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31 Stunning Wedding Décor Ideas on a Budget

Wedding décor sets the tone for your celebration. It is the special decorative touches that I remember most at a wedding. These wedding décor ideas will help you accomplish that.

I didn’t realize it until I started planning my own wedding, but flowers, signage, linens, centerpieces, and everything else can really add up.

Luckily, you can create a beautiful and romantic vibe for your wedding even if you don’t have unlimited funds.

Below are 31 budget-friendly wedding décor ideas to inspire you as you plan your big day!

Wedding decor Ideas on a Budget

1. DIY Backdrop

DIY Backdrop

Source: @yeseventdecor

Isn’t there something about the color burgundy that just screams romance to you? I think it would be a dream to get married under a backdrop this gorgeous.

With a little time and practice, you can recreate this look. You will also need burgundy fabric to drape. Something like this would work perfectly.

2. Simple Hoop Table Plan

Simple Hoop Table Plan

Source: @rockmywedding

I love how this hoop table plan is both functional and pretty. What a great way to direct your guests where to go.

It would be a wonderful addition to a barn or rustic wedding theme. You could drape these artificial vines on your wooden hoop to give it that little something extra.

3. Minimalist Arch

 Minimalist Arch

Source: @taramarieevents

This minimalist hexagon-shaped arch is stunning. It would look amazing for all the couples out there going for a down-to-earth vibe.

I would order something like this, which is reasonably priced, and then dress it up with a couple of artificial flower arrangements or a simple green garland.

4. Simple Floral Arrangements

Simple Floral Arrangements

Source: @forl.floral

The delicate flower arrangements at this tablescape are bursting with vibrant colors and add so much sweetness to the vibe. I particularly adore the understated elegance of the vases.

You could buy a set of these to replicate this look at your own wedding.

Get inspiration from the other wedding table decoration ideas!

5. Candle and Foliage Table Runner

Candle and Foliage Table Runner

Source: @botanicaltheory

I have never liked overcrowded tablescapes. In fact, this lovely tablescape shows that less is more.

The gleam of the candlelight, the gorgeous green garland, and the simple table runner make this tablescape look so sophisticated.

You could dress up your wedding tables with these cost-effective satin table runners.

6. One Tier Wedding Cake Design

One Tier Wedding Cake Design

Source: @juliescrumptiouscakedesign

Who says you need a massive three-tier cake at your wedding? This one-tier design offers the same eye-catching beauty.

I love the simple and elegant roses and foliage arrangement. They give the simple white cake the perfect touch of something special.

Check out more unique wedding cakes here.

7. Balloons


Source: @confettimyparty

Don’t you love a little bit of glitz and glamor at a wedding? These balloons provide exactly that.

These ones are similar and affordable and would create a festive vibe for your celebration.

I would enlist the help of bridesmaids or some groomsmen to suspend them in the air. The end result will be stunning.

8. DIY Aisle Décor for Chairs

 DIY Aisle Décor for Chairs


These DIY floral decorations for your aisle chairs are classy and romantic. I would save and cherish them forever as a lovely keepsake because they are made using artificial flowers.

If you adore these as much as I do, consider buying flowers like these. They are available in a variety of colors, so you can definitely find ones that will match your décor!

9. DIY Wedding Centerpieces

 DIY Wedding Centerpieces


I love how pretty these floral centerpieces look despite their simplicity. They are also fast and easy to make. This could be a fun morning of activity for you and your bridesmaids.

This pretty DIY wedding centerpiece is also a great idea!

10. Paper Decorations

Paper Decorations

Source: @craftzone.12

You can create these gorgeous paper flowers ahead of time. The ways to use them on your special day are endless.

You could add them to chairs, suspend them in the air using green twine, or incorporate them into centerpieces.

11. Fairy Lights

fairy lights

Source: @craftedweddingsevents

I love seeing fairy lights at weddings. They bring the perfect amount of romance to the day. Sweet and shimmery, they will set a lovely tone for your wedding.

12. Candle Decor

candle decor

Source: @flossiesweddings

Floating candles can add so much to your wedding décor. Whether you are going for rustic, glamorous, bohemian, or beachy, they can truly fit any theme.

I have this set, which is affordable and includes 50 floating candles.

13. Petite Wedding Bouquet

Petite Wedding Bouquet

Source: @thefrenchtouchflowers

These bouquets are sweet and delicate. I would love walking down the aisle holding these.

If you want a lovely, laid-back spring or summer wedding, these could be the perfect bouquets for your special day.

14. Fabric Draping Backdrop

Fabric Draping Backdrop


This backdrop is so pretty. It would look incredible at an outdoor wedding.

The softness of the pink and the echoes of nature from the greenery would make this a beautiful setting to say, “I do!”

15. Lanterns


Source: @southernloveandlace

Dressed up lanterns make for a truly special piece of wedding décor. You can do so many things with these, depending on the season and your theme.

Some of my favorite flowers are tulips, which I think would be beautiful for a spring wedding. Or you might add pinecones and pumpkins for a fall wedding.

