21 Life-Changing IKEA Hacks

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Welcome to IKEA, easy-to-assemble Swedish furniture that offers amazing opportunities to jazz them up as you desire. These life-changing IKEA hacks are sure to wow you.

Think – bookcases, dressers, bedside tables, work desks, kitchen islands, cabinets, wardrobes, and kid’s loft beds.

With some simple DIY skills, paint, fabric, glue, and imagination, you will transform them into customized pieces that perfectly suit your style and your needs.

Here are 21 life-changing IKEA hacks for your home. Let’s get started!

IKEA hacks for home

1. Bed Slat into Wall Hanger

Bed Slat into Wall Hanger

Source: ichdesigner.com

For my first hack, innovation is the name of the game! This fabulous hack uses the Luröy slatted bed base as a wall hanger.

Instead of hiding the lovely pine wood slatted frame under a mattress, you can transform it into a stylish wall hanger.

Add heavy-duty S-hooks like these and use the wall hanger in the bathroom to hold woven baskets filled with towels like these.

In your cottage-themed kitchen, you can display brass pots and pans, or, use it for draping magazines in your home office.

2. Kitchen Island

kitchen island

Source: kreatinghomes.com

This hack is inspired by an IKEA kitchen island. Involve the family and test your DIY skills!

You need – an old tabletop, some metal legs, and dollar-store bookcases. Tip the bookcases on their sides and place them back-to-back. Attach the legs at the bottom and the tabletop on the top.

Voila! You have a stylish kitchen island with a large top surface and loads of storage space.

These IKEA Vadlhoma hacks might also interest you for a kitchen island!

3. IKEA Pax Washer and Dryer Unit

IKEA Pax Washer and Dryer Unit

Source: @klk.interiors

IKEA fans are familiar with the famous PAX Wardrobes, but have you considered using them for your washer and dryer units?

With some nifty DIY, you can raise your appliances off the floor and provide stylish housing for both units. Simply cut open the back for access to plumbing and electrics.

Now that you have space underneath, buy these lovely woven laundry baskets to store washing out of sight.

4. IKEA Billy Cabinet

IKEA Billy cabinet

Source: @reno.onthebay

This life-changing IKEA hack uses the versatile BILLY / OXBERG bookcase series to create a cabinet worthy of a glossy magazine cover. 

The innovative DIY’ers mixed and matched pieces to fit perfectly against the wall from floor to ceiling. Design your own and finish it with a decorative paint technique for a personal touch.

5. IKEA Pax storage

IKEA Pax storage

Source: @details.by.shelby

Yes, you can buy IKEA PAX wardrobes and stand them side by side, but that is so bor-ring! This life-changing IKEA hack shows your décor skills and turns a wall into a statement.

Build a bench in between the IKEA cabinets and add drawers underneath. Then, place a shelf on top for additional storage or for displaying your family treasures.

Choose rustic wicker baskets like these and cozy cushions to create a country-style reading nook.

6. IKEA Pax Built-In Wardrobes

IKEA Pax Built-In Wardrobes

Source: @lauraccrombie

This life-changing IKEA hack transforms two IKEA Pax units into a stylish built-in wardrobe.

I love how they seamlessly blend into the wall without leaving gaps on the sides and top for dust to collect.

Apart from your Pax units, you will need IKEA Forbattra kitchen end panels, IKEA Bergsbo doors, and some luxurious gold door handles like these.

7. IKEA Tarva Nursery Room Dresser

 IKEA Tarva Nursery Room Dresser

Source: @kourtnileigh

If you love the IKEA Tarva room dresser but prefer a more personal style, get crafty with caning!

I love how the DIY’er has transformed the look into a cozy cottage style with Varathane Weathered Oak stain and sheets of cane webbing.

This look is perfect for a baby nursery if you are not a fan of baby blue and baby pink! These other IKEA Tarva hacks are sure inspire you as well!

8. IKEA Besta Living Room Built-In Cupboards

 IKEA Besta Living Room Built-In Cupboards

Source: @southernoutlook

For my next I-need-this-hack, clever lighting turns standard IKEA Besta cupboards into a luxurious high-end wall unit.

Use the full length of your room for a wall-to-wall built-in look, and install downlighting in the alcoves.

Note how the TV takes center stage but does not dominate the look. Very subtle – very stylish! Check out these other IKEA tv stand hacks!

9. IKEA Kallax Storage Unit

IKEA Kallax storage unit

Source: @shiftabrick

This IKEA Kallax hack transforms the simple shelving into a stylish and functional décor piece.

The choice of natural textures from the baskets and the cool Scandinavian colors are an ultra-chic combination.

Pair the storage unit with copper pots, floor-standing pot plants, and this glam decorative wall mirror to turn your dull corner into a focal point.

10. IKEA Billy Bookcase Display Unit

IKEA Billy Bookcase Display Unit

Source: @styleandsugar

IKEA Billy bookcases don’t always have to hold books!

If you have a collection of beautiful vases, jars, artwork, or decorative plates from your world travels, this IKEA hack turns everyday bookshelves into a chic display unit.

