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21 Deep Cleaning Hacks Every Mom Needs

Ready to get a head start on this year’s spring cleaning? These brilliant cleaning hacks will blow your mind and get your home to a whole new level of clean.

Now that the holidays are mostly through, I catch myself daydreaming about Spring cleaning!

Opening up the windows, cleaning out the old, making way for the new, and all of it leading to warmer weather–not that I don’t appreciate winter, but by February, I’m ready to get out of my winter slumber.

deep cleaning hacks for home

Silly, I know, but it’s one of the best times of the year. If you’re ready to jump on it or just prepare in general, this list is a wonderful resource!

Watch: 21 Mind-Blowing Deep Cleaning Hacks

1. Microwave Sponges to Get Rid of Germs

microwave sponge

Sponges are a workhorse of kitchen cleaning, so it’s bound to get grimier and, more specifically, germ-ridden, but instead of throwing it out, try this hack.

Place it in the microwave and set a timer for three minutes– germs are gone after microwaved.

The heat from the microwave running will kill any bacteria or germs that are living in your sponge. Even if you don’t use it for dishes after a few times, the sponge can clean other surfaces just as well.

2. Use Rubbing Alcohol as a Glass Cleaner

rubbing alcohol as glass cleaner

If you’ve run out of your window cleaner or prefer to make your own, try mixing 1 cup of vinegar with 1 cup of rubbing alcohol.

Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and use it on the windows as usual, wiping down with a microfiber towel–like this one.

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3. Use Borax to Clean Your Stove

borax for stove cleaning

Sometimes my stove has harder stains that won’t come off with just a spray and a quick wipe-down.

At these times, I pull out my borax, sprinkle a cup’s worth across the top of the stove, and wipe everything down with a wet sponge.

The borax is a gentle abrasive that helps de-cake any of those tougher marks. Wipe down any excess with a clean towel or cleaning implement.

4. Clean Window Screens with a Lint Roller

clean window screens with lint roller

Screens used to be one of my most dreaded cleaning tasks, and now they are one of my favorites! Grab one of these lint rollers–this one is the one I use, and this is an eco-friendly one my friend uses.

5. Clean Your Baseboards

The other chore I used to dread the most–baseboards. Now, I do this monthly, and it doesn’t take me more than an hour (distractions interjected most of the time!)–a Swiffer or broom works just fine.

Grab a towel, secure it around your broom’s neck, and get swiping! No special way to get the job done–it’s just like dusting.

6. Use a Mop to Clean the Walls

use mop to clean the walls

Same idea as the baseboards, but with the walls! I do recommend a Swiffer for this hack, just because the flat surface works better on flat surfaces.

I also keep a gentle cleaner with me for any particularly dingy spots that need a little extra love.

7. Keep Your Mirror from Fogging Up

keep mirror from fogging up with bar soap

It sounds weird, but it actually works! Take a bar of soap and gently rub it onto the mirror’s surface.

Once done, wipe off any excess soap scum or excess and you’re all set–no foggy mirror.

8. Deep Clean Your Oven Racks

deep clean oven racks

A no-frills easy, hands-off way to clean your oven racks is to add them to an oversized trash bag, add some ammonia and leave it to sit in a well-ventilated area.

The ammonia will eat away at any outstanding issues on your racks.

Make sure to grab bags like these, use gloves and a mask, and give your racks a good rinse and dry before putting them back into your stove.

9. Use Lemons to Clean Cutting Boards

use lemons to clean cutting boards.

Cutting boards should get a deep clean on the regular–they are another kitchen workhorse and deserve some extra love.

A great way to treat your board of any mysterious smells or the like, sprinkle salt across the surface and squeeze lemon juice on top.

Follow that mixture with a good scrub from the lemon half you just used; the properties in the lemon help neutralize and deodorize your boards.

10. Freshen Laundry with Lysol and Lemons

freshen laundry with lemons and lysol

Are you looking to boost the smell and life of your laundry? Try mixing ½ cup of water, lemon juice, freshly squeezed or lemon essential oil, and 3 cups of Lysol and adding it to your wash.

The mixture will make your clothes smelling springtime fresh with this combination. Use this in conjunction with soap and add the boost on top of your clothing.

