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23 Functional Hat Rack Ideas We Love

Love your hats but have no idea how to store them nicely? Here are a bunch of hat rack ideas you can use in a decorative way to display your hats.

hat rack ideas

If you’re a hat lover with a penchant for leaving them strewn around the house, then you need a hat rack. But does this piece of furniture need to be purely functional? Does it have to be a traditional rack?

Not at all! You can create space for your hat collection in many ways (hence this list). This list of twenty-three hat rack ideas is something you can really… hang your hat on. Let’s get into it!

1. Rustic Pallet Wall Rack

Rustic Pallet Wall Rack

Credit: Instagram

First up, here’s an easy switch-up on a traditional hat rack that’s perfect for a masculine style. Take some reclaimed pallet wood and stain it (with this), then screw in some black hooks, and you’re finished.

This would suit a bachelor pad, a bedroom, or even a living space wonderfully. The dark wood looks attractive even when the rack itself is bare so that you won’t have an unattractive piece of furniture taking space.

2. Simple Rope and Branch Rack

Rope and Branch Rack

Credit: Instagram

This next hack takes rustic minimalism to a whole new level, eschewing the traditional rack shape for a branch and some rope. And you know what? It works beautifully! This is a stunning addition to a rustic home.

While you can hang your branch with any method that suits you, I recommend using these leather ties to fix it to the wall. These are easy to remove if you’re a renter, and they add to the overall look.

3. Budget-Friendly Hat Wall

Hat Wall


If you’re looking for something simple, cheap, and refined, you’ve just found it. This hat wall is suspended from a wooden hanger, using wooden clothes pegs (here) to hold the hats on.

While you can use any string you like to create this hat wall, I recommend macrame rope. It’s clean, white, it doesn’t fray, and it’s very durable. Find some high-quality macrame rope here.

4. High-Up Hat Hangers

High-Up Hat Hangers


In this world, some people love hats; they have a few they switch out here and there. Now, you are something entirely different. You love hats so much that you’ve simply run out of room for them.

Or have you? The spaces above your windows and doors are ripe with storage potential but so often neglected thanks to their height. However, using a hook like this, you can fetch your hats with ease.

5. Frame Your Mirror with Hats

Mirror with Hats


Next up, we have a clever way to utilize the free space around your wood frame mirror. Not only does this give you easy access to your hats when creating an outfit, but it also makes you look like a worldly traveler!

If you want to preserve your mirror’s wooden texture even when the hats are missing, I recommend using wooden hooks like these. They’re perfect for blending into a wooden wall or frame but work very well.

6. Wooden Pallet Hat Shelf

Wooden Pallet Hat Shelf

Credit: Instagram

If you have any old timber lying around your yard, or you know somewhere you can get a pallet quickly, this is the hat rack for you. Set aside a rainy weekend day to knock this one out; you’ll be done in no time.

This is a fantastic project for a beginner woodworker! All the cuts and joins are straightforward, and the result looks so polished that you’ll get a self-esteem boost.

Grab some hooks like this to finish it off.

7. Industrial-Inspired Pipe Hat Rack

Industrial-Inspired Pipe Hat Rack

Credit: Instagram

If you prefer using a portable piece of furniture instead of creating an installed hat rack, here’s a solution! This industrial-inspired hat rack is a real statement piece, offering an attractive decoration even when bare.

You can create one of these from scratch using some PVC piping, black spray paint, and a little ingenuity. However, if that’s not on your radar, you can also pick one up pre-made online (find it here).

8. A Simple Hat Grid

Hat Grid

Credit: Instagram

This Scandinavian-inspired hat rack is perfect for those people who vibe with minimalism. Using wooden clothes pegs and a wire rack mounted to your wall, you’ll have a hat rack read in ten minutes or less.

If you want to upscale this stunning take on hat racks, consider painting a feature wall in a pastel color to provide a backdrop. This chalky blue is a perfect homage to the Scandinavian style.

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9. Cottage-Ready Ziz-Zag Rack

Ziz-Zag Rack


Next up, we have a zig-zag hat rack that’s super simple to make. Set aside an afternoon with some unfinished 1×1 lumber (like this), some screws, and some carpenter’s glue (here).

Simply sand down the lumber, then attach each piece to the next in a zig-zag fashion. Screw this in place. Follow that up by gluing some wooden hat pegs down the entire length of this extendable masterpiece.

10. Entryway Drop Station

Entryway Drop Station

Credit: Instagram

Every entryway needs somewhere for your hat, keys, and bag to go. Luckily, this entryway drop station offers the perfect spot for all three.

Combine an overhead cabinet with hat hooks, a fold-out bench or table, and some wicker baskets to create the perfect stopping place by your front door. I’m particularly fond of this table for the entryway.

11. Snapback Stacking Tower

Snapback Stacking Tower

Credit: Instagram

Whether you’re a hype beast or simply a fan of snapbacks, you can play around with hat stacking more than the rest of us hat lovers (as long as you don’t crush the brim). Enter this golden hat tower.

Perfect for storing many hats in a small footprint, this provides multiple boxes to store and display your caps with ease. Upcycle a thrifted shelf with some gold spray paint (here) to create yours!

12. Vintage Millinery Rack

Vintage Millinery Rack

Credit: Instagram

If you are lucky enough to come across a vintage millinery rack in your thrift store adventures, hang onto it. These racks only need a little TLC to make it into the future with us, and they’re perfect for storing your brims.

This is especially true if you’re a fan of shabby chic or antique style. If you can’t find one, create your own! There are some great tutorials out there for aging and wearing something to look vintage.

