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41 Bridal Shower Games Guests Will Actually Like

Trying to arrange your bridal shower? Here are a ton of bridal shower games that will keep everyone entertained.

Bridal showers have a ton of potential. It’s when brides and their close friends and family can truly let loose and have fun.

What better way to help with that than with fun games to brighten the party? Check out these 41 bridal shower games for ideas!

bridal shower games

1. Interactive Scavenger Hunt

Interactive Scavenger Hunt

This is the perfect game to get a group of ladies off their feet and to kick the party into motion. Nothing can get the crowd moving quite as well as an interactive scavenger hunt.

Alternatively, if you want to organize a more sedentary version of this hunt, then the best place for the women to hunt around is…their bags, of course!

Here’s a list of things that you can include as a part of the inventory:

  • Lipstick
  • Mascara
  • Breath mints
  • Tissues and more.

2. Construct a Wedding Dress using Toilet Paper

If you managed to find a ton of tissue paper during your scavenger hunt game, then here’s the perfect game for you to play next. Constructing a wedding dress using nothing but toilet paper! Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it?

Grab some tape and plenty of toilet paper. Next, divide the crowd into groups and set them on their task of making the next best wedding dress.

Winner–or loser–has to wear the dress throughout the party! Need more inspiration for the actual wedding? Check out these wedding ceremony ideas.

3. Who can make the best cocktail?

Who can make the best cocktail?

What’s a bridal shower without the two B’s: the Bride and the booze. So for your next game, you’re going to find out who can whip up the best batch of cocktails.

Once that’s done, the real fun can begin!

You know who’s going to be the judge, right? The bride, of course.

Although, I would definitely hold off on this game if the bridal shower is on the eve of the wedding. The bride can’t turn up with a hangover to her own wedding

4. Whose Memory?

A bridal shower is filled with the closest of the bride’s family and friends. That means there’s a veritable treasure trove of memories that can be shared. So why not make a game of it?

Have the guests write down their favorite memories of the bride and toss them into a hat. Then just enjoy reliving those memories as you try to guess ‘Who’s Memory’ it is!

5. Wedding Word Scramble

Wedding Word Scramble

This one is a quick and easy game that can be a whole lot of fun to play, especially if the guests are, well, tipsy. Jot down a number of words, all of which are in some way related to the bride.

Then it’s simple; you have the bridesmaids try to unscramble the words and guess the right answer!

6. Charades: Wedding Movie Edition

A good game of charades is always a welcome addition to any party. But at a wedding shower, you have to stick to the theme, which means all the movies are going to be wedding-related!

You’ll be surprised at just how many wedding movies there are to choose from. So go ahead and do a little research to pick out the best wedding movies ever!

7. Newlywed Trivia

The newlywed trivia game is all about bringing the bride and groom closer to one another. When done right, it can create a loving bond that will only grow throughout their lives.

The key to playing this game is to prepare ahead of time. As a bridesmaid, you can gather data and memories from both the bride and groom ahead of time, and voila, you’re ready to play!

8. How well does the bride know their spouse?

How well does the bride know their spouse?

This isn’t that different from a round of newlywed trivia. The same rules apply in that this game is an opportunity for the guests to quiz the bride and groom about their respective partners.

A few well timed and well-prepared questions can make all the difference between bringing them closer together and pitting them against the other, so make sure you do some research well ahead of time!

9. Date-night Ideas

Dating each other’s spouses after a wedding can be surprisingly tough. But it is also super important because it’s dating that keeps the relationship alive.

With a little help from friends and family, why not make a game of trying to find the best possible dates for the newlyweds to go on and have a ball?

10. Musical Bouquet (Musical chairs with a bouquet)

Musical Bouquet (Musical chairs with a bouquet)

How about incorporating two much-loved activities: musical chairs and the bouquet toss. It can be quite the stampede when a whole room of women are vying for the bridal bouquet, so let’s try to make a game of it.

Grab a bunch of chairs and sort them into a row. Now, pass the bouquet around just like you would play musical chairs. The last one left with the bouquet in hand gets to keep it

11. Pictionary: Wedding Edition

Another popular party game that can be turned into a wedding-themed version of it is Pictionary. It’s one of those games that can never grow old, so go ahead and set up a couple of whiteboards.

Decide a bunch of wedding-related topics to use during the game, and you’re all set. Need more ideas for the wedding? Check out these wedding gift ideas!

12. Bridal Shower Bingo

I would love to play a round–or a dozen–of bridal bingo. You have a ton of printable bridal bingo templates available online. Just find one that you like and get started.

