27 Toy Storage Ideas You Need to See

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As much as you love your kids, I am sure you hate tripping over their toys scattered all around the house. Nagging them to put the toys away doesn’t work! These easy toy storage ideas will help!

There are so many ways you can store those toys away and even teach the little ones to do it themselves. Take the inspiration you need.

Today, I have 27 toy storage ideas that will transform your home back into the insta-worthy space you lived in before the little ones arrived.

best Toy Storage Ideas

1. Toy Cubbies

toy cubbies

Source: @thehousebinder

First, on the list, we have these versatile toy cubbies that fit snugly against a wall and provide multiple storage compartments. Kids can each have their own spaces – so no more fighting!

The open design allows easy access to grab and put away the toys. Older kids can store school books and computer games.

The cubbies are kid-friendly and safe and won’t topple over. Use the top shelf to display items that like sentimental photos and cute teddies, or weird things kids love like dead insects and rocks!

2. Labelled Toy Bins

Labelled Toy Bins

Source: @daisydoolabels

Bold stick-on labels teach kids to get organized at a young age. You can stick them on plastic bins, wooden boxes, cardboard containers, or even woven baskets.

Take a look at these fabulous waterproof and dishwasher-safe Toy Bin Labels like these. The set includes 64 pre-printed labels with everyday names like ‘Action Figures’, ‘Cars’, and ‘Dinosaurs’.

It also has eight blank labels for those one-of-a-kind treasures. Let your kids get creative with the blank labels and customize their storage!

3. Plastic Toy Shelf

Plastic Toy Shelf

Source: @kidssensoryplay

Plastic toy shelves are a versatile and affordable storage option for toys. They are lightweight and easy to move, and the open design allows kids to access and put away their favorite toys quickly.

Unlike wood, plastic is a breeze to clean and won’t give splinters! You can pack wire boxes or woven baskets onto the shelves for even more organization.

4. Fabric Storage Bins

Fabric Storage Bins

Source: @pegasusgiftsco

I LUV these fabric storage bins! They are super colorful and fun.

The bags come in a choice of designs with cute pictures on the outside and a colored lining on the inside. They are soft and don’t have spiky corners or hard edges that can hurt little ones.

Best of all, when the bags get dirty, simply throw them in the wash, allow them to air-dry, and voila! your toy storage bins are squeaky clean again.

If you prefer a plain color, take a look at these stylish Gray 22 Quart Fabric Bins  from Amazon.

5. Plastic Containers

Plastic Containers

Source: @jessicawellinginteriors

I love the idea of using plastic containers to store toys and I stack them to save space.

The toys are visible, reducing the mess created when kids sift through wooden or cardboard boxes to find what they want.

And, plastic is so easy to clean. Plastic boxes can also be labeled, clearly showing what is inside.

 If you missed it above, take a look at our Labelled Toy Bins for ideas.

I found this very affordable set of six 13 Quart Stackable Plastic Storage Bins with Lids. They are made of BPA-free plastic which is a win for me.

Give your kids loads of plastic containers and get them sorting!

6. DIY Toy Box

DIY Toy Box

Source: angelamariemade.com

Are you handy with a saw, hammer, and nails? Making your own DIY toy box can be a fun experience.

If your kids are old enough to help out, get them involved and enjoy some quality bonding time together. 

DIY boxes come in a range of shapes and sizes. You can buy a ready-made kit or download a detailed set of instructions online.

Once assembled, have fun decorating this DIY storage idea with paint, pictures, and kid’s names to create a unique personalized box that they will treasure for years to come.

7. Wire Baskets

wire baskets

Source: @neatmethod

If you are pushed for space and prefer not to have drawers that can hurt small toddlers, wire baskets solve the problem! They are light, easy to move, and also look trendy.

Use wire baskets to store soft stuffed animals, wooden blocks, Lego blocks, books, puzzles, action figures, arts and crafts materials, and even clothes and shoes.

The open design allows air to flow, keeping items fresh and clean.

These Stackable Wire Storage Baskets have handles and a space for a label. And, they come in a choice of colors to suit your decor theme,

8. Stackable Bins

stackable bins

Source: @heyitsthecreativemom

I can’t get enough stackable bins! They are durable, light, easy to move, and a breeze to clean.

