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41 Thanksgiving Art Activities for Toddlers

The holidays can be a stressful time with coordinating, travel time, preparation, and more, and that’s not even including the kids! Here are wonderful and easy Thanksgiving art activities for toddlers.

Older kids can help facilitate or watch the little ones while the adults are doing everything from grocery shopping to cooking the meals.

Thanksgiving Toddler craft ideas

1. Turkey Juice Box Craft

turkey juice box craft


As you know by now, if you’ve been with me, we like things festive in our house! A special treat that is fun for any holiday is these juice box crafts.

For special dinners for the kids, sometimes we dress up the juice boxes. It’s a great way to mask any super-bright label and add to the festivities.

2. Paper Plate Turkey

paper plate turkey


Paper plates are an essential part of the toddler crafting world, and what better way to use one during the Thanksgiving season than to make a turkey?

It’s simpler, for some, than a hand turkey and a lot more independent creative time for the kids.

3. Turkey Colouring Pages

turkey coloring pages


For the quickest and easiest option, print out a stack of turkey or Thanksgiving-themed coloring pages.

It’s a surefire way to get kids’ hands busy immediately–having plenty of characters or options to color will keep kids interested for longer.

4. Candy Corn Turkey Cookies

candy corn turkey cookies


A great fine motor activity is these candy corn turkey cookies! You’ll need candy corn, pretzels, Oreos, and candy eyes like these.

It’s also awesome because it’s a multi-step direction project where patience and critical thinking are also needed.

The best part about this toddler craft, though, is eating the turkey cookies after you’re done.

5. Fall Toddler Craft

fall toddler craft


This fall-oriented toddler craft is more abstract and uses a spongy brush as the tool of choice. Simply offer a fall color palette and a set of sponge brushes like these, and let them get to work!

6. Construction Paper Turkey

construction paper turkey


If you’re looking for a fun fall gift, consider this construction paper turkey. It consists of traced hands and a picture of the kid!

Have them try cutting the hands out themselves.

7. Thanksgiving Dot Marker Activity

Thanksgiving dot marker activity


Dot marker activities are another great option for a little more independent art time. Again, printing off plenty of options of Thanksgiving-themed images works well with kids.

8. Thanksgiving Number Sense

Thanksgiving number sense activity


If your kid or kids are learning their numbers, pull out a Thanksgiving-themed number sense activity!

Anything you find or create works well for your kid, and the turkey or pumpkin theme will get your kid excited about learning and the holiday ahead.

9. Recycled Placemats

recycled placemats


A creative way to get the kids fully involved in the holiday plans is by involving them in some part of decorations.

These recycled placemats can be made up of any old coloring pages they made throughout the year or anything else you’d either throw away or get rid of.

10. Pilgrim Craft

pilgrim hats


An absolute classic of a Thanksgiving craft are these Pilgrim hats. Toddlers love wearable art projects, so why not have them make one for the big day this year?

11. Feather Turkey Craft

feather turkey craft


If you’re looking for a fun textural art project, consider this feather turkey craft. It takes a classic colored turkey to the next level–these feathers have a great color selection.

This is one of the best Thanksgiving crafts for toddlers!

12. Yarn Wrapped Pumpkin Garland

yarn wrapped pumpkin garland


Practicing fine motor skills any time of year is essential for any physical toddler development, so why not make it festive and do a yarn-wrapped pumpkin garland?

Have the little ones help wrap the gourds, and then you or another advanced crafter string them into a garland.

13. Fall Suncatchers

fall suncatchers


These suncatchers are a great creative project that gets the kids thinking about construction. Opt for any fall shape of the kid’s choice and add something colorful or sparkly in the see-through part.

14. Clay Pot Turkeys

clay pot turkeys


Another home decor option to include your kids in is this fun clay pot turkey! Upcycle some old pots you aren’t using anymore, or grab some at the end of the outdoor season.

