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21 Duck Crafts for Kids to Spread Their Wings

Do the little ones love ducks? Make these duck crafts with your kids and make it a nice family activity.
duck craft ideas

Whether it’s in their bath or in the park, you can’t deny that kids have a fascination with ducks. Can we blame them? Rain or shine, these quacking companions are a delightful part of the world.

These adorable members of the animal kingdom offer some extraordinary educational opportunities because they’re super common. So, you can craft with your kids, then show them the real thing!

Let’s dive right into these twenty-one duck crafts!

1. Adorable Duck Finger Puppets

Duck Finger Puppets


This is a great spring craft for kids, and it translates beautifully into a preschool classroom thanks to the minimal supplies. The result? A colorful finger puppet for kids to play, act, and learn with.

When I say minimal supplies, I really mean it! All you need to get this craft ready to go is some cardstock, some googly eyes, and mini cupcake liners to make the paper wings.

Pro tip: You can pre-cut the supplies, so younger kids don’t have to handle scissors, and the duckies will come together even faster.

2. Genius Paper Plate Duck Pond

Paper Plate Duck Pond


Who knew ducks and magnetism would fit together so well? This craft combines them effortlessly, offering your kids a fun new toy that teaches them about magnetism’s properties through play!

The keys to this clever craft lie in paper clips and a magnetic wand-like one here. With paper clips attached to the ducks, kids can move them around by dragging the rod beneath the paper “pond”.

Don’t just stand aside! With spring on the horizon, you can join in on the fun and make some spring home décor as your little ones create their ponds.

3. Printable Mallard Ducks

Printable Mallard Ducks


Mallard ducks are the most common species in the States, so of course, we have to dedicate a craft to them. Enter these adorable printable mallard ducks.

This is the perfect activity to keep young kids busy and happy because all they need to do is color in the lines! Let them use pencils or invest in a starter set of watercolors like these for future craft endeavors.

4. Duck Pond Paper Plate Rockers

Duck Pond Paper Plate Rockers


Next up, we have a cute little craft that mimics the motion of a duck gliding along a pond’s surface. How perfect is this for a kid in love with ducks?

You need minimal supplies to keep this craft afloat. Still, I really recommend springing for the self-adhesive googly eyes (like these). They just add so much life to the rocking ‘n’ rolling ducks!

5. Splashing Duck Paper Craft

Splashing Duck Paper Craft


Speaking of ducks in ponds, here’s a quick and easy craft to put the splash in your family crafting afternoon. The colorful, whimsical result would look perfect framed in a nursery or kid’s room!

The original craft tutorial features a printable template, but if you’re feeling extra creative, help your kids create their very own duckies. Add some googly eyes for a little extra life, and you’re done.

6. Cupcake Liner Duckies

Cupcake Liner Duckies


These cupcake liner ducks can go on pretty much anything, but I love the idea of creating a birthday card with this technique. What grandparent wouldn’t love receiving a handmade card from their grandchild?

All you need to crank this one out are some yellow cupcake liners (both standard and mini), cardstock to form the scenery, and some googly eyes. Help your kids write a heartfelt message inside to finish.

Need a gift to go with the card? Help your kids make these adorable DIY Bottlecap Candles for an exceptional handmade gift.

7. Paper Plate Duck Mask

Paper Plate Duck Mask


Next up, we have the answer to the last-minute costume dilemma: a paper plate duck mask! If Halloween has snuck up on you, or your child’s school is holding a dress-up day, this is the craft for you.

I love the masquerade-like construction of this mask, so it’s easy for the kids to whip on and off at will. Make sure to use biodegradable paper straws like these for the stick, as plastic ones hurt our Earth.

Check out more Halloween crafts here.

8. Rubber Duck Sensory Bag

Rubber Duck Sensory Bag


Sensory toys are sweeping the internet thanks to their applications for childhood development. A fun activity for your little one can help them improve their spatial reasoning and sensory understanding.

Enter this lovely sensory duck pond. This is so easy to create for your toddler. It’s brightly colored, and the myriad sensations are remarkable for their development. Not to mention, it’s mess-free!

9. Five Little Ducks Egg Carton

Five Little Ducks Egg Carton


We’ve all heard of the ‘Five Little Ducks’, right? Well, turns out all you need is an egg carton and some foam to bring them to life!

If you’ve got older kids, you can sit down and make this sensory duck pond with them. However, it’s also a great toy for younger kids; you’ll just have to make it beforehand.

Play the nursery rhyme ‘Five Little Ducks’, sing-along, and have a blast, all thanks to an egg carton!

10. Adorable Paper Bag Ducks

Paper Bag Ducks


These paper bag ducks are the perfect educational tool, and they get your kids involved in both making and playing with them! Whip out an old lunch bag and some construction paper to get started.

If you’ve got a younger child, set them to work on painting the white bag yellow. They can get as messy as they like! I recommend using washable, non-toxic poster paint like this to get the job done.

Speaking of ways to keep little ones busy, have you tried any of these fun crafts?

