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27 Dog Crafts for Kids

Are you more of a dog person? These dog crafts will be great for kids to make and have fun with. It’s also a great way to introduce your kids to the concept of caring for your pet.

So, your child has been asking—nay, begging—you for a dog? Teaching them the responsibilities of owning a pet is a tough job, but it’s essential before you bring a little furry friend into your home.

dog crafts for kids

If you’re looking for a fun and easy way to educate your little ones about pet ownership, crafting is the way to go. In pursuit of that, here are 27 dog crafts to take on with your dog-loving kids.

1. Cute Dog Paper Plates

Dog Paper Plates


The great thing about dog-themed crafting is that no matter what you do, the result is going to turn out cute. These dog paper plates are an ideal example of that fact! These are cute, easy, and cheap to make.

This craft is ideal for working with younger kids who have just graduated with safety scissors. Make just one for the fun of it, or make them in bulk for your child’s next birthday party. The sky’s the limit!

2. Cardboard Tube Dogs

Cardboard Tube Dogs


Searching for some dog-themed décor for your child’s room, but don’t want to shell out for the high prices? This craft is exactly for you. Sit down with your kids one afternoon and crank them out!

All you’ll need are some cardboard tubes, a Sharpie marker, some extra cardboard, googly eyes, and acrylic paint (try out this set for kids). These come together in no time, and the result is precious.

Got some other cardboard tubes in need of a purpose? Not to worry, here are toilet paper roll crafts to make.

3. Toy Story Slinky Dog

Toy Story Slinky Dog


We all grew up on the cultural phenomenon that is our beloved Toy Story. If you’ve passed your love of the film onto your kids, this Slinky Dog craft will have them smiling from ear to ear (and you too).

Craft your very own Slinky Dog in any size you like! Hang him on the wall, prop him on a nightstand, or keep him in the toy chest with Buzz, Woody, and the rest of the gang.

His body is made from foam craft sheets (find them here). They’re super easy to work with, so your kids will have no problem with the assembly. Get slinking!

4. Printable Dog Walking Toys

Dog Walking Toys


This is a fantastic toy to make if you’d like to teach your kids about the importance of walking the dog. Kids often don’t consider the responsible aspects of dog ownership, so this is very educational.

The original tutorial for this craft features a printable template, but you can also draw your own if you don’t own a printer. Swap out the straws for their sustainable bamboo counterparts (here).

Speaking of paper crafts, here are paper crafts you’ll enjoy!

5. Origami Dog Corner Bookmarks

Origami Dog Corner Bookmarks


Does your little one love books almost as much as they love dogs? Here’s the perfect craft to combine the two! Not to mention, these corner bookmarks help develop their fine motor control.

Based on the emoji, this pup-themed bookmark only needs origami paper in the right colors (find them here), some glue, some scissors, and a pen. Then, simply follow the video tutorial.

6. Paper Dog & Puppy Boxes

Paper Dog Boxes


Speaking of origami and the art of folding, these paper puppy boxes are another chance to get your kids honing their fine motor skills. Whether it’s for party favors or just for fun, these are perfect!

The original tutorial uses a Cricut machine (here), which is designed to precision-cut paper for all sorts of crafts. Then, you fold the trapezoidal box that fits beneath the pup. Hidden storage for the win!

7. Paper Plate Dog with Waggling Ears

Paper Plate Dog


Do your ears hang low? Do they wobble to and fro? No? Well, this paper plate’s ears do! This craft is fun for kids to make, and they’ll have a ball playing with the finished toy.

Think of it almost like a paper plate puppet. Once made, you just pull on the string, and the ears will waggle just like a real dog. You can even use it as a last-minute Halloween costume, complete with moving parts!

8. DIY Pom Pom Pup

DIY Pom Pom Pup


If you just don’t have the time or money to bring a new furry friend into the house right now, this is the craft for you. Who knew two homemade pom-poms and some ear flaps could look so cute?

While you can make the pom poms with some cardboard, having a pom pom maker like this around the house is great for any future projects.

While it can’t bark or wag its tail, this fluffy companion should be enough to satisfy your child (at least for a little while). Try out any of these easy DIY sock plushies if this one loses its effectiveness!

9. Toilet Paper Roll Dogs

Toilet Paper Roll Dogs


Here’s take two of the toilet paper roll dogs. This time, the pups are standing on all fours rather than sitting on their hindquarters, so they make for great toys.

