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31 Casual Wedding Ideas for Low-Key Couples

Your wedding does not need to be an over-the-top ceremony with champagne fountains and swans to be a magical, special day. These wedding ideas for low-key couples will inspire you!

I love attending laid-back ceremonies and often remember them for their fun and joyful vibes. I think there is nothing more heart-warming than a casual wedding celebration with your closest friends.

It’s more authentic and also much cheaper. Which is really the reason why we’re here!

If a casual wedding fits your tastes, there are many special touches you can add to make it an event to remember. Below are 31 ideas to help you as you plan your low-key wedding.

Casual Wedding Ideas for low key couples

1. Minimal Citrus Centerpiece

Minimal Citrus Centerpiece

Source: @kate.rutter

I feel like I can just smell that refreshing citrus when I look at this lovely centerpiece. Don’t you just love how beautiful it is?

This makes the perfect centerpiece for laid-back couples who want nice décor.

2. Leaf Place Cards

Leaf Place Cards

Source: @pennylanestationery

This is a great idea for a nature-inspired wedding. If you ask me, pretty leaves and pretty writing make for beautiful place cards that are great for your wallet and the environment.

Make sure to use a pen that can write on leaves. I have used these ones for writing on everything from rocks to fabric, and they would be perfect for these place cards!

3. Simple One Tier Wedding Cake

Simple One Tier Wedding Cake

Source: @somethingsweet.bysophie

I love simple cakes. I adore how the gorgeous flower arrangements on this one take it to the next level.

I always think it is nice when cakes match the wedding colors, so you might choose to use flowers in your wedding colors. This option is affordable and comes in a variety of colors.

4. Minimal One-Flower Bouquet

Minimal One-Flower Bouquet


I would never have thought that making a bouquet using only one type of flower a one-flower could look so lovely, but this tutorial uses feverfew to make something stunning.

You could also use tulips, peonies, or hydrangeas. Don’t forget to buy floral tape like this to ensure that everything stays intact!

5. DIY Wedding Bar

 DIY Wedding Bar

Source: @ourfieldviewhome

I know that I enjoy having a festive beverage at a wedding, don’t you? You can make a beautiful bar like this for your own wedding by getting a bit creative.

Ordering one or two of these pieces would be a cost-effective way to replicate this idea on your special day.

To decorate, you can add pretty signage, fake grass, greenery garlands, or artificial flowers—the possibilities are endless!

6. Food Truck

Food Truck

Source: @waffleand_co

Many low-key couples are not interested in a formal, sit-down wedding dinner. But you still want your guests to indulge in delicious food.

Food trucks are the perfect solution. I love that they are informal, can cook up some yummy food, and allow guests to eat at their convenience as they party the night away.

7. Soap Wedding Favors

 Soap Wedding Favors

Source: @casia_soaps

These soap wedding favors are pretty and functional. Guests will remember the fun they had on your special day whenever they use their soap.

I adore projects like this that are so easily customizable. You can make them in your wedding colors for a special touch.

8. Minimalist Candle Centerpieces

Minimalist Candle Centerpieces

Source: @artifact_rentals

Candlesticks always make me feel that romantic, elegant vibe. If you are like me, this is exactly what you want for your special day.

You can buy a set like this to replicate this look at your reception tables.

9. Simple DIY Wedding Backdrop

Simple DIY Wedding Backdrop


Don’t you think this backdrop is stunning? You can make it with a few basic materials, including a copper pipe, a pipe cutter, pipe fittings, and sheer curtains.

The lights are optional, but I feel like they would really increase the romance factor. I have used  these ones as décor for various events and think they would look beautiful at a wedding.

These other wedding backdrop ideas are sure to inspire you!

10. Donut Tower

donut tower

Source: @cake.beyond

I would adore being served this amazing wedding cake-shaped donut tower. Decorating it with high-quality artificial flowers like these will make it an unforgettable dessert.

11. Citrus Table Decor

Citrus Table Decor

Source: @forl.floral

You can still make quite a statement with simple table décor. I think the way that citrus fruits are interspersed with delicate floral arrangements here really creates a lovely and fresh aesthetic.

12. Pizza Bar

pizza bar

Source: @bellafamiliawfp

Who wouldn’t be thrilled to indulge in pizza at a wedding? I wouldn’t be able to wait to dig into this super yummy display!

I particularly love the chalkboard descriptions. This set offers 9 pretty chalkboards that would be perfect for your pizza bar.

13. Charcuterie Cones

Charcuterie Cones

Source: @tablegrazebyemily

These charcuterie cones are the perfect combination of pretty and delicious. They have a bit of everything from sweet to savory.

I would adore nibbling on these scrumptious cones during cocktail hour!

14. Freedom of Choice Bridesmaid Dresses

 Freedom of Choice Bridesmaid Dresses

Source: @christinasenia

No one wants a Bridezilla, least of all your bridesmaids. Whenever I have served as a bridesmaid, I have always loved it when the bride gave me some control over my dress.

You can allow them to select their own style, color, material, or all three to ensure that they feel happy and comfortable. Their genuine smiles will make your pictures look gorgeous!

