31 Fun Party Games for Teenagers

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Looking for teen party inspiration? These fun party games for teenagers will keep everyone busy!

You’re never too old to play games, right? That’s why even at a party full of teenagers, a game or two can really help get the party going and keep the fun alive.

With a little planning and execution, you can have a ton of fun playing any one of these 31 fun party games. So go ahead and take a look!

teen party games

1. Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever

Who doesn’t love a good game of Never Have I Ever? It’s fun, borderline risque, and, if you think of it, it gives the players an opportunity to bond. In fact, did you know that this game is often used as a warmer activity in professional settings?

So go ahead and give it a try the next time you’re hosting a party full of teenagers. It’s bound to be a game to remember!

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2. Two Truths and a Lie

Whether it’s on the first day of high school where you’re looking to bond with your new classmates or at a fun party, this game takes the cake. It’s pretty simple: a person makes three statements, two of which are truths and one a lie. It’s up to the rest of the party to figure out which is which!

You won’t believe some of the things you get to hear when you play a good round of  Two Truths, and a Lie, so see for yourselves!

3. Singing Bingo

Singing Bingo

Singing Bingo, or Sing-o! as I like to think of it, is one of those games that any age group can play and enjoy. It’s a fun twist on the traditional game, which allows all those budding teens in your school to belt out some snazzy tunes.

You even have an app by the same name that allows you to make the best use of your time. So go ahead and look it up, and play a round or two at your next party!

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4. Yard Twister

Twister isn’t the kind of game you can play indoors, especially when it’s a party full of rambunctious teens. Forget broken vases, I’d be worried about broken bones.

So let’s take it outside and play a round of twister in the yard–Yard Twister! Oh, and did I mention that this can be turned into Giant Yard Twister, as well? When you have enough space, you can have everyone join in on the fun as you all get bent out of shape!

5. Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

You can never go wrong with a scavenger hunt. It incorporates so many facets of what turns a regular party into a fun and memorable one.

The best part is that they can fit into any kind of party for just about any occasion. It’s Easter? How about an Easter egg scavenger hunt? See what I mean?

So the first step is to figure out what you want to center your scavenger hunt around. After that, let the game do its thing and you just have a blast!

6. Spin The Dare

You know how you play Spin the Wheel? Well, this game is pretty much the same, only instead of a reward, you get a dare! It’s perfect for your next birthday party where you want to put a fun twist on the more traditional games.

This game does involve a little bit of prep. You will need to prepare the heel in question and also do a little research to pick out the best dares. Alternatively, you can just use a digital app to play the game.

7. Human Knot

Human Knot

This game is actually a wonderful team-building activity that allows the players to work together, to follow instructions as a group, and solve one big problem: how to untangle themselves. Now throw in a bunch of rowdy teenagers and watch the hilarity that ensues.

This is the perfect game to play outdoors at a pool party. But not too close to the pool, mind!

8. Blind Makeup Artist

Growing up, you probably experimented with your mom’s makeup or took turns doing your friends’ makeup at sleepovers. How about you turn that into a party game, but with a twist?

Why don’t you play a game of blindfolded makeup? It’s pretty much what it sounds like. Grab a bunch of makeup from CVS or Walmart, and don’t forget the blindfold! Then, just have a blast doing your friends’ makeup completely blindfolded!

9. What’s in the Box

What’s in the Box

You know the whole deal with Schroedinger and the cat? Well, What’s in the Box? is loosely based on that, but way, way more fun. There’s nothing quite thrilling or scary as putting your hand into a hole in a box to feel what’s in there.

Touching a fuzzy kiwi fruit can be as terrifying as touching a rat when you don’t know what’s in the box. That’s what makes this game even more fun!

10. Escape Room

What if I told you that you could recreate your own version of an Escape room at home for your next party? I mean, it’s a room full of hungry teens…what could possibly go wrong?