Stackable bins are also easy to rotate, so those forgotten toys at the back can suddenly become favorites again.

I found this set of Stackable Bins on Amazon. I love the design of the built-in handles that don’t stick out and take up extra space.

9. Closet Storage

Closet Storage

Source: @life_in_the_playroom

Closets offer the advantage of a closed door to hide the mess! I am just joking!

By getting creative with storage containers you can maximize closet space and utilize every last inch by stacking them in an organized way.

Choose these plastic storage boxes for larger toys, teddies, and wooden blocks. Use plastic bottles for smaller items like beads and Lego.

Stand books upright and include some wooden boxes like these for crayons, pencils, and paintbrushes.

10. Woven Baskets

woven baskets

Source: @traceyatkin

Woven baskets bring a natural, earthy feel into a room. They are great for kid’s rooms, as they don’t have hard edges that can hurt little ones.

Woven baskets are pretty and practical and are ideal to separate soft toys, blocks, action figures, dolls, building sets, and more, making the toys easily accessible.

Because they are light and don’t have lids, even small toddlers will be able to access their toys with ease.

You’ll want to see these other ways to organize with baskets as well!

11. Shelves


Source: @alwayschasinglife

Use the most unused space in your home – empty dull walls. With these shelves, you can turn any wall into a fabulous display feature that family and friends will admire.

As kids get older, they accumulate special treasures that they love and cherish. It may be a set of cars, dinosaurs, artwork, action figures, shells, or dolls.

A set of narrow display shelves mounted on a wall will allow them to be creative and take pride in displaying their collections.

12. Mesh Bags

mesh bags

Source: @itsorganized

Next up, we have mesh bags. The boxes that toys and games come in sometimes take up more space than the toys themselves.

This hack is brilliant! Unpack your toys and games and repack them into slim mesh bags. The space you save will be amazing.

Stack the mesh bags in baskets or plastic containers. Because they are semi-see-through, kids can easily find what they are looking for.

Got small toys? These ways to organize small items will help you!

13. Toy Corner

toy corner

Source: @mrandmrsb_home3

Toy corners are magical places where kids can let their imaginations run wild.

By installing V-shaped shelves, you can turn an empty corner into a space where they can keep their favorite toys, games, books, and craft materials.

To maximize the space, use plastic bins or woven baskets to store the toys. Make it even cooler – Place a thick rug and some cozy cushions in front of the toy corner to create a welcoming space.

14. Transparent/Irredescent Bags

 Transparent/Irredescent Bags

Source: @house.of.prim

Which little girl does not like sparkly shiny things? Transparent iridescent bags will add a touch of shimmer and shine to her toy closet or shelves.

They are perfect for Barbie dolls, Barbie clothes, jewelry, beads, makeup kits, and all-things-girly.

Look at these snazzy clear holographic tote bags with handles that I found on Amazon. This is a great deal for 20 bags.

15. Door Hanging Storage

Door Hanging Storage

Source: @mama.murgs

Who would ever think that a door is great for storage? With this simple hack, a door becomes a versatile storage space.

Door hanging storage is easy to install and requires no drilling or hammering. If your kid’s floors, beds, and shelves are smothered in teddies, move some of them into the pouches.

They will still be easily accessible and stay clean while freeing up space for your child to play.

16. Toy Hammocks

toy hammocks

Source: @daisy.and.dragon

This is a great way to get toys off the floor. Mount the hammocks from the ceiling in unused corners as high or low as you require and literally create storage space from fresh air.

They are perfect for light stuffed toys and teddies. Hammocks come in fun colors and patterns, you are sure to find designs that delight the kids.

This cheap hammock even has an LED light that will turn a bedroom into a magical space at night.

17. Wooden Crates

wooden crates

Source: @littlewoodenhouse_

Wooden crates will probably remind you of your childhood days, but they remain a popular choice for toy storage to this day. They are easy to find and come in all sizes.

Some even have wheels for easy moving.

If you are creative, buy blank wooden crates and get the kids to decorate them with paint, pictures, glitter, beads, and ribbons. Use a stencil to add their names to make them one-of-a-kind.

18. Seasonal Storage Ideas

Seasonal Storage Ideas

Source: @too.good.to.miss

In my house, we used to spend so much time looking for last year’s Christmas, Halloween, and Easter materials. Not to mention Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and more ….

