31 Fun Wedding Party Entrance Ideas

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Looking for perfect wedding party entrance ideas? Fun, easy and entertaining ideas everyone will enjoy.

Every bride–and groom–dreams of their Big and Grand Entrance. It’s their one special day where they get one single opportunity to truly make a big entrance.

That means there can be a lot of pressure to get it right.

Don’t worry, I’ve got your back. This list of 31 fun wedding party entrance ideas can help you plan your best entrance ever!

wedding party entrance ideas

1. Piggyback Ride

Piggyback Ride

This one’s pretty cute, don’t you think? Getting a piggyback ride to your reception party  on the back of your spouse is definitely on top of my list.

It’s cute and funny, and doesn’t require any elaborate planning and execution. Just be careful that y’all don’t fall.

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2. Faux Snow Fall

Faux Snow Fall

A spring wedding is pretty much as dreamy as it can get. Every bride dreams of getting married in spring.

That doesn’t mean a little snow–even faux snow–wouldn’t be welcome, especially during her grand entrance!

You can have faux snow falling down from the ceiling in soft billowy flakes–magical, right?

3. Make it rain money

The only type of rain that is acceptable at a wedding is when it’s raining money. There’s such a rush and thrill that you get when you swagger into your wedding party as the dollar notes fall around you.

You can use real money, if you like. Hit the ATM for some dollar bills and you’re set. Need more ideas? Check out these rustic wedding décor ideas.

4. Dirt Bikes

I may never truly get the allure for dirt bikes, but I’ll accept that quite a few people are all agog by them. You’ll be surprised by the number of entrances brides have made on dirt bikes.

So, if you’re into that, go ahead and embrace it!

5. Old Antique Car

Old Antique Car

Just think of how debonair and retro it would look to slide into your party on an old vintage car. That there is classy with a capital C. You can have the car just roll by and make a big and jazzy entrance while your guests cheer you on.

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6. A dance off

How about a bride vs groom / bride squad vs groom squad dance off to get the party started? The first step would be to fix a play list of all the favorite songs. Then get the dance floor cleared and then turn the music up before you set the floor on fire!

7. Photo Booth Props

While this might not be an ‘entrance’ that you can ‘make,’ having a photo booth at the entrance of your party hall can be quite a hit.

You can include a ton of fun and quirky props for the guests to make full use of, as well.

8. A Line Dance

I’ll be the first to admit that I truly do love a good round of line dancing. It can get you in the groove so to speak and get people off their seats and onto the dancing table.

If the wedding party wishes to make an entrance of this, then they can line dance their way in, to some catchy tunes.

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9. A Wagon

A Wagon

Whether you wish to turn up to your wedding in a wagon, or you want to place a vintage wagon as a photo display, they’re both splendid ideas. Go ahead and do a little research beforehand if you’re planning to rent a wagon

10. Live Music

Live Music

There’s nothing like some lively music to welcome you into any party. If you want an understated and elegant idea for a chic and fun entrance, then set up your live music orchestra and have them play songs in welcome.

You will find that gradually, people will automatically gravitate to the dance floor and the party will soon be in full swing.

11. Carry Sparklers

Carry Sparklers

Sparklers are an inexpensive choice when you’re on a budget. It’s really quite easy to make a grand entrance with nothing but the sparklers to welcome you in.

You can also have the guests carry those sparklers as they sort themselves into an arch-like aisle to welcome the newlyweds.

12. Do a short skit

Do a short skit

Sometimes, having a little skit or even a session of standup comedy will offer a seamless transition from the beginning of a party into a full fledged event. If you or your spouse put your heads together and plan, you can stage a little skit for your family and friends as a part of their

‘Grand entrance.’

13. Film a Music Video in advance

Film a Music Video in advance

If you’re the type who has a ton of videos and photo memories of the happy couple, then you can consider a sort of opening video to ‘introduce’ the bride, the groom, and finally, them as a new couple.

You can take a fun and quick trip down memory lane. You can even play a round of ‘What’s their age?’ during this activity.

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14. Flash Mob

Ever since the Step Up movies franchise was released, flash mobs have been all the rage. They’re so splendidly spontaneous even though they do involve excessive planning to execute.

Pick out your best dancers from the crowd and you’ll also be able to include your guests in the planning process.

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15. Swap Outfits

What do you think of walking in your spouses shoes for a minute? Actually, what if you actuall walked in the outfits?

This unique entrance ide is definitely not for all, but if you and your spouse enjoy a laugh and your guests are all ‘cool’ people, then you should definitely go for it.

16. Enter as a group with your bridal party

A bride’s friends, or her bride squad as they’re referred to these days, are an integral part of the wedding. A lot of planning and organizing is done with their help, and so, they too deserve to make a grand entrance.

SO go on and get decked up to walk into the party hall side by side with the gorgeous bride.

17. A themed entrance with costumes

If you’re walking in with your squad, then how about you make your costumes into a themed extravaganza? Even if you’re going solo, you can have your post church wedding party outfit coordinate with the central theme of the wedding.