There’s no limit to the breeds you can make with these, so why not take it as an educational opportunity? Read up on the different dog breeds with your child and make them as you go.

10. DIY Paper Bag Puppets

Paper Bag Puppets


These paper bag puppets are ideal for group activities (think kindergarten classrooms or birthday parties). The supplies are easy to acquire in bulk, and the kids can make them in their own vision.

Once the puppets have been crafted, encourage the kids to put on a performance with them! Have them each learn about a single dog breed and present on it.

If you’re looking for a sustainable way to do this craft, make sure to pick up some unwaxed brown paper bags like these. These are recyclable!

11. Printable Dog Companions

Printable Dog Companions


Originally made to celebrate the Chinese Year of the Dog, these printable dog toys are super easy to put together. Simply cut out the template, tape in place, and let your little one play with their new friend.

This is great to do with younger kids who have just started working with scissors. Simple shape cutting will progress their skills, and there’s no dangerous hot glue in sight.

12. Walkable Balloon Puppy

Walkable Balloon Puppy


This is a craft that will be revisited many times in your home, I guarantee it. Quick and easy to bring together, these walkable balloon puppies give your kids their very own pet for a day!

All you’ll need to bring these pups to life are some balloons in your little one’s favorite color, some crepe paper for the ears and tail, a sharpie, and ribbon for the leash.

Find some other budget-friendly ways to keep your kids entertained with these Dollar Store projects for kids.

13. 3D Paper Plate Dog Masks

3D Paper Plate Dog Masks


Unlike the previous DIY, this craft puts your little one in the mind of a canine instead of giving them one to play with. Using a paper plate and myriad of crafting tools, this mask is perfect for birthday parties.

Simply cut the specified shapes out of the paper plate, fold into a concave shape to sit on the face, then decorate. You can opt for Elmer’s glue instead of hot glue to keep their little fingers safe.

If this is for a birthday party, come up with some games the kids can play as their new canine personas. Fetch, anyone?

14. Valentine’s Day Toilet Roll Puppy

Toilet Roll Puppy


Whether it’s a Valentine’s day gift for their school crush or a thank-you gift for Mom, these toilet roll puppies fit the bill. With adorable mopey faces and heart-shaped patches, they’re so cute!

All you need is a toilet roll, some white paint, some black construction paper, and a marker. Sit down with your kiddo and offer a guiding hand but let them go nuts on their own design and express themselves!

15. Adorable Pipe Cleaner Puppies

Pipe Cleaner Puppies


Here’s one for any parents of tweens reading. These pipe cleaner puppies are one of the quickest ways I know to whip up an animal toy. Best of all, you only need pipe cleaners, googly eyes, and glue.

Create the body by coiling a single pipe cleaner into a spring shape. Then, glue the tail and legs on as separate pieces before adding some black beads (like these) for the eyes. Simply adorable!

16. Upcycled Toilet Paper Roll Dog

Toilet Paper Roll Dog


Here’s another take on the toilet paper roll pup, this time with a lolling tongue and floppy ears. Whip out the acrylic paints and some construction paper and get to crafting with your child.

Paint the toilet paper tube in a solid color or go for patches. Then, it’s up to you and your little one to bring the dog to life! Cut out some floppy ears, a snout, a tongue, and some eyes to bring it together.

17. Folded Towel Puppy

Folded Towel Puppy


There are few things better than an easy craft with a great payoff, and that’s exactly what this is. Using a fluffy towel and some origami-level folding skills, you can craft an adorable toy from thin air!

The only other things you’ll need are an elastic band, some ribbon, some patterned felt for the ears, and some scissors (for the felt). While it’s not a living pet, it is the very next best thing for your child.

18. Dog Finger Puppet Party Favours

Dog Finger Puppet


These dog finger puppets are perfect for a variety of situations. Whether you’re a parent organizing a birthday party or a teacher looking for an easy activity, dog finger puppets are the solution for you.

These puppets are simple to make and so fun to play with. If you’re giving them away as party favors, try stuffing them with candy first to deliver an extra-special treat!

Find other ideas to make your child’s birthday party an amazing one with these budget-friendly Dollar Store party ideas!