This hack has solved the problem. By packing seasonal items into plastic containers and labeling them, we have everything sorted.

We timeously take out items for any seasonal occasion and then decide whether we want to use them, buy more, recycle, or donate them if they are no longer needed.

19. IKEA Kallax

IKEA Kallax

Source: @daisy_ledweaning

I can never talk about hacks without including something from IKEA. Kallax units are stylish, cube-shaped shelving that is soooo versatile.

You can place them on the floor, mount them on a wall, or even use them as a desk.

If you have space, stand them horizontally next to one another. If you are short on space, stack them vertically.

You can personalize the cubes with wire baskets, woven baskets, plastic boxes, or even wooden boxes to further organize the toys.

20. Toy Rolling Cart

toy rolling cart

Source: @suzannes_plans

Well, we all know that kids are experts at dragging toys all over the house. Why not help them along with this fun Toy Rolling Cart?

The great thing is, when they are done playing, packing up is easy and may actually happen!

The carts are lightweight, made of plastic, and easy to clean. They won’t topple over and hurt little people. Just make sure the kids roll them along even surfaces and avoid stairs.

Check out these other great ways to use an IKEA cart here!

21. Storage with a Seat

storage with a seat

Source: @beckys_family_home

Playing with kids on the floor is great until you find that at your age you can’t get back up! I found this cute hack that offers toy storage space and saves backache.

With a comfortable seat in the middle and loads of bins for storage, this is a dream purchase. Kids can easily access the bins to find the toys they want.

Make the seat ultra-comfy with a fluffy mat and a plush padded cushion and you are set for a rainy play-day.

22. Bench with Storage

bench with storage

Source: @ashleycolombointeriors

Here is another cool hack using IKEA Kallax shelves. How clever is this?

By stacking the shelves one layer deep along the floor you can create a long bench for sitting or even lying down to read kids those bedtime stories.

Choose matching woven baskets to fill the cubes and create a cohesive décor theme with colored cushions and cozy blankets.

23. Personalized Toy Chest

Personalized Toy Chest

Source: @toychestuae

This next hack will make any child feel super-special. A one-of-a-kind Toy Chest with their name on the front will give them a sense of ownership and pride in their special place.

Solid wood Personalized Toy Chests last for years and become family heirlooms. Choose ornate, engraved lettering to make the name stand out and you will create an elegant, timeless look.

24. Toy Buckets

toy buckets

Source: @doodlesgiftboutique

Buckets are not only for the beach. Plastic buckets make great containers for storing and organizing toys.

Being light and easy to pick up, kids can carry whatever they need to play outdoors (or into your entrance hall, ensuring that you trip over them!)

I found these very affordable multi-purpose white buckets. Decorate them with fun motifs and add the kid’s names to make them ultra-special.

25. IKEA Trofast Storage

IKEA Trofast Storage

Source: @early.learning.play

As I said, I can’t get enough of IKEA! This is their Trofast toy storage solution, a dream for any Mum.

You can combine the frames and removable boxes to fit any size space you have from the smallest corner to the largest toy collection.

As your kids grow up, the Trofast combinations can be re-imagined as storage for school books, CDs, computer games, or hobby supplies.

These long-lasting cubes will become a part of their lives for years to come.

26. Storage Bins

storage bins

Source: @justadreamnj

Here is another take on toy storage bins. If you are blessed with a large playroom, big plastic bins are so versatile and can be labeled in bold lettering to show what is inside.

Use them for soft toys, action figures, games, blocks, dolls, dress-up costumes, and special finds.

Try to find bins with cut-out handles. I find that these handles save space and simplify packing and carrying.

Don’t overload the bins and ensure that you place them where little people can access them easily. 

27. Under-stairs storage system

Under-stairs storage system

Source: @spire.cottage

My last hack brings attention to yet another forgotten storage area in the home.

Like walls and doors – who would have thought that under the stairs is a vacuum just waiting to be given a purpose?

Use IKEA Kallax cubes, plastic stackable bins, soft woven baskets, or wooden boxes, whichever you prefer. This unused space is just crying out for attention.

Check out these other magical IKEA hacks to increase storage!

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