Alternatively, you can create your own box of bridal bingo. Print out empty squares, and jot down different bridal words or activities into the different slots.

13. The Ring Game (Put a ring on it)

The Ring Game (Put a ring on it)

For this game, you’ll need to buy a ton of plastic rings for the guests to wear. Effectively, each guest wears a plastic ring.

Over the course of the game, every time someone says the word wedding or bride, the opponent is allowed to steal the ring.

The person with the most number of rings at the end of the game wins!

14. What’s On Your Phone?

What’s On Your Phone?

This is not quite as risky as the name suggests; nobody’s going to go through their spouse’s phones. Instead, it’s a scavenger hunt of sorts where each person goes hunting on their own phones for different things.

This can include, say, a photo with the bride, or the wedding date saved in the calendar. See, completely harmless.

15. Wedding Word Search

We’ve all played this game where you have a table of seemingly random letters that hide actual words in them. Well, for the bridal shower version of that game, you’re going to have to download one of the printable templates online.

The entire table will contain wedding-related words, and the person who finds the most number of those words wins!

16. Bridal Shower Scattegories

Bridal Shower Scattegories

For this game, you will need to print out game cards ahead of time as well as hand out pens. This is one of those games that usually yields multiple winners, so be prepared to hand out a couple or more gifts!

17. Bridal Shower Jeopardy

We all love a good game of Jeopardy, don’t we? Well, for obvious reasons, you’re going to play the bridal shower version of this game, so go ahead and research some fun Jeopardy questions to begin with!

You can also set up one of those Jeopardy boards with point and scorecards to make it more interesting. You should ideally have at least 4-6 categories to choose from, as well.

18. The Price is Right

This is a truly simple game for you to keep your guest occupied–a filler game if you will. You’re going to ask your guests to guess the price of 5-10 items, preferably wedding-related items.

Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? So the person who guesses the right amount, or the closest to it, wins! You can use the receipt for different items as a cheat sheet of sorts to keep track of the different prices.

19. Pass the Poem

Pass the Poem

You might be wondering what on earth does this game entails. Well, this game falls somewhere between passing the parcel and musical chairs, only, that instead of music, you have a poem being read.

At the end of the poem, whoever has the parcel in hand is removed from the game. If you want to make it a little more interesting, then how about you read out limericks and risque poems, instead? That’s perfect for a bachelorette party, don’t you think?

20. Two Truths and a Lie

Two truths and a lie is often used as an ice-breaker game or as a warmer activity. But, at a bridal shower, it’s definitely going to be much more scintillating than just a plain old ice breaker.

It’s an opportunity to learn some wild lies and scandalous truths. It’s also an opportunity to cook up outrageous and hilarious stories and pass them off as actual occurrences. Throw in a few cocktails, and you’re all set to have a wild game of Two Truths and a Lie!

21. Bridal Shower Pictionary

22. Ring Hunt

Aren’t we all on a hunt to have a ring on that finger? Maybe, maybe not, but for this game, we’re all going to literally be hunting for wedding rings that have been hidden around the party.

It’s one big bridal shower version of a scavenger hunt to dig up as many of the plastic rings that have been hidden. May the best bridesmaid win!

23. Pass the Presents

Pass the Presents

How about another round of passing the parcel, only this time, you pass around the presents? It’s an easy and quick game that blends bridal shower presents and good old-fashioned fun.

Put on some fun, fast-paced music and set out a row of chairs. Let the participants get in the groove and enjoy the fun that ensues!

24. Newlywed Tip Jar

The first order of business is to buy one of those big cookie jars for this game. It’s a unique and creative way for guests, family, and friends to leave the newlyweds some insights, tips, and well wishes for a long and happy married life together.

You can print out some tip sheets that you will find online to make things a little easier on the guests. Alternatively, you can also have a wedding guest tip book, too.

25. Guess the Movie Love Quotes

Guess the Movie Love Quotes

There are some beautiful and memorable quotes from movies that can always wring a tear from even the hardest of rocks. They’re timeless and just downright touching.

So for this next bridal shower game, it’s time to guess where those quotes belong and which movie they’re from. It can be a quick and fun filler game, as well.

26. Flower Arranging

Gone are the days when brides and women, in general, were expected to know how to pull off the perfect floral arrangement to grace their homes. But old-fashioned traditions aside, I’ll admit that it can be quite fun arranging flowers.

And besides, who doesn’t love a good floral arrangement. So use this opportunity to make it a competitive activity and enjoy all those beautiful bouquets!

