27 Stunning Small Bedroom Ideas to Copy

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Here are 27 stunning small bedroom ideas to copy that will add your personal touch and turn your bedroom into a serene haven of peaceful dreams.

Do you have sleepless nights tossing and turning in your bed, wondering how you can make your small bedroom more stylish, less cluttered, better organized, practical, elegant, and …. more you?

small bedroom ideas

1. Bedroom Panel Shelf

Bedroom Panel Shelf

Source: @dove_cottage

The first small bedroom idea to copy is this wall-to-wall bedroom panel shelf.

It adds a touch of sophistication to a dull wall and provides space to display your selfies, vacation pictures, artworks, and other sentimental collectibles.

The shelf is made from cut-to-size MDF boards, so there is no sawing and drilling! Simply glue it together and paint it a color of your choice.

2. Cozy Bedding

cozy bedding

Source: @champagne_and_shutters

Considering that we spend one-third of our lives in bed, investing in cozy bedding is not just a luxury, it is a necessity!

Buy luxurious throws, plush comforters, silky-soft sheets, and loads of cozy pillows in colors you love.

I mix classic sleeping pillows like these with decorative throw pillows in a choice of colors like these. I also pile up loads of large reading pillows that I can sink into on a winter’s day.

Sharing your bedroom? Check out these small bedroom ideas for couples!

3. Mirrors


Source: @east_shore_home

Getting creative with mirrors is the easiest way to make a small room look larger. Mirrors reflect light, instantly changing a drab bedroom into a bright, airy, welcoming space.

Mount tall mirrors side by side to create an illusion of spaciousness.

Buy full length unframed mirrors for a sleek minimalist look. Or, make your own framed mirrors in styles and colors that suit your decor theme.

4. White and Bright Color Scheme

white and bright color scheme

Source: @sticksandthecity_

Do you have a small guest bedroom that is dark, boring, and uninviting? Don’t depress your guests!

A makeover using light colors creates a world of difference. Choose off-white, ivory, cream, eggshell, and champagne tones – they are less clinical than stark white.

Finish your look with glass wall lamps that reflect light and luxurious natural linen ceiling-to-floor curtains like these to add texture and depth.

5. End of the bed storage

end of the bed storage

Source: @bumble_bee_cottage_

Finding storage space in a small bedroom is a challenge! But, the end of the bed often provides an opportunity to get creative.

End of the bed storage is ideal for linen, seasonal clothing, toys, books, and kid’s games. You also gain a surface for ornaments or that midnight snack.

Make your own end-of-bed storage box, or buy a ready-made storage Ottoman bench.

6. Storage Trunk Bedside Table

storage trunk bedside table

Source: @rebeccasglamhome

If you enjoyed the ‘copy’ idea above, but find that the end of your bed is rammed up against a wall or window, look sideways!

Vintage-style storage trunks offer loads of storage space and also double as lovely bedside tables. Choose designs and colors that enhance the theme of your room.

7. Floating Bookshelves

floating bookshelves

Source: @the.ever.house

I can’t have enough floating shelves, and, for a small bedroom, they are amazing for holding books.

Get the kids reading, offer your sleepover guests interesting novels, or stash a collection of your latest thrillers.

How cool is this idea? These floating bookshelves allow the books to hang, giving you space on the shelf to display ornaments, pictures, or your pet rock collection.

8. Above Bed Shelving

above bed shelving

Source: @enrichium

Look above your bed, what do you see? Loads of unused space I bet! By installing above bed shelving, you can utilize this space for linen, seasonal clothing, books, and even sports gear.

In a kid’s small bedroom, use the space for toys, games, action heroes, and puzzles. Mount shelves up to the ceiling to maximize the use of your space.

9. Small Desk

small desk

Source: @life_of_alanaw

Whether you have kids of school-going age doing homework, teenagers gaming, or adults finishing late-night work, having a desk in a bedroom is a win!

Small bedrooms need small desks. Take a trip to IKEA, the dollar store, or purchase a compact small desk like this from Amazon. The clever design has open shelves on two sides for extra storage.

10. Choose Wallpaper that makes the room look larger

Choose Wallpaper that makes the room look larger

Source: @rebeccasglamhome

This is a great small bedroom idea to copy from a professional!

Look closer – there are no installed panels on the wall. The homeowner has used paneled wallpaper that gives the room a sophisticated finish and makes it look bigger.

Choose lighter off-white, cream, or ivory wallpaper tones to make the room feel airy and fresh.

11. Daybed


Source: @littlelattihouse

Very small bedrooms do not offer the luxury of space for sitting and sleeping. Installing a daybed is a versatile solution to solve the problem.

A luxurious daybed becomes a sofa during the day, offering plush, comfortable seating for reading, chatting, or lounging. At night, it transforms into a cozy haven for a restful sleep.

Check out more small bedroom design ideas here!

12. Built In Shelves

built in shelves

Source: @mybeachyfarmhouse

Built-in shelves and small bedrooms are perfect partners. Install your shelves wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling, making the best use of space to provide ample storage.

Take time to design the shelf layout to suit the occupants of the room.

You may need space for – a mounted TV, gaming equipment, school books, framed pictures, vases of flowers for guests, or your great-aunt’s Imperial Chinese Vase that you can’t throw away.

You might also enjoy these unique wall shelf ideas!

13. Functional Furniture

functional furniture

Source: @housetohomeatlast

When it comes to small rooms, choosing functional furniture that serves more than one purpose maximizes your use of space.