11. Simple and Sweet Pom Pom Ducklings

Pom Pom Ducklings


This may be the cutest DIY on the list because it embraces our favorite little birds’ fuzziness. These chubby yellow soft toys will brighten your child’s room easily and give them something to cuddle.

These pom pom ducklings are an excellent avenue for getting your kids into sewing, without any actual sewing. The critical component is yellow yarn (try this soft one).

12. Duck and Ducklings Costume Feet

Duck Costume Feet


Want to take the paper plate mask from earlier to the next level? Combine it with these simple ducking costume feet for an outfit that will set your little ones a-waddle.

These fit easily over standard shoes, so they’re perfect for sending with your kids to school. To get this done, all you’ll need is some orange felt sheets (here) and some elastic to attach the feet. Easy!

13. Rubber Duck Sensory Bins

Rubber Duck Sensory Bins


Here’s another sensory bin activity to add to the list. These inspire kids to explore their senses and their imagination in tandem, encouraging healthy development and a sense of play.

In other words, you really can’t have too many of these. There are two variations: one uses water, and the other uses shaving cream. Outside play is recommended for both, as this can get messy quickly!

Grab some washable rubber duckies like these to get started. These can be re-used every time you rotate your sensory bin, so it’s not too hard on your wallet either.

14. Duck Pond Play Dough

Duck Pond Play Dough


Speaking of ways to use those little rubber ducks, this duck pond plays dough activity is yet another way to encourage your kids’ imagination! There are no limits here, so experiment with different materials.

The base of this craft is, of course, blue play-dough. You can make some at home or simply buy a sizeable portion here. From there, try adding glass gems, rocks, wood, fake foliage, and more!

Double down on the play dough pond with some other indoor activities your kids will love. I’ve got a whole list of them here!

15. Folded Paper Ducks Craft

Folded Paper Ducks Craft


Here’s a quick and easy way to create a paddling of ducks (yep, when they’re swimming, a group of ducks is called a paddling!).

These are made from paper, then decorated with anything you might have lying around. So, the duckies excellent for an impromptu craft session. Use the template or help your kids make their own.

16. Rainy Day Paper Ducks

Rainy Day Paper Ducks


If a rainy day has caught you and your kids by surprise, why not embrace it with this adorable craft idea? A collection of rainy-day paper ducks goes beautifully on any window, brightening up a grey day.

The original tutorial uses tissue paper on the umbrella, but you can take this one step further! Intersperse the tissue paper squares with colored cellophane for a shiny, wet, rainy look.

Check out more paper crafts like this here.

17. Paper Cup Duck Family

Paper Cup Ducks


There are few better ways to recycle paper cups than to use them for crafts, in my opinion. Your kids will have a blast with this; you can mirror your own family, creating parents and ducklings accordingly!

Apart from parts involving a craft knife or scissors, this craft is ideal for any children three and up. Collect paper coffee cups for a few days and give them new life! You can also grab some here.

18. Five Little Ducks and Mother Family

Paper Duck Family


Instead of using paper cups, you can also create a duck family from construction paper and leftover cardboard rolls. These stand in a delightful line, adorning any surface in your home with color and whimsy.

Prepare for your crafting session by painting the paper rolls and letting them dry. This will speed the process and help keep your kids focused. Also, if you don’t have googly eyes, just draw them on!

Don’t worry if you still have leftover cardboard rolls, because I have many potential ways to use those here.

19. Ducky Alphabet Letter

Duck Alphabet Letter


When kids learn the alphabet, it helps to relate each letter to something recognisable in their environment. For the letter ‘D’, what’s more, perfect than an adorable ducky companion?

This uppercase D is perfect for adding to a preschool art book. In fact, if you’re a kindergarten teacher, why not take this approach to the entire alphabet? Just equip each child with a sketchbook (here).

20. Five Little Ducks Nursery Rhyme Props

Five Little Ducks


Next time you sing ‘Five Little Ducks’ with your kids, why not increase their engagement with five actual little ducks? These foam buddies can swim across the table every time a new duck joins the song.

Grab some yellow craft foam sheets to act as your base (you can find some here). I recommend using jumbo popsicle sticks as the base. Still, you can use anything else you have lying around if needed!

21. Five Little Ducks Nursery Rhyme Rocks

Five Little Ducks Nursery Rhyme Rocks


Take those puppets one step further, and turn them into outdoor decorations! This is perfect for a bright spring day because you and the kids can head out to the yard to go rock hunting.

Find one large rock and five smaller ones, then paint them each according to the nursery rhyme. You can even play it in the background as you paint!

To make sure these last in the outdoor elements, I recommend spraying them with a clear enamel spray paint like this to keep them safe.

Don’t worry parents, you won’t be left out here! Gather some of your own rocks to create these DIY photo holders, perfect for your desk.

That’s a whole bunch of ways to spend your next free afternoon (and celebrate the coming of spring). Comment below and let me know which of these crafts you’ll be taking on this spring!