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27 Christmas Tree Ideas

Ready to set up your Christmas tree and need ideas on how to decorate it? Check out these Christmas tree ideas and get creative.

christmas tree ideas

Christmas time’s almost here and there’s an empty spot in your home that’s just screaming to be filled with a Christmas tree. But not just any Christmas tree.

This year, with these 27 Christmas tree ideas to guide you and for you to draw inspiration from, your tree is going to be lit (literally and linguistically)!

So go ahead and take a look at all these wonderful Christmas tree craft ideas!

1. Red Buffalo Check reindeer

Red Buffalo Check reindeer


This red buffalo-check reindeer tree—quite a mouthful, yes?—is absolutely gorgeous and is exactly what you’ll need to round off your Christmas decor.

The best part? You can recreate this tree on a budget and effectively cut your costs in half if you go shopping for supplies at a dollar store nearby.

The combination of red, white, and black is festive enough to keep in theme with Christmas, with the green from the tree rounding it up quite wonderfully.

Since reindeers by themselves are such an essential Christmas motif, don’t forget to grab your reindeer-themed ornaments while you’re shopping!

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2. Whimsical Christmas Tree

Whimsical Christmas Tree


With a bit of snow, a bit of whimsy, and a whole lot of joy and Christmas cheer, you can have your very own whimsical Christmas tree. You just have to make a careful study of all the many, many components that go into creating this tree.

Just look at all those reds, greens, and gold. Then there’s a ton of texture: burlap, chiffon, and tinsel ribbons and garlands, glass ornaments, plush stuffed toys, and soft, fluffy faux snow from here.

If there’s something even remotely Christmassy out there in the world, you can expect to find it amongst the leaves of this Christmas tree.

3. Chewbacca-Themed Christmas Tree

Chewbacca-Themed Christmas Tree


I’ll be the first to admit that I had my doubts about this tree. Sure, it’s unique and everything, but I was worried that it wouldn’t quite capture the essence of Christmas.

But I think this fabulous and unique tree would prove even the hardest of cynics—it’s simply that gorgeous, and it’s Star Wars, for crying out loud!

You’ll need burlap ribbon from here, faux fur, a string of wooden beads, and a list of similar items. You might also need a few twigs, seed pods, and these ribbon picks—the latter should add some texture to the tree, if not color.

You’ll notice that this tree doesn’t quite adhere to the traditional colors, but a big red bow should make up for it!

4. Toddler-Friendly Christmas Tree

Toddler-Friendly Christmas Tree


It’s important to remember just how much mischief and trouble young and curious toddlers can get into. If it’s something they can chew, bite, swallow, or stick up their noses, they’re going to.

So when you’re decorating your tree, you’ve got to keep in mind that there are a ton of ornaments lying around that could be potentially harmful. But you can find soft, plush, and kid-friendly ornaments, too.

Head over to your local store and have someone assist you, or just pick up some of those kid-friendly ornaments right here.

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5. Christmas Tree Box Stand

Christmas Tree Box Stand


You know how you see those cool box stands at the Plaza or at the mall every year? Well, we’re going to make our own box stand this year out of those wooden crates.

You can, of course, make your own crate and make it fancy while you’re at it. Or you can repurpose or upcycle an old crate.

I bet you have a couple of wooden crates lying around. Why don’t you go see if they’re in good condition for this next DIY Christmas Tree project?

Then, grab your toolbox and get started on making this crate!

6. Nostalgic Christmas Tree

Nostalgic Christmas Tree


This tree reminds me of the good old days. Maybe that’s why it’s called the nostalgic tree. I mean, with the end of the year upon us, we’re bound to reminisce, yes?

Have you incorporated mercury glass into your Christmas tree decor before? They’re gorgeous, aren’t they, and so mellow and dreamy.

You can choose to wrap a warm cozy blanket around the tree, too, instead of the traditional tree skirt. That’s sure to up the ante, so to speak.

7. Fabric Christmas Tree

Fabric Christmas Tree


These mini fabric Christmas trees are super inexpensive and easy to make. You can use homespun plaid or tartan fabric, sure, or just about any scrap fabric you have lying around.

First, pick up a wood log base, a wooden dowel from here, and this wood glue. You’ll need a drill to help you with drilling a hole in the center of the wood for the tree to go in.

This project is super fun, and you get a really great opportunity to use up all that extra scrap fabric you’re forever hoarding in your craft corner. In fact, why don’t you take a look at these 47 DIY scrap fabric projects, too?

8. DIY Charlie Brown Tree

DIY Charlie Brown Tree


I bet that thinking about movies like A Charlie Brown’s Christmas brings back fond and happy memories of when you were a kid. You can never quite top the level of excitement you felt back then, can you?

But, what you can do—in honor of all those good old days—is make this adorable Charlie Brown Christmas tree! You’ll need to pull out your toolbox for this one, though; it might look like a simple tree, but it does call for some crafty handiwork.

