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21 Study Tips You Need to Know

Was anyone else less than a stellar student back in the day and wish they had come across some good ideas to try? Same (I did fine but could have done much better). These study tips will help!

Whether you’re a college student or a student’s caretaker, I’ve got you covered! And for the rest of you, it’s never too late to use these for any part of your life that could improve with studious habits.

1. Keep Your Workspace Clear

clear workspace

Seems like a no-brainer and easy enough? Believe it or not, many people try to function through the clutter.

Take a few minutes to reset the area before diving in. A clear desk means a clear mind and being ready to receive information.

This is one of the most ingenious life hacks for students to be more productive!

2. Make a Distraction List

distraction list

The distraction lists help those who have a wandering mind or believe they can multi-task. It’s a way of checking yourself and creating boundaries to make sure you accomplish your work goals.

3. Hang a ‘’No Disturb’’ Sign

"no disturb" sign

If you know the student or person working does better in a quiet environment, consider a literal “Do Not Disturb” sign.

This idea is especially helpful if you have a busy house full of people, whether family members or roommates.

Jazz up the sign with this fun but serious washi tape.

If you are a parent looking to help you teens, you’ll also want to know these incredible mom hacks!

4. Search for a Study Buddy

study buddy

Just like a workout buddy, this idea revolves around accountability.

The person you choose should be interested in achieving similar goals–otherwise, it may just turn into a hangout, and that’s not the goal here.

5. Build a Concept Map

concept map

If you’re a big-picture thinker or have trouble seeing it, consider constructing a concept map as you sit down to study.

It helps highlight all you’ll need to cover going through the material and is a fun checklist.

6. Reread a Topic Multiple Times

reread a topic multiple times

Reading and comprehension look completely different from person to person. A way to help train your brain to retain the material is to plan on reading through it a few times.

Whether we like it or not, most of us start thinking about other things while reading and can completely miss vital information.

Reviewing and rereading are surefire tactics to help with memorization and retention.

7. Beat Stress with Meditation


For the stressful and anxiety-filled students, take the time you need before sitting down and try meditating.

Sitting with and intentionally facing why those anxieties crop up can help keep them at bay while actually studying.

Also, to keep yourself less distracted, grab a timer like this one to avoid screens, which can add to many anxieties.

8.  Set The Flight Mode

flight mode

Flight mode is such a key piece to studying or working. It turns off all communication means, from coming in or going out, creating a peaceful environment.

9. Create a Conductive Environment

conductive environment and study space

Making a space that works for you is one of the biggest helps to your study habits. If you know you can’t sit at a certain chair, swap it out, or essential oils help you focus, add some to the space.

10. Keep the Window Open

keep the window open

Fresh air is literally never a bad idea!

Having circulating air while you work benefits your health, concentration, and mental state–this obviously works better with a quieter environment, but headphones can solve that issue.

11. Combine Tasks You Don’t Want to Do with Something You Like

If you’re dreading a specific task within your studies, pairing it with or adding an incentive can help you through it.

An example is if you hate going through vocabulary words, pair it with a favorite snack or opt for a special five-minute break activity (social media, dance break, etc.).

12. Write Down Your Study Goals

write down study goals

A goal list helps set the intention of what you’d like to achieve, whether for one study session or a whole semester.

Verbalizing these thoughts helps immediately motivate each time you go to work with a clear intention to work toward.

13. Get Enough Sunlight

get sunlight

Nothing is worse than feeling like a mole who has kept their nose in a book or screen for too long.

Whether you grab some sun before or as a break while studying, vitamin D and all the other benefits from the sun will help you recenter to hit the books.

Don’t forget to grab a sunscreen like this!

This is one of the most important life hacks for every day!

14. Listen to Music While Studying

listen to music while studying

Music while you study can benefit those who need it or receive it while studying. If you struggle with it, try specifically a focus, study, or work playlist that is strictly instrumental.

Beyond that, there are different frequencies and white noise playlists—a neutral or non-intrusive sound helps you focus on the material.

15. Take Notes Using Colored Pens

colored pens to take notes

For colorful or visual studiers, taking notes with colored pens can benefit studying.

Assigning a specific color to each type of idea or how important something is makes reviewing notes easier to grasp.

16. Drink Enough Water

drink water

It seems too easy to be on the list, but staying hydrated, specifically with water, can help improve study sessions.

When hydrated, our brain works optimally, serving you well while reviewing materials.

This practical life hack is sure to help you throughout your day!

17. Keep Yourself Mentally Active

keep yourself mentally active

Staying mentally active before or while studying can help your brain stay in its focused state.

Just like someone exercising or jogging, they like to keep moving during a break to keep their muscles engaged to optimize their workout–the same idea goes for studying.

If you’re looking for something like this, grab this great puzzle book! It has a bunch of different types of brain games.

18. Eat Dark Chocolate

eat dark chocolate

Personally, it’s my favorite tip on the post today! Truly, though, dark chocolate has something called Flavonols, which helps improve brain function, including memory.

This dark chocolate is heavenly, and I highly recommend treating yourself.

19. Underline Important Parts

underline important parts of a book

Underlining key thoughts, ideas, or details can help your studies improve immensely in any text you may be working with.

The underlined parts are much easier to reference during work sessions and won’t have you hunting endlessly through pages, chapters, or whole sections of a book.

You might also find these genius binder clip hacks useful!

20. Study in Different Locations

study in different locations

If you know you are someone that, regardless of how much you make a space yours, it’s not always going to be a successful place to work, have a few backup options.

Back in school, I had a few options (my room, library, quiet part of the student center, even outside) that I had prepared to go to depending on my mood.

Sometimes, that change of scenery breaks through all the other successful tips.

21. Prepare All You Need the Night Before

prepare the night before

If you know you have a huge day of studying or work ahead of you, prep as much as you can the night before.

That way, all of your energy can go into academics in the morning instead of finding where your left shoe or laptop charger was last seen.

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