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31 Farmhouse Christmas Decor Ideas

The holiday season is upon us, and there’s no better way to celebrate than by giving your home a warm and rustic farmhouse makeover with these farmhouse Christmas decor ideas.

Whether you live on a farm or in the heart of the city, you can capture the charm of the countryside with these 31 farmhouse-inspired Christmas decor ideas.

So, grab a cup of hot cocoa, put on your favorite Christmas tunes, and let’s explore how you can turn your home into a festive farmhouse haven!

farmhouse Christmas decor ideas

1. Natural Christmas Ornaments

natural christmas ornaments


Embrace the beauty of nature this holiday season with DIY natural Christmas ornaments. These ornaments capture the essence of a cozy winter woodland.

Crafted from wood and twine, these ornaments bring the enchantment of the outdoors to your Christmas tree. Perfect for adding a touch of rustic charm to your farmhouse-inspired décor.

This is one of the best Christmas tree decorating ideas with a farmhouse flair! For this specific ornament you’ll need to get these plastic disc ornaments!

2. Christmas Wood Burlap Sign

christmas wood burlap sign


Make your farmhouse Christmas decor truly one-of-a-kind with a DIY wood and burlap Christmas sign.

This creative project allows you to customize your sign with your favorite festive message or holiday quote.

Hang it on your wall or place it on your mantel to infuse your home with holiday cheer. For this fantastic craft you’ll need this miter saw. This will definitely require some real woodworking abilities!

3. Make-Your-Own Wooden Christmas Ornament

wooden christmas ornament


Add a heartwarming touch to your farmhouse Christmas tree with a DIY wooden “Love & Joy” ornament.

Crafted with care, this Christmas tree idea radiates rustic charm and a message of love during the holiday season. Hang it proudly alongside your other cherished decorations.

You must see these other wooden Christmas crafts to decorate with!

4. Christmas Tree Box Stand

christmas tree box stand


Next up, elevate your holiday tree’s style with a Christmas tree box stand. This ingenious alternative to traditional tree skirts not only conceals unsightly tree stands.

But that’s not all! It also imparts a cozy, rustic ambiance to your space. It’s the perfect addition to your farmhouse-inspired Christmas decor.

5. Rustic Christmas Card Holder

rustic christmas card holder


Keep your holiday greetings in one place while adding rustic flair to your farmhouse decor with a DIY shiplap Christmas card holder.

Crafted with rustic shiplap wood, it offers a unique and practical way to showcase your treasured cards, spreading the warmth of the season throughout your home.

6. Farmhouse Reindeer Names Sign

farmhouse reindeer name sign


Create a personalized touch for your holiday decor with a charming DIY farmhouse reindeer name sign.

This is a wonderful family-friendly craft to sit down and do with the kids this December.

Infused with whimsy and rustic charm, this delightful sign will add a touch of festive magic to any room in your home.

7. Brown Paper Bag Snowflakes

brown paper bag snowflake


Unleash your creativity by making DIY brown paper bag snowflakes. These rustic and charming ornaments are simple to create but will leave a lasting impression on your Christmas decor.

Hang them on your tree or use them as unique gift toppers for a touch of handmade charm. Plus, they’re sustainable and recyclable! What’s not to love?

8. Wood Bead Garland

wood bead garland


Elevate the elegance of your holiday decor with a DIY wood bead garland.

Versatile and stylish, this accessory can be draped on your Christmas tree or mantel or used as a centerpiece on your holiday table.

It effortlessly blends rustic charm with a touch of farmhouse sophistication.

9. Rustic Holiday Centerpiece

rustic holiday centerpieces


Transform your holiday table into a festive masterpiece with a DIY rustic holiday centerpiece.

Crafted using simple materials, this Christmas centerpiece captures the essence of farmhouse decor and will be the focal point of your gatherings throughout the season.

10. Christmas Burlap Wreath

christmas burlap wreath


Welcome guests with the charm of a handmade burlap wreath adorning your front door.

Crafted with rustic burlap, this DIY wreath adds a cozy, farmhouse-inspired touch to your entryway, setting the tone for a warm and inviting holiday season.

11. Natural Glittered Tree Skirt

natural glittered tree skirt


Elevate your farmhouse Christmas decor with a delightful DIY natural glittered tree skirt. This project combines the rustic charm of farmhouse decor with a touch of holiday sparkle.

Learn how to create a tree skirt that will make your Christmas tree truly stand out. Not only can you keep this for next year, but it’s also a wonderful gift for your family members.

12. Farmhouse Christmas Wreath

farmhouse christmas wreath


Welcome your guests with warmth and festive cheer by crafting a farmhouse Christmas wreath.

This DIY project is simple yet elegant, offering a charming addition to your holiday decorations. Discover how to make a wreath that perfectly complements your farmhouse style.

13. Fabric Christmas Countdown Chain

fabric christmas countdown chain


Make counting down to Christmas a family affair with a charming fabric countdown chain. This is a super cute farmhouse-style advent calendar that suits a modern décor style.

This creative project not only helps mark the days until the big day but also infuses your farmhouse home with a cozy holiday spirit.

Dive into the crafting process and add a personal touch to your Christmas preparations.

14. Upcycled Christmas Home Sign

christmas home sign


Give new life to an old sign and bring a festive atmosphere to your farmhouse with an upcycled home sign.

This project, featuring the XTool M1, is a testament to the power of creativity and recycling. Discover how you can turn a thrift store find into a heartwarming addition to your holiday decor.

15. DIY Christmas Banner

DIY christmas banner


Spread joy throughout your farmhouse with a DIY Christmas banner that’s not only easy to make but also fully customizable to match your decor style.

Explore the crafting process and see how this lovely banner can brighten up your home during the holiday season.

