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27 All About Me Activities for Preschoolers Lesson Plans

Preschoolers are at an age where they’re starting to understand themselves and the world around them. Keep them engaged with these all about me activities for preschoolers.

There’s no better time to illustrate many different paths and exercises to strengthen that understanding.

Channeling that curiosity with educational tools like these preschool activities helps prepare our little ones for success while having so much fun.

The list below of hands-on activities will help kids with their fine motor skills, gross motor, critical thinking, problem-solving, and many other essential foundational tools.

preschool activities all about me

1. Rainbow Colors of Me

rainbow colors of me

This first activity is a fun and very adaptable activity to do with any young children. For preschoolers, working with colors is a great way to have them think critically in a fun way.

There are endless templates for this activity online, or feel free to make your own! If you don’t already have them, pick up this bundle of crayons–all the colors you need!

Have preschool girls? They’ll love these preschool games for girls to play!

2. First Day of School Crayon Craft

first day of school crayon craft

A note to start: keep the seam on the construction paper; the information gets pasted inside.

Fold a piece of construction paper in half and cut a pointed top and round edges to mimic a crayon.

You’ll need a get-to-know-me questionnaire; whether you’d like to make your own or find one, paste it inside.

For the front, make the bands add a picture of your kid, and write ‘first day of – grade.’

If you are a preschool teacher, This is one of the most fun activities for the beginning of the school year!

If your kids love crafting, you need these fun crafts for 3-year-olds.

3. First Day of School Worksheet

first day of school worksheet

Easy enough to make your own version or find free printables on the web.

Customize it however you see fit and help the little ones fill out anything they may need guidance in completing the assignment.

Your little learners will agree these printable activities are a great addition to your preschool lesson plan for the beginning of the year!

4. Time Capsule

time capsule

Time capsules are a unique project facilitated by either a teacher or a loved one of a child. You’ll need a container with a lid or a securing element; this container is great and easy to customize.

The next part is entirely up to you and the kids. They can include favorite things like favorite books, a favorite toy, pictures of each child, or other fun ideas with a preschool theme.

You can find a printable page on sites like Teacher Pay Teachers, Etsy, and beyond for more learning fun!

5. Mask Self Portrait

mask self portrait

One of the best preschool crafts while we still find ourselves in times of Covid. Simple, cute, and for preschoolers, you may want to find a template of a head and mask they can personalize.

After grabbing this template, we’ll want to fold it width-wise equally four times over. Sections 1 and 2 will house the entirety of the face, while 3 and 4 will depict any of their interests and mask.

6. Family Handprint Tree

family handprint tree

The family handprint tree is excellent for a thankful time of year. Anyone that lives with the child gets invited to participate!

First, the tree base gets made, consisting of a paper plate as the base and a toilet paper tube as the trunk.

To make it easier to attach all hands, cut multiple snips at the top to replicate branches. Everyone gets their hand-painted a color they like and stamps it onto a sheet of paper.

After the paint has dried, all get cut out and attached to a toilet paper tube tree. As you attach each hand, each member could share what they are thankful for this season.

7. Mini Printable Book

mini printable book

Another variation of the first-day worksheet, mini books for a little one to fill out at the end of a year, birthday, or school year, is such fun.

If you are interested in going the extra mile, you could hand-make the whole thing! If you’d instead find a pre-made outline, check this one out.

This preschool memory book is a fun activity for kids of all ages as well if you want to use it to complete lesson plans for other classes!

8. Working Lung Model

working lung model

Yes, you read that right–It’s a great way to teach youngsters how the lungs work since they are essential to our life.

It’s a grand experiment, and this blog has a great step-by-step tutorial to help construct the model. This is a fun science activity for the start of the school year.

9. Emotions sensory Play

emotions sensory play

This idea is excellent to pair with Inside Out; Feel free to use Play-doh, slime, or any other interesting textural toy–the important part are the colors.

If you’d rather make the items than buy them, here’s a great slime recipe! You’ll need to have red (anger), yellow (joy), purple (fear), and blue (sadness) for the activity.

Ask how the child feels when certain situations happen, and let them know that more than one feeling is okay and normal! Continue to ask questions in any form best suited for them.

10. All About Me Worksheet

all about me worksheet

All about me sheets are a classic for young kids to think critically about themselves. There are endless preschool worksheets online, but here’s one I’ve enjoyed using!

11. Roller Coaster Activity sheet

roller coaster activity sheet

The quicker kids learn to discuss and feel their emotions, the better off they’ll be. Using visuals at this young age is the easiest way for kiddos to grasp the concept.

A roller coaster is a recognizable image and a terrific utensil to illustrate.

For those who want a premade sheet is a great one to use, but even drawing a wavy line and asking about how we feel at high and low points will still do an adequate job.

12. Pumpkin Puppet Social Emotional Activity

pumpkin puppet emotions

We recently used pumpkins for fall as a customizable idea for any time of the year.

All you need are paper bags, a simple face you plan on using for the craft (the one you can change the emotion), a place to write “I feel _____” to write in the emotions.

To assemble, attach the face(s) to the bag(s)–specifically the bottom flap while the bag is closed and the top of the head attached at the seam.