18. A customized light curtain

You know how enigmatic it can be to be the person behind the curtain. If you’re into the whole ‘big reveal’ scheme of events, then you might like to make an entrance from behind a curtain. To up the ante, have the curtain be lit up with bright and sparkly lights, as well.

19. Projection Screen with video or photo montage

While the bride and groom need no introduction, it might, however, be a lovely activity to create and screen a little montage. It can be a his-and-hers kind of showing, or even a montage depicting the love story of the couple.

20. Confetti Drop

Confetti Drop

Imagine dropping a whole lot of confetti right onto the middle of the dance floor. When the crowds part, the confetti will drop and bam! There you’ll be in the midst of all that color and crazy fun, at the center of attention. You can incorporate flowers and streamers, as well.

21. Enter as superheroes

You’re never too old to be a superhero, especially on our wedding day when you are, effectively, the hero and heroine of your story. But if you’re thinking of literal superheroes, then perhaps you can turn to DC or Marvel for a little costume inspiration as you make your debut–entrance–dress as your favorite hero.

22. Red Carpet

Red Carpet

Even superheroes walk the red carpet at premiers. So why can’t you and your spouse have a full-fledged red carpet reception event? You can have all your guests walk down the carpet and take photos.

You can even have a few photographers pretending to be the paparazzi to make it ever more authentic.

23. Balloon Drop

Confetti drops might be too messy for your liking, which is completely understandable. Or, you want a little something more, apart from just confetti.

Either way, you don’t really need an excuse to drop a whole smorgasbord of balloons down on the dance floor as a part of the grand entrance.

24. Fireworks

Want to kick things off with a bang? The how about a round of fireworks to set you off.

You can have a lovely smattering of fireworks as a part of your entrance, and then finish the show–wedding party–with a more elaborate send off session, as well.

25. Masquerade

Masquerade parties are timeless and a much-loved way to kick off a wedding party. A few elegant masks can make all the difference to a party, taking it from a regular wedding reception to an enigmatic Casino Royale black tie event.

26. Cross the finish line

This is quite possibly one of my favorite entrance ideas ever. It’s exactly what it sounds like: there’s a finish line set up at the entrance and a long aisle leading up to it.

The bride and groom effectively ‘cross the finish line’ together into their party with the crowds thundering around them as they do.

27. Silhouette Entrance

Have a flair for the dramatic? Then you might just get a kick out of this dramatic and filmy silhouette entrance.

You have the light crew hit you with a powerful silhouette spotlight while someone announces your entrance. It’s pretty much like announcing the next big act to hit the stage!

28. A High Five Line

If you ever played a sport back in highschool, then you probably know what a high five line is. It’s when you leave your locker room and run down to the field or arena. You have fans on either side all eagerly dishing out high fives as you run past.

Now just think of that, only with family and your spouse to cheer you on instead.

29. A Parade

When you’re in for a penny, you’re in for a pound–or a parade as the case is. When you’ve made up your mind to have a grand entrance, you might as well go all out and what says ‘all out’ better than an entire parade.

You can hire performers, entertainers, dancers, and more to take part, or just have your friends and family join in on the fun.

30. Enter with professional dancers

Do you want to live out your fantasy of making it onto a season of ‘Dancing With The Stars?’ Well, now is your chance.

Take a couple of ballroom dance lessons and hire a couple of professional dancers to lead

31. Marching Band

You already have a parade, performers, and even professional dancers. So why not include a marching band to the mix?

They’re loud and fun, and it’s impossible not to get into a celebratory mood when you’re all marching to a beat and making a splash with your entrance!

wedding entrance party ideas

31 Fun Wedding Party Entrance Ideas

By Karo @ CraftsyHacks.com
Take your wedding to a whole new level with these wedding party entrance ideas.
Prep: 10 minutes
Active Time: 20 minutes
Total: 30 minutes


  • 1. Piggyback Ride
  • 2. Faux Snow Fall
  • 3. Make it rain money
  • 4. Dirt Bikes
  • 5. Old Antique Car
  • 6. A dance off
  • 7. Photo Booth Props
  • 8. A Line Dance
  • 9. A Wagon
  • 10. Live Music
  • 11. Carry Sparklers
  • 12. Do a short skit
  • 13. Film a Music Video in advance
  • 14. Flash Mob
  • 15. Swap Outfits
  • 16. Enter as a group with your bridal party
  • 17. A themed entrance with costumes
  • 18. A customized light curtain
  • 19. Projection Screen with video or photo montage
  • 20. Confetti Drop
  • 21. Enter as superheroes
  • 22. Red Carpet
  • 23. Balloon Drop
  • 24. Fireworks
  • 25. Masquerade
  • 26. Cross the finish line
  • 27. Silhouette Entrance
  • 28. A High Five Line
  • 29. A Parade
  • 30. Enter with professional dancers
  • 31. Marching Band


  • Find the wedding entrance ideas you like.
  • Start organizing your wedding!
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