13. Rattan Hat Rack and Dried Flowers

Rattan Hat Rack

Credit: Instagram

Sometimes the best way to elevate a hat rack is to dress the area around it. This rattan hat rack is a stunning addition to any home, but it looks even better when showcased with a vase of dried white flowers.

Offset it with some wicker accessories, hang shells from the spare hooks, or do whatever you like to drive home that cottage aesthetic.

14. Half Hexagon Brim Holders

Half Hexagon Brim Holders

Credit: Instagram

I love the creativity that went into designing this hat rack. Plus, it’s simple to make with only a few tools, and you can use any old wood you have lying around to bring it to life.

The idea is to have a single backboard to mount on the wall. Then, construct three half-hexagons, each with three sides, jutting out from said backboard. Stain, and you’ve completed your rack.

15. Wide-Set Hat Wall

Wide-Set Hat Wall

Credit: Instagram

This next hack is a wider take on the hat wall from earlier in this list, allowing you to display your hats proudly with no overlap. Now, you won’t find a wooden hanger this wide, so you need to make one.

Don’t worry; it’s super simple. Pick up a hollow piece of bamboo (here) the length of your desired hat wall. Thread macrame rope through it to create a hanger, then tie pieces onto the pole to form the hanging strands.

16. Faux Branch Hat Hooks

Faux Branch Hat Hooks

Credit: Instagram

When bare, hat hooks can be kind of an eyesore. Well, no longer! Thanks to these faux branch hat hooks (here), your wall will look just as lovely with hats on it as it will when bare.

If you don’t wish to buy these online, you can scavenge branches in your backyard or local park that will fit the bill. Make sure to sand them down and varnish them (here) to protect your hats from stray splinters.

17. Bohemian Chic Hat Rack

Bohemian Chic Hat Rack

Credit: Instagram

Can anyone say rattan? This underrated material pops back onto the DIY scene with a lot of zeal, and I am thrilled for one. Thanks to the simplicity of this piece, it can be styled in myriad ways.

Make it modern by spraying the whole thing matte black (here), or back it with a white and blue pin-stripe fabric to make it beachy. The world is your oyster with this gorgeous little rack.

18. Fairy Light Fantasy

Fairy Light Fantasy

Credit: Instagram

Something as simple as a clothesline for your hats has a lot of decorative potential; you need to know where to look. In this iteration, you can bring attention to your hat collection using strategic fairy lights.

While hanging your hats directly on fairy lights might not be advisable, you can easily use battery-powered lights like these and wind them around some macrame rope. That way, they’re safe and supported.

19. Macrame Branch Rack

Macrame Branch Rack

Credit: Instagram

This branch rack has echoes of the rustic rope rack earlier in this list, but it does one thing differently; it uses macrame rope. Now, you might think this doesn’t make a big difference, but it does!

Instead of rustic or fraying rope, macrame rope delivers a clean silhouette that contrasts beautifully with the branch’s organic texture. Take a moment to throw some braids in for additional visual interest.

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20. Wooden Pegboard Wall Organizer

Wooden Pegboard Wall Organizer


The pegboard is a feat of modern ingenuity, offering a versatile and adaptable storage solution to suit any room in your home. Hang this in your entryway or above your bed; it’s still going to be perfectly easy to use.

You can construct your own with some wooden pegs and a slab of wood from the hardware store. Alternatively, jump online and grab a pre-made pegboard with complimentary mini shelves (here).

21. Upcycle an Old Shutter

Upcycled shutter


If you’re in the middle of renovating your house and you’re lucky enough to have some old shutters, you can’t pass on this upcycle opportunity. Repaint the shutter and mount it on your wall for a gorgeous new rack!

For the slightly chaotic nature of this project, I’d recommend using a collection of different thrifted doorknobs as your hat hooks. Distress your door with some high-grit sandpaper (here) to complete the look.

22. Quick Wood and Leather Hat Rack

Wood Hat Rack


Finally, our last hat rack idea comes together so quickly and easily; it might as well have come with your house. Using four dowels and a leather cord (here), you can create a tent-like shape to support your hats.

This is ideal for the entryway or laundry room, as it is discreet enough to sit in a corner yet stylish enough to provide a cute accessory for the room. Leave the dowels unpainted or upscale them to your style; up to you!

23. Handcrafter Cap Rack

Handcrafter Cap Rack


The final hat rack organizing idea is pretty simple. All you’ll need is a few hooks, baseball balls, and a wooden pallet to organize those caps.

You can hang this one in the hallway, above your bed in the bedroom, or even in the living room. Especially if collecting caps is a hobby of yours.


So, how extensive is your hat collection? Will a single hat rack do, or will you be using multiple ideas from this list? Comment the number of hats you have below. I’m super curious!

Lillie Jane

Sunday 19th of May 2024



Sunday 14th of November 2021

My husband has well over 200 bb style caps plus other hats as well. I need Major storage ideas. I keep many in low profile clear bins with lids.(think under the bed type) and while this helps it's still not enough. We do go through them and purge some from time to time but most of them even if he doesn't wear them anymore he still likes them or some are sentimental. NTM the new ones that still come in, So ya welcome to my world. 🧢💖🤣


Wednesday 15th of September 2021

My husband has 40+ caps and probably that many more hats ....for dress, fishing, everyday, etc. So what do I do with them all. Our house is small and wall space is scarce. He won't part with any of them.


Thursday 13th of April 2023

@Lori, same here it’s frustrating he never put them were he can find them but we have more hats than the store I don’t know what to do either lol