11. Shine Up Your Wooden Surfaces with Murphy’s Oil Soap

shine wooden surfaces with murphy's oil soap

I know my surfaces have a tendency to look a little drab if I don’t treat them semi-regularly. Murphy’s oil is my go-to, and I love getting this pack; it helps me keep my wooden surfaces looking like new.

Simply spray or sprinkle some of the oil onto a rag and wipe down any trouble surfaces. You can even use Murphy’s oil on your floors–use about a cup’s worth and mop down with a wet mop.

12. Clean Your Toilets with Baking Soda

clean toilets with baking soda

Baking soda is everything to me while cleaning–a gentle abrasive, a deodorizer, and all around safe product to use while working on anything.

Grab a sponge, baking soda, and dish soap, and wet just a bit to scrub the outside of the toilet.

Wipe down any remains on the outside of the toilet. To clean the toilet’s inside, put 2 cups of soda into the tank to help clean the system and overall deodorize the system.

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13. Clean Tiny Spaces with Your Vacuum

clean tiny spaces with vacuum

Vacuuming thoroughly throughout the house can be very time-consuming if you go into all corners of your home.

The next time you’re going for it, grab a  paper towel rod, pinch the end a bit, and slip it on the end of your hose to get in the very tightest of spots.

14. Eliminate Foul Odors from Upholstery

DIY vinegar solution to eliminate odors from upholstery

For all pet lovers or active families out there–this mixture works as well as Febreeze or other room sprays.

Combine vinegar, water, and your favorite essential oils into a spray bottle like this one and test out on an indiscreet spot; let dry.

If you’re happy with the results, spray on any upholstery that needs some deodorizing.

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15. Clean Ceiling Fans with Pillowcase

clean ceiling fans with pillowcase

Cleaning fans can result in cleaning up more than you expected if dust falls. The next time you get up there to clean the blades, grab an old pillowcase to do the job.

Open the case over the individual parts of the blades–one sitting on top and the other on the bottom side.

Put the part down and pull the dust towards you; it should be caught by the pillowcase and leave your room dust free.

16. Use the Dishwasher to Clean Hairbrushes and Flip Flops

use dishwasher to clean flip flops and hairbrushes

Believe it or not, your dishwasher can clean both items while doing a regular load of dishes.

I would recommend pulling any excess hair or larger pieces of debris that may be on either before adding everything in.

17. Clean Your Blender

clean blender

Now a daily occurrence at my house! We like to make smoothies and even milkshakes now and again, but this is how we clean our blender after most uses.

A tip that I’ll share is that this may not come out perfect every time, but it definitely does most of the leg work. Also, the sooner you clean the blender, the better this hack will work!

18. Use Microfiber Cloth to Get Rid of Fingerprints

use microfiber cloth to clean fingerprints

Stainless steel is such a pretty look in the kitchen, but what isn’t a cute look on its surface–fingerprints.

A way to get rid of the markings without damaging the surface is to use a microfiber cloth along with some rubbing alcohol and gently scrub away.

For a less intense alternative to rubbing alcohol, try olive oil! This trick will get your kitchen really sparkling.

19. Keep Glasses Clean with Vinegar

keep glasses clean with vinegar

Whether you’re getting ready for a party or just happened to have a few cups collecting hard water spots while in the dishwasher, vinegar will get the job done.

Put a little amount of vinegar onto a paper towel and wipe down your glasses for spot-free drinkware.

20. Scrub the Front of the Kitchen Cabinets

scrub front of kitchen cabinets

A natural way to clean your cabinets during your next big clean couldn’t be easier!

Combine a mixture of one part vegetable oil and two parts baking soda and use a clean brush to apply on your cabinets.

Clean any excess up with a rag and say goodbye to old food stains and fingerprints.

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21. Use a Coffee Filter to Clean the iPad Screen

use coffee filter to clean ipad screen

Last but not least, giving your technology a clean is just as important as anything else in your house!

You don’t need anything special for this hack either, just grab a coffee filter and gently wipe down any screen that has streaks on it–Ipads, phones, tv screens, or even computer screens.

I cut a few of them up at a time when I buy a new pack of filters and store them in a baggy in my cleaning bin for this purpose.

Ready to keep cleaning? These cleaning hacks will save you a ton of time!


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