Setting up an escape room can be quite fun, actually. If you’ve got the time and resources to plan and execute it, you can even plan a house-wide version of the game. Escape Room just turned into Escape House!

11. Mummify Me

Mummify Me

This game is almost always a party pleaser. I mean, just think about it; who wouldn’t love to TP one of their friends?

Grab a bunch of toilet paper rolls for this one. You might also want to set up a perimeter around yourselves when you’re playing this game to control the mess. Or, if the day is super pleasant, then just take it outside and let the mummifying begin!

12. Medusa

For this game, have all the players form a huddle of sorts and interlock their arms over each other’s shoulders. Put your heads down, and on the count of three, each player should look at another player.

If two of them happen to be looking at each other, then both players can scream and drop down to the floor–just like the myth of Medusa. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

13. Sock Wrestling

Sock Wrestling

While I’m sure you’ve heard of arm wrestling, have you heard of sock wrestling? Well, you’re going to get your socks knocked off–literally!

The whole point of the game is to have two people wrestle and try to get their opponents’ socks off. You can set up a couple of mats or foam sheets to cushion the ground. It’s fun and a round or two of rabble-rousing never hurt anyone!

14. Speed Stacker

Speed stacker is a game that’s often played in dorm parties and sorority parties alike. But for the teenage version of this game, you’re just going to be stacking a whole bunch of cups atop each other in a pyramid of sorts.

It’s usually a set of nine or twelve cups. You can have people play this game in teams, and even set up a series of games like this along the way. It can be a mini version of A Minute To Win It!

15. Gift Grab

Gift Grab

This game is perfect for all age groups, not just teenagers. Since everyone already loves gifts, this is an even greater way to incorporate more fun to the process.

You will need a set of dice and a whole bunch of wrapped gifts. If you like, you can even wrap a few one-dollar notes. These are particularly fun to make a grab for and a cheap yet effective way to increase the number of gifts.

16. Pass the Peanut

This game is simple, fun, and pretty amazing to pass the time. Have all your guests stand in a circle to begin with. Next, pick one person who will be the ‘peanut passer.’

Now, have the ‘peanut passer’ make a round or two around the circle before passing the peanut secretly into one of the player’s hands. Now just watch the fun that ensues as the crowd tries to guess who the peanut was passed to.

17. Dare and Dance

Dare and Dance

This is yet another version of the classic Truth or Dare. Only this time, instead of having the players answer truths of themselves, you switch things up with a dance. So the player either chooses to perform the dare, or he has to dance to any tune the rest of the players pick.

To make it even more fun, you can even incorporate a prop that the player simply has to use as a part of their dance routine!

18. Wacky Duck

Have all your guests sit in a circle with one player in the center. Blindfold the latter and turn him around a few times while the guests exchange seats, as well.

Next, arm the blindfolded player with a wooden spoon and have them feel their faces with it. If they stop at one of the guests, have the blindfolded person sit down while the former quacks like a duck or something similarly wacky. Now the blindfolded player has to guess who’s the wacky duck!

19. Get to know you Jenga

Get to know you Jenga

Get to know you Jenga can be an interactive and fun game to play when there’s just a whole bunch of teens at a party. It can also be a wonderful icebreaker game–an opportunity for everyone to get to know their peers and understand their friends.

You can buy one of those basic wooden Jenga sets and use a marker to scrawl questions onto the block. It can be something along the lines of: ‘what are your pet peeves?’ or ‘what’s the best memory you have as a child?’

20. Truth or Dare

One can never go wrong with a game of Truth or Dare. I mean, sure, the drama and scandal factor is definitely going to intensify, but hey, what’s a teen party without at least some drama?

You know the drill, right? One person gets to ask another to make a statement of truth or dare them to do something, and the latter must comply or face a penalty. Let the games begin!

21. Chubby Bunny

Chubby Bunny

Chubby Bunny is one of those fun and goofy games that kids and teens are bound to love. It’s   a whole lot of innocent fun, and it’s a good filler game, as well.