The look is clean and minimalist, and the slatted wall on the side adds the perfect finishing touch.

11. IKEA Malm Dresser nursery room storage

IKEA Malm Dresser nursery room storage

Source: @dashlifestyles

While the classic IKEA Malm Dresser does the job of storing baby’s necessities, this cool IKEA hack certainly makes it so much more appealing!

These fun drawer fronts are easy to make using plywood, mesh, or cane webbing, and some interesting off-cut shapes that became handles! See how easy it is to get creative at home!

12. Shoe Storage

shoe storage

Source: @home_by_ellie

If you are like me, and prefer your shoes to be hidden away and not displayed behind your door in a plastic shoe holder, this fun IKEA hack is the answer.

Choose cabinets to fit the size of your corner and paint them a color of your choice. Remove the standard IKEA knob handles and replace them with stylish bar handles like this, and you have classy shoe storage.

13. Upcycled Malm Drawers

upcycled malm drawers

Source: @linsdrabwell

Next up is this incredible hack that upcycled a basic, tired, dull brown IKEA Malm drawer from zero to hero!

This clever creator used tape to mask the graphic design she wanted. She then applied a primer followed by two coats of trendy green and ivory paint to the relevant sections.

By extending the pattern to the top of the unit, she has been awarded top marks for her design skills!

14. IKEA Ivar Kids Desk

IKEA Ivar Kids Desk

Source: @lauraundkids

If you are struggling to design a kid’s room that allows for work and play – here is the life-changing IKEA hack you need!

Starting with two basic IKEA Ivar chest of drawers, the homeowners have created a multi-purpose desk.

Note how the wider side accommodates a dollhouse and can be used for a computer gaming unit when the kids get older.

The middle section is made using wooden panels that give a spacious work area. The units have drawers, perfect for storing books, games, toys, and even clothes. Loving the natural wood look!

15. IKEA Malm Bedside Dresser

IKEA Malm Bedside Dresser

Source: @mrs.b.organized

Having a stylish bedside dresser adds to sweet dreams – I find! This fabulous IKEA hack transformed two basic Malm dressers into a stylish set for a luxurious boudoir.

Overlays on the drawers added texture and depth, and classy brushed gold bar handles completed the sophisticated look.

Bedside lamps add a romantic touch to a bedroom – I love the natural ambiance of these round minimalist linen bedside lamps.

16. IKEA Malm Office Desk

IKEA Malm Office Desk

Source: @the_byford_home

With so many people now working from home, a decent work desk is a must. But let’s take it a step further without spending a fortune!

Transform two standard IKEA Malm drawers with a tabletop, a few coats of paint, and new drawer handles to create a stylish, wall-to-wall office desk unit.

Enjoy the ample workspace and the generous storage space!

17. Chic IKEA Malm Dresser

Chic IKEA Malm Dresser

Source: @amand12j

This is an easier hack, because the IKEA Malm dresser chosen by the designer already comes in a stylish wood tone, so no painting is needed.

By choosing classy gold drawer pulls, the creator cleverly uplifted the look to a sophisticated matching set of bedroom dressers.

Beautiful arched mirrors like these add the perfect finishing touch.

18. Statement IKEA Mirror

 Statement IKEA Mirror

Source: @projectprincecharles

No need to feel envious when you think of a William Wood Brooklyn Mirror!

By using IKEA mirrors and this life-changing IKEA hack, you can create your own sensational statement IKEA mirror at a fraction of the cost.

Simply join them together using a wooden or metal frame, painted in a color of your choice.

The result is a stunning mirror wall, perfect for an upmarket office, an entranceway, kitchen, or living room.

19. Billy Bookcase Built In Dresser

 Billy Bookcase Built In Dresser

Source: @homeonharbor

This project may take time, but it will make you feel awesome when you are done! Why not involve the whole family in a DIY bonding experience?

Starting with old IKEA shelving, the creators fitted IKEA Billy bookcases, drawers and doors, applied a few coats of paint, and added stylish handles.

The result – a stunning wall unit dresser that offers space for a mirror, jewelry, linen, clothes, shoe storage, and display alcoves for your designer bags.

20. IKEA Micke Desk

IKEA Micke Desk

Source: @liberty.interiors

A dream desk for a little girl and what a view! You may not have the view but you can certainly have this desk with my next IKEA hack.

The creator used a standard Micke desk and a separate Micke drawer unit and jazzed them up with made-to-measure gold handles.

How cool is the pinboard on the wall? I found a similar round pinboard on Amazon that looks just as stylish.

21. IKEA Kura Bed

IKEA Kura Bed

Source: @makingmycasita

My last life-changing IKEA hack uses the IKEA Kura Bed, an innovative design that offers a reversible bed.

Confused? Let me explain – the Kura bed can be a low-floor bed, and when your toddler gets older, you can turn it upside down to create a cool loft bed like this one.

Under the bed, you create a play area, a reading area, or place a low desk for gaming or homework. The kids will love it!

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