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21 Brilliant Hydrogen Peroxide Hacks

Got lots of hydrogen peroxide at home? Why not try them on some of these hydrogen peroxide hacks the next time your home needs a deep clean?

Hydrogen peroxide. A simple multi-functional aid that most of us have a particular trick we swear by.

An unsung hero with the ability to bleach hair, sanitize surfaces and even disinfect tools—the swiss army knife of cleaning supplies.

hydrogen peroxide hacks

I just learned to help your hydrogen peroxide from breaking down, keep it in an opaque bottle like this one! Or, you could buy a spray top like this one to attach directly to your peroxide bottle.

We’ve collected some surefire ways to keep your house clean with this little all-star. Feel free to comment on any of your tried and true hydrogen peroxide hacks in the comments!

Watch: 21 Brilliant Hydrogen Peroxide Hacks

1. Clean and Disinfect a Kitchen Sink

clean and disinfect kitchen sink

An excellent way to keep the kitchen sink clean is to spray the whole thing down with hydrogen peroxide and let it sit for 10 minutes. After the time is up, scrub, rinse, and clean.

To up the level of cleaning, try mixing equal parts of hydrogen peroxide and rubbing alcohol together for a spray-on leave-on disinfectant.

Before you start prepping any food, rinse the area well for everyone’s safety.

2. Disinfect Toothbrushes

disinfect toothbrush

If you’d like to elongate the life of your toothbrush, a hydrogen peroxide soak does wonders!

We’ve all had that toothbrush that’s starting to look a little loved but is still perfectly fine–this is where this hack comes in.

In the in-between phases of gross old and brand new toothbrushes, simply fill a cup with peroxide and put your toothbrush bristle side down.

Let the brush sit for 15 minutes after, pull it out, and rinse thoroughly.

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3. Use It as a Bleach

use it as bleach

Run out of bleach or don’t love the smell of it on laundry? Grab your hydrogen peroxide out for your next load and swap it in place of bleach.

All you have to do is add one cup of peroxide to brighten up the whites and enliven your colors. Using this as a bleach alternative is a safer alternative and works just as well.

4. Keep the Shower Clean

keep the shower clean

To keep your shower as squeaky clean as you, try gently mixing ½ cup hydrogen peroxide and ½ cup rubbing alcohol up and put them into a spray bottle. 

Spray down the walls after the last shower of the day has occurred.

If interested, I’ve heard others add dishwashing detergent to their mixture, but I omitted it since it’s intended to be a leave-on spray. Let me know if you look into it!

This spray has been said to help with soap residue and buildup in the shower, which I absolutely love. Keeping up with cleaning the shower can be so daunting.

But, this little hack gives me a little extra time between cleans.

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5. Clean the Garbage Can

clean the garbage can

We all know how dingy the kitchen garbage bin can become with its constant contact with all sorts of raw kitchen scraps and cooked food leftovers. Pull out the hydrogen to save the day!

Spray literally every single inch of the can, both the interior and exterior included, with the peroxide. Let the whole thing sit for about 15 minutes.

After–rinse it, dry it, and put a new trash bag in so everything is ready to go.

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6. Remove Pesticides From Fruits and Vegetables

remove pesticides from fruit and vegetables

Another swap you could make is to use hydrogen peroxide in place of your produce wash/cleaner. Grab a spray bottle with just peroxide in it and give your fruits or veggies a little spray.

A good idea is to grab any produce you plan on prepping and wash it all in one go. After you’ve sprayed, let them hang out with the solution to sanitize any unwanted adages, and rinse thoroughly.

7. Clean Jewelry

clean jewellery

Cleaning jewelry is a little bit more of a cautious thing, so if you’re comfortable, try this one out! Or, look up your hardware material and any stone that may be a part of your piece before cleaning.

You’ll want to mix equal parts hydrogen and this Windex in a bowl. Place your jewelry in the mixture for about 15 minutes to soak, then rinse.

This solution helps get rid of any grime off your pieces.

8. Restore Old Baking Sheets

restore old baking sheets

Baking sheets can look aged way faster than any other kitchen item, but with burnt food, oils, or anything in between, the ageing process is real.

First, you’ll want to cover the troubled surfaces with this baking soda, then come over it with peroxide, and then an additional layer of baking soda.

The solution should sit and soak for 20 minutes and then rinse off and wash regularly.

9. Sanitize Makeup Brushes

sanitize makeup brushes

Have skin issues after taking your makeup off at night? Your brushes may very well be the culprit to your troubles.

Clean your brushes with a solution of hydrogen peroxide, this castile soap, and water–let sit for 10 minutes and then rinse through completely.

This technique can elongate the life of your brushes and help deter any clogged pores, acne, or any other skin woes.

10. Clean Mirrors

clean mirrors

To get a streak-free clean mirror, mix equal ratios of hydrogen peroxide and water. Spray down your troubled spots on the mirror and then follow with this clean microfiber cloth.

