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31 DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas

Is anyone else already dreaming of Christmas? I’m sure you’re all out there, and you’ve come to the perfect place today. These DIY Christmas decoration ideas are a must-try.

In honor of dreaming of the Christmas season, I have for you today thirty-one diy Christmas decoration ideas for all the parts of your home.

From your closets to your front door, there’s a little bit of everything for your winter decor needs.

Some projects range from extra simple to a little more involved, but all are darling and worth your time. All of these ideas are adaptable, too.

DIY Christmas decorations

You can upcycle or buy new to adorn your house with the holiday spirit. Let me know what your favorites are and if you have any you’d like to share.

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas season and a happy new year with loved ones! Now, onto the post!

1. Easy Wooden Christmas Trees

easy wooden christmas trees


These great minimalist wooden Christmas trees are one of the simplest and most customizable crafts you could pull from today’s list.

The decor, and the ones I have above, use 1×2 boards, but if you want to rescale in either direction, try it out!

2. Cinnamon Pine Cones

cinnamon pine cones


Aromatics are half of the celebrations during the holiday season. Make these right before a party or gathering and place them strategically throughout the house.

They also work great as everyday decor and air fresheners. Stick them in closets, bathrooms, or main entrances to keep your home fresh all season.

3. Mini Christmas Wreaths

mini christmas wreaths


These mini Christmas wreaths work fantastically for so many reasons.

Depending on the size of the hoops–I like this pack for the options–you could use them for nameplates, hang them in trios, or use them as gift tags.

4. Flannel Trees

flannel christmas trees


I know you have scrap fabric ready if you’re a regular crafter like me! If you have scraps other than flannel, experiment with them–flannel is great for the holiday season.

I also like to use reds, greens, whites, and other holiday-adjacent colors for these trees to give them a special feel.

5. Clothespin Snowflakes

clothespin snowflakes


I love these to add a little extra special something to any room during winter.

They’re a great craft for anyone, but it’s a great way for anyone who needs help practicing their dexterity.

Keep them as is, or paint, add glitter, or anything else to get them to match your decor.

6. Colorful Christmas Village

Christmas village


A tiny Christmas village is so nostalgic and fun, but I think the idea deserves a glow-up!

It’s a great project whether you grab this set of mini cardboard houses, upcycle sturdy cardboard or material from around the house, or a combination of both.

Cater your Christmas village to your preferences, whether it’s more traditional or funky like the one above–either way, you’ll get lots of compliments.

7. The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year Wooden Holiday Sign

Christmas sign


Decorative signs are a great way to decorate your space regardless of the time of year, but I don’t love the price of a lot of them.

Once I got the hang of my Cricut, sign-making has never been easier!

Don’t fear if you don’t have a Cricut, though–a stencil is all you’ll need to get caught up! Whether you make your own or grab one like this stencil kit is all you need.

8. No Sew Stockings

no sew stockings


Stockings are so versatile and a great accessory to any decor or present. Adding these no-sew stockings to any part of your season is truly a snap.

Also, once you get the hang of this project, it’s great to resize everything depending on the future stocking’s purpose.

Check out these other great Christmas stocking ideas!

9. Elegant Tabletop Seashell Christmas Tree

table top seashell christmas tree


For those that live near the coasts, or anyone looking for an offbeat but fun decor item that can give your space new life, look no further than this sweet table topper.

If you use shells you’ve collected, make sure to fully clean and sanitize them to prevent any beachy odors from developing.

You must see these other creative Christmas tree ideas!

10. Vintage Christmas Displays

vintage Christmas display


Although many cute and fun Christmas styles have come into fashion during our lifetimes, vintage Christmas displays just feel the best.

Whether you are a vintage lover or want, or would like a space to display any sentimental or holiday family trinkets, try grabbing a printer tray or other sturdy space.

You might also enjoy these farmhouse Christmas decor projects!

11. Holiday Ice Lanterns

holiday ice lanterns


These lanterns are super customizable and great to impress at any winter party. You just need your various pieces of accents, water, and a freezer.

Previously, before the space I have now, I had to plan when to make these (trying to find the space to do this in a small freezer is hard work).

Resize these ice lanterns for your needs and available space, and I promise they still look beautiful in any size.

12. Yarn Christmas Trees

yarn christmas tree


Pom-pom-looking crafts make me so happy inside, and these yarn Christmas Trees are no exception! Grab a pack of this yarn and make an afternoon of it.

Don’t worry about making uniform trees. The different sizes make them look sweeter together.

13. Cardboard And Jute Twine Christmas Trees

cardboard and twine christmas trees


Many crafts have been colorful thus far, but if you want something more natural, try out these cardboard and jute twine trees.