You could purchase a simple set like this and then adorn them to your heart’s content.

16. Hay Bale Seating Arrangement

Hay Bale Seating Arrangement

Source: @thechillibarn

Don’t you think this is such a brilliant way to add low-key seating options for an outdoor barn wedding?

All your guests will have a great view at your wedding if you recreate this hay bale seating arrangement!

Check out these other wedding seating charts for inspiration!

17. Macrame Backdrop

Macrame Backdrop

Source: @craftbyagnesb

If your taste leans Bohemian like mine, this macrame backdrop would be the perfect place to say your vows. It is beautiful, tasteful, and still a bit fun.

Get started on replicating it for your wedding with this macrame cord. It is available in many different colors, so you don’t have to stick to white!

18. Foliage Bouquet

Foliage Bouquet

Source: @bespokecountryweddings

Foliage bouquets can be more cost-effective than floral ones. You would never know that a bouquet like this is a money saver though.

A foliage bouquet will be a stunning accessory for the nature lover’s wedding.

19. Greenery Boutonnieres

Greenery Boutonnieres

Source: @weddingsbydtl.florals

These greenery boutonnieres are elegant. Your groom and his wedding party will love wearing them.

And if you miss having a bit of color (I know that I might!), you can always add a ribbon that matches your color theme.

20. DIY Dyed Fabric Backdrop

 DIY Dyed Fabric Backdrop

Source: @greenweddingshoes

You could DIY this without spending much money on materials. All you need isa dye, white cotton fabric, a pipe for hanging and finishing wire.

This will make a beautiful backdrop for a rustic ceremony!

21. Simple Garland Decor

 Simple Garland Decor

Source: @weddingflowersforrent

I love seeing gorgeous green garlands at weddings. They really give off that special vibe that you want on your wedding day.

They are also super versatile. I would suggest adding them to a tablescape, using them on chairs, lining the aisle with them, or putting them on your wedding arch.

22. Rustic Wooden Sign

Rustic Wooden Sign

Source: @_forbetterforworse_

This wooden sign with the day’s events is so adorable! You can use signage like this for so many different purposes on your special day.

For example, you could use wooden signage to welcome your guests to the wedding or direct them where to go.

My favorite way to incorporate cute signs would be to order a “Just Married” sign like this for post-ceremony photos.

23. DIY Wedding Chair Decor

 DIY Wedding Chair Decor


I would have so much fun making these beautiful and customizable chair adornments, which come together in six easy steps.

You will need flower mud for this project, and I have used this option for past projects, which would work great here.

24. DIY Chair Sash

DIY Chair Sash


Chair sashes are a classic wedding decoration. This tutorial will help you make your own glamorous sashes.

With these, your ceremony chairs look absolutely stunning.

25. DIY Donut Wall

 DIY Donut Wall

Source: @clacali1

What could be more scrumptious than this pretty DIY donut wall? I would love a couple so much if they had one of these at their wedding!

26. DIY Popcorn Bar

DIY Popcorn Bar

Source: @knotsandkisses

Food stations can double as décor. If you are a popcorn lover like me, this is a great way to incorporate your tastes into your wedding.

You could buy a few of these vintage-style popcorn bowls to get that retro vibe. I am a big fan of personalization so I would also order some custom popcorn bags like this.

27. Chalkboard Signs

Chalkboard Signs

Source: @pemberleyblossoms

A chalkboard sign in a vintage frame is a functional and pretty addition to your wedding. You can use them throughout the day to fulfill various purposes.

They can display your timeline, welcome your guests, showcase the menu, and be used on tables with favors, desserts, or guest books.

I have used these chalk markers for signs and recommend them for your wedding signs.

28. Fake Flowers

 Fake Flowers

Source: @hiddenbotanics

Who says you need only fresh flowers at your wedding? This soft and elegant bouquet is made from a mix of preserved and artificial flowers.

29. Giant Paper Flower Decor

Giant Paper Flower Decor

Source: @_alihda

Don’t you think sunflowers are so pretty, especially for a spring or summer wedding? You can recreate this with some basic materials, including cardstock, a hot glue gun, and a shaping tool.

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30. Cloth Signs

cloth signs

Source: @stateofelliott

Instead of chalkboard signs, you could use cloth signs for a more delicate look.

You could order a custom sign like this. Or you might opt to get crafty with some fabric and your printer. I think it would be fun to take a stab at making your own cloth wedding sign!

31. DIY Wedding Invite Calligraphy

DIY Wedding Invite Calligraphy


Setting a vibe for your décor begins before your wedding day. One way to set an elegant tone for your special day is to use beautiful calligraphy for your invitations.

Calligraphy is so pretty, and I would be worried that I wouldn’t be able to pick it up in time to send out my invites.

This tutorial will show you how to trace calligraphy instead of learning it from scratch.

You will need a light table, your home printer, and some quality pens. I use these ones for journaling and lettering and think they would work great for calligraphy.

When your guests receive your wedding invitations, they will know that your wedding will be a day filled with beauty!