21 Ingenious Travel Hacks

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Travel can be such an exciting and fun part of life, but the logistics of working out of a suitcase paired with unfamiliar timelines can get tricky fast. These genius travel hacks will help!

If you’ve ever caught a snag during your trip and thought there must be an easier solution, you’ve come to the right post. Today, I have twenty-one travel hacks for you.

These won’t solve any travel issues, but they’ll help you save on flight fares, suitcase space, and more! None are too complicated or costly, and you don’t need anything too special for them.

Thanks to these hacks, I hope you find some tips useful and that your next travel experience is smooth!

hacks for traveling

1. Roll Up Clothes Instead of Folding Them

roll up clothes

The game of fitting everything into the suitcase can be a challenging one. You wouldn’t guess it, but rolling your clothes instead of folding them can give you more wiggle room as you go.

The practical life hack also helps with items being less wrinkly.

2. Tuck the Belt Into the Collar of a Shirt

tuck belts into shirt collars

If you have structured collars that you need to pack, consider rolling up your belt and fitting it into the neck space.

It’s a perfect place to keep your belts tidy and not tangled up amongst swimsuits and toiletries.

3. Divide Liquids Into Smaller Containers

divide liquids into small containers

Full-sized bottles can take up so much space in any area of your life! Grabbing a small travel set of containers like this and adding your favorite products is a great way to conserve that space.

And, if you’re traveling by airplane, it’s a safer way to ensure your products don’t get tossed if not in a checked bag.

4. Cover the Razor with a Binder Clip

cover razor with binder clip

Razors are an essential part of life regardless of where you are, but they can be scary inside a dark travel bag.

Cut the possibility of getting accidentally cut by your razor by adding a binder clip like this to the blade.

Opt for a bright color, too, if you want to find it easier! Check out these other genius binder clip hacks!

5. Search for Flights in Incognito Mode

search for flight in incognito mode

While hunting for airline prices in incognito mode, you can avoid any websites collecting cookies on your search information.

That way, the prices are less likely to bounce around on you in a regular browser.

Traveling south for the winter? You’ll need these brilliant beach hacks!

6. Make a Packing List

make a packing list

There’s nothing wilder feeling than packing for the trip while a million things are happening, and you have no idea what to pack.

Take the stress out of it all and jot down a general to a specific list of what you or everyone (if packing for someone else) needs.

Breaking it into categories, too, can be very helpful. That way, you aren’t sporadically packing; you know every item you need to grab or look for.

A packing list is a brilliant mom hack if you are traveling with kids!

7. Add a Dry Sheet

add a dry sheet

This hack is just a fun little bit that will keep your clothes smelling fresh and clean! You never know what or where your bag can be stowed while traveling.

8. Prepare an Emergency Kit

prepare an emergency kit

Having an emergency kit in any situation is always a good idea, especially while traveling. Grab a travel emergency kit like this, or make your personalized one.

9. Bring a Universal Adapter

bring a universal adapter

Depending on where you are traveling, it’s a good idea to know what kind of outlets they have ahead of time.

A universal adapter like this should do the trick, but it’s good to check it out before arriving at your destination.

10. Bring a Refillable Water Bottle

Bring a Refillable Water Bottle

Water access isn’t a given worldwide, and you’ll likely have to buy bottled water.

Cut down on waste and save your money by bringing your reusable one–just make sure it’s empty if you’re going through security.

11. Use a Balloon to Prevent the Cap from Leaking

Use a Balloon to Prevent the Cap from Leaking

For extra security on your products while traveling, slip a balloon over the lids of each product.

On the off chance that your bag gets banged around enough or you have a naturally leaky lid, the balloon will keep it in a confined space.

12. Bring Noise-Reducing Headphones

Bring Noise-Reducing Headphones

If traveling via public means in a group or solo, a pair of noise-canceling headphones is a must.

It’s a nice way to zone out while being aware of what’s happening around you; just make sure to know where your stop is.

13. Download Offline Maps

Download Offline Maps

Maps and atlases have and will always be a non-negotiable necessity while traveling.

By downloading offline maps, it’ll give you peace of mind that, at any given point, you can figure out where to head if lost or move from one part of the trip to the next.

14. Bring an Additional Bag for Dirty Clothes

Bring an Additional Bag for Dirty Clothes

A dirty bag for clothes is a game-changer, having a mini hamper with you.

There’s nothing worse than having to wash everything you’ve brought at the end of the trip just because it all had to be packed back together.

15. Keep an Extra Charger in Your Bag

Keep an Extra Charger in Your Bag

An extra charger is one of the safest bets you can make while traveling.

We all know chargers are easily losable, can stop working, etc., but having a second one just for that reason is an excellent choice.

16. Search for Free Walking Tours

Search for Free Walking Tours

As we all know, traveling anywhere can be expensive. If you love to learn more about the place they are visiting, Google free walking tours or any free experience in whatever location.

17. Hide Money in Different Places

Hide Money in Different Places

Another safe travel tip is stashing money securely on your body and throughout your belongings while traveling.

You never know what could happen, and saving that extra 50 or 100 in your shoe could get you back to your hotel or home safely.

18. Bring a Battery Pack

battery pack

While traveling, it’s a nice option to also have a battery pack to charge if you don’t have access to outlets. It’s also a safety precaution that can give you peace of mind during travel days.

19. Tie a Ribbon to the Suitcase to Recognise It

Tie a Ribbon to the Suitcase to Recognise It

A ribbon or defining item on your bag can save you much time at the luggage carousel. With everyone’s similar bag, that bow will help you spot yours easier.

20. Download Music/Movies for Long Flights

Download Music/Movies for Long Flights

Having personal media material during long flights is an excellent idea. While most flights provide some form of entertainment during a longer trip, it may not be something you’re interested in, and having downloaded a favorite or new movie that you’re interested in is a great alternative.

21. Bring Extra Clothes in a Pillowcase

Bring Extra Clothes in a Pillowcase

This hack can work for plane, car, or even train. Pack a zippable pillowcase with extra clothes as a carry-on or personal item, doubling as a pillow for travel.

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