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21 Life Hacks Every Girl Needs

As we all know, girl stuff can be tricky. Whether you are a girl, have a girl, or even know any girl, there’s a lot more to it than what meets the eye. These life hacks for girls will change your life!

So, whoever you are and looking to make life a little easier for yourself or someone else, you’ve come to the right place! Today, I have 21 life hacks every girl needs–and the list covers a lot.

Not only are there fun and stylish tricks below, but they are also functional, smart, and save you so much time!

life hacks for girls

There are even a few of my absolute oldest hacks that I use to this day on the list, and I’m excited to share them with all of you.

As always, these hacks aren’t tricky or cost much money at all. For most of these hacks today–you probably have the majority of these items in your home, so don’t be afraid to try some.

Now, on with the post–I hope you find some hacks you enjoy!

1. Preventing Rings From Leaving Green Stains With Nail Polish

prevent rings from staining with nail polish

Nail polish to the rescue! Prevent those pesky green stains by simply applying a coat of clear nail polish on the inner surface.

The protective barrier created by the nail polish will shield your skin from the reactive metals in the ring, keeping your fingers stain-free.

Make sure to let your treated rings sit for at least 24 hours to ensure an extra strong barrier.

2. Give Flexibility To Old Rubber Bands

blow dryer to give flexibility to old hair ties

You only need a blow dryer to give your hair ties and rubber bands a second life!

Grab the old bands and hit them with some heat, you’ll be able to see the change in real time, and it doesn’t take much time.

Depending on thickness, play around with the heat and distance from the band.

3. Iron The Collar With Hair Straightener

iron shirt collars with hair straightener

A quick way to fix those pesky collars that are notoriously difficult no matter how you treat those shirts is solved. The next time you need to fix a collar like that, grab out your flat iron.

Spritz with a bit of water if you’re concerned about the heat settings of your iron. Let it sit while you get the rest of the outfit together, and voila–all ready to go.

4. Neatly Tuck Your Non-Skinny Jeans In Boots

hack to tuck jeans into boots

Fall and winter can mean a lot of bulky layers–don’t let your footwear be one of those layers. Use a sock that has some length and give and tuck your jeans into the sock.

Make sure your jeans sit comfortably inside the sock, and slip on your boots! Fashionable and functional all in one!

5. Use Hot Glue To Make Your Razor As Good As New

hot glue hack to make razors like new

To give razors a revival always seemed like a lost cause until I found this hack! You’ll need a hot glue gun like this one to give your razors the same treatment.

Apply a small glue piping across the razor’s face and let dry. Pull it off once it dries, and it pulls out any unwanted gunk, hair, or imperfections.

Check out these other brilliant glue gun hacks to make your life easier!

6. Shorten A Long Blouse Using A Rubber Band

shorten long blouse with rubber band hack

One of my favorite Eco and creative clothing hacks is using a rubber band to shorten or crop a long blouse or piece of clothing.

Gather the extra material you want and secure the hair tie or rubberband as you would normally.

You should get left with a ponytail down at the bottom–tuck it up and under the bottom of your shirt. Readjust as needed, and you’re ready to go!

7. Spray Perfume On Clothes To Make It Last Longer

spray perfume on clothes

Spritz your clothes with them instead of touch points on your skin to elongate your perfume’s lifespan.

Skin tends to absorb the scent with time, while fabrics take on the scents with time, making you smell good for longer.

8. Hook Bracelet Using A Paper Clip

bracelet hook with paper clip hack

If you’ve ever had trouble clasping a bracelet, grab a paperclip to solve your problems! This idea is one of my favorite tricks when getting ready in the morning or traveling alone.

The paper clip helps stabilize and secure the bracelet or clasp easier.

9. Use A Pumice Stone To De-Fuzz A Sweater

pumice stone hack to defuzz sweaters

Sweaters can get a little fuzzy, and not in a good way. Grab a pumice stone like this one to help de-fuzz and renew your sweater’s life.

Work gently in circles and in one direction to ensure the safety of your clothing.

