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31 DIY Organizing Solutions You Need

Are you struggling with an untidy, cluttered, and disorganized home and don’t know where to start? I have 31 great organizing solutions that will help you tidy up.

Everything from your desk to your pantry, your nightstand, your electronic device cords, your jewelry box, your kid’s books, and more will have a space.

DIY Organization solutions for every room

1. DIY Desk Organizer

DIY Desk Organizer


When it’s time to tidy up, my first destination is always my desk!

Take a look at this fabulous idea to make your own DIY Desk Organizer. By upcycling leftover food packaging and adding a touch of paint, you can easily declutter your office space.

Follow the instructions and you will soon have a pristine desk that allows you to manage any work challenge that comes your way.

Continue tidying with these other simple ways to organize a home office.

2. DIY Tea Organizer

DIY Tea Organizer


If you are a tea lover like me, you probably have dozens of different varieties of tea bags lying around on your kitchen shelf, in drawers, or in your pantry.

I was super excited when I came across this cool idea to make a DIY Tea Organizer.

It uses everyday home items like cardboard, patterned wrapping paper, and plastic boxes to create a really pretty tea bag holder.

Check out these other fun ways to organize your kitchen!

3. DIY Pantry Boxes

DIY Pantry Boxes


Do you want to cry when you walk into your pantry and are faced with a mountain of baking trays, cookie sheets, pudding molds, cooling racks, muffin tins, and pie dishes?

And, because they are all different sizes, it is impossible to stack them! Here is a great idea to organize your pantry using old wooden boxes and dowel sticks.

If you don’t have wooden boxes, you can buy 18-inch crates like these. They are ideal for holding your widest baking trays.

4. DIY Card Organizer Box

DIY Card Organizer Box


Do you find yourself rushing around looking for that ‘misplaced’ birthday, greeting, get well, or baby shower card? You know you have it somewhere … but where?

This lovely idea from a DIY expert guides you through making your own DIY Card Organizer Box by upcycling small wooden boxes.

You can even decorate them with paint techniques that you enjoy!

5. DIY Can Organizer for Pantry

DIY Can Organizer for Pantry


If you are looking for a great family-bonding project for a cold winter’s weekend, why not get together and make this very handy DIY Can Organizer for Pantry?

By innovatively using 4-inch wide magazine organizers, pretty fabric, foam boards, glue, and paint, you easily create really attractive holders for all your pantry cans.

6. DIY Jewelry Organizer

DIY Jewelry Organizer


If you missed my blog post on making a simple jewelry organizer – here it is! I use old dream catchers (so yesterday!) and turn them into awesome holders for jewelry and trinkets.

If you don’t have a dream catcher or still want to keep yours above your bed for good luck, that’s fine! You can use bamboo embroidery hoops like these that work just as well.

Follow the easy and fun steps in my blog post and organize small items in a jiffy.

7. DIY Nightstand Organizer

DIY Nightstand Organizer


The next place to organize is your nightstand! I don’t enjoy getting stressed before be, looking for the things I need for a good night’s rest.

This fun project uses wooden yardsticks like these , paint, and glue to create a simple stand that will hold a wallet, a mobile (vital), medication, and other small items you need for your beauty sleep.

Finish your DIY nightstand organizer with a wood stain for a rustic feel. Or, go bold and paint it purple and create a trendy gift for a teenager.

Check out these other genius hacks for small bedrooms next!

8. DIY Cord Organizer

DIY Cord Organizer


Do your kids and hubbies live amongst a tangle of electronic devices and miles of electronic device cords? This fun project will bring organization to the mess.

You can make a DIY Cord Organizer using scraps of leather from your sewing basket, or even by cutting up an old purse.

Use the pattern provided and get started. You do need quality fabric scissors like these to cut leather. Note – don’t let the kids use your fabric scissors to cut paper …. ever!

9. DIY Produce Holders

 DIY Produce Holders

Source: @life50nbeyond

I love this organizing idea because it is so versatile and does not cost a fortune. Simply head off to the dollar store and buy some classic wire baskets.

Use cable ties or small wire loops to connect them. The display holder offers both visibility and easy access to your fresh produce.