The best part is that you can make a whole family of turkeys, depending on the sizes of pots you have.

15. Pumpkin Pinch Pot

pumpkin pinch pot


One of my favorite crafts on the list today is this pumpkin pinch pot for a few reasons. The main two are a great sensory activity for children and a cute piece of decor made by your little one!

If you don’t already have a tub of air dry clay, grab one of these.

16. Turkey Treat Bags

turkey treat bags


For a classroom party or personal one that has kids in attendance, this treat or goodie bag is great to craft either before or during the party.

Have a few fun things to fill it with, too–candy, stickers, or any other small fidget or toy.

17. Pilgrim Creamer Bottle

pilgrim creamer bottle


To have a craft ready to go quickly, keep your empty creamer containers to make these fun pilgrims.

They are a great option for a last-minute craft to keep the little ones occupied while dealing with unexpected must-dos.

18. Thanksgiving Turkey Brownies

Thankgiving turkey brownies


A sweet and easy treat to have kids help decorate are these cute Thanksgiving turkey brownies. Have them add the candy corn, eyes, or frosting below the facial features.

19. Colour by Number

color by number


A low-stress, no-effort option on a caregiver’s end, have some color by number on hand.

The kids can choose what they’d like to work on with their favorite coloring utensils, and you can continue working on whatever needs to be done.

20. String Art Paper Plate Pumpkin Craft

string art paper plate pumpkin craft


To shake up a classic paper plate craft, add some string into the mix! The kids can work on their fine motor skills and create desired designs.

21. Paper Roll Turkey

paper roll turkey


An absolute game changer in the toddler craft world–toilet paper or paper towel rolls! Save them for any project, but as Thanksgiving rolls near, know that making a turkey out of them is an excellent option.

Grab this fun pack of googly eyes to make this turkey come alive.

22. Turkey Colour Page

turkey color page


A fun way to enliven your decor for a party is to have kids color a classic image of a turkey.

It’s a cute and colorful way to brighten up the kids’ area and let your little ones take pride in their contributions to the party.

Stick with just turkeys or add a cornucopia, pumpkin, or other classic Thanksgiving item.

23. Turkey Hat Craft

turkey hat craft


Wearable art is always exciting to children, so why not add a bit of cuteness to the month with these turkey hats?

The hats are easy to produce if you measure each child’s head for the proper headband width.

Have a handful of color options for the kids to personalize their feathers.

24. Turkey Handprint Craft

turkey handprint craft


Handprint toddler crafts are an excellent and easy base for virtually any holiday or simple craft.

We all know Thanksgiving isn’t complete without at least one turkey handprint, but this turkey handprint craft is a well-deserved makeover to its classic counterpart.

Make the handprints on white paper if the kids want to color in their feathers.

25. Turkey Popsicle Stick Puppet

turkey popsicle stick craft


When in doubt, a puppet show or puppets are always a safe bet for younger kids. These puppets are simple in shape and form as they are attached to popsicle sticks.

Have all the pieces ready to go if you’re working with many children or opt for a step-by-step approach with just a few kids.

26. Turkey Paper Bag Puppets

turkey paper bag crafts


The other option for a great turkey puppet is this turkey paper bag puppet. Paper bags are another one of those perfect home goods items that double as a great base for a toddler craft.

For exciting and textured feathers, grab this pack of scissors. They all have a specific patterned cut to them.

27. Pine Cone Turkey

pine cone turkey


Going outside during this month with the changing seasons and the impending holidays. On a nicer weekend or one where the kids are itching to move in, go out and pick up some pinecones.

Pine cone turkeys are great for table decorations or even name holders for a party. Everyone wins when these little cuties get made.

Check out these other fall crafts for toddlers next!

28. Watercolour Turkey

watercolor turkey


Watercolour is a perfect match for a turkey painting. The style of watercolors is perfect for a turkey’s beautiful feathers that seem to blend seamlessly.