19. Rolly and Bingo Paper Plate Craft

Rolly and Bingo Paper Plates


Easy as a fun Friday morning activity with the kids, this Rolly and Bingo paper plate craft barely needs anything from your craft cupboard. Despite this, they’re oodles of fun to make and play with!

When it comes to painting the plates, you can either use the standard paint brushes or you can invest in some paint markers like these. They’re much cleaner, much simpler to use, and just as fun.

20. Heart Dog Celebration Card

Heart Dog Celebration Card


We all know kids aren’t expected to give gifts around birthdays or the holiday season. However, a handmade card expresses love just as well as any gift. That’s where these heart-shaped dogs come in.

Begin by printing out the template, then have your kids cut around them to create the card pieces. Assemble in order and let them write their message of love inside!

Any relative would be proud to display this adorable card on their fridge. Alternately, sit down with your kids to make these DIY picture frames. Fill them with a special picture for the perfect DIY gift.

21. Doggy Toilet Tube Puppet

Doggy Toilet Tube Puppet


The very first animal, most kids, are introduced to is the beloved dog. From that moment on, dogs will hold a special place in their heart. So, creating their very own puppy puppet is the ideal craft.

These adorable puppets use jute twine (grab a roll here) as the control mechanism. It also suggests straws as the dangling legs/tail, but a more sustainable choice would be cardboard or bamboo straws.

22. Puppy Pull-Up Ears Card

Puppy Pull-Up Ears Card


Here’s another card to make with your kid come celebration time. The ears are the perfect place to write anything from “Love You!” to “Hi There”, and the card suits any occasion with ease!

The pull-up ears mechanic lends something really special to the card. Not to mention, these are easy to make, so your child can express their creativity with all the elements.

23. Tongue Out Puppy Paper Bag Puppet

Puppy Paper Bag Puppet


This adorable paper bag pup-pet demonstrates another way your child can make their paper bag puppets look. Adorn the bag with spots, a floppy tongue, and some waggly ears for the full look.

While construction paper is always a good medium for crafting, you can take this craft one step further! Grab some slightly fluffy faux fur sheets (here) to make the ears from for a touch of realism.

24. Playful Pup Newspaper Art

Playful Pup Newspaper Art


This is the perfect craft to make with kids of any age, from tots to tweens, and it slots perfectly into place on the fridge. With a base of black cardstock, the newspaper is the star of the show.

I love this craft because it’s so sustainable. After all, eco-friendliness is all about reducing, reusing, and recycling. Make sure to pick up some non-toxic PVA glue here if you’re working with little ones!

25. Painted Puppy Rock Pet

Painted Puppy Rock Pet


If you can’t get a real dog, what’s the next best thing you can do? Well, paint a rock to look like a dog, of course! These adorable rock pets work as doorstops, paperweights, or simple decorations.

While you can use normal paints and brushes, I recommend picking up some paint markers (especially if your kids are on the young side).

Who said only the kids get to paint rocks? Plop down next to them to create your very own DIY rock photo holders, they’re perfect for your desk.

26. Popsicle Stick Puppy Dog

Popsicle Stick Puppy Dog


Searching for a way to use up all those popsicle sticks you’ve saved from summer treats? Give them new life by helping your kids turn them into a brand-new stick puppy.

These creations are absolutely adorable and so easy to personalize! Whether you’re a kindergarten teacher or a parent, this craft will help you keep the kids entertained on a cold winter’s day.

27. Easy Origami Puppy

Easy Origami Puppy


Our final craft is an easy origami puppy. Your kids will have a ball showing off their new folding skills to their friends. Not to mention, you can spend some quality time learning the technique together.

While the base shape is the same—lop-ears included—your child can customize from there. Show them how to add patches, color in the ears, or change the dog’s facial expression.

Warning: once your child knows how to make these, you’ll probably be finding them all over the house. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

So, there you have it. The next time you’re approached with wide eyes and the request for “a puppy, pleaaaaase”, simply redirect their attention to any of these 27 crafts. Best of luck, and happy crafting!

Mary McGuire

Sunday 27th of August 2023

How can I get the templates and directions for some of these?

Karo @

Sunday 10th of September 2023

Just click on the name of the craft :)

Lisa Johnson

Wednesday 3rd of May 2023

Can you please send me the templates/directions for all of the dog crafts. They are amazing. I am doing a puppy adoption (stuffed puppies) for the last week of school.

Kara Booker

Wednesday 6th of July 2022

Please send them all.