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30 Best Happy Birthday Doodle Ideas

Birthdays are fun, and you can’t convince me otherwise! Most people actively celebrate their birthday, so why not do something extra nice for them that day with happy birthday doodle ideas?

Whether it’s a sweet treat, a special drink, or a plain old birthday card (or plain old doodle). Something feels a bit more magical when it’s something heartfelt.

For paper, this notebook worked well, these pencils, these pens, these black markers, these colorful markers, this art eraser, this straight edge, and finally, these paint pens.

happy birthday doodles

1. Nature-Inspired Happy Birthday

nature inspired happy birthday doodle

This birthday doodle works great with nature and natural lovers–the four corners remind me of water, fire, earth, and air.

A great way to work this doodle into a smart little canvas is to map everything in pencil, square off the entire space, and erase the rest. 

2. Mixed Candles Happy Birthday

mixed candles happy birthday doodle

What’s a birthday without some strategically placed candles somewhere? Of course, it’s still a birthday, but there’s a great nostalgia with fun little printed candles.

This is one of the best easy drawing ideas to make a birthday card extra special!

3. Celebration Party

celebration party happy birthday doodle

Reminiscent of the ‘You’ve Got Mail’ timeframe, this vintage-looking doodle is perfect for that friend who still yearns for the day of excellent Rom-Coms, French Fries, and that dial-up internet sound.

In all seriousness, though, it is a perfect minimalist card for a little extra pizzazz on their day.

4. Nothing Sweeter Than A Birthday

cake happy birthday doodle

Cake, or something sweet, to the birthday person is a must, even if it’s an image on a page.

However, they are choosing to celebrate, be sweet friends, and serve up this piece of confectionary perfection.

5. Snail Mail Warmest Wishes

snail mail happy birthday doodle

Birthday cards sent by mail also have that wonderful nostalgic feeling–a little warm wish via a not-so-regular form of communication.

Regardless, getting an actual birthday card just feels fun, so if you have a meta friend or someone who would love the simplicity of this doodle–have this one ready for them.

6. Florals For The Birthday Person

floral happy birthday doodle

I’m not sure I know a person who dislikes flowers. So, why not add them to someone’s birthday wishes from you?

Like the first natural doodle, map out the image in pencil, then frame in the space as you see fit and erase anything extra.

7. The Cutest Birthday

cupcake happy birthday doodle

For your sweetest friends or family members, this cupcake doodle could be the perfect one for them! A perfectly iced cupcake is one of the cutest birthday images in existence.

Make one big cupcake or a small formation of a few, with any design and color choices appropriate for the birthday person.

8. Raining Birthday Wishes Upon You

rain cloud happy birthday doodle

This adorable little cloud-raining love would be an excellent match for the birthday people who always seem to have their heads in the clouds.

Add or swap anything as usual–I could see a cute sun or moon (if they’re a night person) peeking out.

9. A Big And Excellent Birthday Coming Your Way

elephant happy birthday doodle

Perfect for elephant lovers, the bright and bubbly celebrators, or pretty much any child. It is easy, simple, and whimsical to doodle this lovely little elephant, and his hearts are ready to party.

Depending on the recipient, feel free to change it up as always!

10. Hip Hip Hooray For The Birthday Girl

birthday girl doodle

If the person you are celebrating happens to be a girl, this is a great option!

Add anything you know they like (shapes, colors, birthday treats, etc.). Or, easily swap the gender to a boy for a male recipient.

11. Birthday Wishes Are Blooming

blooming happy birthday doodle

These blooms are gorgeous in any fashion—minimal with no color, a pop of color,  just a few, or a whole gathering like this.

I’d recommend drawing the flowers first and then adding the Happy Birthday post—that way, the spacing of everything looks how you want it.

12. A Heartfelt Happy Birthday

heartfelt happy birthday doodle

This one is perfect for the big softies at heart or tattoo lovers (Mom Heart Tattoo, specifically)–many of them may fall into both categories.

Anyways, simple, straightforward birthday love for the birthday person!

13. Patterned Party Balloons

patterned balloon happy birthday doodle

These simple balloons may be my favorite doodle on the list today!

I think it’s a smart and current spin on a classic birthday image–the different textures make these balloons fashionable in an understated way.

14. Classic Happy Birthday Banner, Floral

birthday banner happy birthday doodle

There’s nothing more classic than a simple and vibrant birthday banner. This doodle is easy enough to whip up in just a few minutes.

The fun part is choosing how to decorate–I chose florals because they always look great.

15. You’ve Got Roses Birthday Mail

flower happy birthday doodle

What’s better than getting unexpected fun mail–flowers, of course! The combination is just one of the most adorable doodle ideas on the list today, in my opinion.