10. Denim Pocket Organizer

Denim Pocket Organizer

Source: @real_ta_daan

This is the coolest idea I have come across in a while! When the kids outgrow their jeans or your distressed-look jeans become over-distressed, don’t ditch them.

Simply cut out the pockets and make these awesome DIY Denim Pocket Organizers. All you need are the jeans pocket, an embroidery hoop, and sharp scissors for cutting.

11. DIY Drawer Dividers

DIY Drawer Dividers


A disorganized drawer does nothing to improve your day. It just adds stress when you are urgently searching for something.

Don’t buy expensive drawer dividers! By using colored cardstock like this, you can create fun drawer dividers in any size you want.

All the info is here in my blog post. Try it out – your drawers will be fully functional, clutter-free, and fun to look at!

12. Hanging Organizer

hanging organizer


How cute are these DIY Hanging Organizers? I love that I can make them out of different types of patterned fabric to match the décor theme of the room.

For a bathroom, they are ideal to hold hair clips, tissues, or cotton wool balls. For my sewing room, I use them to store tape measures, threads, pre-cut fabrics, scissors, and marking pencils.

13. Craft Organizer

craft organizer

Source: @life50nbeyond

Craft rooms are next in my spotlight. Who can say that our craft room is not overflowing with a myriad of products? Well, mine certainly is!

Using these clear plastic bins and mesh pencil cups like these  you can easily create a craft organizer to store tubes of paint, paintbrushes, pens, pencils, stamp blocks, rulers, and all your other must-have items.

14. DIY Pen and Pencil Organizer

DIY Pen and Pencil Organizer


This is one of my fave projects – a DIY Pen and Pencil Organizer. The multifaceted design makes it look as if I bought it in a fancy office supplies store!

All you need are thick paper sheets, some decorative paper, glue, scissors, and a ruler. Follow my easy instructions and make your office desk look ultra-stylish.

15. Paper Tube Pencil Holder

Paper Tube Pencil Holder


How pretty are these pencil holders? My friends want me to make some for them too!

This DIY Paper Tube Pencil Holder project uses toilet paper tubes or kitchen towel paper tubes (if you prefer).

You can use tissue paper or scrapbook paper to add patterns and texture and finish it off with decorative Washi tape.

16. Repurpose Candle Holders

 Repurpose Candle Holders

Source: @brynlea.nicole

Recycling is fun and gives one a feel-good vibe. This lovely idea transforms used candle holders into containers for makeup brushes, cotton balls, ponytail holders, and more.

To clean the candle holders, scrape off the excess wax, then place them into a double boiler to melt what is left, pop out the wax mounts, and you are done.

17. Stackable Pill Organizers for Jewelry

Stackable Pill Organizers for Jewelry

Source: @organizedbyaly

Pill organizers are a must-have for meds, but did you know that they also make cool containers for small jewelry items?

Find clear, stackable pill organizers and sort out your chains, earrings, brooches, and pendants into sizes, colors, and styles to become a fashionista of note.

18. DIY Pegboard Organizers

DIY Pegboard Organizers


Test out your measuring sawing, drilling, and nailing skills when you make this very handy DIY Pegboard Organizer.

Pegboards are the easiest way to make use of blank wall space. This project goes one step further by showing you how to make small wooden boxes to hang on the pegboard.

You now have versatility! Hook items on the pegboard hooks, or, if they can’t hook (like pencils or sandpaper blocks), simply place them into the boxes.

19. Belt Organization with mini bin organizers

Belt Organization with mini bin organizers

Source: @organized_nest

Belts are very awkward items to store. They tend to snake all around my closet (as if they are alive) and end up in a tangled mess.

I love this simple idea that uses mini clear plastic bins to hold each belt individually. Now you can easily see the styles and colors you have to match your OOTD.

20. Wall Mounted Jewelry Organizer

Wall Mounted Jewelry Organizer


My next find is a super-easy, super-effective project – a fabulous Wall Mounted Jewelry Organizer.

All you need are a few pieces of wood, cup hooks like these, and a dowel stick. I love how the DIY expert has two different techniques going on here.

Two rows offer multiple hooks for chains, rings, and earrings. The middle row has just two hooks that hold a wooden dowel, making a bracelet hanger.

