21 Clever Open Kitchen Shelving Organizing Ideas

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Do you love the look of open shelving in a kitchen as much as I do? I think it makes everything more charming.

It also allows you to display your favorite items and makes everything easier to locate. If you are into open kitchen shelves, you might be looking for ideas about how to keep them organized.

Below are 21 awesome ideas to inspire you. If you use some of these great ideas, your open shelves will look amazing!

Open Kitchen Shelving Organizing Ideas

1. Open Floating Shelves

Open Floating Shelves

Source: @life.of.han._

I have always loved the vibe of floating shelves. They really give off that minimalist look.

I use floating shelves in my family room and dining area. As you can see from the picture, they make for great storage within the kitchen.

You can use floating shelves to store anything from pasta, rice, and spices to teas and coffees. These inexpensive ones would be great for storing oils, sauces, and more.

2. Tea and Spice Open Shelves

Tea and Spice Open Shelves

Source: @taylorandtaylor__

Simple containers for teas and spices look great on open shelves. They also make it easy to keep track of those everyday items.

I especially love the greenery in this picture. Adding a plant or succulent to your open shelves makes your space cozier and homier.

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3. Open Shelf Corner

open shelf corner

Source: @melmitchia

Have you ever thought of replacing a corner cabinet with open shelving? It looks great in this space!

This picture really shows how open shelves can work in any kitchen layout.

4. Open Shelf for Canisters

open shelf for canisters

Source: @antiques_in_my_attic

Planning out what items you will display on your open shelves is important. These matching canisters look so elegant against the backdrop.

If you would like to recreate this look on your open shelves, you can buy this beautiful set. The bamboo lids add that little something special!

5. Basket Open Shelves


Source: @thedharmadoor

You want to make sure that your open shelves look clean. Adding some pretty baskets is a great way to make sure they give off that uncluttered vibe.

This woven basket set is so pretty. It comes with a variety of different sizes, which will add visual interest to your shelves!

6. Coffee Bar

coffee bar

Source: @designshobbyphotography

Do you love coffee as much as I do? If so, you probably have a lot of coffee-related items.

From mugs and coffee pods to pretty spoons, there are many coffee supplies that need a home. Why not use open shelves to create a gorgeous and inviting coffee bar?

7. Seamless Open Shelves

seamless open shelves

Source: @goodboneslondon

I love it when a kitchen has a cohesive look. Adding open shelves that blend into the rest of the kitchen makes for a beautiful, seamless look.

This adds storage and aesthetic appeal to the space.

8. Open Spice Rack

open spice rack

Source: @interior_arts_sharing

If you have as many spices as I do, you know that they take up tons of space. When put in uniform jars, they look super cute on an open shelf.

Adding your spices to open shelves will make them easier to find as well. If you need a spice jar set, I love this one!

9. Peg Rail Shelf

peg rail shelf

Source: @house_collected

This peg rail shelf is so adorable! It is a great way to add some open shelving without a full renovation.

I love this affordable one. It has two gorgeous color options to choose from!

10. Farmhouse Open Shelves

farmhouse open shelves

Source: @seevanessacraft

Are you a big fan of the farmhouse aesthetic? I am too!

These charming, rustic shelves would look great in a farmhouse-style kitchen. You can display some of your favorite items on them.

I have been eyeing this beautiful floral arrangement and vase. Don’t you think it would look great on open shelves?

11. Pops of Color

pops of colour

Source: @thistle.harvest

Adding pops of color to your neutral open shelves is a great idea. Intersperse vibrant dishware in varying sizes to add visual interest.

If you are looking for some pretty dishes, this set is beautiful. Don’t you just love the colors?

12. Under-Shelf Storage Basket

under shelf storage basket

Source: @5thavenuehome

Have you ever thought of using a simple basket in between your open shelves? It looks nice and adds storage.

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13. Open Shelving Walk-In Pantry

open shelving walk in pantry

Source: @crouch_design

Don’t you think this pantry with open shelves is stunning? I love the entire design of this place.

It truly looks like a sanctuary. What a pretty and functional area!

14. Built-In Spice Rack

built in spice rack

Source: @osoehome

I have always thought that spices in pretty jars look beautiful. Do you feel the same way?

I love the idea of swapping out a cabinet for an open built-in spice rack. Upgrading your jars and labels would be a fun weekend project.

15. Serving Item Display

serving items display shelf

Source: @betterhomesandgardens

Are you obsessed with serving trays? I am too!

I love to collect beautiful dishes for dinner parties and gatherings. If you are the same way, you probably don’t want to hide them away in a drawer or cabinet.

They also take up a lot of space. Open shelves are the perfect place to display your collection.

Your lovingly selected serving trays will look like art on your open shelves!

16. Beautiful Baskets

beautiful baskets

Source: @squareroomsmag

Baskets are one of my favorite ways to keep things tidy. Selecting pretty ones to place on your open shelves will help you stay organized.

It will also look great in your kitchen!

17. Plenty of Pantry Storage

plenty of storage space

Source: @fastcabinetdoors

I love the added storage space that a pantry offers, don’t you? The only problem is that it can be hard to keep things neat.

The plentiful space on the open shelves in this space is super organized. I love the baskets, jars, and bins, which make sure that everything has a home.

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18. Storage Jars

storage jars

Source: @jet_homeware

You can use pretty storage jars to organize your food. I never like to keep things like pasta and rice in their original packaging.

Why not display them on your open shelves? If you are looking for some nice jars, you will love the way these ones look!

19. Wire Baskets

wire baskets

Source: @pinebaycollective

Wire baskets are one of the best storage solutions, don’t you think? I use them everywhere, especially in my pantry!

They look nice and help keep everything neat.

20. Glass Jars

glass jars

Source: @heliconiahome

I love the variety of jar sizes and styles in this pantry. Everything looks so great!

I especially love how the coffee pods are labeled by type. I have been using Tupperware containers to store extra pods, but they look so much nicer in glass jars!

21. Hanging Coffee Mugs

hanging coffee mugs

Source: @ergodesignerkitchens

These hanging coffee mugs look like art! A simple rack allows you to save space while adding aesthetic appeal.

This type of storage would look amazing if you have a ton of mugs and not enough space!

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