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20 Easy DIY Sock Plushies

Constantly losing your socks? Why not turn some of them into these DIY sock plushies?

diy sock plushies

Plushies! Kids and adults alike love these stuffed toys. Yes, if you don’t know already, plushies are mostly another word for stuffed toys.

Socks! Kids and adults alike seem ALWAYS to lose a lot of socks. Yes, that mysterious missing pair after it goes through the laundry.

If you’re wondering why we jumped from plushies to socks, it’s because my next DIY list is about plushies made from socks.

If your washing machine eats socks as mine does, these ideas will put those unmatched socks into good use.

1. Quick and Easy Easter Bunny Plushie

Easter Bunny Plushie


If your needlecraft is not up to par, you will love this plushy project. This no-sew project is fun to do with kids.

Your craft closet will probably have most of the materials for this sock craft. Use uncooked rice for the filling and rubber bands to create the body parts.

Use a sharpie to draw the bunny’s face and ribbons for the finishing touches. Create more than one bunny and use them as a table centerpiece for your next Easter Dinner.

Check out more Easter crafts for kids here.

2. Snowman

Snowman Plushie


This project is the best way of repurposing all your family’s unmatched white socks. The process is similar to the Easter Bunny plushie above.

The only difference is they used an orange pipe cleaner for the carrot nose and buttons to line the snowman’s trunk. You can use the same rice feeling or use fiberfill material like this.

Make varied snowman sizes and place them by your window sill or under the Christmas Tree.

3. Playful Gnome

Playful Gnome


What I love about these plushies is they suit any season and occasion (even non-occasion days). The hidden eyes and super long beard makes one smile for no reason, and I so love it!

Among other things, you will need an assortment of fur fabrics like these for the gnome beards. Have a read through this tutorial to learn how to make these amusing plushie gnomes.

Check out these fun crafts for kids if you need more project ideas!

4. Super-Cute Fox Plushie

Super-Cute Fox


Who could resist this super duper cute fox plushie? Definitely not me!

To recreate this adorable stuffed animal, you can find the fox pattern along with instructions here.

When I tried to make one, I realized we didn’t have unmatched orange nor red socks, and a different color won’t do the fox justice. The persistent me scoured for one online and found a fluffy orange sock for under $2 via this link.

5. Adorable Elephant

Elephant Plushie


Your husband’s formal socks can be expensive, so losing one of the pairs can be such a bummer. Thankfully, these elephants can give those pricey socks new life.

This project is another one that requires sewing, so feel free to review through this page for the sewing pattern and a full list of materials.  But before you head to the instructions page, you may want to bookmark this link where you can buy your elephant plushie’s eyes.

This is an excellent adult project you can have fun making!

6. Pikachu Plushie



If you are an avid pokemon viewer, you will love this super cuddly Pikachu plushie. You just need to stuff the body and sew on the stuffed limbs, tail, and ears.

Finish the Pikachu look by sewing on its nose and lips, red felt for its rosy cheeks, and black and white felt for the eyes. For added animation, you can swap the felt eyes into googly eyes.

I like this 1210-piece set of googly eyes as they come in varied shapes, which is useful when doing a lot of craftwork.

7. Soft and Cuddly Cat

Cuddly Cat


If you’ve always wanted a cat but can’t have one, a cat plushie may be the next best thing. Striped or patterned socks work best for this project to mimic some cats’ fur’s varying colors.

The only other things you need are filling fibers, your sewing kit, googly eyes, and nose buttons like these.

8. The Friendly Plushie Lion

Plushie Lion


If your kids love Alex from Madagascar or Simba from the Lion King, this lion plushie will be a sure hit with them. If you like to sew, you will probably love doing this project, too!

Here’s a full tutorial with a photo pattern for this super cute and friendly lion toy. Check out more DIY crafts for teens to get more crafting inspiration!

9. Narwhal



The next time you see an unmatched blue or white sock, save them for later use in recreating this narwhal plushie! Here’s the pattern to this amazing sea creature.

If you’re like me, who always runs out of fabric marker ink, you may want to consider buying them in bulk. To avoid my recurring fabric marker problem, I bought a 12-pack one online through this link.

