20 Fitness Bullet Journal Spreads for Losing Weight

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Achieve your fitness goals with bullet journal spreads. These are great for weight loss and logging your progress.

Fitness Bullet Journal Spreads for Losing Weight

If you’re the type of person I am, you love planning! And believe it or not, it comes in handy when you want to stay healthy and improve your lifestyle.

Having fitness goals and keeping yourself accountable can produce amazing results both for your health and appearance. So, why not motivate yourself with these bullet journal templates to make sure you get to your perfect figure!

I’ve had a lot of success with losing weight – I’ve lost a total of 30 pounds and I’m fitter and healthier than ever. Here is a quick article on how I’ve lost my first 10 pounds and other tips on how to continue losing weight.

Anyway, planning and having goals have been essential to my weight loss journey. And that’s the reason why I’m sharing these bullet journal templates today!

I hope these will help you to achieve your own weight loss goals!

1. Time to Lose It!

Time to Lose It

Credit: Instagram

Nothing better than starting your weight loss journey by writing down your current weight and other measurements. Keeping the track of these will help you to stay motivated.

There are going to be days when you’ll feel like you haven’t progressed at all. That’s where this bullet journal template will come in handy.

See your progress and how far you’ve come! Check out more journal ideas here!

2. Be the Best Version of You

Be the Best Version of You

Credit: Instagram

If you want to lose weight, you need to take control of what you eat too. This template is great for tracking habits and staying healthy.

Draw graphs for how many steps you’ve done that day, how much water you’ve drunk, and how much sleep you’ve got. Also, make sure you’re noting down your meals – these will help you to determine how many calories you’re consuming a day.

3. Count Those Calories

Count Those Calories

Credit: Instagram

Counting calories and understanding how many of them you need to consume daily is extremely important for healthy and consistent weight loss. This little bullet journal idea will help you to eat enough protein, fats, and consume a good amount of vegetables.

It’s also great for understanding how many calories you need to burn in the gym. Thus, it’ll help you with overall workout routines.

4. Maximum Personal Training

Maximum Personal Training

Credit: Instagram

Writing down your workout routines based on a body part can be essential to becoming fit. Why?

Well, going to the gym with a plan usually results in a much more productive workout mostly because you know what your goal is that day. Thus, you can push yourself to make sure you’re getting all the exercises done.

5. Exercise Log Ideas

Exercise Log Ideas

Credit: Instagram

Loving these exercise log ideas. These templates are very small but you can redraw them bigger and make use of all of them.

Track your water consumption, cardio, strength workouts, and much more.

6. Workout Tracker

Workout Tracker

Credit: Instagram

Having the right combination of workouts is important. Use this little template to track how many strength workouts you’re having during the month.

Also, how many of them are cardio sessions. That’s very important to understand what your body is reacting to better.

So, you can look at your weight loss progress and what it is that you’ve been doing that week. Perhaps you’ll find a correlation between doing more of certain workouts and weight loss.

It’s all about understanding your body and trying to figure out what works best specifically for you. Trust me, having all of that written down can be just amazing.

7. Beauty Begins the Moment You Decide to Be Yourself

workout tracker

Credit: Instagram

Loving the inspiring quote on this one. Write down a quote that will drive you to push yourself harder in the gym.

Color the days you workout to make sure you’re getting enough physical activity.

8. Full Body Workout

full body workout

Credit: Instagram

If you’re into weight lifting, you’re absolutely going to love this bullet journal idea. Track how heavy your weights get each week.

You’re going to love looking back to these when you progress in a couple of months. It’s amazing to see how much stronger you can get in such a small amount of time.

9. Motivational Spread

Motivational Spread

Credit: Instagram

Keep yourself motivated and try to fill in as many squares and tick off as many days as you can. Cut on that sugar, keep yourself organized, continue being productive with your school work.

On top of that, track what workouts you’re doing each day to get a good balance when it comes to your physical activity. Have fun with this one and stay motivated with that ‘’no sugar’’ policy!

10. Workout Tracker

bullet workout tracking

Credit: Instagram

Loving this version of a schedule. Noting down what you’ve done each day – whether it’s an arm workout, a leg workout or a rest day is very useful.

You can color each day according to the activity and keep yourself motivated to continue your fitness journey.

11. Exercise, You Can Do It

Exercise tracker

Credit: Instagram

Take it to a whole new level and start tracking when you’re getting up. See how you’re feeling that day and do write down what type of workout you’re having.

The need to fill in each line will definitely keep you motivated to move for at least 20 minutes during the day!

12. Workout Tracker with the Lines

Workout Tracker with the Lines

Credit: Instagram

If you’re not a color person and prefer to keep it black and white, you’ll love this bujo template. Use different directions, densities of lines to fill in all those rectangulars.

Stay motivated and make an art out of it!

13. 50 Mile Tracker

50 Mile Tracker

Credit: Instagram

I love this idea because you can use it in a couple of ways. So, if you have a goal to run a certain number of miles, you can fill in the new number each time you hit your new goal.

Also, you could just fill in the miles each time you’re running. Thus, if you wanted to run a total of 50 miles during the month, you could easily color a new square each time you run a mile.

You get the idea!

14. 30-Day 10 Minute Workout Challenge

10 Minute Workout Challenge

Credit: Instagram

Having a quick but intense workout every day has multiple health benefits and can reduce the probability of cardiovascular diseases in the future.

An intense 10-minute workout every day can help you get more fit and finally pluck up the courage for more rigorous and longer workout routines.

Some exercise is better than none!

15. Weekly Check-Ins

Weekly Check Ins

Credit: Instagram

Tracking your workouts is a lot of fun but having weekly check in’s will truly set you up for success. So, do log your weight and body measurements to truly see where you are each week.

16. Fitness Challenge

Fitness Challenge

Credit: Instagram

Challenge yourself with a workout routine. Plan out the whole month, make up your mind when you’re going to do cardio, and when strength workouts.

What to do with all the other days in between? Make sure you’ve included a few quick exercises into your routine. Whether it’s 20 pushups one day, or 40 sit-ups the other – any physical activity is great!

17. Stronger Than Yesterday

Stronger Than Yesterday

Credit: Instagram

This little bujo idea is great for encouraging yourself to push harder every day. So, if you’re doing planks, make them longer every day.

The same goes for other exercises. The more reps you do every day, the stronger you’ll get!

Also, it’s very pleasurable to look back and see how much you’ve progressed.

18. Black and White Workout Tracker

Black and White Workout Tracker

Credit: Instagram

Once again, if you’re not a big fan of colors, you can still track your progress with the help of lines. Get creative, get artistic, and enjoy the process!

19. 30 – Day Workout Challenge

30 Day Workout Challenge

Credit: Instagram

Set yourself up for a workout routine and follow it every day for one month. You’ll notice how much easier it’ll get.

Also, you’ll definitely notice how much stronger and fitter you’ll be by the end of the month. Truly a great challenge to follow if you want to feel clear progress.

20. Workout Tracker for the Season

Workout Tracker for the Season

Credit: Instagram

While having monthly challenges is fun, consistency is truly the key to staying fit and healthy. So, why not draw a template for the whole season and just go for it?

You don’t have to get all crazy. Staying active in one way or other 3-4 times a week will bring some balance into your life.

And that’s always a good thing!


I hope you’ve loved some of these bullet journal ideas! Start tracking your fitness journey! Hopefully, your journal will help you achieve your weight loss goals.

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