21. Utensil Organizer

utensil organizer


I never considered taking my utensils out of a drawer until I came across this amazing idea. It makes so much sense to have all my utensils in sight.

The project uses clear glass jars with wide openings.

Follow the instructions to create a colorful coat of paint on the inside a label on the outside, and you have an enviable set of utensil containers.

22. DIY Produce Stand

 DIY Produce Stand


Are you up to the challenge of cutting, drilling, nailing, and painting? The end result is this stylish DIY Produce Stand for your kitchen, pantry, or patio.

This industrious lady gives you detailed steps on how to make the handy stand. Paint it in colors that match your décor theme.

23. Sliding Shelves

 Sliding Shelves


The key point to take away from this project is that junk piles up at the back of cabinets and closets, never to be found again!

By installing sliding shelves, the junk comes to you … hopefully to be discarded and replaced with things you actually need.

Get out your measuring tape, saw, drill, spacers, nails, and hammer, and give it a go.

24. Plywood Closet Organizer

Plywood Closet Organizer


If you are faced with a closet with only hanging space that stretches all your clothing beyond being wearable, you will find that this DIY project is just what you need.

By using cheap pine plywood boards, you can create an organizer that features shelves, pull-out shelves, and shoe storage in any size you desire.

To organize even more – use neat wire baskets like these to hold underwear, socks, scarves, and T-shirts. Check out these other ways to organize a small bedroom.

25. Closet Dividers

closet dividers


If you are feeling crafty and you need a gift for a toddler’s birthday, these delightful Closet Dividers make the perfect present.

You need a pack of cheap plastic closet dividers, pretty scrapbook paper, scissors, glue, a pencil, and Mod Podge.

Follow the instructions and create a set of personalized dividers that will delight Mom and the little one!

26. Craft Closet Organizer

Craft Closet Organizer


This is a project that will keep you busy for a few days. Get help from the hubby, kids, friends, and neighbors, and build your own personalized, well-organized craft closet.

The end result is a picture-perfect closet where you can store and organize all your craft supplies, from paints to pens, boxes, ribbons, scrapbook paper, glitter, glues, and more.

27. DIY Bookshelves

DIY Bookshelves


Getting kids to read is impossible if the books are thrown into a messy closet. Why not make your very own kid’s bookcase decorated with cute pictures that they choose?

I love this innovative idea as it uses strong cardboard boxes instead of wood, so no sawing or drilling is needed.

Let the kids pick out the wrapping paper with cool pictures of superheroes, butterflies, Barbie and Ken, or Anime characters.

28. Rolling Wood Crates

rolling wood crates


One of my pet peeves is having foodstuff, baking trays, and appliances ON the floor in my pantry. And, I do have shelves, but not enough!

That was when this great idea caught my eye. The solution to the problem – make wooden crates that roll. Now you have storage OFF the floor, and they are easy to move.

Buy some sturdy wood crates and wood stain. You also need swivel wheels – choose good quality wheels, you do not want wheels that fall off or get stuck.

29. Snack Rack

snack rack


For any well-organized midnight feast, you need this snack rack. It is easy to make using a wooden board, a drill, screws, spring clamps, and paint.

Follow the easy steps, and your chips and snacks will be displayed as tempting treats rather than crushed-up packets on a shelf.

You can wood stain the crates or use a vintage-distressed paint technique to personalize the finished look.

30. DIY Bathroom Storage

DIY Bathroom storage


For those who want to check out their day’s outfit in a full-length mirror, this is your next DIY project for bathroom storage!

And, the coolest thing is that the mirror becomes the door to a full-sized closet where you can store all your bathroom necessities.

You can download free printable plans to make this versatile addition to your bathroom or dressing room.

31. Basket Wall

basket wall


When I need storage space, I immediately think – must I now buy a costly closet that probably won’t suit my décor theme?

So, when I saw this snazzy idea, I was sold. Why not build a basket wall that looks trendy and offers loads of storage space?

I also love that you can choose different types of baskets – go for rustic woven styles, mod black and white plastic, bold fabric tribal designs, or even sparkly metallic finishes!