Grab some wood planks or reclaimed wood from here. They’re perfect for DIY projects like this.

9. Giant Cardboard Christmas Tree

Giant Cardboard Christmas Tree


I’m quite surprised by this tree; I’ll be the first to admit it. Who would have thought that plain old, boring cardboard could end up looking so…elegant? Because it is elegant, as hard as it can be to believe it.

Grab cardboard sheets from here, a box cutter, a pair of strong scissors, and a saw. The saw is optional, but it can really cut the work time in half(see what I did there?).

If you’re using old cardboard boxes, you might consider painting them white so you don’t have any markings on them. Then, finally, you can string some fairy lights to finish it up!

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10. Dollar Store Fabric Mini Christmas Tree

Dollar Store Fabric Mini Christmas Tree


This dollar store edition of fabric Christmas Tree is adorable and super easy to make. Did I mention how inexpensive it is, too?

First, though, pick up this mini tinsel tree, your fabric scraps, some baker’s twine, a piece of craft wire, and a pair of scissors. Seeing as how it’s a dollar store project, you’re bound to find everything you need there.

You can also make a pom pom out of scrap fabric or yarn to put up on the very tip of the tree in lieu of a star.

11. DIY Ombre Christmas Tree

DIY Ombre Christmas Tree


Don’t you just love that gorgeous gradient of colors that’s been recreated here? No, really, it’s absolutely divine!

You’ve got dark teal Christmas ornaments and ribbons at the bottom, and it filters up into a snow-white crescendo right in time to place the Christmas start on the top.

You can buy plain or clear ornaments from here and use paint to color them in different color gradients. It’s super fun to mix and paint them before you hang them up.

You can also switch out the colored ribbons as you go.

12. Grinch Tree

Grinch Tree


You might think that it’s only Santa who’s the star of Christmas, but I disagree. I’ve always been quite fond of the grinch.

So, it’s only natural that I absolutely love this grinch tree. I bet you will, too, once you see how easy it is to make. Now, This isn’t an all-out Grinch tree with that eerie smiling face to spook it up—it is Christmas, not Halloween.

But you’ve got a ton of Grinch-green ornaments adorning the tinsel tree, and that’s a good place to start. You can grab a black marker and scribble the grinch’s face onto some of the ornaments if you’re tempted; I won’t tattletale!

13. Christmas Village Tree

Christmas Village Tree


Why settle for a plain old traditional tree when you can have the most magical one ever. Check out this village tree; doesn’t it just take your breath away?

First, it’s the color I love best—who would have thought that a peach-colored tree could look so festive. Then there’s a ton of little houses with gardens and bottle brush trees like these of their own out front.

This tree is going to take you a while to recreate, but by God, isn’t it worth it?!

14. Star Wars Christmas Tree

Star Wars Christmas Tree


Inside every grown adult is a child who just adores Star Wars. I know I did, and I never quite grew out of that so-called ‘phase.’ I’ll be a Star Wars fanatic till the very end.

With a few clever decorative and creative strokes of your paintbrush, you can transform your Christmas ornaments into Star-Wars-themed pieces. You have a ton of motifs and characters to choose from, but droids are particularly easy to paint.

Go ahead and pick out some non-breakable fillable ornaments from here, a few sharpie markers, paper towels, paints, and brushes.

15. DIY Tomato cage Christmas Tree

DIY Tomato cage Christmas Tree


With the month months upon us, it might be time to wind up your garden for the colder days to come. I bet you have a few tomato cages lying around—why don’t you put them to good use by making a Christmas tree like this?

It’s a great low-cost decor idea and craft project in one. You can simply use tree limbs and zip ties from here to set up your tree. Then you just have to decorate it in the theme you’ve picked out for this year, and you’re all set!

16. Honeycomb Christmas Tree

Honeycomb Christmas Tree


This pink, frost-tipped Christmas tree is one for the books, I tell you. It looks like something off the covers of Vogue or some home decor magazine. It looks like a million bucks!

The best and most unique feature? It’s that honeycomb that’s sitting perched on the trees. It adds a ton of texture and color to the entire tree—not that the tree needs more, mind.

Just grab some acrylic paint. A pair of rubber gloves, sawhorses, and a few drop cloths and get started!

17. Christmas Tree Bows

Christmas Tree Bows


I’ve always thought the entire Christmas tree was one big present just waiting to be unwrapped—not just the present at the foot of it. Perhaps it was because of all the frills, fripperies, and bows.

If you want to add a few bows to your Christmas tree, then you’ve got to do it justice. You can play around with the color, width of the ribbon, the texture, and even the actual shape of the bow you make.

This particular bow involves a rather ruffled effect. You’ll need to grab some floral wire from here and a pair of wire cutters to help you master this bow and keep it in place..

18. Floor Lamp Christmas Tree

Floor Lamp Christmas Tree


This tree is pretty unique, and I have to admit, you can’t recreate the exact same one. You can make something similar, depending on the kind of floor lamp you have.

