21 Best Beer Drinking Games for Next Party

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Ready to have some fun? Try these beer drinking games to make your party just a little more (or a lot more) fun!

Want to throw the party of the year? You need to check out these Best Beer Drinking Games to add life to your party. These best drinking games keep the conversation flowing and the party alive.

Let’s check out what we have in store for your party of the year!

beer drinking games

1. Truth or Drink

Truth or Drink

The more, the merrier; call out as many people as you can for Truth or Drink because this is going to blow the party away. Make sure you have enough beer to go around for this one so no one has an empty cup.

The choice is simple: draw a card, answer the question truthfully, or take a stiff drink and have a good time. You can play this impromptu game or even buy the game online.

2. Do or Drink

Do or Drink

Do or drink is harder than truth or drink because the dares can get weird after a few drinks. This party game, just like truth or drink, can be played impromptu, or you can buy it online. Just make sure you can do the dare before turning down the drink.

3. Battleshots


Battleshots is a fun drinking game that comes with shot glasses to aid your drinking as well. Place your ships strategically, and then place your shot glasses on your ships.

If your ship is attacked, you will have to drink the beer, be calm and choose your shots wisely. This is a two-player game that comes with cool sailor hats to get you in the gist of the game.

4. Beer Pong

Beer Pong

Beer pong is a legend; there is none classier than this good drinking game. The popularity of beer pong is due to the reason that it’s an extremely easy game to play with nothing but beer, a table tennis ball, and some plastic cups.

Fun to set up and easy to play; this great game takes the cake for being the No.1 beer drinking game ever. You shoot the ball, and if the ball lands in the cup, you have to drink the contents of the cup, i.e., beer.

This is played between teams of two, so add as many players as you want.

5. Flip Cup

Flip Cup

The Flip cup drinking game is so famous that it has many names, canoe, taps, flippy cup, etc. the rules are simple, this is a race against time, so drink up as fast as you can and flip your cup.

As soon as the first player cup lands perfectly on the edge of the table, the next player can start drinking his cup, and the race goes on with the rest of the players. Whichever is the first team that flips the last cup first wins the game.

6. Quarters


Do you want your team to win quarters? Well, you need to start practicing then. The only way your team can win is if you land your quarter in the shot glasses.

Quarters beer drinking game is pretty much like beer pong, but for this one, you will need a quarter, so I guess this is a lot easier to set up than beer pong.

7. Drunk Jenga

Drunk Jenga

Double the fun by playing it drunk. Jenga can be epic fun if you add beer to the lot. You can easily play this game between two people or a big group. Either way, it’s hilariously funny.

If you think you are a true Jenga master, this version will tell you how true that is. Add dares to each Jenga block, and start playing. Pull out a block, do the dare or drink the beer. If you tip the block over, drink up and start over.

8. Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever

Never have I Ever is one drinking game that can be played everywhere, on camping trips, slumber parties, road trips, you name it.

 It’s a very simple game. Everyone has a glass of beer; one person says a statement out loud. If you have done it, you take a sip from your glass. If you haven’t, your glass remains untouched.

9. Roxanne


Do you want to get nice and drunk at your party without putting in much effort but in a fun way? We suggest you play Roxanne; yes! The song.

The game is simple, divide the room into two teams, girls and boys. Now play the Roxanne song by Police, and every time you hear the word “Roxanne,” the girl’s team takes a drink while the boys drink when they hear “put on the red light.”

Get the whole party drunk with minimal effort.

10. King’s Cup

King’s Cup

There will be consequences if you break the chain of Kings Cup. Kings cup is a classic beer drinking game that is most popular at big parties.

The rules are simple, set the pack of cards around the cup with each card touching the next like a chain. When the game starts, every player must pick up one card without breaking the chain.

If the chain breaks, the person who broke it will drink from the center glass in the middle of the table. Apart from that, all cards have different dares as well. All in all, it’s one of the best ice breaker card games to play at office parties or housewarming parties.

Order these Victorian deck of cards for your King cup game.

11. Straight Face

Straight Face

The primary thing you need, to play this fun game, is a sense of humor. If you have that, you’re all set to play “The Straight Face.”

Give everyone a pen and paper, and let them write the funniest sentences on their paper. Gather all the pieces, and then one by one, read them aloud.

However, you can’t laugh, those are the game rules! No matter how funny or ridiculous the statement is, you need to keep a straight face. Whoever laughs has to take a sip of their drink. Even giggling or smiling isn’t allowed.

12. Power Hour

Power Hour

Are you turning 21 this year? You need to throw a house party and play Power Hour for sure. There is no way you can skip this great drinking game everyone plays when they turn the legal drinking age.

The set of rules is simple. You have 60 minutes to drink up a set amount of alcohol. Best of luck!

13. Beer Ball

 Beer Ball

Don’t confuse beer ball with beer pong. They both are very different. While beer pong is famous, Beer Ball is more fun yet underrated.

The aim is to drink the other team’s beer. Whoever finishes the other team’s beer fastest wins the game. Take a ping pong ball, and try and hit the cans.

If it’s a hit, you drink. If it’s a miss, the other team takes a shot. The only way any team can stop the other team from drinking is by slamming the ping pong ball on the table.

14. Slap Cup

Slap Cup

Bounce the ping pong ball, have your cup ready, and drink away. Slap Cup is a high-intensity and fast-paced drinking game that will have you drunk in no time.

The game can get messy, so prepare for that. It’s best if you play this one outdoors.

15. Shotgun Relay

Shotgun Relay

Key your beer, chug it down and finish before the other team does so your partner can start chugging his. The fastest team wins. This game is all fun and laughter till you lose.

16. Civil War

Civil War

With each team having six cups, they aim to save their cups and target the other’s team’s cups and eliminate as many members as possible. The only way you can eliminate a member is by putting a ping pong ball in their cup.

Make every shot count, or the other team will. The eliminated player takes their cup off the table, drinks it, and puts it upside down on the table.

17. Ring of Fire

Ring of Fire

Ring of fire is a popular beer-drinking game that is played with a large group of people. You can play Ring of Fire anywhere as it only needs a tall glass and a deck of cards.

However, go over the rules before starting the game. Know what each card stands for to play the game to its full potential.

18. Beeramid


Just like the mighty Pyramids of Egypt, this game is also a one-of-a-kind beer drinking game. You can win at Beeramid if you know how to bluff successfully. If you don’t, you might get drunk faster than you can imagine.

19. Bite the Bag

Bite the Bag

Have you ever played a beer-drinking game that is as much fun to watch as it is to play? Well, if you haven’t, here we are with Bite the Bag.

Place a bag in the center of the room; each person gets to bite the bag and pick it up from the floor with his teeth only. Every time the bag is grabbed, the top bit is cut off. The last person to bite the bag wins or commences the game.

20. Beer Pot

Beer Pot

Beer pot is more or less like the King’s cup, with a big difference. There is no cup. There is a big pot in the center of the chain of cards.

The loser has to drink the whole pot without stopping. This game isn’t for people who can hold their liquor, so be wise when playing this game.

21. Beer Chess

Beer Chess

For this one, you will need to make a tiny investment, a beer chessboard, but rest assured this is a good investment. One side plays with light beer cans, while the other plays with regular beer cans.

A simple beer chess game can last for as long as 5 hours. Beer chess is a high-intensity drinking game, so make sure you are up for the challenge before you start.

Beer drinking games are awesome. They keep the party alive. While we don’t recommend underage drinking or encourage reckless drinking, we do recommend a lot of laughter and fun through these best beer drinking games.

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