20 Christmas Porch Decorations

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Decorate the porch with Christmas decorations. They will add to the mood of the celebration.

In the time of sleigh bells, icicles, and Santa coming down our chimneys, finding the right decorations to express our festive joy can be a challenge. There’s just so much to choose from!

The porch, in particular, is an underutilized stage of festive expression. It’s the first thing your guests see when they enter your home, and it’s always on display for the neighbors. So, it’s important.

christmas porch decorations

Happily, it’s also a great spot for your favorite Christmas decorations! Give this area some festive life with these twenty amazing Christmas porch-decorating ideas.

1. Mrs. Claus’ Bake Shop & Swing

Mrs. Claus’ Bake Shop

Credit: Instagram

If you’re lucky enough to have a porch swing outside your front door, here’s an adorable way to dress it up a bit. The concept is Mrs. Claus’ bakery, so it’s ideal if you love rustic wintertime looks.

Grab some of these gorgeous Christmas cushions, foliage, and a snow-frosted Christmas tree like this to ring around your porch swing. It almost looks like Santa’s living room! Finish the look with a gorgeous wooden farmhouse coffee table. Here is a beautiful one that you can easily get and get your porch going.

Don’t be afraid to dress it up with fake gifts, some plants, and even a sign for the back wall! If you’re stuck for inspiration, just imagine how you’d accessories your North Pole homestead.

2. All is Calm, All is Bright

Mini porch christmas tree

Credit: Instagram

If you love the rustic wintertime look but can’t abide by the whimsical part of Christmas, try out this more modern interpretation. Embrace southern living with rough textures, natural fabrics, and yellow light.

Some of the small pieces in this porch ensemble are what really make it shine. An electric lantern like this offers a safe way to get that rustic, back porch feeling.

Dress it up or down. The choice is yours!

3. A Scandinavian Christmas Porch

Scandinavian porch

Credit: Instagram

There’s something so beautiful about the way Scandinavian design and Christmas cheer blend! Bring geometric minimalism and Christmas shrubbery together on this Scandi-inspired porch.

A large wooden welcome sign is the marquee feature here, along with a dynamic welcome ‘sweet home’ mat like this and an ice-tipped Christmas wreath on the door. This inspiration is very versatile, so go with your gut.

If you’re really dedicated, you might even want to paint your front door this gorgeous Scandi blue. Not only does it call back to winter, it’s a beautiful color to start your home off right.

Get these two artificial Christmas trees and you’re porch is ready!

Love the Scandinavian look? Check out some gorgeous IKEA kitchen island hacks for more.

4. It’s a Jungle Out There

Green wreath porch

Credit: Instagram

This Christmas porch embraces Christmas foliage to the max, putting it on every surface for maximum greenery! This is such a great idea because it still uses Christmas’ traditional colors.

Bring some life to your front porch in the most literal way possible. If you can opt for real pine garlands for that distinctly festive smell. Alternately, pick some up here.

Add red bows like this to finish!

5. A Psychedelic Christmas Porch

Psychedelic Christmas Porch

Credit: Instagram

Looking to stand out from the crowd? Why not eschew the traditional Christmas colors for something completely unique?

The key to this idea is to use traditional Christmas ornaments in non-traditional colors. For example, use multi-colored bauble wreaths like this, pink and blue ornaments, and a silver arch.

Also, getting giant ornaments like these will ensure the look of the entrance!

Create your very own wonderland right on your front porch. Choose your favorite colors to make it your own!

6. Walking in a Winter Wonderland

winter wonderland porch

Credit: Instagram

This one goes out to all those people who just can’t get enough of winter but don’t see snow where they live. This is your chance to have a White Christmas!

The premise of this porch makeover is super simple. All you need to get it done are some snow-frosted trees like these, a wreath, some lights, and a vintage lantern like this for a touch of old-fashioned glam.

If you really want to be sure this makeover pops, invest in some white outdoor side tables like this to elevate the entire thing… literally. This brings the eye up, framing your door beautifully.

7. The Entrance to the North Pole

decorative ornament porch

Credit: Instagram

It’s every child’s fantasy to one day go to the North Pole. Well, now that you’re an adult, why not make that dream a reality with this gorgeous Christmas porch makeover?

Larger pieces like this Nutcracker and North Pole sign are marquee items, but the baubles and lights are what really make the look believable. Don’t forget a whole bunch of greenery!

The key is to create a path to your door, as this makes it more of an “entrance”. Start your path wide and narrow it down, as this gives the impression of the door stretching into the distance.

8. A Lumberjack’s Christmas Porch

lumberjack porch

Credit: Instagram

If you’ve ever wondered what a lumberjack’s house looks like at Christmas, then this idea will answer your question. This gorgeous porch is inspired by the origin of Christmas trees: the tree farm!

This hack works particularly well if you live somewhere cold and actually need somewhere to store your firewood. It’s two birds with one stone! Pick up some themed barrels like these for extra believability.

Don’t forget to hang a gorgeous wreath on the door. This is the focal point of the porch setup and really elevates the design into something festive.

9. Joyful and Green

joy pallet

Credit: Instagram

The name of the game with this porch design is definitely “joy”. Combining beautiful green livery with natural wood accents is the fastest way to get someone to feel at home.

In fact, you can leave this setup as it is all-year-round. When Christmas comes, just add the wreath and “JOY” lettering on the walls for that touch of needed festivity.

If your door isn’t already bright white, consider painting it! The bright shade adds a needed clean contrast to the livery of the shrubs.