You can decorate it with tinsel garlands, as seen here, as well as string Christmas lights around the tree. But the base—which is the lamp with that glass stand—will be different.

That being said, you’ll have the star on top, or rather, the lampshade and bulb, which can do wonders to light up your tree!

19. DIY Christmas Garland

DIY Christmas Garland


Don’t you think it’s time you learned how to make your own Christmas garlands? But hold on, we’re not talking about a plain old tinsel garland. You’re going to class up the tree with a dried fruit garland.

When you’re done, your house is going to smell like a bakery. Just think of all that zesty citrus from orange and lemon peels mixed with warm and spicy cinnamon and cloves and topped off by earthy and rich pine and cedar.

Grab some string or fishing line from here, and let’s get started!

20. DIY Yardstick Christmas Tree

DIY Yardstick Christmas Tree


This tree was made by repurposing a—you guessed it— yardstick that’s been cut into different lengths. By cutting the yardstick into smaller components, you can get that step-like shape of a tree.

Next, grab some wire like this and shape them into a staple-like shape. These will hold your tree together. You can use a wire cutter and a pair of pliers to help you bend the wire.

The next bit of wire, you’ll have to twist into a noose-like shape. Just follow the steps, and you’ll be done in no time!

21. DIY Mint Christmas Tree

DIY Mint Christmas Tree


This mint-green Christmas tree can rival any tree you see in any one of those home decor or lifestyle blogs and magazines. There’s something fundamentally sassy about this tree.

Perhaps it’s the black and white ribbon(look here) draped down its length, or perhaps it’s these large black buttons. It could also be those black and white checked ornaments interspersed with pitch-black ones.

When you’re done figuring out the different components to recreate, you can get started on actually making the tree!

22. Old fashioned Cranberry And Popcorn Garland

Old fashioned Cranberry And Popcorn Garland


Stringing a garland of popcorn and cranberries—and eating more of them than you actually string—is a time-old Christmas tradition. You can sit by the fire with your popcorn and cranberries, put on a Christmas classic movie and sip cocoa while making your garland.

Sounds blissful, doesn’t it? So, go ahead and buy some of this wire, popcorn kernels from here(no butter, I’m afraid), and fresh cranberries.

You can lay an old dish towel over your lap to help you catch the popcorn that doesn’t make it onto your mouth or the garland.

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23. Homemade Tree

Homemade Tree


There’s a wholesomeness to homemade projects that you can’t quite beat. A homemade Christmas tree is like the motherlode of all homemade projects—even more wholesome than homemade cookies, I should think!

When you and your kids sit down and work on a craft project together, then it makes it even more special, seeing as how it’s a family activity. So even if it isn’t your typical Christmas tree, it’s time well spent.

So set out a plate of cookies and milk and enjoy an evening of crafting with your kids to make this homemade tree!

24. Magnolia Blossom Christmas Tree

Magnolia Blossom Christmas Tree


Magnolias are reminiscent of the South, and this Christmas tree is exactly the kind you’d see in the southern states of America.

This tree is cozy, full of memory and meaningful features, decked with hand-me-down ornaments that have seen many, many years of cherished Christmases, and chock full of love. It is, in essence, a timeless Christmas tree.

If you’re decorating this tree southern-style, then you might also want to consider switching out the usual tree for a Leyland Cypress!

25. Ugly Sweater Christmas Tree

Ugly Sweater Christmas Tree


This Christmas tree is inspired by the ‘ugly sweater’ trend. Well, it’s hard to call these sweaters ugly, but they’re your generic department store Christmas sweaters.

You know the ones I’m talking about—they’re everywhere, and almost everybody seems to be wearing them, even though they’re pretty generic.

Anyway, you’re going to pick up a few of those sweaters to hang on your own tree this year because it’s quirky and unique! You can decorate the rest of the tree just about any way you like!

26. Color Block Glitter Tree

Color Block Glitter Tree


With these trees, you’ll be finding glitter in your hair, your mouth, your clothes—pretty much anywhere around your house that you come in contact with. You’ll find them well past Christmas and all the way to June—two years later!

But aren’t they adorable? This is such an easy project to make—just difficult to get rid of—and pack a huge holiday punch of festivity and sparkle.

27. Farmhouse Christmas Tree

Farmhouse Christmas Tree


This rustic-chic farmhouse Christmas tree isn’t shabby or ‘country.’ In fact, it’s super unique! Just look at all those creative ornaments, accessories, and decorations.

It’s like a bakery is hanging from your tree: whisks, cupcakes, gingerbread men, rolling pins, and much more! It reminds me of a warm and cozy kitchen where something’s always baking in the oven!

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Linda at Mixed Kreations

Wednesday 20th of October 2021

What a fun collections of Christmas trees! Thanks so much for including my yardstick Christmas tree!