21 Dollar Store Pantry Organizing Ideas

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Does your pantry look like an explosion has thrown boxes, cans, bottles, canisters, and snack packets all over the place?

Mine did, until I discovered these 21 dollar store pantry organizing ideas that are fun to do and don’t cost a fortune.

They will give you tons of inspiration to create a neat, tidy, and organized pantry worthy of a photo shoot.

Pantry Organization Hacks

1.Canned Food Organization

canned food organization

Source: myuncommonsliceofsuburbia.com

My first pantry organizing idea is all about making your canned foods easier to find and use. I have dozens of cans piled one on top of the other and, yes, they all topple over when I need one!

This great idea uses nifty little wire baskets like these. I have sorted my cans into food types like soups, jams, tomato products, fish, fruits, and veggies. I also attached labels to make it even easier to find what I need.

2. Mason Jars

mason jars

Source: WordPress

I can’t get enough Mason jars and this pantry organizing idea uses dozens of classic Mason jars.

It is so easy – buy Mason jars from the dollar store and use them to hold chocolate chips, oatmeal, nuts, popcorn, coconut, cocoa, rice, macaroni, couscous, granola, and more!

They keep food fresh, save money because you can buy and store it in bulk, and they look so attractive.

3. Small Plastic Storage Bins

small plastic storage bins

Source: @thecozyfarmhouse

Get organized instantly and keep your pantry well stocked with small plastic storage bins. They are versatile and will hold everything from bottles to cans, packets, and the family’s favorite snacks.

Get yours from the dollar store or take a look at these well priced small plastic storage bins from Amazon. This set will add a pop of color to your pantry shelves.

4. Air Tight Containers

air tight containers

Source: @krave7

Say goodbye to stale snacks, soggy biscuits, and moldy rice! Dollar store air-tight containers are a must-have if you are serious about organizing your pantry.

I like transparent containers that allow me to quickly see when the contents are getting low and need replenishing. I also label them so I don’t confuse flour with baking powder (Yes, I have done that before!).

5. Produce Baskets

produce baskets

Source: @faithandfarmhouseblog

Wire produce baskets are great pantry organizers –

– The open design allows the produce to breath

– You can see everything, so you will never find rotting veggies at the bottom of a drawer

Get yours from the dollar store or take a look at these neat wire baskets.

6. Woven Baskets

woven baskets

Source: @spanglishfashion

Woven baskets add a warm, rustic charm to cottage, barnyard, and farmhouse-style kitchens.

Get yours from the dollar store and use them to hold fruit, veggies, canned food, snack packets, and even kitchen linens. They are budget-friendly and versatile.

7. Large Bins

large bins

Source: @simplyorganizedocd

When you keep a fully stocked pantry to fuel your passion for entertaining, you need large plastic bins like these to help you get organized.

Place them side by side on your shelves and sort your products into categories that suit your needs. You can also label the bins for quick and easy access.

8. Large Wire Baskets

large wire baskets

Source: @bumpsandbottles

Have you ever considered that the space under the lower shelf in your pantry is totally wasted? I don’t like to stack items on the floor, but this clever pantry organizing tip solves the problem!

Get large laundry room wire baskets from the dollar store and use them to hold items that you buy in bulk like toilet paper, cleaning supplies, or bottles of water.

9. Glass Canisters

glass canisters

Source: @gigiandgray

This smart homeowner has collected Moccona Coffee jars to use for storage. But, you can use any glass canisters, including cost-effective ones from the dollar store.

I love glass canisters because they always look clean, they stack neatly, they make an attractive display, and you can see what is inside!

10. Labels


Source: @declutteredspaces

I have another word for ‘Labels’ – it is ‘Organization’!

Labels help me organize all my dollar store pantry containers from glass canisters to plastic bins, wire baskets, air-tight containers, Mason jars, and fabric baskets.

These large size customizable labels are water and oil-resistant, ideal for a kitchen environment.

11. Snack Tubs

snack tubs

Source: joyfullytreasured.com

This dollar store pantry organizing hack is an instant mood-uplifting-make-my-day idea! What more could anyone want than a tub full of snacks?

