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10 Freezer Storage Hacks: How to Organize Your Freezer

Keeping your freezer organized can be challenging, especially when you want to make sure the food doesn’t expire. These freezer storage hacks will help you stay on top of it!

freezer storage hacks

Getting things in and out of your freezer can be a dreaded task for many. Normally, you just throw the food in without thinking where it is. No matter whether something will get on top of it or not.

To stop this hassle, it’s best to get cracking and organize your freezer now. Here are 10 hacks you can use to organize your fridge.

1. Use Jars

jars in freezer


Use jars to store fruits and vegetables. You can also store smoothies and soups in them. It’s a great solution for when you need a quick way to get those vegetables or fruits into your diet.

Make your smoothies, pour them into glass or plastic jars, and store them in the freezer. Use these mason jars here to get it done.

Mason jars can be used for organizing your pantry as well!

2. Labeled Plastic Containers

labeled plastic containers in freezer


If you like meal prep, then you will definitely need plastic containers and label makers.

Prepare your meals for the week and keep them in containers. To not forget what is what, use labels to mark each meal.

Find a label maker here. They can be used for organizing other rooms as well.

3. Keep Everything in Baskets

baskets in freezer


To know what you have in your freezer exactly, use baskets. Your freezer might come with a basket or two, but that won’t be enough.

You can buy baskets in various colors for a better way to categorize the food. Here are the ones I recommend.

Before buying, however, make sure you take measurements of your freezer. You want to know what size baskets to buy for them to fit inside.

Check out more organizing tips for your kitchen with dollar store items here!

4. Make Sure You Label Everything

labeled plastic bag of fajitas


No matter how well you organize your freezer, the key to finding all the items you need are labels. Label your baskets, Ziploc bags and anything else you can think of.

Another simple trick, add expiration dates! With a quick glance you’ll know which foods are about to expire. That can be very useful if you constantly have a problem with food expiring.

Here are the labels you can buy to make this happen!

5. Freezer Shelves

shelf organizers in freezer


Create more instant space in your freezer by using magazine holders. Place them on the side and you will end up with more space than before.

You can opt for those metallic ones as they are more sturdy than plastic. You can get them here. They are great for smaller items you might be keeping in plastic bags.

Check out more ways you can use magazine holders to organize your home.

6. Use Ziploc Bags

ziplock bags in freezer


In case you have a chest freezer, and it’s slowly becoming a mess you cannot deal with, try using Ziploc bags. Label them, beautifully organize them in wire baskets, and have all the ingredients you need within reach of your hand.

Get reusable Ziploc bags here.

7. Wooden DIY Organizer

wooden freezer organizer


If you like DIY projects, then I have one for you. Instead of going with plastic containers and baskets when it comes to organizing and dividing your freezer, opt for a wooden organizer.

What you’ll need is some plywood. Cut it into pieces so you can create dividers and place them inside the freezer box.

No need for gluing or screwing! It’s that easy! Finally, don’t forget to add those labels, they’ll help you to quickly catch whatever you need.

8. Use Plastic Food Containers

plastic freezer organizers


If you like to keep it simple, the safest bet is to buy some food containers and store your food in them. Just meal prep your favorite sauce or even meals and keep them in the boxes,

Then, when in need, quickly use them for cooking up a lunch or dinner. Easy and practical!

Here are the plastic food containers I recommend.

9. Use Up Your Space with Binder Clips

binder clips in freezer


Often, our freezers are tall, so we end up not using up the vertical space we could be using. That’s here binder clips come in handy.

Use them to hang lighter bags with herbs or veggies. They also offer a nice way to access whatever you need in one reach.

Here are the clip binders you can get.

10. Sort the Food with Shopping Bags

shopping bags in freezer


Now, if your chest freezer is a mess, plastic shopping bags might save your life. If you have loads of meats or other chunkier foods that need to be a little more organized, this is the way to go.

Get those sturdy shopping bags in the supermarket and take your freezer game to a whole new level. Sometimes we don’t have the time to make our freezers look all nice and neat!

The good thing about these bags is that you can easily just wash them up! So, give these a try.

Also, you could easily use your plastic bags to organize the laundry room!


So, are you ready to organize that messy freezer and take your kitchen game to a whole new level? Which one of these hacks is your favorite?

Are you going to implement any of these in your own fridge? Sharing is caring, so make sure to share!

kathy b

Friday 30th of April 2021

i am going to use binder clips to hang frozen veggies they get lost in my bins. i just got the clips so it looks like tomorrow or next week for this project i can picture it already. yeah

marilyn ramey

Tuesday 5th of January 2021

Is that a pail of kitty litter in your freezer??


Saturday 22nd of May 2021

Thanks so much for sharing all these great tips. Also, I think Marilyn is referring to the image under #2 "Label Plastic Containers." On the bottom shelf of the freezer there's a big, yellow pail of kitty litter. I'm guessing the container has been repurposed. lol


Saturday 20th of February 2021

@Karo Tries,

Karo Tries

Wednesday 6th of January 2021

Not sure what you're referring to, Marilyn! Haha :D