31 Dollar Store Organizing Hacks That’ll Save Your Wallet

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Did you know that keeping your home neat and well-arranged doesn’t have to be expensive? You don’t need fancy, pricey organizers to have a tidy space.

You can buy everyday items from the dollar store to make creative organizers for every room in your house. If you are looking for ways to keep clutter at bay, you have come to the right place.

Below are some of my favorite dollar store items. They are all budget-friendly and will add attractive storage to your home.

Dollar Store Organizing Hacks

1. Ice Cube Earring Organizer

Ice Cube Earring Organizer

Source: yesterdayontuesday.com

I have tons of earrings and need to keep them organized. Ice cube trays make the perfect inexpensive solution.

This makes it easy to keep track of your earrings and make sure that pairs stay together. You could also use this for rings, bracelets, and delicate necklaces.

This basic, budget-friendly option comes with two trays. You will be able two store 32 pairs of earrings with this!

2. Scrunchie Holder

scrunchie holder

Source: alicialarie.com

I love a pretty scrunchie and have a large collection. Unfortunately, it is difficult to locate my favorites when I store them in drawers or boxes.

Repurposing a paper towel holder is a brilliant way to stack your scrunchies. You will be able to see them all perfectly.

Find more Dollar Store storage ideas!

3. Fridge Organization

Fridge Organization

Source: @nevertheless_she_persisted_27

The fridge is one of the first spaces in my home to get untidy. Between quickly cooking dinner and grabbing snacks for kids, it is hard to put things back where they belong.

Adding some dollar store bins for items like eggs, fruits, and veggies makes it easy to stay organized.

4. Backpack Hook Organization

Backpack Hook Organization

Source: blogspot.com

My kids always have a hard time finding their backpacks in the morning. Backpack hooks are a great way to make sure that kids stay organized.

Having a designated hook for your child’s backpack is an easy, simple, and inexpensive hack. You can put them in a mud room, foyer, or your child’s room.

These over-the-door hooks take next to no time to hang up but will help you and your kids a lot!

5. Shoe Organizer

shoe organizer

Source: @meghans_moments

If you are a shoe lover like me, you probably struggle with keeping your collection organized. Have you considered a basic cloth shoe organizer?

This one has dividers and can fit 16 pairs of shoes. It can accommodate large shoes like sneakers or heels.

Adding a shoe organizer to your closet will save space and make your life easier!

6. Puzzle Organizer

puzzle organizer

Source: @goingpostal01

My kids and I love doing puzzles together, but those tiny pieces get lost so easily. What a smart way to keep those puzzle pieces organized!

I never knew that getting an inexpensive binder and some file folders could make such a difference.

7. Tea and Health Supplies Organization Bins

Tea and Health Supplies Organization Bins

Source: @thehappynest.ca

I love to do everything I can to stay healthy. This includes taking my vitamins and drinking healthy teas.

Unfortunately, it is easy to lose track of all my health supplies in the pantry. Adding bins to cabinets and pantries makes it easy to have everything I need at my fingertips.

8. Pantry Storage Bins

Pantry Storage Bins

Source: @glutenfreejerseygirl

If you are like me, you get frustrated when your pantry is disorganized. It makes prepping meals and grabbing snacks for kids so much harder than it needs to be.

Budget-friendly storage bins are the perfect fix! I think these ones are great for canned goods, snacks, etc.

I also love these air-tight ones for things like cereal, flour, rice, and pasta.

9. Cube Organizer

cube organizer

Source: @thehighlycaffeinatedmomster

I have always loved the efficiency of cube organizers, but they can get so expensive! Have you ever thought of making your own using dollar store laundry baskets and storage cubes?

You can buy as many as you’d like to create a large or small storage cube. They would work great in closets, playrooms, or family rooms.

10. Pantry Baskets

pantry baskets

Source: @carriejean80

Pantry baskets or bins are a pretty and functional way to keep your food organized! I love the idea of adding labels so that you know exactly what is in each basket.

11. Junk Drawer Organizer

Junk Drawer Organizer

Source: @denise_clearspace

Don’t you think it is so easy to just throw anything into a junk drawer? And then, of course, you forget what you did with it.

Small drawer bins make sure that everything has its designated place. Adding tiny baskets to my junk drawers made such a big difference!

12. Fabric Storage Bins

Fabric Storage Bins

Source: @clutterbug_me

I love using storage bins. I use them throughout my house, and especially love to use them in closets.

I have this set in my linen closet. It offers great value.

13. Brush Holders

brush holders

Source: wordpress.com

I spend way too much time trying to find my makeup brushes because I usually just throw them in a drawer. If you have the same problem, a dollar store organizer is perfect for you!

They are pretty basic, but when you add your nice brushes and some accessories, it will look great!

