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21 Fun Party Hacks

Parties are the best, aren’t they–from birthdays, holidays, or any occasion? Though, the thought, planning, and details can get a little hairy. These fun party hacks are here to help!

So, what’s the secret to throwing a fun party that’s memorable for everyone? Look no further–today, I have 21 hacks to ensure you have a stress-free preparation to pull off the best party ever!

party hacks

The best part, all of these hacks, as always, are wallet-friendly or include items you already have in your home!

With that, onto the post, but remember, please share what you love about these ideas or any of your own!

1. Make Your Own Dip and Chip Platter

DIY chips and dip platter

The easiest and most customizable way to serve a dip and snack at a party is to invest in some cute ramekins like these.

That way, you don’t have to leave the big jar of condiment on the table, and if you have more than one–use multiple ramekins.

It’s perfect for cleanup and makes your table all the more exciting!

2. Keep Your Drinks Extra Cool

keep drinks cool hack

If you’re like us in the summer, we generally have some sort of fun drink (kid or adult, depending on the night) with us.

Fill any semi-oversized container with cold or icy water and submerge the drink to keep it cold.

That way, you don’t have to worry about your timetable for the given beverage or make a million trips to the fridge.

3. Outdoor Essentials Bucket

outdoor essentials bucket

The warmer months bring out a different slate of accessories but are far fewer than the colder months.

It seems they’re always harder to find, and we buy new stuff every season, but not anymore.

At one party, I left our new products in a simple container like this, and then I decided to store them this way year-round.

It’s the easiest and lets people know to return them to a home base so everyone can use them!

4. DIY Party Poppers

DIY party poppers

This hack is great to delegate to the older kids who want to help prepare. All you’ll need is homemade confetti, or this natural one, tp rolls, and some balloons.

Pro-tip: make sure your confetti is larger than the balloon’s tail–we don’t want anything coming out wrong!

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5. Pens to Personalize Cups

pens to personalize cups

Simple but squashes so much confusion! Leave a handful of permanent markers on the cup station to ensure no question of whose cup is whose.

Your cups will also be useful for these best beer-drinking party games!

6. Condiments Easily Accessible

easy accessible condiments in muffin tray

Pull out your muffin tin if you have food that calls for many different toppings! Any size will do, but if you’re looking for other sizes, I love these (different sizes available!).

Pro-tip: if you’re serving dry toppers (ice cream bar, anyone?), line the tin with paper cups, making cleanup that much easier.

7. Roll Your Own Silverware

roll your own silverware

To streamline your partygoers’ time at the food station, and to look a bit fancier, consider rolling your own utensils.

Depending on your event plan, you can leave them at each placemat or the end of the food line.

Either way, it’ll help your guests out by not having to juggle extra items as they prepare to get their dinner or dessert. This trick will also make your party look all the more polished.

8. DIY Sparkle Balloons

DIY sparkle balloons

Designed or styled balloons can get pricy quickly! Adding some sparkle yourself cuts costs and makes the details even more special.

A funnel will be your best friend for this idea. Make sure whatever additive you buy for the balloons corresponds with the diameter of the funnel’s spout–otherwise, this DIY will be a lot more difficult.

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9. Toilet Paper Roll Speaker and Phone Stand

toilet paper roll speaker and phone stand

Another great craft to give to an older crafty kid or teen for a party is this easily transportable DIY speaker/phone stand. All you’ll need are a paper towel roll, scissors, and some plastic cups.

This hack is a great and cheap option if you don’t have a Bluetooth speaker–or if the speaker dies mid-party.

The stand doubly acts as a speaker by streamlining the sound from the phone’s speaker through the tube and out of the cup.

10. Fancy Napkin Displays

fancy napkin display

If you’re a fan of cloth napkins, prefer them to paper, or have a fancier affair, consider learning some folding patterns.

It’s a real crowd-pleaser, gives a more polished look, and is a great icebreaker for your guests as they sit down for the meal.

