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31 Ultimate Outdoor Games for Teenagers

These outdoor games for teenagers will make any party or weekend more fun. They’re creative and super fun!

Outdoors is fun, and your kids will never know that until you push them to get outdoors and play independently. However, nowadays, kids are too interested in watching TV or playing video games on their gadgets.

To get the kids outside and play these favorite outdoor games, you will need to get involved yourself. Once they see how cool outdoor games can be, they will beg you to let them play outside for hours.

If you need a little inspiration for the best outdoor games, read till the end. 

outdoor games for teenagers

1. Marco Polo

Marco Polo

Marco polo is a brilliant game that kids play any time of the day to get some fresh air. It’s fairly easy to play as well. However, you will need a team of kids to play this great outdoor game.

Among the gang, one becomes “Marco,” and the others are “Polo.” While Marco counts to 10, all the Polo kids spread out.

When the counting is done, Marco sets out to catch the Polo kids with his eyes closed. Every time he needs a clue, he shouts Marco, and the other older kids have to shout back Polo.

2. Dodgeball


Dodgeball is a famous High School game that kids in every age group love to play. Gather the neighborhood kids and play dodge ball with them.

It’s not only a fun lawn game, but it has other benefits as well. Dodge ball helps your kid become agile, think fast and build stamina.

3. Capture The Flag

Looking for a game that uses both mind and body? You need to check out “Capture the Flag.” It’s a classic outdoor game that is played with two teams; the object of the game is that each team has the goal of capturing the opposing team’s flag.

Capture the flag is a fun and strategic game that keeps your kids’ brains sharp and their bodies in shape.

4. Lawn Twister

Lawn Twister

If your kids love playing twister, you need to take their twister outside and make it extra fun. Get the basic colors of the twister and paint your circles like the twister on your lawn.

Once done, you will have a life size twister in the garden. These giant outdoor games will entice the kids to go out in the yard and play twister with their friends.

5. Sardines


Sardines is a twisted version of Hiding and Seek. The favorite game is fun and teaches you stealth. One person hides, and a number of players try to find that person.

Whoever finds the hidden person joins them in their hiding place. Soon all the team members packs in the hiding place like sardines are packed in their can.

6. Paintball


Paintball is an exhilarating game that is played with guns that have paint in them. To create your own version of a paintball, you can get sponges soaked in paint or even small water balloons filled with diluted paints.

It’s a fun summer game that your kids won’t have enough of. Since there is too much water and mess involved, it’s best if they play it in a park or your backyard.

7. Bucket Tag

Bucket Tag

Tag is a classic game that never gets old. However, you can create cool versions of the tag to keep things interesting, like Bucket Tag.

You will need 8 or more players for bucket tag. The players attach a bucket to their waist with ropes or belts. Each player has a number of small bean packs in their bucket. The aim of the game is to lose those packs.

At the end of the game, whoever has the least amount of packs in their basket wins the game.

8. Kubb

Kubb is a brilliant yard game that comprises wooden blocks and batons that you throw to knock over the blocks. You need two teams and around 4 or more people to play this game.

It’s a strategy game that really tests your kid’s targeting skills. To win this, you also need good team understanding, so this game also teaches your kids to work with people to win the target.

9. Soda Bottle Bowling

Soda Bottle Bowling

If you or anyone in your family likes to collect soda bottles, now is the time to put them to good use. Give them to your kids and teach them how to play Soda Bottle Bowling.

Fill 20% of the bottles with water or sand, and let your kids throw balls at them to knock them over. This is a fun outdoor game that your kids play in the yard or the driveway.

This is also a fun party game for teenagers.

10. Food Eating Contest

Food Eating Contest

Outdoor activity doesn’t only mean games. You can also have a few healthy competitions to keep your kids amused and away from the screen.

If you are running out of ideas, have an eating competition. Make it healthy by preparing fruit bowls or salad bowls for your kids to have a race with. Whoever finishes 1st can choose the fun activity for the next day.

11. Giant Ring Toss

Giant Ring Toss

Keeping kids amused for a long time isn’t easy. You need to come up with new ideas every day. If you are in such turmoil? We suggest Giant Ring Toss.

It’s a targeting game where kids can toss giant rings into pegs of the same color.

Just like board games, these yard games are a sound investment that may keep your kids entertained for hours and encourage more outdoor play.

12. Giant Jenga

Giant Jenga

We all love Jenga, but Jenga is an indoor game that you might play on your coffee table or the floor. We beg to differ; now you can buy a giant Jenga easily and play with your kids in the yard.

A giant Jenga game will not only push your kids to play outside, but the giant pieces will also make the game more enticing and welcoming to play.

13. Cat and Mouse

Cat and mouse is yet another fun outdoor game for kids, but you need to invite the neighborhood kids to play this. You know what they say. The more, the merrier.

The players name a circle that encloses one child inside, The Mouse, and one child outside the circle, The Cat. The aim of the Cat and Mouse game is to sneak the mouse outside without letting the cat it.

If the mouse is caught, he becomes the next cat, and the game continues.

14. Bocce


As long as you can successfully roll a ball, you can get hours of fun playing Bocce. It’s a fantastic outdoor game that the whole family can play together.

You can take the game with you everywhere, to family picnics, to the beach, or even on your camping trips.

15. Geocaching


Add fun to your outdoor adventures through Geocaching. With Geocaching, you can learn about how to use maps, how GPS works, and history, and also have great fun while doing all that learning.