This smart homeowner has a bed that also offers storage space in drawers. The small work desk doubles as a nighttime bedside table.

No surfaces for decorations? No problem, get creative and hang them from the ceiling!

14. Neutral Tones

neutral tones

Source: @our_little_doer_upper

Neutral tones evoke a sense of lightness, brightness, and spaciousness, making them the perfect choice to create an airy atmosphere in a small bedroom.

Choose off-white, ivory, light gray, cream, and eggshell hues for your walls, curtains, cabinets, and bedding. A lush green pot plant adds a pop of color, perfectly complementing the neutral tones.

15. Dark Wall

dark wall

Source: @sophiebayliswrites

I have been chatting a lot about neutral shades for a small bedroom, but if you are brave, you can do the opposite! Go dark and blend!

In this stunning decor design, the bedside tables and the wall are painted in the same dark midnight-blue shade, creating an optical illusion of more space.

Become a magician and “vanish” an even bigger piece of furniture such as a wardrobe or chest of drawers by using the same technique!

16. Pops of Color

pops of color

Source: @thehousethatjenbuilt_

Pops of color add a fun and trendy vibe to a small bedroom, bringing personality and energy into the space.

Look for modern floor rugs like this nature-themed leaf rug for a kid’s room or this vibrant Moroccan tribal rug for a guest room.

You can also add pops of color with bright cozy throws, plush pillows, and graphic wall art.

17. Elevated Bed

elevated bed

Source: @abby.at.number.82

Kids love elevated beds! And, you instantly create storage space underneath for toys, books, games, electronic devices, sporting gear, clothes, and shoes.

You can leave the space open (as in the picture above), or you can install pull-out drawers, sliding-door cabinets, or open shelves.

18. Hanging Plant

hanging plant

Source: @small.space.decor

In small bedrooms where surfaces are at a premium, hanging plants are a brilliant solution, allowing you to bring nature into your living space.

Beautiful baskets overflowing with Ivy, Philodendron, or Boston Fern can be mounted from the ceiling. Air plants do not need soil or water and can easily be mounted on a wall.

Transform your small bedroom into a luscious oasis with this trio of hanging baskets. Check out these other plants in bedroom ideas!

19. Corner Dressing Table

corner dressing table

Source: @becs_homelife

My next small bedroom idea to copy turns a forgotten corner into a versatile space. This gorgeous V-shaped dressing table offers a surface for all your necessities.

It also adds storage drawers and shelves, a mirror against the wall, and a small seat that slides under the dresser. Very smart, functional, and stylish!

20. Statement Wallpaper

statement wallpaper

Source: @theneutralfamilyhome

If you think that wallpaper is so yesterday – think again!

Modern wallpaper will transform a small bedroom into a luxurious island getaway, a sun-kissed beach, a tropical forest, a desert landscape, or an imaginary dinosaur world for kids.

Choose quality wallpaper and finish your look by adding matching carpets, curtains, lampshades, and bed covers.

21. Made to Measure Shelving

made to measure shelving

Source: @evertliving

One (of many) challenges in making a small bedroom functional, is finding shelving that fits seamlessly into the limited space.

Don’t waste time searching for ready-made shelves. Made to measure shelving is versatile and can be designed to fit into any space you have and any color scheme you desire.

Mount the shelves one above one another to create more surface area and add interest to the room.

22. Use Textures

use textures

Source: @retwiggdstylist

Go wild with textures in a small bedroom! Here are some ideas to copy:

– Plush textiles like velvet, brocade, satin and faux fur add sophistication

– Natural woods, rattan, and woven reeds are great for a warm, rustic feel

– Shiny steel and glass create a modern minimalist ambiance

– Leather and thick upholstery are a must-have for a masculine vibe

23. Leaning Ladder Storage and Display Shelves

Leaning Ladder Storage and Display Shelves

Source: @sarahshomeinsouthwales

Don’t know what to do with that old garden ladder? Clean it up, add a coat of paint, and use it as leaning ladder storage and display shelves in a small bedroom.

Being tall and narrow, ladders take up minimal floor space and offer multiple levels to hold books, ornaments, games, electronic devices, and framed photos.

Too much work to make your own? Why not purchase a ladder like this?

24. Wall Decor

wall decor

Source: @interiors71

Your small bedroom may be small, but you have walls! Use your walls to display artwork, retro pieces, hanging plants, graphic posters, or handmade crafts – whatever suits your decor theme.

Floating shelves add space for functional storage and the opportunity to display more wall décor. These aesthetic bedroom decor ideas will inspire you!

25. Monochrome


Source: @east_shore_home

Small bedrooms are the perfect spaces for monochrome themes, and this is a cool idea to copy.

By contrasting black and white, the homeowner has created a stylish, sophisticated vibe that is uncluttered, light, and airy, with a sense of spaciousness.

Take a look at this trendy black and white reversible bedding set.

Choose black and white curtains, lamp shades, chairs, wall art, and ornaments to finish the look.

26. Loft Bed

loft bed

Source: @deborahvieiradesign

If you cannot expand horizontally in a small bedroom, think vertically! Loft beds are a must-have for small spaces.

Lift your bed off the floor, and you have space underneath for a work area, a cozy reading nook, a TV corner, a play area for kids, or a small indoor garden …..

27. Wall Mural

wall mural

Source: @lifeathomewithemma

Can you imagine stepping into a small bedroom and being transported to an exotic tropical island, an endless white-sandy beach, into outer space, or a fantasy fairytale land?

Don’t limit your imagination. These fabulous wall murals from Amazon instantly transform a small room.

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