Simple yet textural, these cuties are elegant and look high-end once completed.

14. Waterless Snow Globes

waterless snow globes


Anyone with children probably immediately perked up at this craft! It is kid-friendly, especially if you grab this set of jars.

Make sure to add a little sparkle, pom pom, or loose element to replicate the classic snow globe feel.

15. Giant Christmas Ornaments

giant Christmas ornaments


Ornaments are one of the season’s sweetest and most cheerful decorations, so these are a great way to add more to your life.

The possibilities are endless, too–any size ball or orb you can wrap can be an option.

A note for safety, make sure whatever you use for the ornaments is lightweight enough. We don’t want them falling from above and hurting anyone or breaking.

16. Classic Homemade Christmas Decor

classic homemade Christmas decor


You can make anything for the holiday season, and these simple stuffed items remind me of decorations from when I was a kid.

I like to sprinkle some of these items throughout the house to re-ignite my childhood holiday spirit and memories.

17. Christmas Gnomes

Christmas gnomes


Why not make Christmas gnomes for those who love the outdoors and woods? These are minimalist in nature and very easy to style once completed.

18. Kid-Friendly Santa Candles

santa candles


These heatproof jars painted in the big man’s clothes are an extra touch that livens the holiday spirit.

If your kids love painting, have them help or opt for another simple yet identifiable Christmas staple–Frosty, candy canes, or a Christmas tree.

19. Bottle Brush Tree Christmas Ornaments

bottle brush tree ornaments


Bottlebrush trees have become an iconic and timeless decor piece that I just can’t get enough of.

Adding them to an ornament is a great way to add a new spin on an item that won’t leave your collection anytime soon.

20. Tin Can Snowman

tin can snowman


The tin can decor series is always a crowd-pleaser, especially with kids! We generally like to make a family of tin can snowmen, which last for a long time.

21. Painted Christmas Village House

painted Christmas village house


If you’ve inherited a Christmas village and don’t love the exteriors, paint them! It’s a great upcycle and lowkey project to get you into the season’s spirit.

22. Mossy Christmas Tree

mossy Christmas tree


This mossy Christmas tree pairs well with our Christmas gnomes from above. Add a few other items, like mushrooms or snow, to complete the scene.

23. Grapevine Christmas Wreath

grapevine Christmas wreath


Wreaths are a classic and great way to decorate for the season. For those looking to switch up the texture of your wreath, this grapevine one does the trick.

Size them to your liking and get to wrapping them together.

Make sure to check out these other unique DIY Christmas wreath ideas!

24. Snowflake Door Hanger

snowflake door hanger


These door hangers are small but sweet additions to the Christmas season. My kids love to have them on their doors.

Sometimes we hang a few together in smaller spaces for different decor.

25. Dollar Tree Christmas Tray

dollar tree Christmas tray


Just as it sounds–all you need are things at the Dollar Tree. Make any design you and your loved ones would like; simple silhouettes are best with buttons.

26. Tree Shaped Christmas Card Holder

tree shaped Christmas card holder


Once the cards start coming each holiday season, they don’t stop!

Creating something like this tree-shaped card holder is a great way to keep the fun cards on display while keeping your space clean.

Any simple shape will do, but the tree looks extra fun as the cards gather.

27. Frugal Christmas Centerpiece

frugal christmas centerpiece


Look no further for anyone looking for a bare-bones, budget-friendly item for their table. This painted bottle with a bit of greenery goes a long way and can be styled in any fashion.

This paint set isn’t too expensive and comes with brushes.

28. Christmas Card Garland

Christmas card garland


Opt for this simple garland trick if you are still considering an alternative shape to displaying your Christmas cards.

Opt for a longer piece of garland (you can always trim it and add it to other spaces) and hang it somewhere proper for the cards to be seen by all.

I love this garland–it’s chic and classic and adds some more greenery to the season.

29. 3D Felted Christmas Trees

felt Christmas tree


Sweet, kid-friendly, and durable, these trees help any space pop during Christmas.

Stick with classic colors like shades of green, or go full color with anything from white to pink and even orange.

30. Sea Glass Christmas Tree

sea glass Christmas tree


I have the perfect craft for those beach glass collectors to display your collection during the winter months.

This sea glass Christmas tree is so stinking cute in a coastal home or anyone dreaming of the coastline!

31. Wooden Christmas Crate

wooden Christmas crate


If you don’t have a special place for your holiday goodies (home goods, clothing, etc.), try making a few of these crates!

They work great for blankets and outdoor essentials–hats, gloves, and scarves look wonderful throughout the house.

Get your home ready for the holidays with these other festive Christmas decorating ideas!