Also, add as many flowers as you’d like. I added just a few to get the idea across, but a big bunch, I think, may look even better.

You also need to see these other rose drawing ideas!

16. Pretty Presents All Tied Up In Bows

gift happy birthday doodle

Even though not all of us get this kind of gift on our birthdays every year, it doesn’t mean it’s not a cute doodle to share with a special person.

A singular present to a whole stack looks charming, especially in different shapes, sizes, and patterned prints and bows.

17. Celebrate With Some Bubbles

champagne happy birthday doodle

This doodle is great for a twenty-one-plus recipient, although you could always reshape the bottle to represent a favorite non-alcoholic drink.

You might also like these other cute aesthetic drawing ideas!

18. A Birthday Boquet

birthday bouquet happy birthday doodle

Birthday flowers are always welcome in this house–real or on a card. Keep them wrapped in paper, a vase, or a simple ribbon or bow works wonderfully.

Bonus points: try your hand at the birthday person’s favorite blooms for an extra sweet and thoughtful doodle.

19. Make A Wish

make a wish cake happy birthday doodle

As I mentioned above, most birthdays aren’t complete with some form of a sweet treat! For the classic cake lovers, present them with this delicious desert-themed image.

Of course, add the right amount of candles, if you want, and decorate the cake in favor of the birthday person.

20. Heart Strings And Birthday Deliveries

bird delivery happy birthday doodle

Birthdays are all about showing love, so why not have a special delivery of your affection for your loved one through this cute bird?

Add a few extra smaller birds with or without balloons to give your doodle a little extra height of appreciation for your celebration.

21. Cheers To Another Birthday

cheers happy birthday doodle

Another great option for someone turning the big two-one, especially if they opt for a classic and more refined evening.

You can translate the doodle into their preferred beverage of choice, whether beer or juice boxes–anything is doable with this doodle idea.

22. Sweetest Smelling Birthday

floral happy birthday doodle

For those loved ones with beautiful plants and flowers year round and make it all feel effortless, this sweetest-smelling birthday wreath is a great option.

Again, if you know a preferred or even favorite floral or plant, feel free to swap those in for these bright pink blooms.

23. Nothing Sweeter Than A Birthday (Or A Cupcake)

birthday cupcakes doodle

By now, you all know I’m a big advocate for sweets on someone’s birthday–whatever that may be!

For almost everyone in my direct family, it means cakes (or cupcakes), so these cupcakes are no surprise on the list today.

24. A Lovely And Sweet Birthday

heart and flower happy birthday doodle

For anyone extra special, whether a romantic interest or a close parent, this heart with a flower gives a little extra nod to what that person means to you.

A great way to cater this image to the intended recipient is by swapping out the flower and color of the sash and bow.

25. Cherry, Cherry, Cherish You On Your Special Day

cherry on cake happy birthday doodle

Do I need to say anything at this point? Of course, any type of cake from any angle will appear on this list.

A great way to individualize cakes is by how you decorate them. Fruit is a natural and easy addition as a topper, but the real fun is in the cut layers–anything is fair game inside.

26. Textural Design Birthday

textural happy birthday doodle

Like the textured balloons above, this hanging of different textures is a fun way to fill the festive yet neutral space, making it a great option for a newer friend or co-worker.

Play around with the specific strings and let the time you have to work on the doodle dictate your design.

If you are a drawing beginner, these genius drawing hacks will help you get started!

27. Celebration Waiting To Start

party hats happy birthday doodle

These hats have to be another favorite of mine today because of the different textures playing together so well.

Add as many hats as you’d like, and then have fun with what lines, patterns, or images will be on the party hats.

28. Floating Away With Birthday Dreams

happy birthday balloon doodle

This doodle may be another top idea for me–the text within the balloon has a certain whimsy and fun element to it.

A fun addition to this idea could be multiple balloons, each with an individual word lined up to read the message.

29. Best Ever Birthday Bunting

bunting happy birthday doodle

Birthday bunting reminds me of my childhood walking out into the main room in the morning with a classic-looking celebratory bunting on display.

The drive to popularize these simple yet festive decor pieces truly brings birthday cheer.

As you can see, I have two types of displays above–do a great mix and match like mine or try one or the other.

If you’re looking for extra ideas to add to this doodle, I suggest a cake, the birthday person themselves, or a nice stack of presents–whatever works for you!

30. A Box Full of Birthday Love

a box of love happy birthday doodle

Last but not least, and simple yet heartfelt, a box full of birthday love is all that we really need from a dear one.

A true representation of what all these doodles mean for someone receiving these birthday drawings!

You can, as always, opt for different colors and even shapes, but this image just elicits that love for another well.

This is one of the most cute drawing ideas for an extra special birthday!

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