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20 Cheap Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Decorating a home for Halloween can be super fun but expensive! Make these Halloween decorations on a budget!

halloween outdoor decorations

Halloween is probably one of the few festivities of the year that anyone and everyone can decorate and dress up however they prefer. This makes it one of my favorite times of the year.

If you’re tired of the same old pumpkin-and-skeleton-around-the-yard Halloween décor, you’ve come to the right place. Look at these 20 fresh, quirky, and inexpensive Halloween décor ideas for your outdoor space.

1. Egg Carton Lurking Eyeballs

Egg Carton Lurking Eyeballs


Eyes without faces are always creepy, but they make fantastic Halloween décor. Use old egg cartons painted with black and white and attach them on any surface with chenille sticks like these.

If your front yard is lined with shrubs, placing a couple or so of these eyes is a great way of giving passersby a bit of a scare. Plus, watching the funny reactions of people walking past and seeing them is always a fun bonding activity with the kids.

2. Halloween-Inspired Wreath

Halloween-Inspired Wreath


When we think of wreath decor, Halloween is probably the last thing on our minds. But this DIY hack shows us that wreaths work just as well for Halloween as it does other festivities.

This is the perfect Halloween project for you and the kids to do, especially if you have old Christmas wreaths tucked around somewhere. Instead of buying a new wreath, just get yourself a mix of black and orange spray paints.

Like the one found here, spray it over your old Christmas decor.

This is a fun Halloween craft for adults.

3. DIY Cauldron Sign Post

DIY Cauldron Sign Post


Stick this cauldron signpost on the front yard and fill it with treats if you’re going to be away on the night of trick or treat. You can get the cauldron from your local dollar store, and the arrow signs can be made using cardboard.

You could also do this if you’re at home but don’t want to be disturbed for the night.  I remember one of my friends doing something similar on Halloween night when she just had a baby and didn’t want her little one to be alarmed by the constant doorbell ringing.

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4. Halloween Character Wood Planks

Character Wood Planks


If you want to inject cute Halloween characters into your front porch, this DIY project would be perfect for you! You can use old fence planks or any other type of wooden plank available to you.

To create your characters, use different types of paint, colors, fabrics, and craft felt, which is available in bulk here.

5. Pastel Halloween Decor

Pastel Door Decor


Halloween decors don’t have to be all dark and gloomy. If you have a bright-colored door, make it work to your advantage by using it as the backdrop to a bright and colorful Halloween décor.

Just like this pastel-colored example.

Add a hair-raising Halloween vibe by using creepy cob-web like cloth like this. How’s that for cute and spooky?

6. DIY Overflowing Witches’ Cauldron

Witches’ Cauldron


Remember Hansel and Gretel? I think they’re the reason why witches’ cauldrons are always scary. After all, who would want to be boiled inside one?

Find yourself two life-sized cauldrons and fill them with ornament balls to create an overflowing pot effect. Scare the neighborhood kids even more by injecting a few pieces of these scary eyeballs.

7. Halloween Welcome Door Mat

Pumpkin Welcome Door Mat


Halloween decorations are all about the details. Greet your trick or treaters even before opening the door by creating this super easy DIY door greeting mat.

You will need an inexpensive floor mat, paint, and an alphabet stencil like this. Once the festivities are over, you can keep it for use the following year.

Paint it over and use the same stencil to create another greeting fit for every season.

8. DIY Life-Sized Spiders

DIY Life-Sized Spiders


Ghosts, skeletons, and vampires don’t scare me, but boy oh boy, spiders can me scream my lungs off! If you want to get the same reaction off your neighbors, line these giant spiders on the façade of your home.

You will need black pool noodles which can be ordered here, a few Styrofoam balls, wires, and fabric. Check this video for the complete tutorial.

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9. Turn Your Front Porch into a Monster’s Mouth

Monster’s Mouth


This life-sized monster’s mouth will be a crowd favorite! Recreate these bloody fangs and bloodshot eyes through the use of cardboard and paint.

When it comes to sticking them on to the house, I recommend using heavy due hanging strips like these. This type of strips can easily be taken off without damaging your existing pain, and when on, it ensures a stronghold even for extended periods.