10. Fold Your Jeans

fold jeans

Pants drawers can get a little awry quickly. Make them look like a professional display with this folding technique.

My video on YouTube shows my favorite way to fold jeans–follow those instructions or look up some folding pants tutorials. I promise it’ll change the way your day goes!

11. Use Rice And A Sock To Make A DIY Hot Pack

DIY hot pack with rice and socks

If you need a warm pack or have body aches and are looking for relief, try this hack out. Simply fill a sock with dry rice, knot the sock, and microwave to soothe any body pains.

Bonus–I sometimes like to add a few drops of essential oils like this one to give it extra calming powers.

12. Let The Nail Polish Dry Faster With Cold Water

let nail polish dry faster with cold water hack

I love to refresh my nails with a new coat pretty regularly, but I always hated waiting for my nails to dry entirely before moving on with my day.

This hack is a huge timesaver and completely changed how I did my nails!

Literally, just let your freshly polished fingers sit in a cold water bath for a few, and the polish will dry faster!

13. Hang Your Purses With Shower Curtain Hooks

hang purses with shower curtain hack

After hanging my purses on shower curtain hooks, my closet became so much easier to maneuver.

Having the bags hanging instead of strategically placed on random shelves has made the look and finding of any given bag a snap.

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14. Put Newspapers In Your Boots To Keep Them Upright

put newspaper in boots to hold them upright

A way to elongate your boots’ height and shelf life is by rolling up newspapers and sticking them into each shoe.

By doing so, the boot’s material doesn’t suffer by being crumpled over and bent out of its intended shape.

15. Differentiate Keys With Nail Polish

differentiate keys with nail polish

A classic favorite of mine that does take out the guesswork of which key is which. If you want to seal in the color–add a top coat once the colors dry on the keys.

You can also bring your plain keys to life with these cute DIY resin keychains!

16. Hang Your Phone In The Car

hang phone in car

It seems too simple to work, but when I am following directions, it’s the only way I do it now!

The double rubberband trick to suspend your phone below your mirror takes the stress out of heading to that new place!

I like this rubberband set. The pack provides you with some pretty heavy-duty bands.

17. Use Magnets To Close Bag Of Chips

use magnets to close bag of chips

Again, another super simplified but wildly effective hack! Close a bag of chips by folding over the opening and secure it with a magnet like these placed on either side of the bag.

The best part, store the extra magnets on your fridge!

18. Uses Hangers To Hang Your Boots

hangers for boots

If you have a lot of tall boots and less newspaper, consider hanging your boots by some pants hangers. All of the boots can hang neatly side by side in any compact closet space you have!

If you’re concerned about the pressure points where the clips are touching your shoes, consider some fabric or other soft material to sit between the clip and the top of the boot.

19. Fix A Hole In A Window Screen With Clear Nail Polish

fix holes in window screens with nail polish

A hole of any size in your window or door screen is trouble, but pull out clear polish for smaller ones. Paint over top of the blemish on both sides (if you’d like to be extra thorough) and let dry.

Once dry, the polish will prevent any critters from coming in and minimize the damaged look on the screen. This hack saves so much money with just a bit of nail polish!

20. Open A Jar With A Rubber Band

open jar with rubber band

One of my absolute favorite hacks and one I’ve probably used for the longest! If you have a tight jar lid giving you issues, pull out a rubberband, slip it around the lid, and twist.

It works better with a rubber band–no more unopenable jars and recruiting others to open something for me.

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21. Clean Make-up Sponges With Oil, Cleaning Spray, And Hot Water

clean make up sponges

An easy way to clean your makeup sponges is olive oil, a gentle cleaning spray,  and hot water. Each ingredient helps pull out, cleanses, and then rinses the old makeup to prevent clogging pores.

I like to set up a little station where each sponge or pad goes through each phase, and then I let them hang out in a drying station.

Sponges and pads must dry fully, not letting yucky stuff grow or hang out inside your makeup tools.

When they are dry, store your makeup and sponges in this DIY zipper pouch!