16. Christmas Deer Decor

christmas deer decor


Transform thrift store treasures into unique Christmas deer decor for your farmhouse. This imaginative project adds rustic charm and a touch of whimsy to your holiday setup.

Learn how to breathe new life into old finds and make your home feel extra special this Christmas.

17. Vintage Christmas Chair

vintage christmas chair


This is such a clever way to upcycle something old and give it new life! Turn a vintage chair into a stunning piece of Christmas decor that exudes farmhouse elegance.

Discover how this creative project can enhance the ambiance of your holiday celebrations, adding a touch of nostalgia and charm to your home.

18. Adorable DIY North Pole Sign

North pole sign


Bring the enchantment of the North Pole into your farmhouse with this adorable DIY North Pole sign. It’s a delightful and whimsical addition to your holiday decorations.

Whether you stick this by your front door or point it right at your chimney (Santa has to find his way in, right?), this will be a hit!

Explore the crafting process and make your home feel like a winter wonderland.

19. Candy Cane Wreath

candy cane wreath


Make a sweet and festive statement with a candy cane wreath that captures the essence of Christmas.

Crafted with care, this eye-catching wreath is the perfect way to showcase your holiday spirit on your front door, inviting guests with a touch of seasonal cheer.

20. Christmas Tree Bunting Garland

christmas tree bunting garland


Enhance the charm of your Christmas tree with a bunting garland that adds a cozy touch to your farmhouse decor.

This DIY project brings a rustic and festive atmosphere to your holiday celebrations. Dive into the crafting process and make your tree truly special.

Stay on budget this season with these other farmhouse Christmas ideas.

21. Farmhouse Christmas Stained Door Sign

farmhouse christmas stained door sign


Personalize your holiday decorations with a farmhouse Christmas stained door wood sign made with the help of Cricut.

This unique and heartwarming addition to your home welcomes guests with warmth and a touch of rustic elegance. Explore how you can create a custom sign to suit your style.

22. Easy DIY Pine Cone Wreath

pine cone wreath


Create an easy DIY pine cone wreath that brings the beauty of the outdoors inside. This simple yet elegant project is a lovely addition to your farmhouse Christmas decor.

Learn how to craft a wreath that captures the essence of the season.

23. Christmas Gnome from Sweater

christmas gnomes


Get crafty and turn an old sweater into a charming Christmas gnome. This whimsical decor piece adds a touch of Scandinavian charm to your holiday setup.

Explore the crafting process and add a dash of creativity to your farmhouse decor.

These little fellas easily fit in any room of the house, from surfaces to errant corners that need some festive charm.

24. Santa’s Magic Key DIY

santas magic key


Make Santa’s visit extra special for your little ones with this DIY Santa’s magic key.

This thoughtful and magical addition to your farmhouse Christmas decor adds an element of wonder to your holiday celebrations.

Discover how you can create a tradition with this charming project.

25. Farmhouse Christmas Banner

farmhouse christmas banner


Craft a farmhouse Christmas banner that infuses your home with warmth and welcomes the holiday season with open arms.

This DIY project is a lovely way to adorn your farmhouse and spread festive cheer. Explore how you can customize the banner to suit your style and preferences.

26. Christmas Wall Art

christmas wall art


Decorate your walls with free Christmas wall art printables for instant festive flair.

This convenient and budget-friendly option allows you to easily add holiday spirit to your farmhouse decor. Explore a variety of printable designs and find the perfect fit for your home.

27. Farmhouse Christmas Hanging Scroll Frame

farmhouse christmas hanging scroll


Display your holiday sentiments in style with a farmhouse Christmas hanging scroll frame.

This chic and customizable addition to your decor offers an elegant way to showcase your festive messages.

Dive into the crafting process and create a unique piece that elevates your farmhouse ambiance.

28. Crochet Christmas Tree Coasters

crochet christmas coasters


Add a touch of handmade charm to your holiday table with crochet Christmas tree coasters. These delightful coasters are a wonderful addition to your farmhouse Christmas decor.

Learn how to create these charming pieces that blend craftsmanship with festive flair.

29. Mason Jar Christmas Vase

mason jar christmas vase


Create a Mason jar Christmas vase to showcase your seasonal blooms in a rustic and festive manner.

This simple DIY project brings the holiday spirit into your home with elegance and ease. Explore how you can make your floral arrangements truly special.

30. DIY Ribbon Wreath

DIY ribbon wreath


Next up, discover how to craft a wreath that perfectly complements your decor style. This DIY is super easy to customize, so it can always evolve along with your sense of style.

Make a festive statement with a DIY ribbon wreath that combines elegance and simplicity.

This beautiful addition to your farmhouse Christmas decorations adds a touch of charm to your holiday setup.

31. Make-Your-Own Christmas Beads

DIY Christmas beads


Elevate your holiday decor with handmade Christmas beads that add a touch of elegance to your farmhouse ambiance.

What’s better than each member of your family getting in on creating these beads together?

A cozy Christmas movie, a batch of hot cocoa, and a plate of cookies later, you’ll have cherished memories forever.

Remember, Christmas is all about creating warm and memorable moments with loved ones.

So, don’t stress about perfection – embrace the imperfect, cherish the handmade, and celebrate the simple joys of the season.

From reclaimed wood accents to mason jar centerpieces, these farmhouse-inspired ideas can help you infuse your home with the spirit of Christmas.

Whether you’re a seasoned farmhouse decor enthusiast or just dipping your toes into this cozy style, there’s something here for everyone.

Grab your twine, hang those wreaths, and enjoy the rustic elegance of a Farmhouse Christmas.

Happy decorating, and may your holiday season be filled with love, laughter, and the comfort of home.