To start your kids on Geocaching, all you need is a GPS device or a smartphone with GPS and a membership at

With the help of the deceive, your kids need to decipher puzzles and codes to get the location of caches in your area. It’s a brilliant game that tests your kid’s cognitive skills.

16. Catch


A simple game of Catch can bring home tons of health and development benefits for your kids. If you need your kid to be away from the screen, you will need to involve them in simple yet fun games like Catch.

Catch is a classic game that needs nothing but a ball and two people who are willing to play together.

17. Lobber Ball

Lobber Ball is a high-energy game that will seriously test your fitness. You can play Lobber ball with any ball, but it’s best if you choose baseball as it’s the ideal ball for playing catch that is the essence of Lobber Ball. 

18. Water Gun Fight

Water Gun Fight

Summer vacations are fun, but they are also pretty hot. If your kids don’t want to go out because it’s too hot, you need to get them water guns.

The minute they see water guns, they will race out to fill and start shooting water. You will have a hard time getting them inside after that.

19. Make-Your-Own Maze

Make-Your-Own Maze

Teach your kids how a maze works and ask them to build a maze of their own with rocks. Help them if they need you or supervise them from afar.

Either way, your kids will have a great time finding the way in and out of their own maze.

20. Yard Yahtzee

Yard Yahtzee

Looking for outdoor games that the whole family can enjoy? Get a Yard Yahtzee today! This is the perfect game for the whole family that you all can enjoy outdoors.

The best part is that everyone can play this game when they are kids. The teens of your family will especially love this game as it’s a popular mobile game.

21. Basketball


Let’s shoot some hoops. Remember the time we used to shoot hoops in the driveway? Where has that time gone?

Parents nowadays are too busy to engage with their kids. Let’s change that today, install a basketball hoop and play with your kids.

22. Cornhole


Investing in board games is a great idea, but do you want to know what’s even better? Investing in outdoor games that are beneficial for both mind and body.

Cornhole is a strategy game. This portable game is so much fun, and you can take it to any gathering or family picnics and enjoy it with your kids. The outdoors can be a lot of fun if only you make it.

23. Scavenger Hunt

Bored kids are easily amused with a little effort. We are thinking of Scavenger Hunt. Yes, it will take a bit of preparation on your part, but imagine the fun your kids will have to look for the things on their list.

You can get inspiration from online sources about how to prepare the ground for your scavenger hunt. While your kids play, you can sit on the porch with a cool drink and watch the kids look for clues and find treasure.

24. Blindfolded Dodgeball

Blindfolded Dodgeball

A traditional game of Dodgeball can be made a lot more fun with a few changes. One of these changes is to play the game blindfolded.

Did you know that when you put one sense on hold, the others become extra active? You can also have two partners, one blindfolded and the other helping the blindfolded one. You can also add pool noodles and an active ball to the lot.

Whoever touches the active ball gets eliminated from the game. It’s a great game to play outdoors. However, to make it fun, you will need to mark boundaries.

25. Sponge Pass

Sponge Pass

Sponges dipped in paint or water are the most fun prop for any game. There are so many games you can play with something as simple as a sponge.

Imagine playing Catch with a sponge soaked in water. Make the fun double by preparing buckets of colored water. You can use food dye or paint to make colored water.

26. Frisbee


Do you know how many benefits a simple frisbee can give your kids? Playing frisbee is a full-body workout. From your agility to your sprinting, it helps strengthen all muscles in the body.

If you want your kids to be fit, healthy, and hearty, you need to buy them a couple of frisbees. Moreover, regular frisbee play is also recommended for kids and adults who need to lose weight.

27. Kickball


Kickball is the amalgamation of soccer, softball as well as baseball. It’s fun and healthy. If your kids are bored of the traditional version of kickball, there are many variations to try as well.

Fun fact, kickball is played in most schools. Apart from that, kids and adults can also participate in kickball matches that happen worldwide and are supervised by World Adult Kickball Association (WAKA).

28. Steal the Bacon

To play Steal the Bacon, you need a number of kids, so do it when you have your kid’s friends over for lunch or tea.

A simple game of steal the Bacon helps develop listening skills, teamwork as well as number recognition.

29. Flashlight Tag

Flashlight Tag

If you think it’s too dark to play outside, you need to invest in some flashlights. Give your kids flashlights and explain how to play flashlight tag.

The summers we have spent outside, playing till dusk and long into the night, were the best summers of all. Let’s relive those precious days through our kids. Let them have some uninterrupted fun.

30. Tug of War

tug of war

Tug of war is another traditional game that makes for the perfect outside sport for the neighborhood kids. If the kids can’t decide what to play, ask them to do a tug of war, and whoever wins can decide what to play.

How cool is this strategy to increase outdoor playtime? Your kids won’t even know how you tricked them into playing one game for another.

31. Hopscotch


There is nothing simpler than playing Hopscotch. It’s a popular game among preteens, it’s also the game that kept us amused for hours when we were kids.

Draw the Hopscotch pattern on the ground, and throw anything small like a key or a bean bag on squared marked 1. Skip one and hop through all squares and back and pick up your object to successfully finish the round.

You win if you successfully run the course and pick up your marker, you lose if you lose your balance or forget to pick up the marker.

Outdoor games aren’t only fun, but they are also very healthy. They also might be just the thing our kids need today to unglue them from their respective screens.

However, you can’t make them go outside until you go with them. Kids learn more from actions than words, so show them how incredible the outside world is.


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