27. Over or Under

Over or Under

This game is an opportunity for the guests of the bride to understand her and get to know her better. For those of the bride’s entourage who’ve been there with her throughout the process, it’s a chance to let her know how much they enjoyed being with her.

Go ahead and download a printable card with questions that the bride can ask her guests about herself and about the entire wedding shopping process!

28. How Old Were They?

Let’s take a trip down memory lane for this game as we gather pictures of the bride or groom through different stages of their lives. Once you’ve gathered a handful of pictures, go ahead and set up a projector to display those photos to the guests.

The person who guesses the exact age of the bride or groom in that particular photo wins!

29. Oversized Jenga

Oversized jenga will never go out of style. It’s a chance for the guests to get off their seats and put in some elbow grease as they maneuver the huge blocks.

The best part? This game only gets better as the party progresses. Once the guests have a cocktail or two in them, then it’s time for tipsy jenga!

30. Ring on a String

This game is pretty much like a good game of Put a Ring on It, only here, depending on the number of plastic rings involved, you’ve got to string all the rings to keep them in place.

So, for every time a guest steals a ring from a fellow contestant, they can slide it into a string. The person with the most number of rings on their string wins!

31. Emoji Pictionary

Emoji Pictionary

How about another round of pictionary? Only this time, instead of the typical pictionary prompts, or even wedding-related prompts, you play with just emojis?

If it’s a bachelorette party, then let’s make things a little interesting with some risque emojis thrown into the mix!

32. Guess how many Kisses in a Jar

This is one of the more simpler games on this list. In essence, you’ve got to place a jar full of ‘kisses’ and the guests have to try to guess how many kisses there are in the jar. It’s a game of pure chance, but it can be quite fun.

33. Bridal Shower Mad Libs

We’ve all played Mad Libs growing up, right? So here’s what you’re going to do now: turn it into a bridal shower version and have a blast! Mad Libs can be such fun on any day, but when you’ve had a couple of cocktails and have let your hair down, it can be even better!

34. Bridal Shower Ring Toss

Bridal Shower Ring Toss

A game of ring toss has a whole different meaning at a bridal shower. For one, the ring in question can be an actual wedding ring–albeit plastic.

So grab a few empty cans or wine bottles and set them up on a table. Have your guests try their hand at it and throw their ring in, so to speak!

35. He said/She said

A raucous round or two of he said/she said is sure to get the party going. It’s one of those games that will always be a crowd please and will have your guests roaring with laughter and merriment.

Here’s a list of things you can ask the couple:

  • Who takes a longer time to shower
  • Who snores
  • Who cries during commercials

36. Pin the Veil

If you’ve never played a round of pinning the tail on the donkey, then, well, I’m not sure you had much of a childhood. On that note, here is a rather cheeky rendition of that game, where the blindfolded guests will have to pin the veil on the bride!

37. Tie the Knot (with cherries)

There’s something downright risque and loaded about that parlor trick where you tie a knot with the stem of a cherry. However, it’s one of those tricks that we all wish we could master.

Well, now is the time to practice your cherry stem tying skills, because next up is a round of Tie The Knot.

38. ‘Finish that thought’ cards

Grab a bunch of pens and some papers to hand out to your guests. For this next game of Finish That Thought, you’re going to have all your guests fill out their cards with some funny, silly, or serious sentences.

Next, have them read those sentences out loud while everyone guesses the missing part. It can make for a fun-filled and silly session for a bridal shower!

39. Gift Bingo

Gift Bingo

Opening gifts at a bridal shower can turn into a long-drawn out process. It can be fun to mix things up a little rather than just sitting around while the bride opens her gifts.

A game of gift bingo might be exactly what that bridal shower needs. With  little planning ahead of time, you can turn that boring gift opening session into an interactive and creative party game!

40. Fold and Pass Poem

For this game, start by dividing the guests into groups of four. Then, have one person write down a line or two from a poem and fold the paper so that only one word or line is seen. Pass it on and repeat this step.

At the end, you’ll have a wonky and hilarious poem that you can read aloud for the others to enjoy!

41. Guess or Suggest the Wedding Details

This is a simple game of guessing where the guests have to guess certain details of the wedding. This can include the color or type of flowers, the flavor of cake, the number of roses in the bridal bouquet, and so on.

41 Bridal Shower Games Guests Will Actually Like

Looking for ways to make bridal showers more fun? These bridal shower game ideas will make the celebration even more special.
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