10. Colorful Crab

Colorful Crab


These plushie’s claws will probably be the only crab claws I wouldn’t be scared of touching. This craft is unique from the ones on our list, as this one will require you to use a pair of socks.

You will also need toe socks, to achieve those tiny crab legs. If you don’t have any at home, you can order orange toe socks for just over $1 here.

11. Uber-Cute Panda

Cute Panda


Chenille socks work best for these super cute pandas. Click here for the downloadable and printable template.

To ensure your plush panda doesn’t go hungry, get him a miniature bamboo similar to this.

12. Sloth



Sloths are probably the cutest sluggish creatures on this planet. Again, chenille socks work best for this project, whose sewing pattern is available here.

Before you start sewing, make sure you have a piece of brown felt. If you don’t, I suggest you order the assorted pack through this portal.

13. Tall Animal Plushies

sock animals


These attractive animal plushies can be your toddler’s next security toy. Long socks work best for this project, as you want a tall-appearing plushie.

Read this guide for a photo sewing and cutting template. Use assorted buttons like these for the animals’ eyes and nose. Use your creative and sewing skills to complete the whiskers or mouths.

14. Olaf

olaf stuffed toy


I know we’ve already covered a snowman plushie, but Olaf is a one-of-a-kind snowman, he deserves a distinct spot on this list.

Recreating this Olaf plushie is very similar to the snowman one, apart from using googly eyes and felt for the nose.  They also used white pompoms like these, to give the adorable little Olaf his feet.

Now, this is one Olaf that will not melt in summer!

15. Cuddly Little Dragon

sock dragon


Most of the time, dragons are portrayed as scary, fire-breathing creatures. This particular dragon, however, does not scare me one bit.

If anything, I just want to grab him and give him a tight squeeze. I am sure my kids and yours would love to do the same.

To recreate this orange dragon, you will need two crew-length socks (four individual socks in total). Choose a solid sock color for the body and a striped one for the spikes.

Because you will be working on the dragon’s tiny spikes, make sure your sewing kit contains a blunt point tweezer, like the ones found here.

You will also need stuffing, sewing threads that match your sock color, yellow embroidery floss, black beads for the eyes, and a mix of red and yellow felt.

If you want to work off a pattern, you can download and print it from this link.

16. Plushie Little Puppy

Plushie Little Puppy


Our plushie collection wouldn’t be complete without a puppy! Of course, man’s best friend will be on the list!

I super love the polka dot bone and cute little bandanas (which you can both make out of socks, too)! Chenille socks are the ideal socks to use for this craft.

In addition to the usual felt, thread, and button materials, you will also need some pipe cleaners like these to add some form into your pup’s tail.

Here’s a link to the step-by-step plushie puppy tutorial.

17. Name Your Length Snake

long sock snake


This snake craft is probably the easiest to sew plushie on this list. You simply sew on a sock, after sock, after sock.

Your snake’s length depends on how many unmatched socks you have. Wouldn’t it be funny though to realize that you have a matching pair after you have sown each of them on different sides of the snake?

18. Sock Monster Plushie

Sock Monster Plushie

Credit: Blogspot

This sock craft is one of my favorites on this list. Why? Because it requires no pattern, and we have the freedom to go crazy with our designs.

Monsters can be anything, which is why I love it as it brings out the creator’s creativeness. These plushies will be the only monsters your kids will want to sleep next to.

19. Plushiesoroaus!



A lot of kids are fascinated with dinosaurs. Perhaps because they’ve never seen it in real life, but they read and watch about them a lot.

Bring life to this prehistoric creature through your unmatched socks. Create different types of dinosaurs each month to introduce to your kids.

Use red felt for the spikes, any color button for the eyes, and a matching colored thread to sew the sock on. Other than polyester fiber, you can also use shredded foam fill like this to stuff your dinosaurs.

20. Cutesy Racoon

Cutesy Racoon


Aren’t these raccoons adorable? You probably already know, but chenille socks again work best for this animal plushie.

Striped brown and gray or black and gray are ideal. If you don’t have any, you can use any other sock, but to be as close as the real one as possible, you can order a pack of new ones here.


I don’t know about you, but I felt a sudden urge to recreate everything on this list after going through it. My favorite was the dragon plushie.

What was yours? Share it with your friends and family, but tell me about it, too, in the comment section below.


Thursday 1st of April 2021

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