There are many tutorials online–YouTube is one of my favorite places to learn.

Of course, there are other websites, too, but I prefer to watch someone actively doing it instead of following picture by picture.

11. The Perfect Party Cake

freezable premade party cake

A freezable premade cake is your best friend for a party or event. Make it anytime, days, even a couple of weeks beforehand, and simply pull it out a little while before serving.

There are plenty of recipes online for freezer or icebox cakes like this–find one that’s right for you and your party.

The options are endless too–simple to complex, gf, vegan, keto, etc., there’s a cake for everyone.

12. DIY Napkin Holder

DIY napkin holder

Make sure your napkins aren’t floating everywhere once the party gets going by making this cute napkin holder.

Popsicle sticks were the easiest material I had to create this DIY, but any simple material will do.

A hot glue gun or a more intense glue will ensure the survival of the holder. Once done with the project, let it sit for about 24 hours to seal the hold the glue has on the popsicle sticks.

13. Goodie Bags

goodie bags

No party is complete without a fun little goodie bag! And, if you’re like me, you either like to spruce them up or completely make them yourself.

Regardless of your preferences, a simple goodie at the end of the party is a great way to send your guests home.

I like to stick with something storebought/homemade sweet or practical–it’s easier and better received.

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14. Bug-Repellent Candle DIY

DIY bug repellent candle

This hack is great for creative teens who like to be scientific. You’ll need small disposable pie tins, candle wicks like this, some essential oils, and wax.

Light these as the bugs come out and enjoy a bug-free evening. Experiment with different oils or add some food coloring to give your wax a little extra.

15. Drink Cooler and Bottle Opener Ties

drink cooler and bottle opener ties

A very simple idea, but truly a game changer during a party! However, you can attach your bottle opener to the drink bucket.

Someone will always inevitably accidentally walk away with the opener or leave it in a bizarre spot. Avoid the whole situation by using any type of string to get the job done.

16. Balloon Coolers for Your Drinks

balloon coolers for drinks

If you’re having an event involving water balloons and drinks, go double duty and use the balloons as icepacks.

Very important, though–do not freeze the balloons entirely if you plan on using them! Or, make sure they’ve all thawed if icy in any regard.

17. Present Bread in a Fresh Way

present bread in a fresh way

Learning different folds for linen napkins is truly a game-changer! Present bread or other dried goods in fun-folded napkins and leave them on the table for easy access during dinner.

Do a few pieces per every couple of seats or one for each guest. Either way, it’s a crowd-pleaser!

18. Safe Way to Display Tea Lights

safe way to display tea lights

Regardless of who’s at your party, display tea lights or small candles in a protective, heat-protected glass like a mason jar. That way, there’s a lower chance of any candle-related accidents.

I love this set–it gives you options for your party-going needs. It happens to the best of us–a cousin of mine accidentally lit a menu on fire at his brother’s wedding–so I always use a protective jar now.

19. Use Your Baking Trays as Carrying Trays

baking trays as carrying trays

Pull out your baking trays if you seem to have a lot of items to transfer to your table or patio. It can help streamline and cut down on run time to set up!

Pro-tip: if you have a lot to pull out, enlist family or friends to help! There has always been a power in numbers.

20. Easy Bug Deterrents

easy bug deterrents

If you are enjoying the party outside, food, and all, make sure to grab any netted or meshed utensils you may have–colander, sifter, etc.

They act as bug nets and ensure your meal is sans creepy crawlers and any of those guys.

If you don’t have anything that could work, these domed protectors work wonders! They come in different sizes too.

21. Make Your Own Floating Candles

DIY floating candles

If you want to add a little flair to your party, this hack is simple and builds off another hack above!

Grab some heavier-duty twine (macrame, yarn, rope–make sure to test your material before hanging) and start stringing!

Pro-tip: this is another great idea to delegate to a crafty teen. Even let them get creative with the colors of the candles or twine, depending on the type of party you are having.

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