This idea can be done in so many fashions–from tools to construction, and each turkey is bound to be as unique as the next one.

29. Matching Colours Paper Plate Turkey

paper plate turkey


Amongst all the holiday fun, it’s good to balance it with an equally as exciting academic art-based activity, and this paper plate turkey craft is a great one. Each feather on the paper plate turkey should be different so the kid or kids can match color to color.

Use ripped-up construction paper, this confetti, or any other matching color item.

This is one of the best indoor activities for toddlers on a rainy day!

30. Turkey Craft Napkin Rings

napkin rings


Adding cute kid touches to a dinner or casual holiday party makes everything more fun. Use any materials you have that are festive, or grab this pack of scrapbook paper.

Have somewhat of an assembly line set up or go step by step. Set everything up, cut it all out, glue it, attach it to the rings, and let it dry.

31. Name Turkey Craft

name turkey craft


Another wonderful academic and art project is this fun name turkey craft. Depending on the person’s name, they will have that amount of feathers with letters assigned to them.

The goal is to have them work on letter and name recognition while making a sweet little turkey. Make sure to double-check their work before gluing.

32. Gratitude Tree

gratitude craft


The holiday season is full of hustle and bustle, but taking the time to not only remind your kids but yourself of intentionally finding what makes you grateful is important.

Setting a good example by leading with gratitude is something young kids understand and pick up on.

The tree can be anything that works for you and the little ones in your life.

33. Harvest Sensory Bin

harvest sensory bin


Between all the festivities and the fast-paced part of the holiday season, ensure your toddlers get some sensory time to get any pent-up wiggles out.

Everyone can be affected by the social nature and overall pace of the season.

Make it festive with some cute fall and Thanksgiving accessories.

You’ll also want to know these other fun sensory activities for toddlers!

34. Turkey Alphabet Sensory Bin

turkey alphabet sensory bin


An option to keep some fun structure to this time is to do an alphabet turkey-themed bin. Do some letter recognition surrounded by goofy turkeys for a good and constructive sensory time.

35. Pinecone Thanksgiving Sensory Bin

pinecone sensory bin


Whether you took that nature walk just to collect nature items or if you plan on making a craft, use them for sensory purposes first.

This pinecone Thanksgiving sensory bin is perfect for a party if little ones need a break (minimal to no cleanup!) and can double as festive decor.

36. Chalk Pastel Turkey

chalk pastel turkey


A different take on the classic turkey craft is by switching up mediums with which to do the feathers. For this chalk pastel turkey, you’ll use chalk, of course!

Chalk is a great option for indoor crafts because it is so kid-friendly! Grab this pack of bright chalk to get working on your turkeys.

37. Crazy Turkey Printable

crazy turkey printable


Printing out a simplistic turkey to add to construction paper is a perfect and easy craft to make regularly. The fun of this particular turkey is that you can design the bird in any fashion possible.

Turkeys can be anything from a scribble to an incredibly detailed and patterned bird–it’s up to the artist.

38. Picasso Turkey

picasso turkey


This cute take on turkeys is always a big hit due to its colorful nature and oddball lines. Depending on how involved the kid or kids want to be, construct the bird together or let them add the lines themselves.

39. Footprint Turkey Art

footprint turkey art


Handprint turkeys are, of course, a classic craft of the season, but a creative swap is this footprint turkey!

Clear an area that is cleanable and functional to complete the art project, including a wash station for their feet.

Don’t forget the hands, either. This turkey is sure to be a standout for its body construction.

40. Tie Dye Coffee Filter Turkey

tie dye coffee filter turkey


One of my other favorite household goods that doubles as a great toddler craft item is a coffee filter.

The filters take on the color well, especially a tye-dye effect. This project is excellent for one kid or a classroom of kids because of its simple elements.

41. 3-D Turkey Printable

3D turkey printable


3D art projects greatly excite toddlers, and this turkey craft is achievable for anyone. Find printables online or construct your own take on this 3D turkey.