14. Toy Storage Bins

toy storage bins

Source: @bumpsandbottles

If you need a better way to keep toys organized in a closet or cabinet, storage bins with lids are a great solution.

I use these ones to stash magna tiles, blocks, and art supplies.

15. Playroom Baskets

playroom baskets

Source: @decoratinglife.ca

It can be hard to keep a playroom organized. Matching baskets are a great solution.

You can find many budget-friendly options at the dollar store!

16. Basket Storage Tower

basket storage tower

Source: hanashappyhome.com

This DIY basket storage tower is an amazing organizer! You can make it pretty quickly with scrap wood and dollar store baskets.

Something like this can be used to organize pretty much anything, from clothes and accessories to toys.

17. Spice Jars

spice jars

Source: @prettymuchmypassions

Do you love to make delicious, flavorful meals? You probably have a lot of spices that you need to keep fresh.

Glass jars are the perfect place to store your spices. They keep things organized and would look amazing in your space.

Find more Dollar Store kitchen organizing ideas!

18. Pantry Jars

pantry jars

Source: @camillewalker.co

Pantry jars are a staple in my house. I adore the way these ones look when placed next to each other.

Do you need a good way to save space in your pantry? This set has everything you need to get started!

19. Candy Containers

candy containers

Source: @methodicalmuses

The dollar store is a go-to place for me when I am planning an impromptu party or gathering. I love these cute candies and adorable tiny containers.

20. DIY Magnetic Spice Rack

DIY Magnetic spice rack

Source: acultivatednest.com

Do you need a good way to keep your spices organized? Make this beautiful and inexpensive magnetic rack!

The base is made by repurposing an old cookie sheet. If you don’t have one lying around, you could buy this inexpensive one.

21. Gift Wrap Organizer

gift wrap organizer

Source: thecountrychiccottage.net

I love to give gifts and make them look pretty! Unfortunately, I have way too much wrapping paper which is hard to keep organized.

If you are the same way, you can make this clever hanging organizer with a dollar store shoe organizer.

22. File Box Bathroom Appliance Storage

 File Box Bathroom Appliance Storage

Source: dreamgreendiy.com

This is such a quick, smart project. If you need somewhere to put your dryer, straightener, or curling wand, a space-saving file organizer would be amazing!

23. DIY Necklace Organizer

DIY Necklace Organizer

Source: organized31.com

Do you have a lot of necklaces that get tangled up? I know how you feel.

This DIY organizer is pretty, easy to make, and will keep your pretty necklaces organized.

24. Shoe Organizer for Belts

Shoe Organizer for Belts

Source: @yourorganizingstudio

Don’t you think that shoe organizers are so versatile? I love the idea of using them for belts because the clear pouches make it easy to see what’s inside!

25. DIY Sock Divider

DIY Sock Divider

Source: makeitorfixit.com

I find it hard to keep my socks organized. I always misplace them and sometimes lose only one of a pair.

This DIY sock divider is such a smart way to keep your drawer organized!

26. Washi Tape Organizer

Washi Tape Organizer

Source: scatteredthoughtsofacraftymom.com

I love to craft and especially love bright, vibrant washi tape. This hanging organizer is made using inexpensive wooden dowels like this and hinged hooks.

It will keep your crafting space neat and pretty!

27. DIY Storage Boxes

DIY Storage boxes

Source: sustainmycrafthabit.com

If you want to add storage boxes with some pizzaz to your space, you can make these gorgeous ones. They are made using cardboard boxes and pretty scrap fabric.

28. DIY Bow Holder

DIY Bow holder

Source: littleredwindow.com

I don’t think that there is anything cuter than a child’s bow! Keeping them organized, however, is a different story.

If your little girl has a lot of bows, you can easily make this organizer. It keeps things neat and looks adorable.

29. Utensil Holder

utensil holder

Source: mamacheaps.com

Placing utensils in mason jars for parties and gatherings is a great idea! You can switch up the mason jar décor depending on the season or party theme.

30. 3-Tier Craft Storage

3-Tier Craft Storage

Source: thecraftingchicks.com

If you love to craft as much as I do, you probably need craft organizers. Using dollar store supplies, you can make this stylish 3-tier organizer for only $6!

It is so pretty that you could use it anywhere in your house. It can store snacks in the kitchen or be used to store trinkets or jewelry.

31. Mason Jar Craft Storage

mason jar craft storage

Source: itallstartedwithpaint.com

Don’t you think that mason jars are excellent for storage? I use them in my kitchen and bathroom.

You can also add them to your craft space! They make great storage containers for crafting supplies.

They are especially great for those tiny items that tend to get lost. I think I am going to start using them for beads and buttons.

This cost-effective set comes with 16 jars. I love that it also includes labels and a pen.

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