21 Genius Ways to Increase Storage on Doors

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When you’re short on space and racking your brains for another spot to include storage… there’s one place that will always come to your rescue. These door storage ideas are here!

Behind every door – quite literally – is the potential for increased storage that will keep your home looking pristine and uncluttered.

To help you find these spaces in your home, I’ve put together a list of twenty-one ways to increase storage on doors.

Read on for some hacks that would make even the most organized of us weep with joy!

1. Cleaning Closet Storage

Cleaning Closet Storage

Source: @aplaceforeverything.co.uk

Your cleaning closet is the place you go to find the things you need to put your house back to rights. It should be a place that feels serene and calm. But often, clutter turns it into chaos.

That’s why I love this simple cleaning closet wire basket. Perfect for holding heavy cleaning supplies, this is a great way to create more space.

2. Plastic Over-Door Storage

 Plastic Over-Door Storage

Source: @simply.put.home

Want to keep it even simpler? A hanging plastic organizer is an affordable way to create some extra storage in your cleaning closet.

It looks great and functions beautifully, going up in mere minutes!

3. Walk-In Spice Door

Walk-In Spice Door

Source: @humphreymunson

This walk-in spice door is like something out of a Pinterest dream. Crafted from fine wood and extending the length of the pantry door, this beautiful scene is ideal for creating more room.

You’ll need to make sure you brace your door’s hinges to handle the extra load, with this hack!

4. Over-Door Shoe Rack

Over-Door Shoe Rack

Source: @mycheshirehome

Give your entryway an extra burst of functionality with a simple over-the-door shoe storage idea. This is the perfect spot to keep everyone’s shoes out of the way.

Add a couple of command hooks right beside the shoe rack to create a spot for backpacks to hang. That turns this into the ultimate entryway closet!

5. Hidden Wrapping Station

Hidden Wrapping Station

Source: @74doors

Whenever a celebration comes around, you’ll need to find some wrapping supplies and find them fast. If you consider yourself an avid gift giver, then this is a great way to store your supplies!

Using some simple over-the-door baskets, you can organize a hidden wrapping station in any room of the house.

6. Hidden Utility Space

hidden utility space

Source: @mindfullyminimized

Here’s a super clever multi-functional organizer, complete with shoe holders to keep your shoes in perfect order. This is a great choice to hang over the door in your bedroom or entryway.

I particularly love the wider baskets at the bottom, as these offer the opportunity to store matching purses alongside your shoes.

Check out these other genius hacks for small bedrooms!

7. Hanging Brush Grid

hanging brush grid

Source: @amysangelscleaning

Looking for some drawer storage that also happens to look good? This simple grid organizer uses S-hooks to hang all manner of brushes and other useful home care tools.

Hang this high enough on your door to allow plenty of floor clearance. That way, you can also hang mops and brooms from this grid!

8. Home Gym Pegboard

Home Gym Pegboard

Source: @kardiaonthego

Who says you need to have an entire room to have a home gym? Why not start with the back of your door?

This super clever pegboard hack lets you store everything you need for a great gym session on the back of a door anywhere in your home. Grab a pegboard here and get repping!

9. Bathroom Door Over-Door Storage

Bathroom Door Over-Door Storage

Source: @ourhome_rbt

If there’s one room in almost everyone’s home that could probably use some more storage, it’s the bathroom. That’s where this versatile, high-fashion door storage comes in.

The industrial look is a great way to distract from this unit’s function, almost making this bathroom storage idea look like a piece of décor on its own!

10. Hanging Shoe Hooks

hanging shoe hooks

Source: @boottique

If you’re after a super simple way to store your boots and shoes on your door, then S-hooks are your new best friend!

Simply hook each boot onto a mounted strip inside your door, and you’re ready to go.

11. Kids’ Toys Storage

kids toy storage

Source: @mummycleans

Kids accumulate so much stuff that it’s hard to keep up! Well, this over-the-door wire storage basket might help in the fight to keep the walls and carpet paint and crayon free.

Simply whip this over your little one’s bedroom closet door and voila! They have an entire station to store their favorite art supplies.

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12. Spice Rack Hack

spice rack hack

Source: @kmart_bargains_and_hacks

Next up, here’s another way to tackle all those spices! Grab a few simple wire spice racks and stack them along the inside of your pantry door for a smorgasbord of spice storage.

Complete the effect by choosing matching spice jars like these to create some uniformity.

13. Simple Handbag and Scarf Storage

Handbag and Scarf Storage

Source: @like_it_j

Made with simple elastic cotton and acrylic hangers, this over-the-door handbag storage is a revelation. It’s so easy to install and use, and it looks great!

I’d even be proud to have this hanging on the front of my door, no questions asked.

14. Caps, Caps, and More Caps!

caps storage

Source: @editandvibe

For anyone who happens to love collecting hats, keeping those hats pristine is a major concern. They can’t be crushed or left in stacks on a shelf, so what is one to do?

This shoe organizer module doubles beautifully as dedicated cap storage.

15. Over-the-Door Coat Hanger

 Over-the-Door Coat Hanger

Source: @yamazakihome

Sometimes, simplicity is the best solution. This over-the-door coat hangers is a great option if you’re looking for some extra spots to hang your back and coat when you come home.

This practical storage idea would be best in an entryway or coat closet, but you could put this anywhere in your home that suits you best!

16. Door Organizers for Snacks

Door Organizers for Snacks

Source: @themarshallconcept

Arguably, snacks are the most important food group. So, of course they should appear first when you open the pantry! That’s why I love these sturdy door organizers.

These are wire baskets with a close weave, giving them a sleek, elegant look that’s perfect for a minimalist kitchen design.

17. Over-the-Door Hanger

 Over-the-Door Hanger

Source: @yamazaki.home.europe

This is an over-the-door hanger in the most literal sense. Create more space in your closet or bathroom with this extendable hanger hook that folds up when you’re not using it!

This is the epitome of hidden storage, which takes up barely any space at all. I’m in love.

18. Hidden Hat Storage

hidden hat storage

Source: @thefileist

Strap your hats to the nearest door and stop them getting crushed in your closet with this simple elastic hat attachment! This is the perfect way to keep your brims in perfect condition.

Not to mention, this can double as a decorative element if your hats are color coded.

19. Fruit and Vegetable Storage

Fruit and Vegetable Storage

Source: @organizedandsimplified4u

It’s never been easier to keep your fruits and vegetables fresh. Generally, you should store fruit and vegetables in their own bins to keep them good for as long as possible.

That’s why this over-the-door storage option is ideal. Grab some produce baskets like these, a few labels, and you’re good to go!

20. Ultimate Diaper Station

hanging diaper station

Source: @clutterfreebycarrie

If you have limited space for a changing table or your little one has grown into the toddler stage, you can create a diaper station on the back of their closet door!

This is such a simple idea, but it will save you a ton of time and stress. Trust me.

21. Keep Your Cords Sorted

cord organizer

Source: @familyhandyman

Finally, we all know the stress of untangling cables for hours when we just need one HDMI cable to get the TV working! Well, no more.

This simple plastic organizer hack is perfect for garages or studies. Keep your messy cables in order and out of sight until you need them, just as they should be.

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