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11. Sanitize Cutting Boards

sanitize cutting boards

All kitchen utensils can harbor bacteria and foodborne germs, most notoriously, the cutting board. Spray down any boards you may want to be disinfected with a no higher than 3% hydrogen peroxide.

Let any cutting boards soak for ten minutes, then rinse and let dry.

Specifically, if you have a white plastic cutting board or a lighter-colored one that is stained, this is for you!

Spray it as mentioned above, then leave it in the sun for a couple of hours and then rinse and let dry.

12. Remove Stains From Clothing

remove stains from clothing

Like any colored fabric, test this on an inconspicuous spot or place first. Mix 1 part hydrogen peroxide, 1 part of Dawn dishwashing detergent, and 1 part warm water.

Apply liberally to the affected area and let soak for 15 minutes. Once finished, rub the area with a laundry scrub brush.

After scrubbing, examine the spot to see if it’s still visible. If not, do a second round of the cleaning regime.

Continue to do so until the markings are no longer visible. Rinse out the excess solution, and launder normally.

13. Clean Your Toilet

clean your toilet

Mix ¼ cup hydrogen peroxide with ¼ cup soap, some baking soda, ½ cup warm water and a few drops of essential oil.

Use this mixture to clean your toilet, use the toilet brush to spread it around, let it sit and flush to wash it all off!

14. Disinfect Fridge

disinfect fridge

The fridge cleaning day seems to come quicker some weeks than others, depending on what I’ve been keeping. Using hydrogen to disinfect my fridge regularly has helped regulate the need to do so.

Spray the walls and shelves down like you would a cleaner after taking everything out, and let them sit for 5 minutes. Then, wash everything thoroughly with plain soap, water, and a dry clean cloth. 

15. Sanitize Floors

sanitize floors

Floors can get gross, and if you have babies or young children in your home, you know how important it is to keep it clean for everyone’s health.

It’s simple to keep floors sanitized with hydrogen peroxide.

Once you’ve swept and mopped your floors as you would, and then spray them with peroxide.

Let it hang out for a few minutes and then once you’re ready, use a clean cloth or sponge to clean it up and let it air dry.

The leftovers will evaporate with nothing left behind. The surfaces will be safe for all of you to be on, including any pets you may have.

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16. Disinfect Washing Machine

disinfect washing machine

To disinfect your washing machine seems like a tremendous feat. Where do you even start, and what do you use?

It’s easy–before you start the cycle, wipe down the whole machine thoroughly with a wet towel. We want to remove any dirt, hair, and other matter that will break down or smell with time.

After completing that step, you’ll need to put 2 cups of hydrogen peroxide in the drum and run the hottest wash cycle.

17. Deodorize Your Shoes

deodorize shoes

Make sure to save this one if you or someone you love needs their shoes deodorized! A lowkey and effective do-it-yourself formula, simply pull out the hydrogen peroxide.

First, you want to open and expose the most amount of shoe you can before spraying the interior down (use as much as needed for the smell level).

Then leave them somewhere undisturbed for the night, if possible, or until entirely bone-dry.

Peroxide will act as a disinfectant by killing any fungi or bacteria living large in the depths of your shoes while also alleviating the smell. Ridding of the grimy microbes will, in turn, dissipate the odor.

18. Remove Smell from Towels

remove smell from towels

Are your towels not only looking a little blah but smelling a little blah too? Use a cup of hydrogen peroxide on them in their next wash alongside your regular soap.

Let them air dry by hanging them directly in the sunniest spot outside–that’s best. If not, run them through the dryer in the hottest setting.

19. Clean Burnt Pots, Pans, and Baking Sheets

clean burnt pots, pans and baking sheets

Don’t know how to revive burnt spots on pots, pans, or baking sheets?

Start by shaking some baking soda freely over the entire surface. Next, we’ll spray peroxide liberally but to the point of a pasty consistency.

Check all dark spots are covered in the solution and let sit overnight. The following day, use a scraper to the areas and clean up the remains.

Wash with hot soapy water and a scrubber. Stains will lift quicker, and then when pleased, rinse and dry.

20. Disinfect Reusable Grocery Bags

disinfect reusable grocery bags

An item that gets overlooked and should get cleaned way more regularly–is reusable grocery bags. They carry food from public places and can harbor all sorts of bacteria or other germs.

A simple wash with soap and water is doable or, if you prefer, running them through your machine works too–let air dry.

Once the bags are dry, we will spray them down with peroxide! Make sure to hit all surfaces, including and especially the seams.

Let the bags air dry again, in the sun, if possible.

21. Remove Coffee Stains from Cups

remove coffee stain from cups

For our last hack, pour enough undiluted peroxide into the cup once cleaned. Make sure it covers the stains; once the marks dissolve, pour the peroxide into the next troubled cup.

Once that step is complete, rinse and dry and mugs that have undergone the process.

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