a few goals.

This pretty page is perfect for monthly goals and gives you the chance to be creative with your bujo and see images and words that are pleasing to the eyes in your planner.

You can achieve looks like this with watercolor brush pens like the ones you’ll see here. You can select the image of your choice.

13. Contemporary Calligraphy

Contemporary Calligraphy


Today’s calligraphy isn’t exactly the swooping, curving, curly lettering of the past. A more modern, sleek, and clean look can be used to update the look of your bullet journal.

Use simple and basic drawings and sharp lettering to create small lists of goals. This is a really cool way to list your goals, and it’s not too busy or distracting to look at.

If you don’t know how to create calligraphy, it may be an excellent goal to learn!

Otherwise, just letter neatly onto the page or use letter stickers if you’re not confident in your writing abilities but still want the page to look neat.

14. Pastel Plans

Pastel Plans


Sometimes the word “goals” can be intimidating. This layout refers to goals as “plans” instead.

List your plans with easy to read handwriting. Use a highlighter to make each plan stand out and create a colorful and beautiful but basic page.

These plans can range from personal to health to professional goals.

At the bottom of the page or curving around the plans, add in a quote that you can use to motivate yourself to accomplish everything you have planned.

A rainbow of colors is always beautiful to see, and you’ll look forward to looking at your goals page!

15. Stationary Style

Stationary Style


This cute layout is inspired by a bulletin board with different pieces of paper tacked to it, and on each “piece” of paper is a goal you’d like to meet by the end of the year.

Create this spread using fine-liner pens and calligraphy markers for larger lettering. To make it more visually appealing, make each piece of paper a different size or shape.

Use drawn-on “tape” for some squares and drawn-on nails for others to give it a more realistic appearance. This eye-catching layout is a super fun way to keep up with your goals for the year!

You can use one or two pages for this layout, depending on how many goals you have or leave space for other goals you may want to add later.

16. Washi Wisdom

Washi Wisdom


If you’re dealing with weight loss goals, you can use some of the bujo ideas you’ll find on this page, or do a goals page like this one.

This layout uses colorful washi tape to add décor and to separate sections. There are some fun, colorful quotes, along with a larger section with a list of goals.

Use watercolor or calligraphy markers to write in your goals for the year or for the month. They can be fitness, personal, work, or health goals.

You may have a goal to watch a certain number of movies or read a specific number of books. Whatever the case, make this simple spread your own!

17. Floral Feels

Love to doodle flowers and foliage? Then this layout is definitely for you!

Use two pages of your bullet journal to create a gorgeous half-circle of flowers with the word “Goals” inside.

You can then make line extensions from the leaves of the flowers to add categories for goals. These can be anything; relationships, health, lifestyle changes, financial, etc.

Small boxes next to each goal allow you to color in the goal as you meet it. Since this is a two-page spread, there’s plenty of room to add goals throughout the year.

Color in the flowers as you like to make this page super pretty! You don’t have to be a professional artist to draw these flowers.

18. A Rainbow of Goals

Rainbow of Goals


Find your goals at the end of the rainbow! This brightly-colored goals page is so beautiful to look it yet so simple to create that it’s a breeze!

Use different colored markers and fine-liner pens to create this page. Letter “goals” at the top of the page in calligraphy or oversized script.

Color in each letter a different shade to make the word pop!

Then, divide the page into either four or six boxes. Outline each box in a different bright, bold color.

Inside, list goals for different categories into each box. This will be neater and easier with a grid journal.

Though this layout is super simple, it has a major artistic impact!

19. Self-Care – Restore and Reset

life reset


Create an easy-to-read layout that focuses on a ‘reset’ instead of ‘goals.’ A reset brings to mind a renewal, rejuvenation, starting over from scratch.

You can use this layout for mental health only or for all of your goals for the year.

It’s a great word to use for the new year. Use pretty script and fine-liners and markers to make a simple black and white layout with the basics.

List the ways you want to reset your life. Leave blank space next to each item.

You can decorate the pages if you desire, but sometimes it’s best just to leave things simple. Use calligraphy or just regular cursive if you like.

20. Christmas Magic

Christmas Magic


Love Christmas? Then you may love this Christmas-themed layout. Draw a beautiful, oversized envelope with a large piece of paper coming out of it.

Use fine-line markers to draw poinsettia leaves around the envelope, making it look like a beautiful Christmas stationery set.

Letter the word “Goals” in large letters and color them in. Make the page red and green.

For extra “sparkle” draw golden stars all over the page of different sizes. This is not only really pretty but a great tribute to the holidays!

If Christmas isn’t your thing, try a different holiday-themed layout you can enjoy all year long.


Did you enjoy any of these bullet journal templates? Use them to set new goals and have fun with it!