The chin should be facing the bottom or opening of the bag.

Draw different mouths onto the faces, have your child share their feelings, record the findings together, and attach them to each corresponding bag.

Then, of course, color if you haven’t already.

13. 5 Senses Pop Rocks

5 senses pop rocks

This experiment is so fun and sweet! You’ll need a couple of packages of Pop Rocks and empty them into a few small dishes.

To begin, ask your kids what you see, smell, feel, taste, and hear–add a little water to one if they don’t want to try or what they hear before and after tasting.

Record your findings in a notebook and talk about how they felt about the experience!

14. My Name Turkey Craft

my name turkey craft

A sweet little turkey that helps practice your kids’ names, and this one, you can print up to 20 words (make sure to read if you have suitable compatibility on your computer)!

The craft is simple for little ones to practice correct spelling.

15. Name Recognition Activity

name recognition activity

At this age, it’s all about letter recognition. The easiest and cheapest way to do this is to grab multicolored post-its and a marker(s).

At this point, you can customize it any way you’d like and if you have different colored post-its.

Make sure to write out the name they’re working on twice and practice anywhere you have the space–from the fridge to the side of a dresser.

Alternate colors of the sticky notes as you write their name, so it helps them discern better the correct order.

If you only have one color of a notepad, use bright and bold markers to create the same effect rotating through what you have, but using the same colors for each letter in both sets of names.

16. Body Parts Matching Activity

body parts matching activity

We love a printable download in our house, and the next couple are great options! First, we’ll talk about this free printable matching game.

The blog post does a nice job of explaining the rules of how to prep and play the game.

You’ll have three sets, one that you’ll match the item to the correct part of the body and the other words that go along with it.

17. Shape of Me Cards

shape of me cards

Visual Discrimination, or identifying the similarities or differences between different images, is a great way to gauge how a little one is developing.

Yes, it takes a bit of explanation upfront, but once they’ve picked up the skill, it’s fun; these cards come in every theme imaginable.

These Safari Animal Shadow Clip Cards are a digital download, so all you’ll need is a clothespin. This pack will do the trick and last you years if you don’t already have some.

Print them out, laminate them (if you want), and share them with your preschooler!

Your preschoolers will have so much fun playing these board games for preschoolers.

18. Family Tree Sensory Play

family tree sensory play

Grab all the photos of family members needed, draw a tree on a page, and attach the pictures to it.

After, and before it goes into the bin, you’ll either want to laminate the photo page or put it into a large enough ziplock; this combo of Ziplocks should fit any size tree well.

Once secured, put it into the bin and place anything on top you may have on hand–sand, flour, erasers, small fidgets, and grab a paintbrush.

Now, your little one is ready to explore! Make a game of it by seeing if they can find different family members or remember where they are.

19. Dog themed Name Recognition Activity

dog themed name recognition activity

Practicing names is essential for a preschooler. One of my favorites is doing a name-recognition activity with them, but today I’m sharing this cute dog-themed one!

20. 5 Senses Fall Leaf

5 senses fall leaf

So many things visually change during this time that people learning can grasp concepts more easily.

Anything from talking about the five senses concerning a leaf that has changed colors to education sheets online is fantastic!

Try more of these fall craft activities for preschoolers!

21. Emotions Playdough Mat

emotions playdough mat

Visual aids, as mentioned, are an incredible way to reinforce explanations of this complex subject.

Here’s a great set of mats to use the next time the playdough comes out. Together you can talk about each feeling in a very natural setting.

22. Label a Skeleton worksheet

label a skeleton

This skeleton worksheet is a great spooky way to show children what body parts look like underneath the skin without being too graphic.

The labels on this worksheet may be a bit advanced; feel free to supplement them with simpler terms.

23. Name Recognition with Polystyrene Cups

name recognition with polystyrene cups

Write each letter of their name onto sticky notes and tape them completely onto an oversized sheet of paper–make sure everything fits comfortably.

Ideally, we want enough space between each letter, so it isn’t hard to match the cup to the correct letter. For each cup, write a corresponding letter to spell out the name again.

If you don’t have any polystyrene cups, these are a great deal!

24. Edible Family Tree Activity

Feel free to use your favorite pancake, sugar/peanut butter/double chocolate cookie, or any other surface that works for you.

Grab some toppings that make sense with your chosen base and a binding agent like icing to attach everything for the activity.

25. Body Parts Printable Activity

body parts activity

Preschoolers are at the age where they are starting to ask more complex and relevant questions!

A significant topic of curiosity is the human body, so I love any simple activity that can help answer some of those questions.

Here’s a charming body part bingo activity to try out!

26. Name Bean Collage

name bean collage

This activity has little prep. All that’s required is a sheet of construction paper with the little one’s name, dry beans, white glue, and some q-tips.

Once it’s written, use the q-tip to dip it into the glue and trace the name. After each dab, the kid will grab a bean and put it onto the fresh paste.

27. Lego Self Portrait

lego self portrait

A Lego self-portrait is a great way to introduce Legos or have some constructive and creative fun.

Start with a baseboard and start building from there. You can guide the activity by asking them to create the different parts of the face!

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