Head off to the dollar store and buy a large metal or plastic tub. Stash it full of your fave candies, chips, biscuits, energy bars, chocolates, dried fruit, popcorn, crackers, pretzels, …..

12. Acrylic Bins

acrylic bins

Source: @homewithstefani

I love the acrylic bins on the top shelf of this tidy pantry! The minimalist, transparent design makes it easy to keep track of your products.

Acrylic bins are ideal for storing any products in boxes, packets, bottles, jars, and cans. Get yours from the dollar store, or take a look at this well-priced set of 8 acrylic bins.

13. Lazy Susan

lazy susan

Source: thecountrychiccottage.net

My budget does not stretch far enough to spend a fortune on a polished oak wood Lazy Susan. So when I came across this idea, I was sold!

All you need are two round dollar store baking pans like this and a packet of marbles. Place your marbles into one pan and stack the other on top and you are spinning like a pro!

This DIY Lazy Susan is perfect for pantries, kitchens, breakfast nooks, and even bathrooms.

14. Spice Jars

spice jars

Source: Blogspot

Get spicy with this cool dollar store organizing idea for spices. Buy a set of matching glass jars to hold your spices and add name labels.

Find a dollar store riser or get an acrylic riser like this. They don’t cost nearly as much as a spice rack from a fancy store!

Your spice jars are organized, look super-attractive, and are easily accessible when you want to get cooking.

15. Slotted Plastic Baskets

slotted plastic baskets

Source: @tidying_with_ariel

You may only think of slotted baskets when you do the laundry, but, take a look at this well-organized pantry!

The slotted baskets stack so neatly on the shelves and can be used to store everything from cereal boxes to canned foods, fresh produce, snack packets, and kitchen linen.

16. Laundry Bags for Produce

laundry bags for produce

Source: jewelpie.com

Using laundry bags like these for your produce is an innovative and eco-friendly pantry organizing idea!

The breathable material reduces moisture buildup and keeps produce fresher for longer. Mesh bags can be washed and reused and are a great alternative to harmful plastic.

And, the see-through material means you can see when your supply is running low. Perfect for onions, potatoes, and garlic!

17. Door Organizer

door organizer

Source: her-happy-home.com

I am loving this idea of using a plastic shoe door organizer in the pantry – and why not? It offers loads of compartments for sorting, storing, categorizing, and stashing.

And, best of all, it maximizes unused space behind the door, creating storage space where none existed before. Get yours at the dollar store or take a look at this well-priced door organizer.

18. Glass Containers for Pasta

glass containers for pasta

Source: theorganizedmomlife.com

How many types of pasta do you have? I can show off and say I have at least a dozen, all different shapes and sizes, and I know the names (well maybe…).

When I saw this cool pantry organizing idea, I was off to the dollar store to get a set of glass canisters. They look so attractive on a shelf, the air-tight seals keep pasta fresh, and I can label them (so I don’t forget the names)!

19. Coffee Creamer Containers

coffee creamer containers

Source: frugelegance.com

In a house full of coffee lovers, you are sure to use loads of coffee creamer. Don’t throw away the empty containers, they make awesome reusable containers for organizing your pantry.

The flip-up-ready-to-pour tops make them ideal to store and dispense nuts, chocolate chips, popcorn, M&Ms, sprinkles, rice, sugar, sauces, dessert toppings, and more!

20. Sink Caddy Organizer

Source: 5minutesformom.com

Make your very own organizer by gluing the bowl to the wire basket. You’ll have your soap dispenser right next to it. You don’t want to glue that on because we’ll want to refill and possibly move the dispenser, but the bowl can stay.

Just have it right by the sink, glue on more dishes, and you’ll have separate spaces not only for sponges but steel scourers as well!

21. Acrylic Tray for Coffee Station

acrylic tray for coffee station

Source: polishedhabitat.com

My final dollar store pantry organizing idea is a must-have for coffee lovers who need that burst of caffeine to start the day.

Get organized with an easy-to-make coffee station, where everything is at your fingertips. A clear acrylic tray like this is all you need.

Stock it with coffee pods, creamers, sugar, stirrers, mugs, and napkins for a complete coffee station.

No more fumbling around before sunrise in a coffee-deprived state to find what you need!

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