Need More Space? 31 Remarkably Clever Kitchen Storage Hacks

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When it comes to finding new and exciting storage hacks, sometimes we have to get a little creative. There are all sorts of opportunities for more space hiding around your home if you care to find them.

On this list, I’ve gathered thirty-one of my favorite storage hacks for one of the most cluttered rooms in the home: your kitchen. Dive in, and let’s bring some order to cluttered chaos!

 Kitchen Storage and Organization Ideas

1. Hanging Shelf

hanging shelf

Source: @homebird_mrsmac

Hanging shelves are one of my favorite ways to spruce up kitchen storage. It’s super easy to install, so you don’t have to be experienced with DIY to get it done.

Best of all, there are a variety of styles to choose from. I really like this one from Amazon.

2. Pan Rack Organizer

pan rack organizer

Source: @azhouseoforder

Pans are one of the toughest things to organize because they have such odd shapes. They don’t stack well, so it’s hard to find a good space for them, especially if you have a small kitchen.

That’s why I love this pan rack organizer! It takes advantage of vertical space and lets you store your pans with ease.

3. Magnetic Knife Holder

magnetic knife holder

Source: @______theo

Take the drawers out of the equation all together and use a magnetic knife strip to keep your blades on the wall. This way, they’re in plain view and they stay sharper because they don’t bump into stuff in the drawers.

These strips are super easy to install. This one won’t take you any longer than ten minutes to get on your wall.

4. Drawer Dividers

drawer dividers

Source: @lavenderorganizes

Keeping your drawers organized is one of the best ways to maximize your kitchen storage. Cluttered piles of dishware and containers take up a lot of room, but neatly organized collections don’t.

So, why not try some drawer dividers to create a system for your kitchen drawers?

5. Pantry Bins

pantry bins

Source: @neatbymeg

I love using pantry bins for a quick and easy organization upgrade. Most pantries come with some basic shelves, with very little else in the way of organization features.

These bins allow you to sort your staples into broad categories, making them easier to find and keep organized in the long run.

6. Floating Shelves

floating shelves

Source: @therowe

Looking for a way to add some storage space, but don’t have a lot of height to work with? Floating shelves are the answer! These minimal shelves look amazing and offer plenty of open air storage.

You can use these to broaden a windowsill or stack them in one corner to create a coffee nook. The world’s your oyster with floating shelves.

7. Clear Storage Containers

clear storage containers

Source: @organisedsimplicity

Clear storage containers are some of my favorite to use because they let you see what’s inside them. This is best for pantries, where you can still store your dry goods away from the light.

Invest in a set of uniform clear containers like this one to have your dry staples in perfect order.

8. Can/Jar Storage Rack

can storage rack

Source: @homesweethomenz

Cans and jars can be a little annoying to store, especially if they’re all different shapes. They’re impossible to stack, so they end up taking up a lot of room in your pantry!

But with a can storage rack, you can store them on their side. This takes up a lot less space, and the rolling design lets you easily grab the cans you need from the back of the pile.

9. Spice Drawer

spice drawer

Source: @theorderlyspace

Having a clean and organized spice drawer is one of my favorite parts of maintaining my kitchen. It’s so satisfying to slide the drawer open and see all my spices staring up at me in perfectly organized harmony.

Luckily, it’s so easy to make one for yourself. Just label all the jars you need and slot them into your drawer one by one. I recommend grabbing a spice rack like this to keep the jars from rolling around.

10. Hanging Utensils

hanging utensils

Source: @colour.window

One of the most underrated ways to save storage space is to hang your cooking utensils on the wall instead of putting them in your drawers!

In your drawers they get cluttered, but on your wall they’re a decorative item. All you need is a simple rail like this one and some S-hooks to keep those utensils in line.

11. Kitchen Island Storage

kitchen island storage

Source: @thesundayschool

An island is like your kitchen’s natural gathering space. It’s a focal point for the chaos of the kitchen, and a great place to introduce some extra storage where you can.

For you, that might look like slotting some extra drawers or shelves into the base of the island. It could also be as simple as adding a rail along the side of the island to hang some cookware. Experiment!

12. Tupperware Drawer

tupperware drawer

Source: @ocbymandie

Transform your Tupperware drawer with this super simple kitchen storage hack. All you need to do is divide your drawer into three sections: one for the containers, one for the lids, and one for smaller boxes.

The result is a super organized drawer that will ensure you never have to deal with mismatched containers and lids again!

13. Snack Drawer

snack drawer

Source: @denverneat

I don’t know about you, but I dip into my snack drawer multiple times a day. In other words, it can become a mess pretty quickly. That’s why this snack drawer storage idea is so great.

Pick a deep drawer in your kitchen and invest in a bamboo drawer organizer like this. With all the different sections, it can easily hold snacks of all shapes and sizes.

14. Organizing Bins for Drawers

organizing bins

Source: @mikaperry

For slide-out drawers with a lot of free space, give yourself some extra vertical room to work with! These acrylic bins are the perfect way to group your containers without the lines devolving into a mess.

Take it a step further by dropping some labels on the sections, if you have a label-maker handy.

15. Glass Jars

glass jars

Source: @crispcollectiveig

I’m willing to bet that your pantry is one of the spots in your house most prone to getting messy when you’re not looking. Why? Because that’s definitely the case for me!

But one of the things that’s really helped me keep the mess back in the past has been investing in some simple glass jars. For flours, dry goods, beans, and other staples, you can’t go wrong with these.

