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13 Mind-Blowing Vinegar Cleaning Hacks

Got some vinegar at home? Use it to clean all rooms in your home and keep your place sparkling with natural products. These vinegar cleaning hacks are some of our favorites!

vinegar cleaning tips

Lately, I have been on a journey trying to find ways to clean better, faster and use natural ingredients doing all that. While you might think that using chemicals is the only way to get rid of some of the most annoying stains, that’s not true.

And today I’m going to prove that to you! I’m sharing multiple vinegar cleaning tips you can use at home and safely clean your surfaces.

Whether it’s your kitchen, your bedroom, or your bathroom, you can clean it all with just vinegar! Yes, you’ve heard me right!

Shall we give these a try then?

1. Remove Carpet Stains

There is nothing more annoying than carpet stains! Especially if you cannot just go ahead and wash the whole carpet.

This little hack will save you from tons of stress and effort!

Mix ¼ cup white vinegar, 1 tbsp dishwashing liquid, and warm water together. Get a sponge, foam it up in the mixture, and dab onto the carpet until the stain is gone.

Let it sit for around 10 minutes or so. Be patient, alright? Finally, dry it out with a microfiber cloth.

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Remove Carpet Stains

2. Steam Out the Microwave

Pour white vinegar and water into a little bowl or cup in equal parts. Put it inside the microwave and heat it up at a maximum temperature for 5 minutes.

Let it steam the insides of the microwave. Once ready, clean off the stains with a sponge.

They should come right off.

Steam Out the Microwave

3. Clean Your Stove Tops

In a bowl, mix together 1 part white vinegar with 2 parts baking soda until it forms a paste-like mixture. Add in a few drops of dish soap and mix it in.

Now, cover your stope top with the mixture. Cake a bit of extra on parts that are more stained.

Leave it for 10-20 minutes and wash it off with a cloth. So easy!

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Clean Your Stove Tops

4. Renew Your Brushes

We love doing our makeup but often forget how much they have seen! There is a ton of dust and dirt in them at this point.

Here is a quick fix! Mix warm water with a little bit of white vinegar in a bowl and swirl your brushes in the mixture.

After you see all of what’s accumulated, leave the brushes, wash them under running water. Now, they’re as good as new!

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Renew Your Brushes

5. Clean Your Mirrors Like a Pro

Who said you need to buy glass cleaner to clean your mirrors? Take out your spray bottle – whether it’s small or large.

Mix 1 part vinegar with 4 parts water and pour it into the bottle. Give it a good shake and spray all over the mirror.

Dry off with a paper towel and let your mirrors shine! More lazy cleaning hacks you need to know here!

Clean Your Mirrors Like a Pro

6. Clean the Fridge

Use the same spray bottle for the #5 idea to clean the insides of your fridge. It’s a natural antimicrobial!

Clean the Fridge

7. Keep Your Washing Machine Sparkling

Even the washing machine needs a clean! Especially the rubber part in front of the door that constantly collects all the dirt!

It can get pretty nasty, so why not give it a good clean? Just spray the mixture we’ve made in the #5 idea all over the rubber part and clean it off with a microfiber cloth.

Keep Your Washing Machine Sparkling

8. Clean Your Computer and TV Screens

Once again, if you still have the little bottle spray we’ve made in the #5 idea, just spray it all over your screens.

Clean off everything with a microfiber cloth. Make sure it’s a fresh one that has no dust gathered on it.

Otherwise, it will all end up on your screens, and we definitely don’t want that.

Clean Your Computer and TV Screens

9. Disinfect Your Sponges

Your sponges looking and smelling rough? There is no need to throw away something that you could easily continue to use with a little bit of effort.

While the sponges are definitely cheap, there is already plenty of waste out there in the world. Give this little hack a try and reduce your waste.

Mix 1 part vinegar with 1 part water in a bowl. Add in your old, dirty sponges.

Now, add it to a microwave, heat it up, and just let the sponges sit in this bowl for around 20 minutes.

Afterward, wash them under running water, and you’re done! You’ve got brand new, clean sponges you can continue using.

Disinfect Your Sponges

10. Get Rid of Weird Smells in the Blender

Got a blender and love using it, but it smells a little weird lately? You are not alone my friend!

Mix 1 part water with 1 part vinegar, pour it into the blender. Close it up and blend your life away!

Once finished, pour it out, give your device a good rinse, and you’re done! The smell will most certainly be gone.

11. Disinfect Cutting Boards

Even if you wash your cutting board consistently, they tend to get smelly after some time. Solve that issue by cleaning it with 1 part vinegar and 1 part water.

You can easily just have a spray bottle ready for that or make the mixture on the spot. Either way, after using a little bit of vinegar, your cutting board will be brand new.

12. Freshen Up Your Instant Pot

It’s good to give your instant pot a little bit of attention after all that cooking. Mix vinegar with water and leave it in the instant pot for 20 minutes or so.

Clean the pot with a sponge, remove it and give it a rinse.

Freshen Up Your Instant Pot

13. Use Vinegar for Washing Dishes

One of the best hacks I have recently learned when I had no dishwasher tablets was using baking soda with vinegar.

Just pop a generous amount of soda into your dishwasher, pour vinegar all over it, close it and let those dishes get clean!