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21 Amazing Magic Eraser Hacks

Got some extra Erasers at home like me, or want to try cleaning this way? Why not try them on some of these magic eraser hacks the next time you have to clean?

So easy, simple, and especially handy in a pinch!

Just swap this Magic Eraser for whatever regular towel, sponge, etc., you use when doing so.

Whether you’re feeling a little less motivated, short on time, or just love using a Magic Eraser, these hacks will change your life.

magic eraser uses

If you need more guidance on any of these specific tricks, take a look at our Youtube page with the same video: 21 Incredible Magic Eraser Hacks

I hope you find a hack you love on this list. I know I certainly do! Feel free to share it below, or if you have a hack you’d like to share, please do!

VIDEO: 21 Amazing Magic Eraser Hacks

1. Make Shoes White Again

make shoes white again

Shoes look a little more loved than you’d like them to look? Use a Magic Eraser to polish them up!

Now, this will only work on wipeable material, like rubber, etc. It won’t be able to clean any cloth material by itself.

The eraser will pull most dinge off your shoes, and they’ll look like new again in no time.

2. Polish Silverware

polish silverware

Giving your silverware an extra sheen this way is a total breeze. Hard water stains and smudges come right off.

Take the sponge from end to end, using more pressure where need be. It will help give your next dinner party that extra unique shine!

Keep you silverware spotless with these baking soda cleaning hacks!

3. Make your laptop look like new

clean laptop

I like to keep my work area clean and keep up with it on at least a semi-regular basis, including my laptop.

A damage-free way to accomplish the sprucing of my Mac is with an eraser, of course.

I do clean the outside shell of the laptop and the keyboard, but it makes a difference. More on the keyboard in a little bit.

I go from one end to the other, almost like a squeegee-esque motion. Remember, be gentle!

Top to bottom, nice and steady.

4. Remove Labels from Glass Jars

remove labels from jars

As we’ve all become fond of saving our jars like generations previously, we’ve all come to the conclusion: How can I get this label off?

If you’re like me, I’ve tried countless methods only to be stuck with an array of remains–sticky, shadow outlines, etc.

Using a Magic Eraser has been an excellent way for me to get those pesky stickers off. Rub in a circular motion and work the area until the desired result.

5. Remove Permanent Marker

remove permanent marker

Ever made the mistake of using a permanent marker on a dry-erase board? The answer is we all have.

The next time it happens, you’ll know how to salvage it! Grab an Eraser and scrub it off with the eraser’s magic.

It’ll be gone without a trace.

6. Remove Stains from Plastic Containers

remove stains from plastic containers

Does your Tupperware have one too many holiday leftover stains on them?

Pull out that eraser and use it like a sponge cleaning out the container. The ghosts of leftovers past will vanish.

Pro tip!

Share this with someone you love. They definitely have the same types of stains happening with their set of Tupperware.

7. Remove Dirt from Windowsills

remove dirt from window sills

Just like a sponge, the surface area of the Magic Eraser is great for picking up grime.

The next time your doing window cleaning, bring one with you. You’ll be amazed at how easily the gunk gets picked up.

I’ve even seen some people cut divisions into their sponges to fit into the tracts of their windows for easier cleaning.

Pull out the screens, then fit the sponge in, and work the Magic Eraser in a sweeping motion across the base.

8. Clean the Oven Glass with Ease

clean oven glass

Again, this magic sponge can erase almost anything, including stuff baked onto your oven windows.

Work in a circular motion, and the fogginess will fade away.

A few rounds of cleaning may take place, depending on how much love your oven window needs! For the toughest messes, spray on a little of this cleaner, or vinegar, which should do the trick.

9. Clean Baseboards

clean baseboards

Baseboards can be a very tricky thing to clean and a pain in the butt! The chore does involve multiple steps, depending on how much yuck is hiding there.

Magic Erasers come in first and help extract the dirt and dust out of place, and then, if needed, these paper towels displace the rest. The towel knocks out any stubborn leftovers that didn’t get to the floor.

Once that step is complete, sweep up or vacuum.

10. Clean Your Iron

clean iron

Does your iron look like it’s older than it actually is? Give it a facelift.