If you’re a fan of bright and living porch décor, check out my other post for 20 Cute Easter Porch Décor Ideas.

10. Pretty in Pink

pretty pink decor

Credit: Instagram

Pink isn’t a color you see much around Christmas, but I, for one, think it needs to make a stronger appearance. Pink Christmas decorations can be done so tastefully, so this one is for the pink-lovers!

The key to making this hack work is the white wicker outdoor furniture. An all-white setup offers a beautiful canvas on which to add your light pink adornments. Think, throws, flowers, even lights!

Finally, make sure you get that little touch of Christmas in there. These Santa head mugs do the job perfectly.

11. A Black and White Christmas

black and white decorations

Credit: Instagram

This is for those who love living in shades of grey… literally. This black and white porch set up embraces rough textures and chalky white, creating a scene reminiscent of an old homestead.

While this crafter set up the porch with skiing and ice skating in mind, you can just as easily customize it to suit your interests. Just make sure you pick out accessories in black and white!

To cap it all off, ring your door in some basic green foliage like this and wind golden lights all throughout. The gold light is friendly and welcoming, shedding a warm glow on all who enter.

12. Create a Cosy, Traditional Sitting Spot

cozy porch sitting area

Credit: Instagram

The center point for this décor idea is a rocking chair likes this crafted from dark wood. Throw a red blanket and a Christmas-themed cushion on it to make it festive, but this crafter took it one step further.

Build a small screen of foliage, shrubbery, and trees in front of your sitting corner. Make sure you have some red accents in there like holly berries, as these play off the red cushion and blanket.

Not only does this provide a little privacy as you sit in to reminisce, adding some catnip into the mix might attract the neighborhood feline to complete the look.

13. It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Candyland

Candyland decor

Credit: Instagram

There are those in this world who love simple, sophisticated Christmas décor. Then, there are those who can’t get enough of the campier side of things. This porch décor goes out to the latter!

This crafty homeowner built the entrance to Candyland on their doorstep and added some Christmas-y elements into the mix.

From the candy ornaments to the white sugar frame on the walls, this is the perfect way to get the neighborhood’s sweet tooths to show up at your door.

14. A Buffalo Plaid Extravaganza

Buffalo plaid porch

Credit: Instagram

Sometimes the best thing you can do is lean into the traditional elements of a holiday. So, if you’re struggling with the year’s Christmas porch décor, why not opt for full-on buffalo plaid?

The key item in this décor scheme is definitely the buffalo plaid outdoor rugs. Echo the green and red on the walls using foliage, ribbons, lights. You name it! The result will be a gorgeous sight to see.

15. Bring the Farmhouse Home

farmhouse pinecone decorations

Credit: Instagram

On the other end of the spectrum, sometimes keeping it simple is the best way to make your house feel homey on Christmas Day. While this porch décor has echoes of Christmas, it’s mostly just natural!

Elements like a bucket full of pinecones, a woven doormat, and garlands around the door all bring the natural world to your doorstep. The only true Christmas item is the unique pinecone wreath.

You can even add some worn brass jugs like these for an extra farmhouse feel. So, if you love the feeling of coming home to simple, comforting décor, this is the porch for you.

Love the farmhouse aesthetic? So do I! Check out my post on 21 Farmhouse Spring Décor Ideas You Want to Try.

16. Make it Bright and Cheerful

cheerful teal accents

Credit: Instagram

While there’s nothing wrong with the traditional Christmas colors, sometimes mixing it up is the way to make your house stand out from the rest! Try hanging onto either the red or the green.

Then, find a stark contrast color to use as its base. This clever crafter used bright turquoise furniture set to contrast the red on her porch, and it ended up looking beautiful.

To be sure this strategy works, make sure you use Christmas lights, garlands, and ornaments in the traditional colors to make sure your viewer knows you’re aiming for festivity.

17. Use Soft Elements for a Cosy Look

teal and red cosy decor

Credit: Instagram

Speaking of red and teal, this inspiring decorator used the same colors as the one before but made it look much softer. Her use of cushions and deeper jewel tones made this look more liveable, almost cozy!

One great way to offset the use of bright colors is to use a washed-out furniture set. This provides a calmer base, something for the eye to “relax” on. Try to incorporate soft elements for a cozier feel.

18. Simple, Fresh, and Minimalistic

minimalistic porch

Credit: Instagram

There’s just something about using greenery that makes a porch scene come alive. Much like the Scandinavian porch from earlier in this list, this crafter uses greenery to great effect.

Using white walls and white furniture as your base, transform your porch with black industrial accents (like this firewood rack). Then, complete the look with small Christmas trees or garlands.

19. Choose Some Old-Fashioned Charm

large red ornaments

Credit: Instagram

There’s more than one way to do a “traditional” Christmas. Using elements with a worn aesthetic and muted tone transform your porch, taking you back in time to where things (and décor) were simpler.

From the traditional wreaths on the windows to the washed-out furniture set, this porch screams “adorable”.

Add some candy lawn ornaments for a touch of fifties nostalgia, and even try a red pull-wagon to take it over the edge.

20. The Ultimate Traditional Christmas Porch

traditional garland porch

Credit: Instagram

Finally, let’s take it back to Christmas’ roots. The days when families would spend hours decorating the house together, stringing up lights and casting pine garlands on every surface, they could find.

Sometimes, it really is just fun to stick with what you know. This porch is the traditional Christmas elevated, taking elements like lights and pine needles to the next level.


Do you like any of these porches? Let me know in the comment section!

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