16. Wall Mount Produce Storage System

wall mount produce storage system

Source: @oak_abode

Storing produce properly can be really difficult if you have limited space. After all, you want to make sure that you have enough room to store everything properly so that it can last for as long as possible.

That’s why I’m in love with this wall mounted produce storage system. It’s like a pegboard for your produce. All you have to do is hang some produce bags there to let your fruit air out.

17. Tea Drawer Containers

tea drawer containers

Source: @organizingforlife

If you’re as obsessed with a good cup of tea as I am, then this tea drawer will make your heart sing. This is the perfect way to organize different tea bag flavors, and it costs barely anything.

All you need are some acrylic dividers and a free drawer in your kitchen. This is a great first step if you’re building a tea and coffee corner in your kitchen.

18. Under the Sink Tub Storage

under the sink storage tubs

Source: @blissfullittlehome

The area under the kitchen sink is usually super messy, usually because it’s full of cleaning supplies and other things that don’t have a spot anywhere else. But creating a system here is so fulfilling!

All you need are some tubs and labels to put this area to rights. Trust me, the results are worth the hour or two this DIY will take.

19. Rattan Baskets

rattan baskets

Source: @steeleorganizingco

Rattan baskets are one of my favorite storage systems because they double as great décor items. The rattan introduces a natural texture to the room, so it’s perfect for a farmhouse aesthetic.

They’re also great for concealing clutter, helping your space to feel cleaner and more minimized.

20. Pants Hangers

pant hangers for chip bag storage


This next hack might feel a little strange, but hear me out. Pants hangers are one of the cheapest, most effective ways to store your opened bags of chips or snacks if you have wire shelves in your pantry.

The hangers can hook onto the wire shelves, while the built-in clips keep your bags closed. A pack of hangers is incredibly cheap, and they work so well.

21. Acrylic Steps

acrylic steps

Source: @tidywithheidi

I’m in love with all the different applications of acrylic steps. If you’ve ever tried to reach into the back of a really deep cupboard, then you know how frustrating it can be.

With acrylic steps like these, you can easily snatch what you need from the back.

22. Kitchen Trolley

kitchen trolley

Source: @my_vintage_rose_home

Kitchen trolleys are one of the cleverest inventions in the kitchen storage game. Not only do they add more under-the-bench storage space, but they also give you more surface area to work with!

If you have a small kitchen, try including a kitchen trolley as part of your storage situation. You can move it around to act as a kitchen island, side table, or additional counter space.

23. Breakfast Bar Cabinet

breakfast bar cabinet

Source: @homewiththeheals

If you have a breakfast bar area in your kitchen, this can be a great place to put some additional storage. Something as simple as a set of additional drawers hiding beneath the counter will transform the space.

Make sure to pick a set of drawers that match the general aesthetic of your kitchen.

24. Window Sill Rods

window sill rods

Source: @flomarcotte

You know that weird little wall space between your window and the edge of your wall or cabinet? That’s prime real estate for some storage if you come at it with a creative mindset.

These window sill rods look so cute, and they increase the functionality of your space ten-fold. All you need is a couple of key rails like these with some extra s-hooks and you’re good to go.

25. Corner Space Cabinet

corner space cabinet

Source: @lisalovesorange

Give your corner something to do with a super simple corner space cabinet. These were designed to make an underutilized space useful again, and I love them!

Make sure to measure out your corner space before you buy your cabinet, or you might end up with something that doesn’t fit properly.

26. Accent Shelf

accent shelf

Source: @homebird_mrsmac

Accent shelves are a great way to introduce a focal point into your kitchen in terms of décor. Whether you’re setting up a coffee nook or you just need somewhere to put your best mugs, this is for you!

Grab a multi-functional shelf like this, and don’t be afraid to expand on the setup with a key rail beneath it for some extra hanging room.

27. Lazy Susan

lazy susan

Source: @spacesbyemily

Lazy Susans are one of the best ways to upgrade your kitchen storage. You can use them for everything from your oil collection to your pots and pans, and they’re ideal for optimizing small or strange cupboards.

Grab a few to optimize your pantry or pop one in your coffee nook for easy access to your favorite mugs.

28. Cutlery Holder

cutlery holder

Source: @theserenyna

If you have the counterspace to spare, creating a dedicated area for your most-used cooking utensils can be a great way to save on drawer space. A simple stylized holder like this one is the perfect way to hold them.

Try adding a little bit of fun to the space with a tray and a framed picture behind it, almost as if you’re creating a dedicated cutlery zone.

29. Fresh Food Storage Containers

fresh food storage containers

Source: @hmanczak

If you’re anything like me, the moment you come home from the grocery store is one of the best parts of your week. Why? Because you get to organize your fridge!

I love using containers like these fresh food storage containers to keep my fridge clean and tidy.

30. Glass Box Breakfast Cabinet

glass box breakfast cabinet

Source: @kallionkoti

Mornings in a family home can be pretty hectic as everyone finds their way to work or school. Make it a bit simpler by dedicating a corner of your kitchen to a glass box breakfast cabinet!

I can’t get over how sleek this looks, and it’s the perfect way to make solo breakfast preparation a breeze for every member of the family.

31. Hanging Utensil Rod

hanging utensil rod

Source: @stonechimneycottage

Finally, here’s another take on the classic hanging utensil rod. This time, it’s on the end of a kitchen island! This is a great spot to store some commonly-used utensils.

You can keep everything from kitchen towels to bread boards here. All you need are some high-quality s-hooks like these to pull it all together.

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