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20 Unique Christmas Wreath Ideas

Make your own wreath for this Christmas! DIY’ing your own Christmas decorations can be a lot of fun!

christmas wreath

Can you really call yourself a DIY enthusiast without assembling your own homemade wreath this Christmas? Let’s get super creative this year by spending more time and LESS money on our Christmas decorations.

Nothing feels better than building your own gorgeous Christmas wreath out of items you can easily find at your local dollar store. Thinking about making your own Christmas wreath?

Here are 20 unique ideas for you to draw inspiration from!

1. Elegant Willow Wreath

willow wreath


Looking for a simple but elegant wreath idea? This gorgeous willow wreath is the perfect addition to your front door this holiday season.

I can already picture you having a tough time getting everyone to believe you made this gorgeous willow wreath all by yourself! To make your willow wreath, you’ll need to grab a weeping willow wreath form.

There is a bunch you can choose from here.

Whichever size you choose depends on your personal preference, but I find that the 15-inch size works best!

2. Fluffy, Snowball Wreath

snowball wreath


Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! It just doesn’t feel like Christmas until you’ve incorporated some fluffy snow into your holiday décor.

Bring some Christmas cheer to your front door with this oh-so-cute fluffy, white wreath made out of furniture dusters! Yes, furniture dusters – talk about getting creative with our Christmas ornaments this year.

To glue everything together, you’ll need a hot glue gun and some glue sticks. For all my DIY projects, I keep a sleek but functional glue gun on hand.

Here is one that comes with the kit.

3. Buffalo Check Wreath with Personal Message

buffalo plaid wreath


Looking for a cute wreath idea minus the appearance of the traditional wreath? Here’s a beautiful wreath idea to show your loved ones how creative you can get!

The best part is that you can customize your wreath with your own personal message. For the best results, you must iron out the fabric first to give you a smooth canvas.

For all my household ironing, I keep a durable iron-on hand like the one here.

4. Festive Berry Wreath

festive berry wreath


Want to add a pop of color to your Christmas decorations? You can easily assemble your own festive berry wreath out of a woven wreath form and berry decorations.

Of course, you can choose the best color combo to suit your theme. But, my top picks are the festive combination of burgundy, red, and white!

You can add one of these to a Christmas gift basket!

5. Peppermint Candy Wreath

peppermint candy


Take your homemade wreath to the next level with a peppermint candy wreath. This is hands down one of the tastiest looking wreath ideas EVER.

Adding adorable peppermint candy details into your wreath is a great way to add some color into your wreath without overdoing it! It’s probably one of the most fun crafts for kids to make too!

6. Rag Bow Wreath

rag bows


Looking for a wreath idea with a vintage or rustic quality? Here’s a fun way to make use of any extra fabric you’ve got lying around the house.

You can easily create your own rag bow wreath out of scrap fabric! But if you’re feeling super fancy, you can definitely grab fabric in a particular color or pattern to enhance the aesthetic.

You can also just get very colorful if you get a bunch of fabrics like these here.

7. Felt Ruffle Wreath

felt ruffle wreath


Want to get super creative with your homemade wreath this year? There’s nothing more unique than hanging an intricate felt ruffle wreath on your front door.

Not to mention, the ruffles also mimic the pattern of a bouquet of roses. Hence, this beautiful wreath idea also doubles as a romantic decoration for Valentine’s Day.

To make the wreath, you’ll need a rotary cutter like this one here. It’s just a good thing to have when crafting.

Also, stock up on those pins because you’ll need a bunch for this wreath. Unfortunately, that also means that you should not make this wreath with kids.

It’s probably a better craft to make with a teen.

8. DIY Wreath with Live Greens

There’s something special about the simplistic beauty of a live wreath. But the price tag for a live wreath… isn’t as appealing.

Fortunately, you can easily construct your own live wreath out of your favorite holiday greens and a metal wreath form. To make your life a lot easier, I suggest investing in a pair of wire cutters like these ones here.

Trust me, they come in handy!

Check the wreath here.

9. Jingle Bells Wreath

jingle bells


What looks better than a live wreath? A live wreath adorned with Christmas bells!

This bell wreath looks incredibly modern and chic up against any front door. Adding bells to your wreath is also a fantastic way to bring some Christmas cheer into your home whenever a guest enters through the door.

For this project, I recommend grabbing these jingle bells in a bronze color.

 10. Plaid Wreath

plaid wreath


I can’t get enough of plaid flannel during the cooler months! Here’s a fun way to incorporate this fun pattern into your holiday décor.

And an added bonus is that this happens to be one of the easiest homemade wreaths to make. You don’t need a ton of materials besides fabric and a wreath form.

If you’re not a huge fan of the plaid, you can definitely change things up by choosing a different fabric pattern.