You effectively stuff a whole lot of cotton balls, or even sponge, into a guest’s mouth and have them say phrases or quotes with their mouths full. The other guests will have to guess what the former is trying to say.

22. Jeopardy

If there were ever a time when quizzes were fun, it’s when you’re playing Jeopardy! I don’t think quizzes are meant to be fun unless it’s on that show.

So if you’re celebrating the end of your exams, then perhaps this game might be just the parody you need. You will need to do a little prep beforehand to set up the quiz board and other props. You can do a little research to narrow down the questions, as well.

23. Watermelon Pool Race

Watermelon Pool Race

When it’s a hot and sunny day, then you might want to consider taking the party outside and to the pool. This means one thing: pool games! How about a game of watermelon relay?

Divide the players into teams to begin with. Each player gets one watermelon which they have to pass onto the next person in queue. It’s a regular relay race, albeit in the water.

24. DIY Yard Toss

Yard games are just absolutely fun. They’re super customizable, which means that you can add any number of twists you like to them. This DIY yard toss is pretty much the same.

You can build your stand with little holes to toss bean bag pouches or balls into. Feel free to get as creative as you like. You can make varying levels of difficulty, different themes of boards, and more!

25. Murder in the Dark

Murder in the Dark

Murder in the dark is a fun card game that you can play with your friends during a party, a rainy afternoon in, and just about any day. It would also make a wonderful party game at a slumber party with the girls.

Just remember that the game revolves around the Ace, King, and Joker in the deck. So make sure to check that those three cards are in the deck before you begin.

26. Heads Up

If you’ve ever watched the Ellen DeGeneres show, then you have probably seen how this game is played. There’s even an app that you can download and play the game on your iPad.

So you have one person hold up the screen with the prompt on it and the rest of the players have to make the former guess what the prompt is. It makes for terrific fun when a whole bunch of people are yelling clues into the air!

27. Selfie Hot Potato

Selfie Hot Potato

Remember when you used to play pass the hot potato when you were a kid? Well, this time, you’re going to pass your phone around instead.

Have some fun and catchy tunes playing and a person to control the music. So, when the music stops, the person with the phone in hand has to take a selfie and then pass it on. At the end of the game, you’ll find that you have a ton of wonderful photos and great memories of your party.

28. Blind Food Guessing

Blind Food Guessing

This is another game that you might have seen being played on the Ellen DeGeneres show. You tie a blindfold over one of the player’s eyes and set up a table.

Place a plate full of some food and have the blindfolded person eat it and try to guess the food in question. Do you want to make it a little more interesting? You can also tie their hands behind them so they will have to stoop over and smush their faces into the food.

29. Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty-themed party games can be a fun way to help you find that little child in you that just loved fairy tales. If you’re hosting a slumber party or even just a freshly-minted 13-year-old’s first-ever teen party, you can always rely on good ol’ Sleeping Beauty-themed games.

Gather the props you think you will need. You might want to do a little research beforehand to help you get the finer details down accurately.

30. How’s It Hanging

How’s It Hanging

A round or two of how’s it hanging can offer a ton of goofy fun for teens at parties. You will need some sturdy string, a banana, and other fruits. You will also need a hula hoop to use as a ring.

Tie the string around your waist and then one end of it around the banana. You will need to sway and move your hips to use the banana to roll the fruits into the ring. It’s a quick and easy game to play, and you’re going to have a blast!

31. Movie Emoji Game

Movie Emoji Game

Have you ever played ‘Guess The Emoji?’ It’s exactly what it sounds like: you have to guess what a series of emojis mean, and the person who guesses the fastest wins.

To switch things up a little and make the game more interesting, you can also play the movie version of this game. All the emoji prompts will refer to a movie, and you have to guess the movie before time runs out. In fact, there’s even an app that can help you with the prompts!

party games for teens

31 Fun Party Games for Teenagers

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