There’s inevitably a good amount of hard water stains or steam remnants on your iron, and it’s so easy to wipe away with an eraser.

You could probably even do the rest of the body while at it. Cleaning irons regularly will help avoid that old water smell in future clothing pressings.

11. Get Rid of Microwave Stains

clean microwave stains

Explosion in the microwave? Or maybe a scary graveyard of stains waiting for you to clean?

Like an oven, cleaning your microwave with the Magic Eraser is a snap.

Whether a new mark or older, it’ll get the job done. I recommend this cleaner for older stains to help get in there deep and relieve the mess.

Like having the cleanest microwave? Check out these vinegar cleaning hacks!

12. Shine Up Your Keyboard

shine keyboard

As mentioned above, I treat my Mac pretty regularly with one of these little guys. Along with the other computers in the house, when I have the chance.

I make sure to shut down everything while cleaning the keyboard so no significant surprises await me on the screen when done.

My keyboards last longer, too, when a regular cleaning schedule occurs.

Want to get a deeper clean in every room? You must know these cleaning hacks for every room.

13. Remove Build-up from Flat Iron or Curler

remove build up from iron

A spot that can get hairy pretty quickly (pun intended!) is a hairstyling tool.

Using all sorts of different protectants and styling products while doing hair can result in your device wearing down with time.

A scrub down of the surfaces that heat up (while it’s off) can elongate the life of your products and make them perform better.

14. Remove Grease from Baking Dishes

remove grease from baking dishes

It’s a natural talent to get a dish grease-free while washing! I’d like to think removing grease is a pure talent, but the reality is, having the time to dedicate the time to washing it properly.

This hack is worth getting a Magic Eraser because it saves you so much time!

Work the trouble areas as you would with a sponge. The thickness of the Eraser will pick it all up.

15. Clean Bathroom Faucets with Ease

clean bathroom faucets

Like we’ve seen with the silverware,  windows, and iron, the Magic Eraser makes hard water stains a thing of the past!

A quick swipe, in most cases, will pull any discoloration away quickly, and anything that remains using a circular motion until all is gone.

You can easily deep clean your bathroom with more of these bathroom cleaning tips.

16. Clean Leather

clean leather

Caring for leather can be a tricky or complicated task, especially vintage leather. Ruining a beautiful leather item is something that I dread.

A Magic Eraser is a super safe way to treat any scuffs or markings. Gently work the trouble area(s); the item should recover as you continue.

17. Sparkle Up Your Glass Stove Top

clean glass stove top

Magic Erasers work beautifully on cleaning any hard surfaces, so naturally, an electric stove top is no different.

Wipe down like normal and watch it all disappear. Repeat the process if needed–depending on how dirty the surface is to begin.

Want to clean up the rest of your kitchen? You need these easy kitchen cleaning hacks!

18. Remove Coffee Stains from Mugs

remove coffee stains from mugs

Once they are there, coffee mug stains are a pain to try and get out. Even with the other hacks for ridding stains, it’s still so labor-intensive.

Here, you do have to scrub a bit with an Eraser, but I’ve generally had way more success with this method.

19. Clean Mirrors with Ease

clean mirrors with ease

The lowest-key and most effective to get a mirror clean is to use the Eraser. Absolutely the most reliable way for streak-free results.

Wipe down any trouble areas on the surface, and as simple as that, a clean mirror!

20. Freshen Up Patio Furniture

freshen up furniture

The next hack can only work on wipeable parts of patio furniture. Cloth patio material will need specific individual attention.

Pull out anything you’d like to spruce up and gather as many Erasers as you may need, depending on how much cleaning is ahead of you.

Wipe everything down and then return to any trouble spots for another round.

21. Get Rid of Residue Paint

get rid of residue paint

Magically, we’ve come to the end of this list already, but we’ve saved a great hack for the end!

Using the Eraser to remove leftover paint residue from surfaces where it shouldn’t be is an incredible trick.

Make sure to test this out in an inconspicuous spot! Since this hack does involve pulling off paint from places it shouldn’t be, just be aware!

A firm swipe across the offending paint spot a few times should make the spot fad.