25 Festive Christmas Centerpiece Ideas

christmas centerpiece

Christmas is inarguably one of the most fun times of the year for a DIY enthusiast! When it comes to decorating your home for the holidays, you definitely can’t forget about your dining room table.

A beautiful centerpiece has a very special way of making those precious moments with your loved ones feel even more memorable.

Looking for creative centerpiece ideas to upgrade your entire holiday décor setup? Here are 25 fun ideas to make a beautiful centerpiece this Christmas!

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1. DIY Snow Village

DIY snow village

Credit: thechroniclesofhome.com

Want to show everyone how creative you can get? Save yourself a few bucks this holiday season by building your own gorgeous snow village display for your centerpiece.

For this centerpiece idea, all you need to do is grab a couple of mini house figurines to create an arrangement on your dining table.

Space them out evenly, then fill in the gaps with pinecones, ornaments, and any other festive decorations you can think of!

For this oh-so-cute snow village display, I suggest incorporating mini pine trees just like the ones you can find here.

2. Snowball Donut Bouquet

festive flower display

Credit: thefrugalfoodiemama.com

Everyone loves to snack. Your guests will definitely appreciate the thought you put into this delicious centerpiece!

Show everyone who’s the best host on the block by cooking up your own snowball donut bouquet. If donuts aren’t your thing, you can substitute it for an assortment of other sweet treats.

This is totally a beautiful DIY Christmas decoration.

3. Rustic Pinecone Display

pine cone dining set

Credit: lizmarieblog.com

Want to go all out with your centerpiece… without the trouble of actually going all out? I love using this simple but elaborate centerpiece idea whenever I host a larger group of people.

The best part is that it really doesn’t take that much time to set up and the results are stunning! This rustic pinecone display looks best on a larger table but you can definitely draw inspiration from this idea to create a smaller arrangement.

For this Christmas craft, you’ll need a bunch of white candles. You can get a set here.

4. Fairy Light Wreath Display

fairy light wreath

Credit: instagram.com

Light up the room with a unique fairly light wreath display. I love incorporating fairy lights into my centerpieces because… why not?

Fairy lights can instantly bring a magical quality into any home décor situation. To assemble your homemade wreath display, I recommend grabbing battery-operated fairy lights like these ones here.

Here are DIY Christmas Wreath Ideas.

5. Colorful Ornament Arrangement

colorful ornament arrangement

Credit: instagram.com

This is hands down one of the easiest centerpieces to assemble! Actually, no assembly is required.

For this simple DIY project, all you really need to do is scatter a bunch of assorted ornaments into a trail on your table.

To add more dimension, you can’t go wrong by using a variety of ornaments ranging in color, size, texture, and shape. But let’s take things up a notch by adding in a couple of decorative votive candle holders.

I absolutely love the enchanting quality of speckled gold candle holders. You can get them here!

6. Mason Jar Candle Holder Display

mason jar candle display

Credit: instagram.com

We all love a fun DIY project that doubles as a money-saving hack. Show everyone how resourceful you really are by building a centerpiece out of empty glass jars.

Not to mention, incorporating candlelight into your Christmas decorations is one of the best ways to add a dreamy quality to your holiday setup. For this centerpiece idea, I recommend grabbing realistic flameless tea lights here.

In case you don’t have any mason jars, get a pack of them here. Here are more DIY mason jar ideas for decorating home!

7. Flower Box Arrangement with Candles

flower box candle arrangement

Credit: instagram.com

Looking for a way to add some luxe vibes into your holiday setup? You can easily build your own flower box arrangement to display a set of candles.

For this gorgeous centerpiece idea, I’d definitely go with square-shaped candle holders like the type you can find here.  

8. DIY Floral Arrangement

DIY floral arrangement

Credit: instagram.com

Here’s the real question. Why spend a ton of money on an expensive floral arrangement, when you can just DIY it?

What I love most about a homemade floral arrangement is that you’re in total control over which elements you choose to incorporate! An added bonus is that you can definitely pull this centerpiece out at any point of the year (if you use artificial flowers).

There are a variety of artificial flowers you can get here. Also, you could get quite a few of them at the Dollar Store.

In fact, there are more Christmas Dollar Tree decorations to look at here.

9. Candle Display with Pinecones and Holly

holly candle display

Credit: instagram.com

Looking for a super simple centerpiece idea? This is definitely one of the easiest centerpieces you can put together for the Christmas season.

All you really need to do is grab a couple of candles to create a trail on your dining table. Space them out evenly, then fill up the empty space with pinecones and holly.

Voila – you’ve got a rustic centerpiece! This is a craft you can make with your kids!

10. Wooden Candle Box

wooden candle centrepiece

Credit: instagram.com

There’s something special about incorporating candlelight into our home décor. Without having to do much, it instantly brings a magical quality to the atmosphere.

But how do you add some oomph into your candlelight centerpiece? You can easily construct a more lavish candlelight display by using a long, rectangular wooden box to house them!

Add your candle holders into the box, then fill it up with a variety of holiday greens, berry decorations, and pinecones.

If you need a long wooden box, you can get one here.

11. Mini Christmas Tree

mini christmas tree

Credit: southernhospitalityblog.com

I don’t know about you, but decorating ONE Christmas tree just isn’t enough for me. If you want to keep things simple with your centerpiece this year, a mini Christmas tree is your best bet.