10. DIY Creepy Hanging Cages

Creepy Hanging Cages


Neighborhood kids will probably end up scared to knock on your door with this scary hanging cages and its contents. It’s super easy to recreate, believe it or not.

The base material is cheap laundry baskets available at your local dollar store.

The chains are made of plastic and were only made to look like the real thing by painting it with this black spray paint finish.

11. DIY Front Porch Marquee

DIY Front Porch Marquee


A bright front porch marquee should do the trick if you want a more festive and friendly alternative instead of the spooky-themed Halloween décor.

You will need a piece of a wooden slab, acrylic paint, cardboard for the marquee letters, led lights, and LED lights like these to hold them in place.

12. DIY Spooky Witch Legs

Spooky Witch Legs


If there is such a thing as a Halloween conversation piece, this amputated witch legs will make the list!

Use pool noodles to form the legs, an old pair of boots, and a mix of crepe paper for the stockings. Scour the backyard for materials you can use for the witch’s broom, and place artificial apples like these on old wooden buckets to complete the creepy yet interesting décor.

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13. DIY Trick or Treat Sign

Trick or Treat Sign


This DIY sign is a spookier alternative to the colorful marquee sign I showed you earlier. Use orange lights on a black background if the rest of your décor is more on the traditional spooky Halloween theme.

The process of making it is pretty much the same. You will need fewer materials in that it only requires a piece of plywood, led lights, and small drill bits like the ones found here.

14. DIY Freaky Sunflower Skulls

Sunflower Skulls


When you think of sunflowers, skulls are one of the last things on your mind, but this example proves that the combination makes a great freaky Halloween décor.

Recreating this unique piece will certainly get your neighbors’ attention and Halloween décor competition judges (if you plan on joining one).

If you’re not a huge fan of sunflowers, remember that this skull hack can look just as amazing with any other type of fall flowers.

15. DIY Front Yard Halloween Pallet Fence

Halloween Pallet Fence


This DIY fence made of old wooden pallet slabs is the perfect accent to your Halloween décor. Especially if you have an open type backyard.

It also works well for guarding your intricate front lawn décor against unruly vandals.

16. DIY PVC Pipe Giant Monster

PVC Pipe Giant Monster


Create a focal point for your outdoor Halloween décor with this giant monster made of a combination of PVC pipes and connectors.

If going for an all-black monster like the one on the photo, remember to also get yourself a black duct tape like this. If you want full instructions, including exact measurements, this blog post has it all covered for you.

17. DIY Light Up Witch Hats

Light Up Witch Hats


Witch hats are a staple when it comes to Halloween décor and costumes.

A great way of using them outdoors is by hanging them from the ceiling of your front porch. Take this idea up a I notch by adding led lights to them, allowing these scary hats light up at night.

Just make sure you use lightweight led lamps like these to avoid falling off and taking the witch hats along with them.

This could be a fun Halloween craft to make with kids.

18. Gourd Ghosts

Gourd Ghosts


If you are after an eco-friendly alternative to your outdoor Halloween décor, these ghosts made of dried gourd may be the perfect choice for you. It’s super easy and should be a fun weekend project for you and the kids.

Bring out your craft paints and brushes and use these to bring the gourd ghosts to life (not literally, I hope!). Complete the look by draping the gourds with cheesecloth, which can be ordered here.

19. Raven-Filled Front Porch

Raven Front Porch


If you want to avoid buying an entirely new set of Halloween décor, that’s absolutely reasonable. This example shows us that adding a few accents can totally transform existing décor into an entirely different feel.

What better accent to use than ravens, right?

20. Mummified Front Door

Mummified Front Door


I find this Halloween décor cute instead of scary, so if you are wanting to have a cutesy-type of outdoor décor for this year’s Halloween, this may be the best way to go.

It’s probably one that the kids would like to do, with the assistance of yourself or a stool for the door’s top end.

Mummifying the door is as easy as wrapping white crepe paper around it. Make the mummy alive by adding in humongous googly eyes like the ones found here.

I never thought I would be saying this when talking about Halloween décor, but isn’t this mummy just absolutely adorable?


What are your thoughts on my list of 20 outdoor Halloween décor? Is there one that you are considering doing? Let me know by dropping your thoughts below.