11. Grapevine Wreath with Ornaments

grapevine with ornaments


Want to add an elegant wreath to your front door? A grapevine wreath is incredibly easy to make and you can grab all the materials you’ll need from the local dollar store.

The best part is that after buying a grapevine wreath – you’ve already taken care of the hard part. All you need to do is decorate it!

For wreath embellishments, I love using flowers, berries, and tree ornaments. You can find an assortment of beautiful ornaments here.

Also, feel free to make your own Christmas ornaments and incorporate them into a wreath.

12. Dream Catcher Wreath

joy dreamcatcher


This dream catcher wreath isn’t just catching dreams this holiday season. No doubt about it, this stunning homemade wreath will be catching everyone’s attention too!

Show everyone how creative you can really get by putting a modern spin on the traditional Christmas wreath. Not to mention, the sheer elegance and minimalism of this wreath makes it the perfect addition to any front door.

For the wreath, you’ll need:

13. Christmas Village Wreath

christmas village


Looking for a wreath idea that’s truly one-of-a-kind? Bet you’ve never been greeted by a Christmas village wreath!

For this simple DIY project, you’ll need a coat hanger to make your wreath form and 4 pieces of birch to construct a frame. Keep things simple by decorating your wreath with wooden stars, glitter, and an adorable house figurine!

Get a set of glitter here and never worry about needing it again for a craft. If you’re not good with wood, it might make sense to just buy wooden stars here.

14. Glitter Tinsel Wreath

glitter tinsel


Want to add a pop of color to your holiday décor? Spice things up a bit by wrapping the tinsel garland around your wreath instead of using fresh branches.

This is a great way to use up any old garlands that you’ve got lying around the house. But if you really want to take things up a notch, I suggest grabbing tinsel in a beautiful color combo like the type you can find here.

You can even grab tinsel in multiple colors to create the perfect color scheme on your own!

15. DIY Traditional Christmas Wreath

DIY traditional christmas


If you’re all about keeping up the tradition with a regular ol’ Christmas wreath – this is your best bet. Keep things simple by constructing a traditional wreath out of a straw wreath form and tons of fresh pine branches.

Just make sure you go with thinner branches because they’re a lot easier to work with! You have plenty of options when it comes to embellishments.

Use anything from pine cones and poinsettias to tree ornaments and bead clusters.

16. Gift Box Wreath

gift box wreath


Now, let’s not get too caught up in the fun crafting sessions and forget that this is still the season of giving! Put fun and unique twist on this sentiment by constructing a one-of-a-kind gift box wreath for your front door.

Your visitors will love being greeted by this whimsical Christmas decoration. For this project, I recommend grabbing a colorful pack of mini gift boxes like the set you can find here.

17. Wire Hanger Wreath with Ornaments

wire hanger with ornaments


Looking for a wreath idea with the minimum difficulty level? You can easily assemble your own wire hanger wreath out of a couple of dollar store items.

What I love the most about this homemade wreath idea is how easy it is to customize the look of it! You get to pick the best colors for your ornaments to suit your theme.

For a more intricate design, I suggest using red ornaments in a variety of sizes and textures! You can get them here. Feel free to mix them up with white ones!

18. Pom Pom Wreath

pompom decor


We all love a good reason to use pom poms! Here’s a simple DIY project to create a unique and playful wreath for your front door.

For this homemade wreath idea, I suggest going with white pom poms – just to mimic the appearance of fluffy, white snowballs.

But you can definitely change it up with a unique color combo to add a pop of color into your holiday setup. Besides white, you could even do a nice mix of pink, red, and white – the options are endless.

19. DIY Wreath with Mini Jingle Bells

diy jingle bell wreath


Let’s be real, you probably don’t have enough bells in your holiday decorations! Bring some Christmas cheer into your home by hanging this adorable jingle bell wreath on your front door.

Nothing screams Christmas more than being greeted by the jingle and jangle of Christmas bells at the door.

For the project you’ll need:

20. Snowflake Wreath

snowflake wreath


Anyone else got an obsession with snowflakes? There’s something about the intricate patterns on snowflakes that can add a magical quality to your entire holiday setup!

This snowflake wreath is incredibly easy to make and the finished product looks absolutely stunning. You can add a personal touch to this wreath idea by incorporating a number of decorative elements.

To create a more dynamic snowflake wreath, I suggest mixing it up a bit by layering snowflakes of all shapes and sizes. This is also a great time to bring out the glitter to give a couple of your snowflakes a dazzling makeover.

Want to glam it up a bit more? Take your snowflake wreath to the next level by adding in a couple of plastic stars.

For this simple DIY project, I recommend grabbing an assortment of pretty plastic snowflakes like the type you can find here.