I love using this centerpiece idea because you get to decorate another tree with an entirely different theme.

12. Evergreen Centrepiece

evergreen centrepiece

Credit: celebrateanddecorate.com

Want to liven things up a bit around the dining room table? Nothing looks more refreshing than a homemade display of your favorite holiday greens.

For this specific centerpiece idea, use a combination of White Pine, Cedar, and Boxwood.

13. Festive Burlap Plant Arrangement

festive burlap arrangement

Credit: hellolittlehome.com

Here’s an incredibly simple but unique centerpiece idea to bring some rustic vibes into your holiday setup. You can easily build your own farmhouse-style centerpiece with a casual arrangement of potted plants and candles.

Give your potted plants a festive makeover by decorating the holder with burlap and ribbon! You can get a bunch of ribbon here.

14. DIY Picture Frame Lantern

DIY picture frame lantern

Credit: charlestoncrafted.com

ANY reason to build a lantern out of picture frames is a good reason. Seriously, it’s one of my favorite craft activities.

Bring a rustic quality into your holiday setup by building your own lantern centerpiece. All you really need to do is put together the lantern, then toss in your favorite Christmas decorations.

If you really want to get creative, you can use your lantern to display a homemade winter scene. To assemble your lantern, you’ll need a hot glue gun and a ton of glue sticks.

I recommend grabbing a hot glue gun kit like the one here to keep things organized. Also, you’ll need a lantern – you can get one here.

15. DIY Floral Arrangement

light flower display

Credit: instagram.com

Not sure which centerpiece idea to go with? When in doubt, just go with a homemade floral arrangement.

If you use artificial flowers, the best part is that you can bring out this centerpiece whenever you feel like it. For a festive floral arrangement, I suggest using a beautiful combination of red and white flowers.

I’d also throw in a bit of pink to add more dimension to it!

16. Glass Vase with Gold Antlers

vase with gold antlers

Credit: squirrelsofafeather.com

If the one thing on your mind is keeping things simple, then you can’t go wrong with a glass vase filled with gold antlers. It’s unique, elegant, and it doesn’t require expert-level DIY skills to assemble.

For this modern centerpiece idea, I suggest using a medium-sized glass cylinder vase like the one you can find here.

17. Hanging Ornament Display

hanging ornament display

Credit: shanty-2-chic.com

Got a ton of extra tree ornaments lying around? A hanging ornament display is a perfect addition to any dining room table.

It’s simple, elegant, modern, and you probably already have all the materials that you’ll need!

18. Candelabra with Floral Pieces

candelabra floral display

Credit: instagram.com

A candelabra looks incredibly stunning in any corner of the room. But let’s spice things up a bit so you can create the perfect Christmas centerpiece for your dining table.

Attach a couple of artificial floral pieces to your candelabra to add some oomph into your candlelight display.

Not to mention, your candelabra will also double as a gorgeous floral arrangement. Bring glamorous candelabras for all special occasions, like the style you can find here.

19. Elegant Vase Display with Flowers

elegant vase with flowers

Credit: missplanit.com

Forget about the regular ol’ floral arrangement – we’re getting super creative this year. Instead of filling your vase with flowers, create a beautiful base for your vase out of artificial flower stems.

Top it all off by placing LED candles into the base of each vase. For this simple DIY project, I recommend grabbing medium-sized LED candles here

20. Foliage Box

foliage box

Credit: instagram.com

Looking for a unique way to incorporate your favorite holiday greens into your holiday setup? Keep things simple this Christmas with a homemade foliage box. Think floral arrangement but minus the flowers.

You can also fill your box with antlers, berry decorations, and pinecones – the options are endless!

21. Mason Jar Floating Candle Display

mason jar candle display

Credit: homemadelovely.com

Add a dreamy quality to your entire dining room décor situation with a floating candle jar display.

This centerpiece idea works wonders for creating a romantic setting for an intimate gathering. For this project, I recommend grabbing a set of Ball mason jars which you can find here.

22. Mini Cranberry Display

mini cranberry vase

Credit: rosyscription.com

Want to add a pop of color to your dining table setup? You can easily create your own cranberry display out of clear containers, Epsom salt, and berries.

Don’t forget to top it all off with some greens!

23. Candy Cane Bouquet

candy cane bouqet

Credit: livingwellspendingless.com

Here’s a fun-filled craft idea to add a striking combination of red and white onto your dining room table. Instead of using the typical ol’ vase to house your flowers, make your own vase out of candy canes!

24. DIY Floral Arrangement

christmas bouquet

Credit: 1800flowers.com

A lot of people don’t realize how easy it is to build a homemade floral arrangement. Instead of buying an expensive arrangement, just DIY it with an assortment of your favorite holiday greens.

For my homemade festive centerpieces, I love using a combination of Cedar, White Pine, and Variegated Holly. 

25. Mini Christmas Tree with Holiday Greens

mini christmas tree

Credit: livinglocurto.com

Bring some Christmas cheer into your dining table situation with a mini homemade Christmas tree housed in holiday greens.

For this homemade centerpiece idea, you’ll need to grab a mini Christmas tree, holiday greenery spray, beaded holiday spray, and some holiday garland.

Bring out the rustic quality of this centerpiece by adding a couple of pinecones to the base!


Are you going to try making any of these Christmas centerpieces? Let me know in the comment section and feel free to share them with your friends!

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