15. Ice Cream Cart Hire

Ice Cream Cart Hire

Source: @eventsfactor

Hiring a cute and sweet ice cream cart like this would be a great idea for a low-key wedding. I would love to cool down with some refreshing ice cream after dancing all night.

16. Boho Rustic Table Setting

Boho Rustic Table Setting

Source: @sass_weddings

This tablescape is what dreams are made of! From the florals to the linens and stationery, every aspect of this setting is beautiful.

17. DIY Foliage Table Runner

DIY Foliage Table Runner


Your guests will never guess that this table runner was a DIY project. It is made from fresh greens, so I would suggest putting it together close to your wedding day.

You only need a few materials, including a fishing net, a floral cutter, and floral wire like this. I would also be careful to choose greens that won’t lose shape or wilt quickly.

18. Backyard Wedding

backyard wedding


A backyard wedding is a go-to for the low-key couple. I love the idea of a backyard wedding but have never attended one myself so I wouldn’t have any idea where to start!

From parking to food, drinks, and dance floors, there is a lot to consider. Luckily, this helpful guide provides all the tips you need to make your special day a success.

Check out more backyard wedding ideas here!

19. Desert Elopement

Desert Elopement


Have you dreamed about saying “I do,” surrounded by cacti and sand with the desert sunset as your backdrop?

This desert elopement guide offers all the information you need to ensure a perfect desert wedding.

20. Intimate Bonfire Wedding

 Intimate Bonfire Wedding


When I think about bonfires, I think of cozy, relaxed romance. The tips in this guide will help you ensure that your bonfire reception is safe, fun, and comfortable.

21. Hay Bale Seating Arrangements

Hay Bale Seating Arrangements


Planning a barn wedding? Why bother with chairs when you can use hay bales that fit your aesthetic perfectly?

Don’t forget to add some outdoor cushions like these to keep everything comfortable. If your guests are anything like me, it will be greatly appreciated!

22. Picnic Wedding

 Picnic Wedding

Source: @boho.and.prosecco

Picnics are calm, relaxing, and fun affairs. If that is the vibe you are going for, a casual picnic wedding is a great way to celebrate your love.

Low tables, pretty cushions, and understated decorations will be the perfect setting for your special day.

23. Wedding Picnic Baskets

Wedding Picnic Baskets

Source: @rootcatering

How lovely are these wedding picnic baskets? You can decorate your baskets to match your wedding colors.

I would love using cute mini picnic baskets like this for appetizers or favors as a guest.

24. DIY Your Own Confetti

DIY Your Own Confetti


Confetti is a festive addition to any celebration. For your casual wedding, you could easily make floral confetti or tissue paper confetti to help you celebrate.

25. Potluck Wedding Reception

Potluck Wedding Reception


Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, and I have found that the menu can be the trickiest part. Why not take some of the pressure off with a potluck-style meal?

You can read through this guide to discover everything you need to know about planning the perfect potluck wedding reception.

26. Mimosa Bar

mimosa bar


A brunch reception is a fabulous choice for low-key couples! And what brunch would be complete without a mimosa bar?

You could offer a variety of delectable juice flavors served in pretty jars. A lovely touch would be personalized champagne bottle labels like these.

27. Donut Wall

donut wall

Source: @withjoy

This pretty and sweet donut wall would make me so happy at a wedding!

Add some custom bags like this for everyone to tuck their sweet treats into and you will have the perfect dessert station!

28. Handwritten Menu

handwritten menu

Source: @scribblingin_ink

I love seeing handwritten menus, invitations, and signage at weddings. If you want to handmake your own paper to take it to the next level, you could buy this paper making screen kit.

Check out these DIY wedding sign ideas next!

29. Lawn Games

lawn games

Source: @keyevents_essex

What is a wedding without tons of fun? One of the best ways to add fun to a casual outdoor wedding is by incorporating lawn games!

From giant Jenga to oversized Connect-Four, your loved ones will have the time of their lives competing for Lawn Game Champion at your wedding.

My favorite lawn game is Cornhole, and you could even get custom wedding decals like this for your set.

30. Rooftop Ceremony

rooftop ceremony

Source: @trulyhaute

I attended an unforgettable rooftop wedding a few years ago and will cherish the memories forever. A rooftop wedding with a gorgeous view is an amazing way to celebrate your love.

And don’t forget about the pictures! From ceremony pictures to sunset photos, you will have so many beautiful memories to look back on.

31. Non-Traditional Wedding Dress

 Non-Traditional Wedding Dress

Source: @rolling_in_roses

Finally, let’s discuss the most important part of the wedding—the dress! Many low-key brides will opt for a non-traditional wedding dress like the gorgeous one pictured.

Your dress should reflect your taste. You can deviate from the traditional (pure white or ivory, ballgowns or silhouettes, and satin, taffeta, or tulle) in favor of something that feels more you.

Feel free to play with everything from color and style to fabric and length. Your wedding dress should be something that makes you feel like the best version of you.

Get more inspiration from these other brilliant wedding ceremony ideas!